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  1. Devil Bat, I went through this myself about 10 tens ago, when I was still active duty and this was just after the 9/11 attacks. I actually posted something similar on the Rebelscum boards when I was there (I think I titled the thread "Should I grow up?" ), and I got a lot of the same support everyone's offering here. I have chalked up my own collecting habits to nostalgia, kind of a 'look-back' at a simpler time in my life. This is the hobby I've chosen, and I'm content to continue doing it. This is a practice that somewhat centers you, gives you joy and pretty much harms no-one else. I pretty much dismiss anyone who judges me negatively for my hobbies. Let them take thier baggage somewhere else. Suffer no guilt and enjoy yourself, dude.
  2. Doing my annual reserves drill in King's Bay, GA right now and it figures I'd have to leave the state to find stuff I missed the first time around. Picked Vintage Mace, Kit, Peasant Padme and Peasant Anakin from K-Mart. Very cool. Next Day, found a DS Luke and another R5-D4 at Wally-World. (Non-SW, but found the Loki-Frost Giant Marvel U 2-pack at $17.00 even, only one I've ever seen! ) Thank You, Georgia!
  3. Exactamundo! And these guys agree with me. Don't undersell yourself, or your stuff!
  4. Dude, the Amanaman figure alone is worth $100 (the green/yellow guy), and the big skull wagon ("Ewoks" Battle Wagon) is rare, too, and is worth at least as much as the Amanaman. If I could afford it, I'd easily give you $200 for that lot, but then I don't do Ebay either. I wouldn't offer a $100 BIN for this lot. Maybe a $300 BIN, but that's me.
  5. They've made the Sh'iar Gladiator already. Do you mean him or the Daredevil villian with the sawblades on his arms?
  6. Yeah, I thought I was more knowledgeable, too. I only knew 4, 5, and 6. I imagine I should've known 10, since Lucas would've HAD to sign off on that one.
  7. Cool! When's this one getting released?
  8. Bumping this one up Have: -------------- L8-L9(red) - body Dark Trooper - body U-3PO - right leg 5D6-RA-7(blk-grey) - body x 2 HK-50 - left arm (regular) R4-P44 - body Wanting: -------------- BG-J38) - left leg YVH-1 - both legs HK-47 - everything but left arm (I know, but I dream, right?)
  9. I'm with you here. I like the repaint of this one from the Geonosis 2-pack. This one is my de-facto Yoda. (I think it surpasses the current 'Vintage' Yoda, but maybe that's just me.)
  10. Feeling you there. Found a General Lando and another Senate Guard this weekend. Still no DS Luke or RT Driver though. Has the Rebel Trooper wave hit yet? (and does anyone know if they're still releasing that 'Target Wedge' in Vintage?)
  11. Seth McFarlane has already said that he's not doing the prequel trilogy since he thinks that they're 'cartoony' enough.
  12. Don't know her name, but she's on my list of wants, and not just figures! (So it wasn't God, but some CGI artist finally gave me a hybrid of Krista Allen and Melinda Clarke rolled into one! ) Thanks for the other clip, Leviathan, That was sweet, too! I want that female Mando along with "Our Lady of the blue double-blade" and Havoc Squad Leader. I'll take another bunch of clone rehashes if they're equipped and deco'd like that! (they'd better do him right, though!) Seriously, if that Jedi character had only one live-action model, I'm gonna need to start saving up for a diamond!
  13. Just thought I'd share this video. I watched this and thought it was awesome (hope I get the 'imbed' right): <center><object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=" ?fs=1&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" ?fs=1&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="385"></embed></object></center> I saw quite a few characters I wouldn't mind having figures of, including a couple who look modeled after Malak and Revan. If so, I'd actually want a figure of that 'Malak'-looking guy). Anyone familiar with this one?
  14. Thanks for sharing that, Wheeljack, I liked that! (Slackoff and Toodle-Lu! )
  15. I'd have to agree with ARROW here that it's a little large for the MU figures, but I'd say the compatibility is still there if you're not too hung up on the scale accuracy. As he's basically a giant floating head anyway, what could it hurt?
  16. Grabbed a few things this past weekend. Picked up Vintage Sidious, Anakin, Clonetrooper, General Grievious, Bespin Luke, Hoth Leia, and a Legends Battle Droids 2 pack. Pretty decent haul for me, as I usually don't buy this many things at once (but hey, grab 'em when you can, right?).
  17. Can't offer any info on an cheap Indy horse, but the figure looks great! Nice Work!
  18. Yes, he definitely left his mark. 58 is pretty young, too.
  19. Posted this in the SW thread already, but I guess I'm supposed to post my customs here. This is my take on Shado Vao from Star Wars Legacy: Here's the recipe: ----------------- Head-tails = POTF2 Oola Head/neck = GIJoe:ROC Pit Commando Torso = Comic Pack Obi-Wan Arms = Tol Skorr Legs = SA/SP Plo Koon (the latest release one) Kilt = Lumiya cape, heavily modded Tabbards = ROTS Mace Windu/AOTC Aayla Secura Forehead-sculpting = Kneadatite Lightsabre = Darth Maul PVC(chopped), w/ random blue blade I'm very happy with the end results. Still need to add a second blade for his lightsabre. The head didn't turn out quite the way I wanted, so I might make a new one in the future, but I'm pretty satisfied for now. How'd I do? Opinions?
  20. This is my take on Shado Vao from Star Wars Legacy. Almost finished, but still needs a little tweaking: Here's the recipe: ----------------- Head-tails = POTF2 Oola Head/neck = GIJoe:ROC Pit Commando Arms = Tol Skorr Legs = SA/SP Plo Koon (the latest release one) Kilt = Lumiya cape, heavily modded Tabbards = ROTS Mace Windu/AOTC Aayla Secura Torso = Comic Pack Obi-Wan Forehead-sculpting = Kneadatite Lightsabre = Darth Maul PVC(chopped), w/ random blue blade Now that it's finished, the head just doesn't look right (maybe it's the face, or it's too small), but I'm pretty happy with the rest of the figure. Still need to touch up the paint in some areas, though. Anyone have suggestions for a better choice of heads to use? I'm really leaning toward doing another head.
  21. I'm sorry, but this guy is just greedy: http://cgi.ebay.com/Gi-Joe-1997-BRONZE-BOMBERS-figure-Set-100-File-Cards-/250696608443?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a5eaeaabb Yes, they're hard to find, but not THAT hard. These are NOT worth $100+ per figure (unless you're either dense or desperate!) My boxed set cost me a LOOOW fraction of what he's asking for his loose set.
  22. I haven't been getting out much, so I missed when the new "Vintage" cards first hit the pegs. Didn't see a Luke or Leia but I picked up Dengar and Dack yesterday. The Dengar I got didn't come with his backpack , but the bubble tray is molded for one . There were 2 Dengars there and I only looked close enough at the cards to judge the paintjob on the figures, and took the one I liked best, but I didn't notice or remember if the other one did indeed have a backpack or not. Did I choose a lemon, or were they all shipped this way, sans backpack?
  23. If this "Steel Brigade" rifle is worth this, then I've got about $200 worth of them. http://cgi.ebay.com/STEEL-BRIGADE-RIFLE-GI-JOE-ARAH-1987-weapon-Mail-In-/140408064077?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20b0f9084d Is he for real? I really wonder about folks sometimes...
  24. Man, that would be tough! Just off the top of my head, my 3 might be: Joe: My custom SE V1 Cobra : AF Red Laser Vehicle : tough, either my V2 AF Panther, Laser Exterminator, or my red SNAKE Armor. (I love my Action Force stuff!) Only IF I had to make that decision!
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