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  1. you really should open the moon knight, its amazing and is so eye catching on display. awesome setup though, very cool.
  2. wasnt this just reviewed here yesterday? https://toynewsi.com/169-37302 or is that a different version?
  3. finally this set is releasing, unfortunately ill never see this at my target since they never even got wave 3 so ebay it will be i guess. at least its finally a set where i actually want both figures.
  4. their website is so hit and miss. the pick up in store is always wrong, pre-ordering online rarely works out. thats why they need the local stores to stay open to solve all their website issues and handle pre-orders. this is a big part if their current financial issues.
  5. yes, 10% is the same as 1/10. 10% is 10/100, same as 1/10. and its not as much as it should be is what i was saying. closing only 10% of your stores is not gonna magically turn negatives into positives. look at companies like bed bath and beyond, theyre set to eliminate 20% of their stores in this same timeframe and face the same struggles as gamestop.
  6. yeah me too. 10% is not alot of stores. and they are bleeding money this year. theyre gonna have to go to mostly online at some point with only a few flagship stores remaining open.
  7. except gamestop was not a healthy business before the pandemic. and the company isnt folding, just closing 10% of its stores in an attempt to cut down overhead so that next year they may see profit. i also fail to see what the united states government has to do with this article. they dont own or operate gamestop. the additional closings is just an add-on to something theyve had planned for 2 years. youre preaching on the wrong site, this is toynewsi not cspan.
  8. there is actually, i like to use the one called "how to respond to salty bandwagon fans and their burner accounts"
  9. see thats whats wrong with you children. we're having a nice discussion about theories and whatnot, very enjoyable, and but you kids cant handle it when youre theories get disproven or you try to find a deeper meaning thats just not there and you get upset and then the internet tough guy cones out. is there a book or manual you clowns get this stuff from cause you all post it the same way?
  10. excuse me? what is it that i cant comprehend kid? you replied to something i asked another user as if you were asked and proceeded to answer for them and then added that maybe that user would have more to add. you attempted to backup a statement thats been proven false with thoughts and theories about what occured off screen. nothing that occured on screen in discovery "crapped on" anythinh that came later continuity wise on screen. you know what i think youre right. see im not a young guy anymore so im not up on slang terminology and internet jargon so im probaly am having a problem comprehending. so what does "crapped on continuity" actual mean then. i assumed it meant that it somehow altered, changed, or damaged it. clearly im mistaken. and my words im typing are not ds9 where you like to make up whats occuring off screen to go along with the show. what is typed is what it is. no hidden meanings, no "jabs" as you called it. so the only person on these boards thats made an insult is you.
  11. they werent really operating in the open either. lets be real here, one ship and starfleet high command knew about them and they had authority only cause starfleet was at war and this comes from section 31 appearance in enterprise. remember discovery the ship was highly classified itself and basically worked under section 31. and dont see the issues with my 2 questions there. 1st sentence is asking why you assume a newly promoted captain would have access to the types of contacts associated with the most classified department of starfleet. the 2nd is stating that you have no clue what occured off screen. no one does. we can guess and theorize but we just dont know and probaly never will know. and thats the whole thing, youre saying that discovery "crapped on continuity" cause it went against what you perceive occured off screen.
  12. why do you assume that low ranking officers and diplomats would hear rumors about a secret branch of starfleet that operates behind the scenes at the highest levels? and now knowing what we know from discovery makes it even less likely that the secret would get out. we also dont know that sisko didnt hear of any rumors. we only know what he told julian. in your mind you have what you assume to have occured off screen as fact and unfortunately if it didnt happen on screen it didnt actually occur with regards to the canon of this franchise.
  13. exactly, and not one of those of people is even remotely high up in the command chain of starfleet and definitely not high enough up to have the kind of clearance necessary to know about section 31, especially after what happened in discovery. the highest ranking person he couldve gone to wouldve been admiral ross and he was involved with section 31 so he wouldve lied to him. which is something else your not thinking of. youre assuming that everyone sisko contacted was truthful with him. and sisko was not a high ranking or fast rising officer. he was only a captain for what, 2 years at this time. he definitely didnt have the types of contacts that would have the knowledge of section 31 he was looking for.
  14. there is no way that trek continuity is even close to a straight line with the amount of time travel and dimension travel that has occured in the series. but i understand what youre saying, but at the same time nothing has been altered by discovery. continuity remains intact. is it convenient? extremely, but the jump to the future tied things up. as for section 31and sisko, if you remember ds9, sisko was never really up on anything and didnt have alot of contact with anyone outside the show. who would he ask for information? plus at that time section 31 was less like the cia and more like a men in black type organization. and discovery had to add depth to section 31 just to erase the nonsense from into darkness from peoples minds. and there still is a ton of mystery with the organization. realistically the series has shown like 8 people that work for the group and thats it. now the show that theyre supposedly working on may open some doors, but nothing in discovery altered, changed, "crapped on", damaged, or messed with the limited established continuity that was already in place. section 31 is still as mysterious as ever.
  15. - so wheres the issue with canon? if you finish watching season 2 of discovery you'll see why it couldnt operate openly any longer and once again returned to doing "unsanctioned" black ops. all the show did was expand upon what was briefly put on screen in enterprise and ds9. it didnt alter canon. - the harry mudd episodes were fantastic, dwight was amazing as the character. again, expanded characterization showing the character when he was younger. and it was an amusing and cool way to actually show all of lorcas "trophies". in the time loop episode youre referring to. his short trek episode was one of the best too. they could give him his own spinoff show. we have no way of knowing what harry mudd was like during this time, they didnt alter canon they added to it. just like with sarek, pike, and spock.
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