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  1. how is this "slumming"? theres a really good chance this is the highest paying role of her career. thats the complete opposite of "slumming".
  2. should be zero. no characters were ever depicted riding inside him in the comic so why would his figure allow it? the image jayc posted is just a cool cover image. batman never drove batmobeast with swamp thing riding on top of him in the actual issue.
  3. chabon is still a producer on season 2 and wrote two of the episodes. goldsman is basically his protege and chabon said he did everything he did behind the scenes with season one, the same for season two. only difference he said was that once production began he just "gave notes". my guess, if you didnt like season one youre not gonna like season two. me personally, i loved the 1st season so im excited to see where they go with this season.
  4. what does the height and length have to do with anything though? to justify price? the hotel and hospital are bigger than both the firehouse and enterprise and both released at $200.
  5. this set should be significantly cheaper in 2022 on playmobils site and amazon when it releases in the US officially. looks like ee is importing it direct from germany and selling it in the US months before anyone else which is why theyre selling it for $500 with a sept release. they havent listed the a-team van set which is gonna be $50 next year but all the uk sites got it for $100 to pre-order. playmobil always releases in europe 1st, with the exception being those old tru exclusives that were basically just repaints anyway. this is a smart move for ee though, they'll sell this at that price.
  6. no i dont since im not the one reading the words to you. i type. if you add unnecessary tone to sentences when you read them thats on you. have your virtual intelligence on your phone read the posts to you and you'll no longer hear condescension and maybe you'll actually hear the words being written as they are.
  7. i didnt state an opinion. its a fact. lex luthor was created in 1940 and thats why hes white. thats not my opinion, thats history. there is no agree or disagree with me. i didnt create him and neither of us was even alive back then. so yeah i educated you on some history that youve either forgotten, never knew, or conveniently choose to ignore.
  8. but how does skin color change who the character is? if you only like a character cause theyre white then this isnt even a discussion worth having. and you said 3 times we werent having this discussion but keep coming back to it. this is what i tried to stop with the 1st comment. you clearly wanted this and its gonna be rougher in 2021 than in it was in 2010.
  9. lets just educate you alittle bit more. lex luthor was created in 1940. thats why hes white in the comics. no other reason. so yeah in 1996 seeing lex luthor as black is extremely empowering for a black person to see. its one of the things that 1st began to open eyes in this country and helped modernize comic based media.
  10. im sorry, but how is that empowering for you? because they didnt race swap dr. strange you feel empowered? glad this came out, guess that answers the why you keep defending the bigots and coming at me and killmonger question. and just a heads up for real life, if you have to add "if that somehow makes me racist, then im a racist" then you shouldnt be saying it at all.
  11. you or outsiders have conveniently deleted the most blatant of those. the early posts in that regina king thread were pretty disgusting. tycondrius24 saying the biohazard franchise is ruined because a black actor has been cast is really bad too though. i can repost it a 3rd time if you still cant acknowledge it. i mean walk around your local target or walmart and tell random strangers that the casting of a black actor ruined a franchise for you and gauge their reaction. then come back here and try to defend his post some more. time to open your eyes, the ignorance is bliss mentality you have has to stop. too many posts for too many years have gone unchecked. it used to just be one hillbilly here and there and you let them get away with it, so they got bolder and others saw that it was allowed and now they think its okay to do this so its everywhere. its not okay.
  12. no one in this thread said any individual or any individuals opinion was "stupid". the only time stupid was written was in the description of the timing of a post. and you or anyone else have yet to show it was a smart decision. whats the opposite of smart? exactly. and you say its common sense and yet theres no issue with tycondrius24 attacking the director and casting manager on this project. crying about a character he thinks is white (character is originally japanese in the original media prior to being brought over to america) being cast by a black actor. in 2021, thats not a respectful thing to say in a public setting. its wrong and its offensive. so yeah its a gray area if you think what he posted is okay and what everyone posted in response is not. these people continue to make strictly negative posts, knowing it'll get a negative reaaction. they do this on purpose. and on your website. they disrespect you everytime you let them make those types of comments. i was extremely insulted reading those posts. i felt attacked. you said attacking posts arent allowed. yet its there. hes still a member, still has his 11 accounts, still not addressed by you, and youre still telling me to behave. so only my posts are in the wrong because i question people? apparently its an attack to ask someone to defend an offensive comment? well if theyre not allowed to make the comment, i dont have to ask them to defend it, and nobody has any issue anymore. problem solved.
