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  1. I'm sorry, but this guy is just greedy: http://cgi.ebay.com/Gi-Joe-1997-BRONZE-BOMBERS-figure-Set-100-File-Cards-/250696608443?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a5eaeaabb Yes, they're hard to find, but not THAT hard. These are NOT worth $100+ per figure (unless you're either dense or desperate!) My boxed set cost me a LOOOW fraction of what he's asking for his loose set.
  2. I haven't been getting out much, so I missed when the new "Vintage" cards first hit the pegs. Didn't see a Luke or Leia but I picked up Dengar and Dack yesterday. The Dengar I got didn't come with his backpack , but the bubble tray is molded for one . There were 2 Dengars there and I only looked close enough at the cards to judge the paintjob on the figures, and took the one I liked best, but I didn't notice or remember if the other one did indeed have a backpack or not. Did I choose a lemon, or were they all shipped this way, sans backpack?
  3. If this "Steel Brigade" rifle is worth this, then I've got about $200 worth of them. http://cgi.ebay.com/STEEL-BRIGADE-RIFLE-GI-JOE-ARAH-1987-weapon-Mail-In-/140408064077?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20b0f9084d Is he for real? I really wonder about folks sometimes...
  4. Man, that would be tough! Just off the top of my head, my 3 might be: Joe: My custom SE V1 Cobra : AF Red Laser Vehicle : tough, either my V2 AF Panther, Laser Exterminator, or my red SNAKE Armor. (I love my Action Force stuff!) Only IF I had to make that decision!
  5. Funny, I have always used both SAW Viper and Crimson Guard Immortal as individuals(though technically he's not CGI anymore. I'll explain below) I have SAW Viper in charge of my squad of FLAK Vipers (actually they're Urban Assault Nullifiers, but it's the FLAK Viper mold in the least offensive color scheme ) My Crimson Guard Immortal is a little different. In my Joeverse, the CGI has parted ways with the Crimson Guard and works for Cobra Commander now. I use the CAT Tank version of the figure with the accessories from the Convention Destro and he's my Cobra Mortal (less loud and garish-looking than the actual Cobra Mortal. Plus, I don't have one ), and he's in charge of my Shock Vipers. The only other one I use as an individual is the purple officer from the Night Watch 6 pack. His name is Ajax and he's pretty much the senior blueshirt officer. (I also have a senior enlisted guy, the Sergeant Major.) On the reverse, I have multiples of the red scarf one from that set as my Skull Squad for Major Bludd. (Didn't care for the convention version.)
  6. Wasn't sure I would get this one right, but started over from scratch and I've gotten this far. It's not 100% accurate, so it still needs some finishes before I paint it, but wanted to show off my progress here. Be gentle : Thanks for looking. P.S.: Does anyone know this one for sure: Is its registry number NV-01 or NY-01? I've seen conflicting sources.
  7. Dude! Is that other Wing Guard out now?!
  8. The first war with the Romulans take place before the Federation was founded. It took place a few years before the final episode of Enterprise was set. It did? Really? Well #WTF# Where was this mentioned? I would think that I would've caught that little nugget of info. In this case, I would go with the tensions spanning from THAT war to the "Balance of Terror" episode as a Cold War premise. A posturing pointy-eared 'Dukat' would still work. Too bad Andreas Katsulas is gone. He was great as Tomalak, and would've worked great here.
  9. Myself, I would place it between ENT and TOS. I would only want minimal "design retconning" from ENT to be present, though (meaning where we see more spherical primary hulls than the convex saucer sections that were supposed to be the next evolution in Starfleet vessel design for that time, but with the Pasteur being present in "All Good Things", I guess that point is moot and it is what it is). I don't know if I really want to see the "Clavicle" or "Cabbage" type Romulan ships, though. I'd like the look to be somewhere between ENT and TOS as well as some design element nods to "The Cage". Maybe the ENT-styled jumpsuits in tan and grey to resemble the outfits in "The Cage" as well as "Where No Man Has Gone Before", and details like that, just to show off the evolution from the midway point between the other two series, rather than to dismiss some elements the way I felt it was sometimes done on ENT. (This is just my personal opinion.) As far as story, I think that the tensions between Earth/Federation and the Romulans, and then leading to the first Romulan War should end up being the more forward-present theme as the Dominion War became for DS9, with a good Romulan villain as the foil, something akin to Gul Dukat's machinations during the entire DS9 series. As the U.S. is still at war, it would be a good commentary opportunity as is the tradition of Star Trek. I know, it sounds like I want an amalgam rehash of DS9 and TOS with different furniture, but this is the 'Trek' era I most want to see. As far as what the name should be, I have no idea. Something with the word "Frontier" would be cool. (Not to dismiss anything from the Abrams movie, but I haven't seen it yet, so I can't take any suggestions from there, not yet anyway.)
