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  1. Wow.


    Even though I have a lot of the same stuff (even some of the rare/international pieces), I would be ashamed to post my collection here.


    You guys are far more dedicated than I.


    I too bow to your greatness! @notworthy@


    (P.S.: That TF H&R has always eluded me! Still need a helmet for my TF Blizzard)

  2. I am willing to trade heavily for the Scramble on Yavin set, starting at 3 or 4 figures or more, and yes, that is including both Revan and Malak, so somebody please hook a homeboy up!


    (That's what the kids are saying nowadays, right? homeboy, flygirl, mack-daddy... :D )

  3. My favorite Trek series as well. I was a big fan of Avery Brooks coming off of "A man called Hawk" and loved seeing him join the Trek universe. (Interestingly, I found out back in '08 that he was born in the same town I was. No wonder I have an affinity for his work, :D )


    You're right, the campiness was left to a bare minimum, just the kinds of humor that would normally happen everyday.


    Definitely the best of the Trek series. :)

  4. I do miss that they don't really do a lot of TV figures anymore. I think BSG and Stargate were basically it. I have more vintage TV stuff than anything else. A lot of it is considered really corny nowadays:


    Magnum P.I.

    Fall Guy



    Flash Gordon (figures from the old Filmation cartoon)

    Star Trek: the Next Generation (I have both the prototype Romulan and Wesley as well)

    Six Million Dollar Man (small AND large figures)

    Starsky and Hutch (supposedly, an old ERTL figure I have is supposed to be Starsky)

    Greatest American Hero

    Mork and Mindy (What?)

    Love Boat (YES, I have these! Isaac is a must for any figure collection that needs a bartender! :D )

    Buck Rogers (small AND large figures here, also)

    Dukes of Hazzard

    Knight Rider (rare brazilian figure, actually)

    Space Precinct (Yeah, I know, but...)



    I am REALLY dating myself with this list. :D

  5. I don't have a pic, I just put this together about an hour ago. Here's the parts list:


    Head/gun/left arm/right leg = HK-50

    Right arm/flame/left leg = L8-L9

    Body = 5D6-RA-7(blk-grey)


    I call him EVN-2LE


    I swear I came up with this in like 5 or 10 minutes. He's an assasin droid from the KOTOR era. He was an HK series droid originally before his self-preservation program compelled him to upgrade himself with different parts to continue his hunt against Jedi. He continued his mission unchanged for millenia, not caring about how much time is passed. Being a non-biological form, he believes he will outlast any and all of his quarry. His motto for his mission is "Eventually."(hence, his name, 'EVN-2LE', is a play-on-words for that)



    I know, it's sounds kinda tardish, but I'm actually happy I came up of it. I might keep him as is instead of trying to finish completing the L8-L9 or the RA-7 droids. :)


    Don't judge me, or I'll bring back "Pappy" (A.K.A. 'PAP-E') :D

  6. Found a Hrchek Kel Fas, soft goods Jawa, and an extra Bespin Wing Guard @ Walmart for $6 ea. Nothing too special, but I was sure I'd never find that Jawa. :)


    Passed on the Mohc and Weir CP's. I'll wait for clearance on these.

  7. Yeah, sounds about right, but it's not really about 'keeping score', I just hate going in the hole on an item, particularly where 'impulse buyer's remorse' is kinda hard to shake off at times.


    But I guess that'll dissappear with the trade, right? ;)


    Thanks, guys. :)

  8. I currently have a tradelist up in the trades section. I paid $28 for a carded Revan that I honestly don't want anymore (cool fig, but doesn't really 'place' in my collection). I have an offer for a Darth Krayt 2-pack that I really want for both the Revan and a MOC Malak. The Revan alone cost me more than the comic pack goes for when you find it (and their supposed to still be selling at retail), so I'm apprehensive about trading something I shelled out for that hasn't been rereleased for a few years in part for something that is still supposedly on the pegs.


    Is it cold feet, or do you think I'm being kinda cheap?

  9. Yeah but customers can come in the stores swearing up a storm


    Yeah, like I did when I saw the new packs the other day and thought I'd missed the pilots 2-pack. LOL :D


    Thanks for the info. Now I don't feel quite as bad. ;)

  10. Not sure if this belongs here, but it IS an auction that made me say 'WTF':




    Does anyone know what the deal is with this figure? Is it a Con figure, a "chinese bootleg" as stated, or very good mold work like our own Aly?


    Anybody know? I'm interested in info about the figure itself, not about any auction complaints or issues like that.

  11. for me what aint turning gray is fallin out!!! anybody know where i can get that Ronco spray on hair?????TM


    Just turned 39 and I'm with TM on this one. Personally I can't figure out why I'm aging so badly.


