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  1. I'm 167868767867867657896% percent sure we'll see baroness and Scarlett. I'm pretty sure we'll see lady jaye, and her being on the assortment list beyond that i don't think we'll see any female figures. If the line goes past the 25 i can see more. I''m really curious to see how they do the articulation on the female figure. I'm also probably gonna throw my comic pack cover girl in with these, cause she's pretty classicy and has a phenominal sculpt akin to the figures weve seen so far.
  2. I don't understand the not blending in thing, Like if they did them 6 inches i could see people saying they don't fit in with all my stuff, but there still 3 3/4... with a few more points of articulation. I've never heard ML collectors or star wars collectors say oh i can't get the new ML/SW figures cause they have more articulation than the ML/SW figures from last year. It's a bizzare rationalization i don't understand. I've never even thought the new sculpt figures before this ever meshed with vintage stuff at all. I keep all of my vintage figures on a few shelves, then i put the new sculpt stuff on some shelves. And i'm gonna make a new shelf for these. I actually think these would look okay with some of the later new sculpt joes, but I wouldn't put them together, because these are clearly all classic versions of the character, and most of the new sculpt stuff has been modern designs. But i probably will throw the comic pack cover girl into the new 25.
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    I've been collecting relaunch Joe stuff since the RAHC figures started coming, since that time these have been the most exciting and awesome joe figures. This line's gonna be huge, like marvel legnds big It's making toy forums that almost never talk about gi joe, bubble up with tons of posts. The cobra trooper will be non-existant i fosee it being the hardest figure to get, due to the immesse poularity of the line and the army building potential.
  4. Ray0083


    I wish the stupid gun wasn't in the way I wanna see more of the figure. Looks freaking awesome from what i can see! I loved the old school RAH helmet's and am so happy to see the alive and well again. I'd really like to see a picture with his helmut off. I like how the knee articulation blends well, I really really really want to see how his chest looks and if it has torso articulation. I'm totally digging the sculpt, it's phenominal! I do wish he had more of his original gear, he really needs a his binoculars and a gun more like the One he came with. I'm pretty sure i'll just find a better rifle for him when i get him, no biggie i have a a tuuperware thing full of extra joe guns.
  5. I hope thats going by the eastern time zone, so when i wake up tommorrow around 9:30 pacific time they'll post it. I dunno on who's next i could see two methods. Snake Eyes being next, he is the most iconic and recognizable joe, and unvieling him will create allot of excitment. These are the first pics were seeing and for being an all new line we'll wanna see what the a-listers look like. Or they'll throw a curveball and do i dunno someone like beachead, and kind of pad out the a-listers. Personally i really like the way hasbro is doing this, mostly cause it's just such a horrible slow wait for toy fair. It's nice to not have to wait. I kinda think it's nice this 1 a day reveal, it gives me something to look forward to every day, and i think it'll genrate more excitment this way than if they just showed all ten at once. I mean if they did show all ten at once it'd be very exciting, but the way there doing spreads out the fun over a longer period of time.
  6. It's just an annoying thing hasbro does to all there press photo's latley, They think the shading makes them look dynamic, but i think it makes them look to artifcial. I think they should back to just taking nice glamor photo's
  7. HOLY CRAP, I had really high expectations for this line and that figure just exceeded what i was hoping for. The sculpt, that articulation, thats like is like possibly the best looking GI Joe figure hasbro's ever made! This is just the first figure, I'm amazed theres gonna be like 24 more of these still to go, i'm just fantasizing about the others, i can't frigging wait to see destro, zartan, and hopefully major bludd. This is what I'm talking about letting the joe's evolve, they can make such awesome stuff, adhering to whats already been done, styfles the creativity. I couldn't care less if these don't fit in with the vintage joes, i't a new thing entirley on to it's self. I think this line is going to be insanley popular, it has people who never look at Joe stuff, taking notice.