  10. They're NOT the Futura pieces. I have those, and they're in a MUCH larger scale than the MM's (note the size of the hand holding them. If those WERE Futura pieces, I wouldn't want to take a punch from THAT hand! @smilepunch@ ). I've seen the Romando stuff, but I don't recall there ever being a Prometheus in their set, and the Ent-E shown here isn't the Romando one. I really hope I can find out the deal on these.
  11. Cool, then! I guess I/we won't be missing out on this one after all. Funny, I remember talk that these both were going to be TRU exclusives (the figures, that is). Oh, well. Doesn't matter to me, as long as I can get them somewhere. Thanks for the info, though. Appreciate it!
  12. If the pictures are correct, looks like we're not going to be getting the clean-shaven Hoth Soldier: http://jediinsider.com/index.php?catid=8&itemid=13083 I'm hoping we still get him somewhere down the line. At least we're getting the other Bespin Wing Guard finally.
  13. Rather than start a new thread, I thought I would just post this question here. Does anyone know the origins of these 2 pieces to the far left, next to the Ent-E MM (this is an old photo from a few years ago that I kept off of ebay): The second Ent-E was supposedly a pack-in from some foreign soap company or something like that. Note the superior detail to the MM version.: The Prometheus shown I think has a similar story, and as far as I know, is the only Prometheus ever made in the MM scale. Anyone know anything about these?
  14. I was digging some stuff out of my closets and I came across a box of my extra ST MM's, and I've been fiddling around with these the past 2 weeks or so. I forgot how much I liked these things. Even broke down and made a few custom ones. Anyone else ever have or still have any of these?
  15. I remember in the episode "The Drumhead", Picard's opening monologue mentioned Admiral Satee's work investigating the 'Alien Conspiracy 3 years ago', or something to that effect. I presumed then that's what they were touching on. Did you mean 'Nemesis' vice 'Insurrection'? I don't remember any Romulans hanging with the Son'A when I watched it. Would've been cool to see Denise Crosby in the last TNG film, though. Everyone would've been back for the big goodbye. If you live in Florida right now, you can go to the beach and find a free Armus figure washing up on shore! Worry about that hole in your collection no more! Ah, BP's tar balls: Nature's 'Horde Slime'.
  16. Here's a couple I just finished. Weemus Swall: Just a Marlon Wayans Ripcord head dremeled out to fit. I figures the hands were close enough in color so they stayed. Tals Wrad: Added the head from Llats Ward and some BBI hands that were a good match. The Llats head sits a little low, but I figure these guys can't all be the same height, right? I know, I wasn't really trying on the names, but hey... Opinions?
  17. O.K., here we go. Here he is:
  18. I'm one of the folks who also doesn't really care for the 'Ultimate' titles. I'm fine with all the continuity-confusing stuff simply being labeled as an alternate universe (I'm kinda Marvel-dogmatic that way). I'm honestly at a loss when it comes to trying to upgrade/retcon a classic storyline like the 'Death of Gwen Stacey' or explaining away Cap's or Frank Castle's age/veteran relevance when it's not as easy as say, Nick Fury or Magneto's issues were done. When you think about it, Big Pun should soon be replacing Cap as the 'soldier out of his era'. As far as ones that have already taken place, the one I really don't care for is the return of Norman Osborne, that was a textbook case of the wrong people making really wrong decisions on the direction of the book...(Yes, this is a shot at Bob Harras, a man who held the title of 'Editor', yet couldn't even correctly spell words as well as your average 3rd-grader! He and he alone is responsible for destroying one of the best stories in comics and I'd say one of, if not THE defining moment in Spider-Man history. The writers didn't want it, the stockholders or the actual Marvel hierarchy at the time didn't want it, Bob Harras wanted it! I honestly hope he gets nut-cancer and has to be castrated, and on his way home from the hospital gets squashed by a steam-roller. But I digress...) I'm hoping that eventually another creative team will not have to deal with so much overlording from an overzealous control-freak editor and Osborne's return can be better explained as a sort of 'hiccup' in the multiverse that gets rectified sooner or later, depending on whatever avenue this as-yet hypothetical creative team takes with it. (Personally, I was really hoping he was a Skrull, but yet another opportunity wasted. I would've even settled for one of the Jackal's clones, but as clones a touchey subject as well, I'll pass on discussing this one any further.) This might be a little off-topic, but I can't even tell you how I think they're going to put the genie back in the bottle with Spidey's identity being public knowledge now. I'd love to see how they pull this one off.
