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  1. Yep, figures I should've 'Wookied' it first. Here's a quote: "Although Hasbro will be releasing Wioslea as a figure in Wave 5 of the Legacy Collection, a recent Walmart picture of this wave incorrectly shows Wioslea holding Obi-Wan's lightsaber. It has been confirmed by Hasbro in a recent Q&A that this lightsaber will NOT be included with the upcoming figure." Turns out he's a SHE, too. Go fig.
  2. Yeah, with one of those chicks dying recently, maybe her estate will finally allow the figures to get made. (but honestly, why LucasFilm couldn't have just made figures with 2 different actresses' likeness on the packages, I don't know. If the chicks who played the Tonnikas had such a bad attitude about it, why didn't they {Lucasfilm/Hasbro} just do some airbrushed likenesses on the cards like they did for the characters on the Evolutions packages? Couldn't they have just done like with the Darrens on 'Bewitched' or the Beckys on 'Roseanne'. Pretty much proves that they could've been replaced. ) Anywhooo, to another point, I seem to be in the minority again, concerning the Han/Luke Stormie figs. These are the two I don't care for at all. I had already kitbashed these same figs together last year with the Comic Pack heads on a couple of TAS Stormies, but I collect loose, so to each their own, I suppose. I'll probably just 'Wookieepedia' the answer for this one after posting, but why Wioslea have a lightsabre? Was he supposed to have been a Jedi?
  3. They could make some real fan favorites with what they've already made: Steel Brigade Starduster Ninja Viper (The Green/Teal one. That's the only one I call an actual N.V.!) Claymore (They might be able to pull it off if they went with a Crankcase head. Just a thought)
  4. I think would be an outstanding idea! I'm actually getting bored with most toylines, with the exception of SW and Joes. I like all of your ideas. I'm very nostalgic for a lot of the old-school guys you mentioned ( I wish I still had my old Bullet Man. I loved the hell out of that thing!) AND it might also explain why I ran around a lot in my underwear while wearing an army helmet when I was younger. @loll@
  5. Try looking for the Palisades 'Army of Darkness' stuff. Same scale and lots of different medieval-themed weapons like swords, shields, axes, daggers, pikes/halberds, and even a strange sorceror's weapon called a 'boomstick'! (J/K @smilepunch@ @loll@ ) Seriously, these AOD pieces are a pretty good bet!
  6. I've already posted about my wants before my somewhat profound change in thought. The ones listed here now are ones I regret that they didn't make.: Sharon Ventura/Ms Marvel II Warbird variant (a golden opportunity passed up) Altas BAF (we should've already had this before I quit. It wouldn't have had to be an all Thunderbolts wave) Nimrod Master Mold BAF (They could have at least done a 'spider-head' version. Would've went over better than that shellback Onslaught) Chess Men (Hellfire Club guards), AIM minions, etc. (Looks like the Hand ninjas are coming, so I won't list them) Blue/White Wasp (Would have bought this one. The black/yellow one blew) 'Fist of Khonshu' Moon Knight variant (We got a 'shadow' version instead?) Mockingbird (I'm a big WCA fan from way back) Scorpio (Would have went perfect w/ Nick Fury) Got a few wishes to come true at least. The Spider-Woman variants came out exactly as I'd wished, except that the Secret Wars version was the variant instead. I named this one on my wishlist before New Avengers had come out (Wow, I now realize that was a while ago) Oh, well.. Anyone else who bowing out or slowing down for whatever your reasons and have regrets/unfulfilled wishlists?
  7. I don't know, I just don't care as much as when Toybiz was making them. Not all the Hasbro stuff is bad, but the love just isn't there for me anymore. I'm just more focused on SW lately, and to a lesser extent, Joes. (I know, don't be judgmental..) Just thought I'd offer them up to folks here first. Here's the list in 'Trades': http://forums.toynewsi.com/index.php?showtopic=2057737 Mods, feel free to move it if this ain't the spot for this.
  8. Wasn't Diamond Lil kind of on the tallside? If they did her, they would probably be best served by the She-Hulk mold. But the original core team needs to be made first! There would HAVE to be a BAF Box, though! But I'm clearing out most of my collection anyway, so why I'm overly excited, I don't know.
  9. Wow, this thing has more going on to it than I'd thought. I may just try to make some room for this thing.
  10. Not too much from what I've noticed (the 'standard' 1-3 bucks over retail to 'double retail' pricerange), but I won't buy anything online at an inflated price if it's currently on the pegs and gas is still (amazingly) cheaper than the postage. I don't really 'hunt' anymore, I just lucked out finding one on a less-then-perfect card while doing regular shopping, which is probably why I managed to get it at all.
