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    Gray Hair?

    Just turned 39 and I'm with TM on this one. Personally I can't figure out why I'm aging so badly. (Not even kidding about this: A few months ago, the McDonald's up the road from my house gave me a Senior's discount!)
  2. Yeah, I plan on doing that, too, but cash is tight for now and I'm looking to try to get the others first.
  3. I've seen pegs full of both the dark-skinned Bespin Wing guard and the bearded Hoth soldier, but I'm really wondering about the variants of these. Does the cleanshaven Hoth soldier or the Alien bespin wing guard even exist? I don't think it's the same thing as the ugnaughts as those were originally intended as a 2-pack. (Seen 2 pegs full of the blue one, too. I only ever saw 1 grey ugnaught, and I snapped him up quick!) Is it just a distribution thing? I never saw Darth Krayt, Scramble on Yavin, or a Tarados Gon, for that matter. Anyone know?
  4. Where'd you find it? That's one I still need. I've never seen it around here. (Orlando area)
  5. I just lucked out and found a second set yesterday. So now my gunship has a 'boobjob', too.
  6. Oh, Man, How's THIS for regret: I remember when a place called Bradlee's was going out of business and had them down at $50.00 a piece but I passed them up because I didn't want to carry it home. @doh@ (I was 15 or 16 and had a part-time job, but didn't have a car)...and they had 4 of them still NIB... makes me want to hang my head and cry when I think on that one @screamer@
  7. Hmm, the only thing I think when I find a swapped out figure is "Hey, another shoplifting douche-bag who thinks he's to good to actually pay for his toys." Your response kind of alarms me, Tom. You don't actually condone this kind of thing, do you? This is not a judgement or an attempt to 'flame' the thread, it just surprised me that you're saying that you 'understand repacking' is all. Just not something I expect to hear from the folks here.
  8. Have: -------------- L8-L9(red) - head, body R5-A2 - head & middle foot R7-T1 - left leg & rocket R7-Z0 - 1 rocket (just the rocket, lost the leg somewhere) HK-50 - right arm w/left hand (error?)(THAT'S HOW IT CAME!) Wanting: -------------- 5D6-RA-7(blk-grey) - head, both arms, both legs YVH-1 - head/gun, both legs
  9. Picked up the Walmart Dewback BP and the DF Corran Horn/Whistler today. Was going to get the Fett/droid 2-pack, but was dissappointed that the Boba wasn't even repaint (lame) but might go back for it (just sucks to pay $17 JUST for the droid). Grabbed the Dewback because it was the only one left (I might be reviewing this one later), so that broke me from getting much else there. Stopped by Target next and actually found the Clone pilot/Turret BP (actually hidden behind a Rancor set, so I know I spoiled somebody's day. Too bad for that guy). Got that and the Coleman Trebor and Joclad Danva Geonosios packs but they were still missing the Kit Fisto one so that's all I got there. All that and a "Puss in Boots" PEZ dispenser leaves me "toy money"-broke until Black Friday Decent enough haul, but still upset that I haven't seen a Y-Wing, a Scramble/Yavin BP, or the Darth Krayt CP. (Plus the rehash on the Fett droid pack really "P's" me "O'd"){dumb way to state that, but I stand by it! }
  10. my local wal-mart has shelfs of them noone is buying them Thanks for the replies, everybody. Hey, Cody, I should get your Wal-Mart and mine to trade stock. I've seen nothing BUT the ARC-170's around here. Guess I'll keep plugging along until I find one.
  11. I'm going nuts trying to track one of these down! I've seen those ARC-170's all over the place (even got offered one for about $20 NIB, but I'm not interested) #WTF# 's the deal on this one? Is it an exclusive to 1 chain? Is it 1 per case, or are they all just getting bought up before I get there?
  12. I got this one especially TO customize. Maybe a bit 'cartoony' for the regular series, but perfect for my tastes. This one is going to get a 'skull tatoo' on the forehead and be my 'Grappa the Hutt' from 'Crimson Empire II'. The 'two-tone' actually works for this character. As soon as I can customize a decent head, the TC-70 that comes with it will become '4/NG'( or '4-Slashing'), Grappa's protocol droid. I like how this mold isn't TOO cartoony but just different enough from the standard C-3PO mold. P.S.: These ARE swivel-wrists on this one (Jabba/'Grappa').
  13. Yeah, I caught it. Actually 'clipped-n-saved' this one.
  14. I think the little black one comes from the Thundercats line. I believe it goes to the Tuska Warrior miniature. Pretty sure, anyway.