  19. But after they let paypal screw me out of $200+ dollars because of some bogus seller knowing how to work their system better than they do, I cancelled both accounts. Anywho, if anyone's been looking for this one loose/complete, here you go: http://cgi.ebay.com/star-wars-Legacy-Terados-Lon-mint-Lse-complete-figure_W0QQitemZ310211472409QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item483a0b6c19 Or if you want to buy it and trade it away, I'll give you a MOC Revan or Malak for it. Yes, I'm dead serious. *EDIT* Some Mod please delete this. I posted when I was angry and I'm sorry to waste people's attention on this thread.
  20. I do, but I don't have a photo-hosting site, though, so that's the rub. @rolleye@
  21. Wow. Even though I have a lot of the same stuff (even some of the rare/international pieces), I would be ashamed to post my collection here. You guys are far more dedicated than I. I too bow to your greatness! @notworthy@ (P.S.: That TF H&R has always eluded me! Still need a helmet for my TF Blizzard)
  22. My favorite Trek series as well. I was a big fan of Avery Brooks coming off of "A man called Hawk" and loved seeing him join the Trek universe. (Interestingly, I found out back in '08 that he was born in the same town I was. No wonder I have an affinity for his work, ) You're right, the campiness was left to a bare minimum, just the kinds of humor that would normally happen everyday. Definitely the best of the Trek series.
  23. I do miss that they don't really do a lot of TV figures anymore. I think BSG and Stargate were basically it. I have more vintage TV stuff than anything else. A lot of it is considered really corny nowadays: Magnum P.I. Fall Guy CHiPs A-Team Flash Gordon (figures from the old Filmation cartoon) Star Trek: the Next Generation (I have both the prototype Romulan and Wesley as well) Six Million Dollar Man (small AND large figures) Starsky and Hutch (supposedly, an old ERTL figure I have is supposed to be Starsky) Greatest American Hero Mork and Mindy (What?) Love Boat (YES, I have these! Isaac is a must for any figure collection that needs a bartender! ) Buck Rogers (small AND large figures here, also) Dukes of Hazzard Knight Rider (rare brazilian figure, actually) Space Precinct (Yeah, I know, but...) I am REALLY dating myself with this list.
  24. I don't have a pic, I just put this together about an hour ago. Here's the parts list: Head/gun/left arm/right leg = HK-50 Right arm/flame/left leg = L8-L9 Body = 5D6-RA-7(blk-grey) I call him EVN-2LE I swear I came up with this in like 5 or 10 minutes. He's an assasin droid from the KOTOR era. He was an HK series droid originally before his self-preservation program compelled him to upgrade himself with different parts to continue his hunt against Jedi. He continued his mission unchanged for millenia, not caring about how much time is passed. Being a non-biological form, he believes he will outlast any and all of his quarry. His motto for his mission is "Eventually."(hence, his name, 'EVN-2LE', is a play-on-words for that) I know, it's sounds kinda tardish, but I'm actually happy I came up of it. I might keep him as is instead of trying to finish completing the L8-L9 or the RA-7 droids. Don't judge me, or I'll bring back "Pappy" (A.K.A. 'PAP-E')
  25. Found a Hrchek Kel Fas, soft goods Jawa, and an extra Bespin Wing Guard @ Walmart for $6 ea. Nothing too special, but I was sure I'd never find that Jawa. Passed on the Mohc and Weir CP's. I'll wait for clearance on these.
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