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  1. this wave has 2 dinosaurs in it so i dont understand your comment. are you complaining that theres two instead of one or that none of the dinosaurs are from the 1st movie? or youre just confused about whats releasing in this case?
  2. playmates holds the master license. they then lease out parts of it to other companies for astronomical amounts of money. because of the sheer amount of money they are spending to be able to make these figures at all, they pick and choose very carefully what they release. as for the "new tv show", im assuming youre referring to rise of tmnt which is definitely not new and was also cancelled. the toys sold as well as the show did so thats why you wont see anymore of those. dc collectibles released awesome idw turtles based on their appearance in batman vs tmnt movie, you can get thos
  3. i really hope the jack sparrow is generic and not with the powers arm like in that picture.
  4. i wouldnt call it bragging, its more saying that if you dont pre-order expect to be paying more on the secondary market, and theyre correct. and lootcrate is not neca. lootcrate offers these boxes for a month and only whats ordered is produced by neca. and neca never limited stock online, if anything they added stock by offered the sold out figures on their own website and manufactured whatever was ordered.
  5. theres a figure i never thought would get made, wow. im happy about mirage claw shredder, hopefully they show it before the pre-order window closes though. may have to get that.
  6. i understand perfectly, youre not understanding that there will not be a wave releasing with only 2 figures in it. no way is wave 10 only gonna be a-squad red and a-squad yellow like youre trying to convince us. and in your "lists" every figure has a code name. so if hasbro codes every figure the same way, as youre saying they do, then "fan boom shredder" would be code as well. and the tmnt 2 packs also. so basically you joined this site just to come here and try to generate traffic to your own website via shady word links, with claims of being part of an "employee power ranger fan" netwo
  7. not a single figure you and your "employee fans" "deciphered" has ever had a release before. ever. in any line. a-squad red and a-squad yellow have never had a figure. there has never been a single tmnt figure ever released in a power rangers line either. so if the codes match a previous release then how can it be a never released figure? and yet these normal releases are only 2 of the figures? so wave 10 is just 2 figures? thats what you and your "fans/employees" have "deciphered" for us? lol you shouldve just stuck with the guessing story from your original post, its way more
  8. mcfarlane did in their x-files line
  9. where are you getting your numbers from? ww84 is one of the least successful movies ever released. wb has lost almost $100 million on that film. and batman vs superman barely broke even and was definitely not a success. it had a successful opening weekend but after that it bled money. and how was birds of prey a flop? it was more profitable than batman vs superman, a film you called successful. in the future it may be best to do some research before posting about things you lack knowledge of. its never good to just make things up.
  10. how much do you think they make? 1st youre telling us that the "hundreds of bucks a year" helps to pay them, and you wrote it in a way that suggests that you personally contribute a significant amount toward their salary, which is not true btw. then you claim they are overpaid and insult them. so how much should they be getting paid for designing these figures that you like so much?
  11. who's francis and why does he have you so salty? and why would someone that is "faux offended" need to chill out? faux means fake, so i would take faux offended to mean the opposite of offended, in which case they are not actually upset and are making the joke you are requesting them to make. and no one made any comment in this thread claiming to be offended by this action figure. are you sure you didnt mean to post that in a different thread, in response to somebody named francis, who wrote something that bothered you?
  12. why would only 2 figures be in code? and why would they code only the color for more a-squad. just putting a-squad already would tell us who it was. if venus and jupiter are code then shredder would be too right? by your logic tmnt is just a code name too. could be deciphered to be 2 packs from something like samurai or megaforce. i really do hope youre right about more a-squad figs though, especially the red ranger finally getting made.
  13. and we've already gotten andros, ashley, and carlos. if venus is a seperate release, that leaves the 4 turtles and cassie and tj, which would be the three 2-packs. jupiter is the only one i cant figure out, maybe a codename like they do for gi joe figs? could be ecliptor or alpha 6. or wasnt there a monster they fought in the episode too? im gonna have to rewatch this horrible episode so i can remember
  14. how do we know that these will be the designs used for the figures though? they can just as easily use this license to finally give us comic accurate idw turtles. but im thinking its something else. see the thing thats scary though is that one of the listings is named venus. remember live action turtles did appear in an episode of power rangers in space. and saban is who produced the next mutation show and hasbro now owns saban so hasbro is probaly able to make figs based on next mutation in lightning collection since they appeared in power rangers.
  15. the original guy that found these said no articulation. so far theyve only shown up at this dollar store in california.
  16. because its for the previous year. they name it at toyfair every year, but with no toyfair this year they did it virtually.
  17. non-existent bad guys in this line? lets see: goldar, zedd, 2 different drakkon, blaze, putty, rita, all 6 psycho rangers, astronema, a-squad blue ranger, ranger slayer, pumpkin rapper, king sphinx, and now tenga. yeah theres literally no villains at all in this line. its basically a 2:1 ratio of heroes to villains released which is better than any power rangers line ever.
  18. i didnt gloss over anything, i didnt want to point out that you didnt understand your own copy/paste from google, but since you insist. diaspora refers to people who claim a homeland but live outside of it. with regards to jewish people that homeland is israel. that makes them israeli people that practice judaism.
  19. thats not my twitter handle, but ok. i didnt miss anything. yes there are people that can trace their heritage back to israel and beyond. but thats true of every person. if we go back far enough we are all from the same place. i understand exactly what you are trying to say, but wanting a religion to be considered an ethnicity doesnt make it true. if you consider jewish to be an ethnicity then muslim falls into the same boat. so does mormonism, and christianity, and hinduism, and every organized religion on the planet.
  20. i didnt misread anything. i get what youre trying to say, people claim to be of jewish ethnicity. you can claim to be anything you want, doesnt make it reality. when you fill out a job application it asks for your ethnicity, its multiple choice. jewish isnt one of the choices. it is illegal to ask someone if they are jewish because its a religion not an ethnicity.
  21. whose making up stuff now boy? after you edit your posts too lol. cant edit it when its already been quoted by another user, we got the original. i posted: "watch how you type boy" what you are making up or you have a reading comprehension issue or a disability perhaps?: "you better watch what you type boy" clearly 2 very different sentences. and no one said you were jewish or claiming to be jewish. what was written: "when you tell someone to "read some books" while you embarass yourself by claiming you can be a native jewish citizen" what you apparently
  22. 1st, you typed those words, i just quoted you. 2nd, where's the threat boy? i gave you a helpful tip cause you lack respect and think youre better than everyone else on this forum. you are attempting to argue that judaism is a nationality. im guessing its cause of when your idol, donald trump, added the anti-semite law to a rights act. and because trump believes judaism is a nationality, you do to. again boy, keep amusing us and embarass yourself further by continuing this debate.
  23. perhaps you need to retake the theology "class" you clearly failed. in every religion there are many, many, many various sects that branch off with their own teachings and have their own followers. just because youre descended from a man that followed the teachings of ashkenazi and spoke yiddish, does not make you born jewish. most likely, youre born at least part german or croatian, but not born jewish. religion is a choice. it seems you missed the part where i said that in some countries and families it may seem like people are born into a religion, but no one is. and just a tip fo
  24. there is no difference between jew and jewish. jew is short for jewish. a muslim from dubai is of semite ethnicity but if you call them a jew expect an angry response in return.
  25. no one is born a practicing member of an organized religious sect. no one has a passport with jewish citizenship. its a religion. there is no country on the map named Judaism, Jewish, or anything relating to the religion that can make someone have an ethnicity of jewish.
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