  15. Hmm, I logged in just to see if there was any word on a convention set, and I'm kinda dissappointed that they're going to rehash the first con-set with full 25th molds, which leaves me with 2 concerns: 1. Are they going to just repeat the past 6 years convention sets redone with 25th molds? (which to me would be more than uncreative.) 2. Are they going to stop using RAH molds altogether now? (I like some of the new 25th accessories more than I do the figures, with only a few exceptions {like the BAT and the H.O.H. Baroness, which I admit both are pretty kick-ass figures}, but I like seeing new ideas for the classic molds.) Anyone got info from on the inside?
  16. Same here. But while it IS open, here's my 2 cents: What other people do with THEIR money (OR their lives, for that matter) isn't anyone else's business. I myself have shelled out for stuff before because I'd thought it would either be short-packed or otherwise unattainable to me, NOT to say I'm the 'first kid on the block' to have it, and only in a few cases have I been wrong, but I'm still batting about 95% or so, so I'm O.K. with it. Seriously, if your Mom sent you to school with Egg salad instead of PBJ or whatever your issue is today, either grow up, or just lay off the drugs, dude. Their money, their business.
  17. Hmmm Guess it's just me. I still hope they make figures, though. I'd get at least 5 or so. @cool@
  18. Don't really remember my original source exactly but pretty sure it came up in discussion in SOME thread back during my Rebelscum days years ago (back when I almost quit collecting/got married). It was pretty much the same "Where's our 'Cantina guys' at?" discussion and someone came through with that info as to the Tonnika likenesses issue. As far as the deceased one of the pair, I don't remember the lady's name, but her obituary was posted by someone here just a few months ago so it was still fresh in my memory.
  19. I'm watching the rerun of Friday's latest episode right now and got reminded how much I like this new design of BD. I'm really hoping this one becomes a figure soon. Whether it's cartoon-style or realistic, I'd definitely buy this one if it gets made. (particularly if they keep the 'charcoal/burnt orange' color scheme) Anyone else liking this new design as well?
  20. I'm really hating the new policies too, as I hadn't been on Ebay in like a long time. I'm also curious which 'alternatives' you're talking about, as I'd go with anyone who's better than Ebay's current crappy ways. Yahoo auctions are gone. Who else is there? P.S.: Ccav, THANK YOU for your first post! You hit the nail clean on the head! P.P.S.: Speaking of which (semi-offtopic) I had started an Ebay and Paypal accounts for the stuff I'd posted in trades, and they're actually holding the payments for 3 weeks in some kind of 'escrow' or something. I could care less because I don't need the cash for anything just this minute or whatever, but I do like to keep my finances 'liquid' and that they're holding my money in limbo is more than a little annoying. I guess with everything going on in the economy, everybody's getting stingy, even with money that isn't theirs (technically speaking) . Yes, I'm ignoring the original poster.
  21. Yep, figures I should've 'Wookied' it first. Here's a quote: "Although Hasbro will be releasing Wioslea as a figure in Wave 5 of the Legacy Collection, a recent Walmart picture of this wave incorrectly shows Wioslea holding Obi-Wan's lightsaber. It has been confirmed by Hasbro in a recent Q&A that this lightsaber will NOT be included with the upcoming figure." Turns out he's a SHE, too. Go fig.
  22. Yeah, with one of those chicks dying recently, maybe her estate will finally allow the figures to get made. (but honestly, why LucasFilm couldn't have just made figures with 2 different actresses' likeness on the packages, I don't know. If the chicks who played the Tonnikas had such a bad attitude about it, why didn't they {Lucasfilm/Hasbro} just do some airbrushed likenesses on the cards like they did for the characters on the Evolutions packages? Couldn't they have just done like with the Darrens on 'Bewitched' or the Beckys on 'Roseanne'. Pretty much proves that they could've been replaced. ) Anywhooo, to another point, I seem to be in the minority again, concerning the Han/Luke Stormie figs. These are the two I don't care for at all. I had already kitbashed these same figs together last year with the Comic Pack heads on a couple of TAS Stormies, but I collect loose, so to each their own, I suppose. I'll probably just 'Wookieepedia' the answer for this one after posting, but why Wioslea have a lightsabre? Was he supposed to have been a Jedi?
  23. They could make some real fan favorites with what they've already made: Steel Brigade Starduster Ninja Viper (The Green/Teal one. That's the only one I call an actual N.V.!) Claymore (They might be able to pull it off if they went with a Crankcase head. Just a thought)
  24. I think would be an outstanding idea! I'm actually getting bored with most toylines, with the exception of SW and Joes. I like all of your ideas. I'm very nostalgic for a lot of the old-school guys you mentioned ( I wish I still had my old Bullet Man. I loved the hell out of that thing!) AND it might also explain why I ran around a lot in my underwear while wearing an army helmet when I was younger. @loll@
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