    (Not even kidding about this: A few months ago, the McDonald's up the road from my house gave me a Senior's discount!)

  12. Have:


    Darth Revan (pending)

    Darth Malak (pending)


    TFU Shadow Guard

    Corran Horn/Whistler 2-pack

    McQ Fett (HOLD)


    Wanting these:

    Scramble on Yavin

    Tarados Gon

    Darth Krayt Comic Pack (&/or loose Sigel Dares, want to get 3 total) (pending)

    loose K-3PX (from Droid factory 2-pack w/ Vader)



    Joe Con Headhunter Driver (black w/ green trim, not green w/ black)

    Joe Con Clutch

    90's Green Mailaway Ninja Viper



    Everything is listed in the order I want it, and the order that I prefer to trade in. Everything's negotiable, of course.


    That's pretty much it.


    Thanks for looking :)

  13. On a related note, but not really worthy of it's own topic, I would like to have a bunch of the Bespin troops, witht he use of head swaps, and was wondering if anyone's gone that route yet? So far, with what's available on shelf, I figure the Willrow Hood might fit the one dark-skinned fella, and hopefully the hat too, but has anyone found any other good head swaps?


    Yeah, I plan on doing that, too, but cash is tight for now and I'm looking to try to get the others first. :)

  14. I've seen pegs full of both the dark-skinned Bespin Wing guard and the bearded Hoth soldier, but I'm really wondering about the variants of these. Does the cleanshaven Hoth soldier or the Alien bespin wing guard even exist? I don't think it's the same thing as the ugnaughts as those were originally intended as a 2-pack. (Seen 2 pegs full of the blue one, too. I only ever saw 1 grey ugnaught, and I snapped him up quick!)


    Is it just a distribution thing? I never saw Darth Krayt, Scramble on Yavin, or a Tarados Gon, for that matter.


    Anyone know?

  15. Oh, Man,


    How's THIS for regret: I remember when a place called Bradlee's was going out of business and had them down at $50.00 a piece but I passed them up because I didn't want to carry it home. @doh@ (I was 15 or 16 and had a part-time job, but didn't have a car)...and they had 4 of them still NIB... makes me want to hang my head and cry when I think on that one :( @screamer@

  16. In the days of JvC I could sort of understand repacking, since you had to buy two figures if you wanted to army build one... but nowadays, you can essentially get whatever figure you want by itself... so it's sort of a lame thing to do. The only time I'll look at a repack and go "Oh yeah, I get that." is if it's something like the one-desired-figure-in-a-five-pack thing. Tom
    Hmm, the only thing I think when I find a swapped out figure is "Hey, another shoplifting douche-bag who thinks he's to good to actually pay for his toys."

    Your response kind of alarms me, Tom. You don't actually condone this kind of thing, do you?


    This is not a judgement or an attempt to 'flame' the thread, it just surprised me that you're saying that you 'understand repacking' is all. Just not something I expect to hear from the folks here.

  17. Have:


    L8-L9(red) - head, body

    R5-A2 - head & middle foot

    R7-T1 - left leg & rocket

    R7-Z0 - 1 rocket (just the rocket, lost the leg somewhere)

    HK-50 - right arm w/left hand (error?)(THAT'S HOW IT CAME!)





    5D6-RA-7(blk-grey) - head, both arms, both legs

    YVH-1 - head/gun, both legs

  18. Picked up the Walmart Dewback BP and the DF Corran Horn/Whistler today. Was going to get the Fett/droid 2-pack, but was dissappointed that the Boba wasn't even repaint (lame) but might go back for it (just sucks to pay $17 JUST for the droid). Grabbed the Dewback because it was the only one left (I might be reviewing this one later), so that broke me from getting much else there.


    Stopped by Target next and actually found the Clone pilot/Turret BP (actually hidden behind a Rancor set, so I know I spoiled somebody's day. Too bad for that guy). Got that and the Coleman Trebor and Joclad Danva Geonosios packs but they were still missing the Kit Fisto one so that's all I got there.


    All that and a "Puss in Boots" PEZ dispenser leaves me "toy money"-broke until Black Friday :rolleyes:


    Decent enough haul, but still upset that I haven't seen a Y-Wing, a Scramble/Yavin BP, or the Darth Krayt CP.


    (Plus the rehash on the Fett droid pack really "P's" me "O'd"){dumb way to state that, but I stand by it! :D}

  19. No not one per case I believe its like 3 or 4 in a case of onlty them there not small enough to be in a case with the cheaper vehicles

    my local wal-mart has shelfs of them noone is buying them


    Thanks for the replies, everybody.


    Hey, Cody, I should get your Wal-Mart and mine to trade stock. I've seen nothing BUT the ARC-170's around here.


    Guess I'll keep plugging along until I find one. :rolleyes:

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