  8. I'm pretty sure it will be no doubles, theres only probably gonna be like 3 waves, and they have enough a-listers to attach to each wave. If this thing goes beyond 3 waves then i'd expect to see second versions of characters. The only character I'm hoping and suspect might get 2 figures is cobra commander, like they may do the hooded CC in the regular assortment then make battle helmut version an exclusive, cause it's such a basic repaint to make that jives with the original line. I'm really pulling for a battle helmut CC cause weve had so many hooded ones, weve never had a battle helmut CC with a helmut thats like his original v1 look. Plus it just happens to be my favorite CC look... I don't think an interchangible head would work on snake eyes, outside of wearing black the v1 and v2 are completley different looks. I think if the line goes beyond the 25, we'll definatly see like a version 1 snake eyes, battle armor CC, iron Grenadier destro, the second roadblock... etc etc. Also come to think of it i could also see the doing some repaints of A-listers in different color schemes if they go beyond the 25, like i could see some "cartoon colors" versions.
  9. Thats my thinking as well, theres 21 days left till toy fair, and they said they'd show 10 leading up to toy-fair. I don't think they'll put up one each day 10 days before toyfair, i think they'll do some then wait a day or two do some more.... So I'm expecting to see the first one monday, defintley sometime in the beginning of the week.
  10. Imagine if Star Wars fans were so attached there vintage format of figures, What if they were like when POTF2 started... "you have to have 5 points of articulation only, anything beyond that won't fit in with my vintage star wars figures!" The SW line has evolved into some phenominally well done SA figures. What if Transformers fans clung to there standardized vintage brick robot format? we'd never see anything like the Masterpiece Prime. I love the Vinatge GI Joe's they are awesome figures, I collect all the re-issue's and stuff like the comic packs, and what not. I think the vintage stuff should be it's own entity in and of it's self. When they are doing something new they shouldn't have to be a slave to trying to keep it the same artculation format. I think this new line should be free to evolve it's own style. Because if you want a vintage looking version 1 cobra trooper.... you already have the one. Like I said, I don't hate the O-ring, if they put it in the new line it wouldn't boither me any. But to me G. I. Joe isn't about a rubber circular ring, G. I. Joe is about the awesome characters. And I want awesome new versions of the of everyones classic iconic looks.
  11. Why would they put Snake EYes, Storm Shadowm Duke, Scarlett Destro Cobra commander, zartan, baroness alll in the first wave? What would they put in the other waves? It's a Toy bussiness golden rule you always spread out the A-listers. They support the line if you put them all in the first assortment they wouldn't be able to support the waves that are done after that.
  12. I'm drooling about the assortment loves me some cobras troopers. Suprised the Nok's made it. I hope that pans out. this is my 25 1.)Cobra Commander [version 1 battle helmet] 2.)Destro 3.)Baroness 4.)Cobra Trooper 5.)Zartan 6.) Major Bludd 7.) Crimson Guard 8.) Firefly 9.) Storm Shadow 10.) Serpentor 11.) Duke 12.) snake eyes [version 2] 13.) Roadblock 14.) Scarlett 15.) Stalker 16.) Beach Head 17.) Flint 18.) Lady Jaye 19.) Hawk 20.) Ship Wreck 21.) Mutt 22.) Dusty 23.) Rock & Roll 24.) Gung Ho 25.) Blowtorch I forgot to add the BAT, i don't wanna renumber that I'd take blowtorch and throw him in. I also left off allot of the original 13 I'm a big original 13 fan, but i don't expect them to be be in the line that much, beyond the usuals. If the line continues past 25 i'd really like to get a complete original 13.
  13. I'm not married to the O-ring as much as i used to be, like way back when they first did the new sculpt figures they looked terrible, and one of the things was the lack of the o-ring, cause they looked dumb how they were. Then theres all the action feature figures in VvV that look awful because of the action feature and the stange looking crotches. I completley understand the need for the o-rings there and for the sake of constiancy. But these new figures are an all new thing in of themsleves, i only care about them being consistant with each other. While the times in the past habro has varied from the O-ring they've turned out some terrible figures, There are ways to make Good figures without the o-ring as well. If they make something that looks good and has a great range of movment sweet. If they use the o-ring thats fine too.
  14. I'm bouncing off the walls in anticipation for this line, it's what i've always felt should be done. I usually couldn't care less about packaging but i think it'd be cool if they did it like the star wars VOTC figures and have reproduction card art of the original joe cards. I never get doubles to keep carded but if they came like this i would. I'm anxious to see how they look, i expect something along the lines of the SW super articulated figures, but probably with 0-rings. I'm not as attached to o-rings as much as i used to be, if they can do another joint that looks good i'd be okay with it.
  15. I heart that site so much it rules, I've always loved all the original joe art, and i love seeing some really nice versions of it, I'm totally bookmarking it.
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