  11. Wow, nice! I like that you did the same thing I'm doing on a WIP RJ I'm trying to finish, except I'm using a BTR cannon on a DeeJay torso since I mainly do stuff with only ARAH molds. Still pretty Kick-ass! Thumbs up!
  12. The only ones I'm really after are the Ben Reilly Spidey and Heroes Reborn IM. Maybe the Black Spidey update since it looks like a good improvement. As far as past/already done, I wanna get that Wolvie/Sabretooth Face-Offs 2-pack or the variant. Not really sure which I like better.
  13. Yep, sure do. In fact, most of those figures Kevin Lentz has pictured are mine. He added that page to his roster partially at my request, actually. (TNI isn't allowing a direct link to the website for some reason, so for anyone wanting to look at the figures, replace the word 'banned' in the above link with the word 'toymania' and take a look) The figures were all original pieces, though the vehicles were rehashed from Tonka's existing pieces and were WAAAY overscaled to the figures, which are standard SW/Joe size. I didn't realize how rare a complete set of these figures were until I inquired myself (right here as a matter of fact) a few years ago. Except for one I bought from Kevin L himself, I had bought the rest of them for a little under $30 in separate purchases, and one is even carded, so I guess I lucked out .
  14. LOL @lol@ Happy hunting, but I'm pretty sure the one is the middle is the only one you'll find on the pegs that comes as pictured, ready-made! (unless you were talking about Fenn and Tobbi, then disregard. )
  15. Very nice. Work like this makes me appreciate the 25th molds. Great job. Thumbs up!
  16. I didn't even know it WAS! When did Baltimore get their own Comicon?
  17. Just got mine today. Overall it's a keeper, but here's a review anyway: The paint-scheme is kick-ass! The only part I didn't really get is the backpack colors, which I think should've matched the Isabet Reau backpack from EE's Mandalorian set. The colors used looked like more of a match to the animated Boba Fett. Just a minor complaint there, it was just not what I was expecting. It definitely works well. If only the entire mold deserved this level of paint detail. Now to the mold. No surprises in what you're about to hear. This would be at the end of the list as far as molds I would've used for the figure. I have never really liked action features, but it wouldn't have bothered me so much if this figure wasn't so LOOSE. The head and arms both belong on a ragdoll. The arms I can understand, but there's no excuse for why the head is so loose. When I work the action feature, the figure literally pulls a 'Linda Blair' and the head on mine swings almost all the way around. Not liking that at all. From the waist down though, I wouldn't change a thing. That half is almost perfect, but I might've went with the Llats Ward shirt-tail/skirt/kilt/tunic-whatever you choose to call it, as it is a little closer to (but not exactly) comic-accurate. I also didn't like that they just threw in a regular Boba Fett rifle instead of a weapon closer to what he had later in the comic, which was closer to a stormtrooper or clonetrooper blaster or something like the DST rifle rather than Boba Fett's standard piece, but it does make sense that they included it here since he did use one just like it in the first few pages. When I first saw the pics of the Llats Ward figure last year, I instantly thought that the colors looked suspiciously like Jodo Kast. I basically bought the set just for that figure and promptly customized it into a Jodo Kast (as an update to the one I'd made years ago with the SOTE comic pack mold), though I've yet to repaint the figure correctly. Here's how those 3 look compared to each other (I used Dash Rendar figures for the head since I thought it resembled Jodo without his helmet as he appeared in the comic): Though I don't think it will happen since this is such a 'niche character', it's nice to think this mold and one of the SA Fett molds might be used later for a comic pack version of Jodo Kast (which is honestly what we should have gotten in the first place). Bottom line: Jodo Kast is like a Cantina Alien; this may be the only version we'll ever get, so it's better than nothing (that's pretty ambiguous, but I think that sums it up pretty concisely) I think the figure is worth getting if you find it on the pegs, whether you're a loose or carded collector, but it just might not be everyone's cup of tea. My score on the 5 point scale: Mold = torso & up - 2.5/5, waist & below - 4.9/5 (close enough without being totally accurate) Workability = torso & up - 2/5 (the looseness on the head/arms were really dissapointing), waist & below - 5/5 Paint = 4.9/5 (again, only because I wasn't expecting the color-scheme on the backpack. Everything else: dead on) Accessories = 2/5 (definitely needed a different rifle. A clonetrooper or an old-mold Dengar or 4-LOM short blaster would've sufficed) Just IMOHO
  18. Yes. Very rehash-tastic. There's no newly-molded pieces in this set. Dissapointing.
  19. Crap! That IS going back! Actually, no. I was refering to the lanky uber-nerd on 'Big Bang Theory'.(I swear, I'm not as much of a tool as that guy is. Really ) Wow. Rocko. I don't think I've watched that in years. Was Sheldon the cow? Anywhooo, what they're doing with the 'Clone Gear "lockers" ' with some of the SW figs now would work for me (and would actually be an incentive to get me to buy the Joe figures).
