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  1. LOVE the mods you made to that Duke head. Looks sweet. Colors are nice, too, looks like a liason between the viper corps and the ST/VvV Alley vipers. Nice.
  2. I'd have to agree with you on this one. Sometimes the only way to correct this type of behaviour is to show them how it feels. Though honestly, I wouldn't take his stuff; I'd set fire to all of it and make him sit there and watch it burn. I think this kind of lesson in empathy would be an appropriate punishment for someone like that. F*** 'em!
  3. Holy Hell! LOL @lol@ I didn't even notice the datestamp! Jeez! That's over a year before I was even ON TNI! (come to think of it, I don't even remember HOW I ended up here. ) Hope somebody found the info useful.
  4. Check out any K-Marts and Sears Essentials you run across, too. They can usually be found there as well. Sears Essentials usually devotes 4-6 pegs worth of stuff. TRU hides theirs back in the small kids/learning section (usually the big area behind the Lego aisle, towards the back corner). The military stuff is usually in or near the cars aisle.
  5. I remember being overjoyed when I saw the first pics for Fenn Shysa and Tobbi Dala. I was finally going to see these two as a Hasbro release (even though I've already invested the money into surplus Fetts and made my own). Then it just occured to me about 5 minutes ago: I want a Keral Longknife figure now! I have never made able to make that head, so maybe somebody at hasbro should take a stab at it. Hell, throw in a General Sk'arr (sp?) while you're at it. C'mon, Hasbro, hook me up!
  6. Hm, they kinda remind me of the BK kids meal figs from back during the ROTS opening. That's what they look like to me, at least.
  7. My first Joe piece was a RAM, and that was it. I didn't even collect Joes then as I was still heavily into SW. I think I had a Bespin Han Solo that I used as my 'Me'/everyman figure, and that was HIS ride. Picked up issue #8 of the Marvel comics and got interested in the rest from that point. I got a few other pieces later as an early christmas kind of deal, including a VAMP and a few other figures, but still mixed them in with my SW stuff. Some time around then, I cannibalized the sidecar and Zap's bazooka to make a 'gatling bazooka' for my Chewie fig, which became my de-facto 'me' figure. He was my apocalyptic biker figure with a little BDU tarp vest (that I cut out of an old army jacket) and his bike and gatling bazooka. (I was a weird kid. I'm an even stranger adult. ) After I 'grew' outta that phase, I got the Viper/Falcon glider (and promptly broke both in 1 afternoon! How cheap were those F'ing things!?) Pretty much picked-and-chose what figures I wanted from that point on. Never really quit collecting, but would only pick up one or two here and there since then. Collecting bug bit down hard in '00 and pretty much been 'biniss' as usual ever since.
  8. Holy Hell! That is some seriously impressive work, man. BIG Thumbs up! I'm very impressed, and jealous.
  9. Thanks, Pat. Didn't even know JC.COM even had those. I just joined up.
  10. That's the term some use for the chinese 'over-run' or 'backdoor dumpster' figures that show up in bulk numbers on ebay from chinese sellers (wstoys and sicdunbine are good examples). The term was first used I think on the color variant TRU 6-packs, and maybe the term only applies to those, but that's just how I've been referring to the chinese bulk figs.
  11. Finally got these finished and photographed a while ago. Joecustoms just finished posting the last few so I wanted to share them here. A few are total LBC's, but that is with a purpose, though. Just my own 'fan-fic' deal here. http://www.joecustoms.com/customs/customs_...re&uid=4851 Please enjoy, and LMK what you think.
  12. Could these be some kind of 'midnight run' figures, maybe? Or even maybe this guy is like the 'blue yonder' guy that invested in making those vintage DT sabres a few years ago, and this guy up the ante by doing Cobra soldiers instead. Just some possibilities. I admit, that figure does look weirdly mint, but I do have a few nice vintage ones myself. That new O-ring is interesting, though. First one of those I've seen.
  13. Dammit, Goldbug, now I've gone and spent about $50 out of one of my other 'budgets'! (Oh well, no strip club this weekend I guess, but at least this kind of plastic I can play with and not get slapped! )
  14. Nothing really wrong about this one, but the card is what caught my attention: http://cgi.ebay.com/Gi-Joe-Cobra-Viper-Inf...1QQcmdZViewItem Are all non-U.S. cards like this one?
  15. Sorry, Bro. Pretty much ripped him open after replying to Pat.
  16. Yeah, same here. I too was always happy with the service I got from Curt. I miss the way the site used to be, too. It was a great resource at once time.
  17. There we go! Just a little reassurance from someone who knows me so well! P.S.: Good to see you around, Pat.
  18. Just thought I'd ask some opinions before I open it. It's not perfect (it has been punched) and I was going to sell or trade it off. It is a very nice card except for the holepunch, but I've been getting lowballed in deals so much lately, I think I'd rather just have the joy of opening it up since I've never had a loose one (and there is that whole 'opening up something old' joy ) I'm not pissing away something rare, right?
  19. Very nice work. I like it. Thumbs up, dude!
  20. I agree, the EEL is a slam-dunk! This will be the second 25th figure I actually buy to keep instead of cannibalizing the figure. I would've preferred Glenda-Scarlet to be blonde like the original, but oh well. Flint is just meh to me.
  21. I didn't really mean the weapons per se (though the long-barreled Uzi is among my favorite '3-3/4' weapons ever). I'm interested in the more 'mundane' (for lack of a better term) accessories like the tools, where they had wrenches and such. I mentioned guys like Chad & Matt and Evilface since I noticed they had used CORPS accessories for their customs and I thought 'Hey, I never saw that one before/Hey, I don't have that one!'. I guess I'll keep hunting, then. P.S.: If anyone thinks they might have something (pics would help) and are willing trade them away, hit me up on PM
  22. Off-topic for a minute: Dude, I'm not looking for people who want me to 'browse their store'. I'm usually only doing trades here. You wanna talk trading, fine. If so, bring something to the table, not a link or an email. I have to say, it bugs the living sh!t outta me when people don't have what you want to trade for but want you to look though a longass list of crap you're not even interested in. If you want to trade for something I have, have something I want in return. How hard is that to comprehend, seriously? Back on point, maybe I need to talk to Chad & Matt and any other customizers who use this stuff too. I'm really more of a madass about the accessories moreso than the figures (except for the WOW stuff. That would be customizing gold if I could find any.)
  23. Didn't want to start 2 different threads back-to-back so I thought I'd kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Question #1 - Is the 'Turk' circus performer guy from the Red Shadows supposed to Taurus from the Renegades? (I never read those issues so I wouldn't know) Question #2 - Why isn't there any decent older CORPS stuff showing up anywhere anymore? I don't mean the military weapons and such, but like the construction workers/tools accessories and the WOW girls stuff. I never saw any of this stuff on the pegs back in the day and I've never seen hardly anything on the secondary market either. Anyone have any of this stuff extra or know where I can look? All responses welcome
  24. Not sure myself. That one is the only 25th mold that I genuinely like. What 25th joes I do get is usually only for the accessories and F@#$ the figs unless I can part them out toward customs. Come to think of it, I'm surprised I haven't seen more 25th Paine Bros customs. That would be a good use for all these.
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