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  1. Awesome post! I just love that Little Rascals avatar! Wow! How much of THAT stuff was true?! The guy who wrote that 'color code' list must have (had) a life similar to mine! LOL I guess I've been semi-fortunate that I have been able to avoid (ignore, actually) that kind of relationship drama for the most part by acting just as mature as the women I've split with (meaning, in one case anyway, I changed the locks on her and threw all of HER $hit out in the yard! {Yes, I've actually done that}). Sorry to hear about of the tribulations you guys are going or have been through, though. Even as casual as you try to let things resolve themselves, it's never a totally smooth transistion.
  2. @lol@ I agree though. Very sweet, easy custom. (Whose-ever idea it was first )
  3. You're forgetting, Bro, it's still 'Dubya's America' for a few more months. You know, with the jury still being out on Evolution and all, still not safe to be considered a godless heathen....
  4. Mandalore is/was leader of the Mandalorian army. having that tattoo would say you were with EDIT or that you were mandalore. a leader of an army! ... like having a swastika tattooed on you would me you were a Nazi... I don't think it has anything to do with you being a sw fan. i think M8B was just joking around with you. O.K., got it. Once again, I was taking things a little too literal (would've helped if he'd have added a smilie/emoticon at least ) P.S.: Nice ink, smarch.
  5. Wow, 2 responses while I was typing this. I do know the definition of the word, VH. That's why I used the term. I was curious as to what he meant by it. How can being a SW fan be considered treasonous to America? I'm sorry, but seriously, #WTF# Seems NOT being a SW fan would be downright Un-American! P.S.: Sorry, KD, I know this is your thread, but M8B's shot was aimed at me.
  6. That IS my shoulder. I guess that's a hint that I should probably tone up and lay off the snacking. @popcorn@ Still curious what you meant, Magic 8 Ball.
  7. I'd like the FANG/CLAW SET, but I'll pass on the AWE Striker, though. Nice that they made Leatherneck in 'Mission Brazil' colors but you're right, the mold choice doesn't fit this one well at all.
  8. Well, you lied about the 'sedition' part............ How so?
  9. HA! That was great! Whoever put that together is pretty talented.
  10. Yeah, I'd love to view them too, but you need to be a member of hisstank.com and I'm registered in enough places I don't even frequent as it is.
  11. Someone had to bring THAT one up... (my turn, I guess): Wow. this pic's bigger than I thought. (showing its age, too. I might have to get it redone.) When I re-enlisted from active duty to the reserves, I actually had to sign a disclaimer stating that this tattoo wasn't Satanic or otherwise seditiously-oriented. This one's still obscure enough, I suppose.
  12. I've never seen those before, but you're right, they'd fit in pretty well. They would definitely work in my 'Robot Rebellion' Joe-verse story. I might have to track some down.
  13. Yeah, I used to do that too after watching the original cartoon. i don't have any extras left though, sorry. One thing that's always bothered me (semi-OT): I would've sworn I used to have a green Snowjob gun a long time ago, but have never been able to find another. It was the same color as Firefly's gun & phone. I never found anything on the Yojoe archives about one and it's driving me nuts. Does ayone have any idea what I'm talking about? (not trying to hijack your thread, KD. It just reminded me of this little 'unsolved mystery' of mine.)
  14. Uh...I can't believe anybody bought that...... Seriously. How clueless can some folks be. That seller should call themselves 'isleofFALSEtoys'!
  15. The Highwayman! Holy Crap! I didn't think anyone remembered that show other than me! This thread has revived my interest in doing a 'Napoleon Solo' custom (Top THAT one for 'dated', ARROW & blackmada! @smilepunch@ j/k)
  16. Is this guy high?: http://cgi.ebay.com/GI-JOE-3-Rare-Bronze-B...1QQcmdZViewItem These might be a bit hard to find, but not rare enough for that price. I'm sorry, but 'F' this guy!
  17. Jeezus! I looked right at the figure and didn't draw the parallel until this thread. I thought it might be "Tracker" using an upcoming Annihilator mold (which I still thinking they might do, if you think about it!). Man, I would LOVE to see a Condor or a Jackhammer. A Jackhammer would be a simple retool of the VAMP or the Desert Striker. (DO IT, HASBRO!) A Condor in the 1:18th scale would be the 'be all, end all' for me! (Come to think of it, that Annihilator backpack is colored in the Condor's paintscheme...) Kick-Ass! That' all I can say to this!
  18. I was checking out the stuff on Alyosha's website store (kickass stuff, btw) and I noticed his whole figure kits. It states that some sets don't have j-bars or rivets so you'll need to of course supply your own. J-bars are no problem (who DOESN'T have broken junker figures), but here's my dumb question. Where would you even FIND any RAH style rivets and kits?
  19. I'm sure I've got it somewhere. She was a little off, though. I remember Walt being slightly visible to my right in the pic.
  20. Colton and Clutch are both kickass (big Clutch fan) WB's nice, too.
  21. This guy's auctions make me go WTF, but in a good way. Here's reversal from bad to good! (IMO): http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZgenxtoys These are pretty decent prices, I think (These are not mine, btw, I just wish I could afford them. I wish I had the money for all the '98 TRU stuff he's selling. I would buy all of his infantry packs for sure!)
  22. Some acrylics work just fine. I mainly use Testors acrylics and all my customs are still poseable without losing paint in those areas. Something that helps I think is that I thin out my Testors with a bit of rubbing alcohol instead of regular paint thinner or acetone (learned this by accident because I was going the cheap route to clean my brushes). Usually, I'll shake up the bottle to make sure the paint's mixed well, then dab my brush in the alcohol and mix it through with whatever paint is in the bottle's cap (another 'clean' method I use). I'll put on one coat, let it dry, then work the joint to see if it holds right, then add another coat or 2 to make sure I get the color as solid as I want. If you're going with enamels, just make sure you have actual thinner/acetone for your brushes. Alcohol works for latex and some acrylics, but not with enamels. That's in my experience, though. Hope this helps some.
  23. HA! A few years ago when my sister was in town, I took a picture right where that guy with the newspaper is sitting. She knelt down and took the pic as I stood where the guy is so it looked like I was super-imposed over Walt.
  24. Great minds think alike! I made just about this same sword, only mine has a Sleepy Hollow blade, so its in scale with ML's instead, I guess: Just when I thought I had an original idea
  25. Dude! Thanks to your custom, I now like the character of Nunchuck! Um, yeeeah, I'M gonna need you to make ME one just like that, yeeeah.... VERY nice work! @notworthy@
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