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  1. all issues that every hasbro line suffers from. look at every star lord head ever. 1st sabine release. 1st white queen. list goes on and on. its not just power rangers thats hit and miss with unmasked head sculpts, its just the hasbro way. same thing with paint issues are nothing new either and have plagued hasbro since their jurassic world days. i love the classifieds too, they look awesome displayed but the best of classified doesnt beat the best of lightning collection. rita, ranger slayer, psycho rangers set, and drakkon are beyond awesome posed on display. the 4 shared heads is amaz
  2. strongest in what regard though. cause you say gi joe and sales wise thats the weakest of hasbros lines. output, also the weakest. less than 20 figures released and 4 of them share the same head. that was barely okay in the 4 inch line, in the 6 inch line its a slap in the face. no way classified is stronger than lightning collection in any way. i dont know what qc issues youre having with these figs that arent present in the other hasbro lines either. no differences between those 4 lines in that regard.
  3. its just you. this line is great, it releases what should have been released during the bandai era. how there has never been a scorpina until now is ridiculous. same thing when astronema finally got made. a-squad is the same. i agree about the monsters, dumb idea. but also smart for hasbro since it did make them money, just not the stores that bought them.
  4. ive worked in retail for a long time haha. a bad stop by the store always leads to a gift card. they cant accuse you of theft or wrong doing without any proof. and if they attempt to detain you when youre innocent you can actually sue them. company will apologize and happily give you $100 to avoid that. one of the worst things there is for a store is a bad stop.
  5. its not about scarcity with cards. i dont understand where youre getting that from. its about dollars. its not like there is only one autographed card and thats it. theres literally thousands of autos that are all worth hundreds of dollars, some worth thousands of dollars. this isnt perceived value or an investment. this is real money that same day type of value. this isnt gi joe or neca tmnt or black series or anything where the $20 figure sells for $50-$100. this a card from a $3 pack getting you $300-$3000. people arent tracking and stalking the neca reps when they come to the store. its an
  6. youre still trying to compare an autograph to a figure though. and theres no scarcity to these cards. they are available. it sucks that you attempted to invest in the wrong thing, but thats your own fault. attempting to collect something cause it may one day hold value is too much of a guess for me. i collect for me cause i like the property. we're only talking about short term anyway. you were the one that brought up the griffey card, not knowing just how much an auto is actual worth these days. you pull that maholmes card you buy 10 griffeys at that $7k price. thats what the violence is abou
  7. actually you do know how many. it even says on the card and that number is released well before the set releases too. no secrets or trickery or marketing ploys. we're not talking a refractor or sepia or any other chase insert card. you keep trying to compare collecting autographs to action figure variants and its not a good comparison. the value of the auto comes from who signs it, not the rarity (or perceived rarity) of the card itself. the rarest card in a set isnt always the most valuable. sports collectibles is another world compared with toys.
  8. well in 2021 you can pull a card of value and not have to wait 20 years or have it graded to have it be worth thousands of dollars. i dont think youre understanding the differences between figures, comics, and cards. in 1990 not a single card was autographed for upper deck and placed into packs. it wasnt a thing. for a card to be worth serious money you had to invest the years and hope. now though, even their comic cards have autos from the artists. the autograph is where the value is. you get the autograph and certificate of authenticity right on the card. rookie autos can have massive value
  9. lol i bet you enjoyed that $100 gift card though
  10. but there isnt any marketing tactic needed for an autographed lebron james card, or autographed mike trout card. the value isnt perceived, its real cause those players are some of the very best. the reason those cards are valuable is because its signed by the player, not cause of what someone will pay. once they ink that card, it already has a defined value. and its not topps and panini setting that value either. topps and panini arent out there telling us who the top athletes are or who the most popular athletes are. thats already established.
  11. see youre comparing gi joe and tmnt figures that have no actual value ($100 maybe) to a baseball card that can currently sell for $10k. topps isnt using scarcity marketing to sell cards. theres literally 100 cards autographed by each player they had signing. thats the point. its not a scalper thing, its a gambling thing. if you buy every box from the case youre guaranteed autos and relics. so spending $200 has the possibility to net you $20k-$50k. at worst you should be able to resell the cards and make back your initial $200. thats why the fights happen. walmart stopped selling them months ag
  12. no, thats not it at all. if you bothered to read the article you'd know it is only accepting used barbie, matchbox, and mega bloks. they are not asking people to buy toys and immediately donate them. if you ever have kids, you will end up with at least one box of mega bloks. if you havent donated it or thrown it out, you can send it here to be recycled into more mega bloks. this isnt a program designed to make profit, its for positive press, and to help the environment.
  13. yes, i believe they want it to act as a donation. this isnt for adult collectors. its designed for people to donate their childrens toys that dont collect themselves. and for people that wouldnt donate to the under privalidged and would just throw toys away. it is still a donation so it would count for tax purposes.
  14. shocking, more bigotry. lol all you ignorant racists are exactly the same. do stay salty though, b#tch.
  15. yes, cause i take the word of the CEO over a photographer. smh yep im the clueless one. this sums up your comments, this is what we read from you: "boohoo boohoo, dc tells my hero what to do, please dont be mad at him, its not his fault, his photographer says so, look the photographer said it, see, see, the photographer and my mattel friend, see guys, im attached to todds nuts but hes the greatest, youre all wrong, its all warner bros fault, i cant read, i hate batman, i love todd, boohoo boohoo"
  16. yes they are. head of the company says one thing, and you dont like it and refuse to believe it. multiple users here told you the same thing. you refuse to believe it. but as you told us earlier, you know what you know already and dont need to know anything else. and its typed. you already said you dont read comments. todd's interview is written out, so im sure you didnt read it. whenever youre ready to join us in 2021 the facts are here waiting for you.
  17. lol im gonna say the head of the company knows a bit more than one of the company photographers. good try though, glad you learned how to use google at least.
  18. since you wont look it up and to end this nonsense: https://www.gamesradar.com/todd-mcfarlane-goes-inside-his-new-batman-design-and-whats-next-with-his-dc-partnership/ so you can stop speculating. warner bros isnt telling him what to make except asking him to design his own batman. he can make whoever he wants as long as its not an original design. has to be how the character appears in comic, media, etc
  19. then you should cause the word probaly was in quotes, not for spelling but definition. everything you post is a guess. no facts, no proof, just wild guessing. you claim that with statues and everything else factored in then dc collectibles becomes bat-centric and thats why warner bros tells mcfarlane, and only mcfarlane, what they have to make with the license. and yet you have no numbers. just more "probaly" and more salty guessing. please, shut me up with some facts. or does your "friend" from mattel not have those answers for you?
  20. im guessing you put this in the wrong thread cause i never mentioned any spelling flaw. perhaps you should read what was written, look up what you dont know (everything), then post your reply.
  21. funko. again man, google. it will really benefit you.
  22. no the post where you were baffled about why i kept bringing up 2010 and your true bigotry and ignorance came out. where you claimed you didnt read anything posted, which we knew anyway based on your responses.
  23. youre guessing based solely on the words of a disgruntled man about something that he claims occured over 10 years ago. if you need to say "probaly", you should look it up. things move forwards not backwards.
  24. and yet theres at least 11 companies making products with the license and not a single one is handcuffed in the way you claim mcfarlane to be.
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