  13. and see thats the gray area and thats the problem because what you think is out of line is not defined. and we're telling you what we consider out of line and youre defending and saying its just their "opinion". you run a message board so you definitely know a comment that will lead to a fight or that was made to get a reaction. just stop those. like its been pointed out to you, one of your mods is who begins 90% of these fights by starting the tread. he makes a thread about 2-5 day old entertainment news that has already led to drama on other sites for the purpose of starting it here. im guessing to bring in new members for you, cause theres really no other point to posting a week old entertainment story on a toy site.
  14. this right here! as shown, they keep beginning, we give it time, then we voice our opinions. then they report us, then mods threaten us. its like we're going through history here on these boards. makes sense, they dont know its 2021.
  15. apparently jayc wants this old fight rehashed so lets begin, please tell us how lex luthor is white in the timmverse? without the "timm modeled him on kojak" nonsense.
  16. and now its you making those same assumptions. what i said was that mrt couldnt resist making a stupid comment for the sole purpose of restarting an argument from 15 years ago on these same boards. never said his opinion was stupid or that anything he said was. the posting of the comment is whats stupid. cause its gonna lead to another closed thread. theres no need to restart anything, especially something that old, but definitely not here. it was over, everybody was settled down. now look, got us all worked up again, yourself included. so you're trying to say it was a smart comment for him to make at the time he made it? no, he knew what he was doing, and it was the opposite of smart. and you said opinions are fine to voice. i voiced mine and you assumed i insulted someone because of one word without reading and then silenced that opinion. the fact that the very comment is still there just proves what we're trying to tell you. whether the individual posting is racist or not, the comments themselves are extremely offensive and they are being made with malicious intent to start fights on these boards. and you let it happen, then threaten those of us that speak out about it.
  17. is he now? cause not a single figure from this line has been released yet. so how can you tell what the quality is?
  18. ^ thats what started it all. and nobody replied to that nonsense for nearly 12 hours. ample time to step in and take necessary action. you threaten to ban them but they dont care because theyll just use one of their 15 other accounts. instead of banning the user how about we ban the bigotry and shut it down before it can even be replied to.
  19. but thats not what happened at all. tycondrius24 blatantly stated that the franchise was ruined because a black actor was cast to play a role he felt should be white. ill quote it below since you missed it. then his next comment, prior to anybody else responding, was about as ignorant a comment that could be made. we even waited to see if you would step in before letting this hillbilly have it too. you didnt so everybody responded the same way he posted. ive said it countless times, just lock comments on entertainment news threads. thats where all the problems come from. 85% of the members here dont know that its 2021.
  20. no version of azrael is a templar knight. order of st. dumas fought against the knights templar. this particular figure is loosely supposed to be michael lane wearing the suit of sorrows. this version would represent the order of purity which fought against both the order of st. dumas and the knights templar.
  21. its funny too cause i dont recall you complaining in this thread: https://forums.toynewsi.com/forums/topic/2121922-first-look-images-from-snake-eyes-gi-joe-origins/#replyForm where a white character was changed to another race. you werent whining in that thread. oh i get it, its only a problem if they make the character black.
  22. so youre comparing albert wesker to black panther? thats the character significance? so albert wesker is who you play this card for, lol. i cant with ya'll.
  23. inst this a japanese franchise? isnt the original version of each biohazard game in japanese? the character is mo-capped by a japanese actor. voiced by a japanese actor. so why do you feel that the american adaptation should make the character white? cause japanese people have the same skin color? what is wrong with you? lance reddick is a phenomenal actor. he might be what actually saves this show. the movies were terrible mainly because of terrible acting. they fixed that issue with this casting. but apparently good acting is not whats wanted, the looks are what matter more? in an adaption of media from another country? really?
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