  20. I think you took it a little too personal about the Maurader suggestion. That was all it was, a suggestion. Not even really directed to you but anyone maybe lurking who might read it and discover an altenative. I'm sure there are people who would like the extra weapon packs like you and people like me content to use Maurader weapons and probably a dozen more groups wanting something completly different. I don't see the harm in pointing out alternatives unless you only want people who agree with what you want 100% replying in your topics I think all any of us are doing when we bring it up is just pointing out that it is an option. Believe it or not there might be some who don't know about it. Nobody is putting a gun to your or anyone elses heads saying buy this or else because it is the only option. Personally the Maurader weapons work for me and I don't need another source for more weapons. I don't expect everyone else to feel the same way. You made it clear how you like certain things a certain way for certain things, that's cool. It is a little along the lines of me defending Hasbro's decisions to make 20 slightly different Cobra Commanders. Some people are wanting that one little different thing on CC. You like a certain shotgun, well maybe someone likes a red stripe on CC's gloves. I like that everyone has slight diferences in what they like and I like it more when there are more options to get those little things we all are looking for. Nah, I wasn't taking anything personal, Man. Never do. I wasn't knocking anyone else who likes MJ. I Love MJ's stuff. I'm just nitpicky about stuff is all. I suppose I could've summed up the post with the first and last lines I wrote. I guess I DID end up looking like a 'Sheldon'. @loll@ P.S.: Quiz-time, Ccav: What show with 'Sheldon' am I talking about?
  21. I have a Droids Thall Joben figure that I've had for years. I don't even remember what I paid for it (it was about 8-10 years ago). I always intended to find a loose one and then trade/sell this one off, but never got around to it. the bubble has really browned over the years but everything else about the card is spot on, as it were. I really think I'm just going to open it and be happy, but it will definitely take a vintage carded out of circulation. I don't know why that would particularly bother me, but it honestly kinda does. What would y'all do in my shoes?
  22. Why does everyone think no-one ELSE has ever heard of Marauder Jon? I was among their first-ever 100 customers when they first debuted a few years ago. I dare say I'm also the guy resposible for the Steyr AUG being among their inventory back when I was on yojoe.com more often (for anyone who likes that one, You're welcome, BTW ) Maybe it's the Asperger's part of me, but I am very particular about the pieces I want. Not to sound defensive, but this type of discussion gets stale: "Why don't you just get the Marauder's tommy gun?" Because maybe I like the BBI version better. I just like the WWII M1929 stick-mag version is all. "Why don't you just get the Marauder's Beretta M-9?" Because maybe I like the World PeaceKeepers version with the trigger guard better. Just a personal preference. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Marauder Jon's stuff, I easily have about a 1000 pieces of theirs (that not counting bipods, sheathes, or modular pieces). It's like wanting a particular Spirit figure, and having someone tell you to get a CORPS Tracker Tom instead . (nothing wrong with either since I happen to own both, but that's not my point ) Some of us just want to have this again. An online exclusive sounds fine to me, as long as they can limit purchases somewhat to keep the scalpers in line. Hasbro's got to see the value of the market for this, if judging by nothing else, than just to see MJ's success within this particular niche. Sorry to go semi-off topic, but when discussing this stuff I really have to curb myself to keep from coming off like a 'Sheldon'. (5 points and a pat on the back for anyone who gets that reference )
  23. And what I find funny about your post is that you apparently wanted the shotgun with Flint, yet, the SAME weapon has been in use by Hasbro since 2002. All said, I probably have nearly a dozen of the things in black from my newsculpt purchases. Not in that green, they didn't. I have about that many in black, too, but I wanted that green one for my de-facto Flint. Yes, I am THAT particular, even about what color of plastic a weapon is molded in. I'm weird like that.
  24. Anyone else agree with this idea? For someone like me who is not a 25th-o-phile, but digs the new weapons and such, this would be awesome, since I won't buy a 6-7 dollar figure JUST for the accessories (not anymore, anyway), plus I wouldn't have a bunch of figures I don't want. Anyone else think this idea would fly in today's market?
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