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  1. Thanks for all the responses, guys.


    Hey, Doc, I've been looking for that book to no avail. Any chance you could PM me the cliffnotes, or post them here? (with the appropriate spoiler warnings for those not wanting to know)

  2. Funny enough, it was Scotty's "it's....it's green" episode. The part I actually remembered was when the villians transformed 2 redshirts into those little cubes, and he crushed the one that was the girl. I was like 4 or 5 and remember being sad that the lady died! (Hey, I was a toddler, I didn't know any better.)

  3. but Janeway did quite a bit for her crew AND the Federation with basically no support FROM the Federation, being as they were pretty much isolated in the Delta Quadrant

    Doesnt change the fact that ENTIRE RACES died because of her, not to mention the endangerment of the entire galaxy



    Or the botched Omega Directive. Remember that? Alien sicentists were trying to create particles that if mismanaged could eradicate the lives of the ENTIRE galaxy, at the very least. The Omega Directive demands that knowledge of Omega and how to create it must be destroyed along with the particles themselves, but Janeway half-assed the assignment and left the facilities intact enough so research could re-commence.


    She gave the Hirogen holodeck technology which spawned holographic creatures that killed MANY innocents.


    She offered a hostile paranoid race called the Kesat info about all the other spacefaring races around them


    Janeway ordered a brainwashing satellite that made people hallucinate a massacre to remain intact. This will no doubt cripple crews of other starships that venture by.


    She unleashed one of the deadliest races ever known in Delta Quardant history, the Vaadwaur from cryrogenic sleep without making even the TINIEST efforts to research first. Common sense would dictate that if you find something in cold sleep, odds are that there may be a REASON behind it. Who knows what will happen by the time Federation Starships make it back out there.


    SHe tried to willingly murder the First Officer of the Equinox in cold blood for endangering and exploiting innocent life forms. What she should have done was throw him in the brig to stand trial. Who died and made HER judge, jury and executioner, especially after what SHE'S done?


    Not having contact with Starfleet JUSTIFIES all this? (And much more) How pray tell? The reason her poor crew got stranded out there in the first place is because Janeway willingly and knowingly DEFIED Starfleet orders. Her isolation doesnt excuse the damage inflicted by her actions. She did two things for the Federation: Jack and S#it. And Jack beamed out. Any possible good has been pretty much overshadowed by her incompetence. Anyone who can think rationally ought to be able to see this.


    Sure her crew survived, but how many people were on the ship? a few hundred? And by that token, how many people got assimilated by the Borg without 8472 there to hold them back? Probably BILLIONS. Id say the needs of the comparitive few should not outweigh the needs of the many.


    Maybe. Again, Janeway did things in Starfleet's best interest (back to that whole "not everyone deserves their promotion") like defeating the Borg, whereas Picard became a Borg and destroyed almost 40 Federation ships and something like 11,000 Starfleet members, and yet he still commands Starfleet's flagship? I don't know, I just take it all with a grain of salt.


    Admittedly, Doc, I never actually saw the entire series. The first 2 seasons, and the last 2 episodes, with maybe some intermitten episodes inbetween, so I know I'm not working with all the facts, so I'll reserve further judgement until I've seen some more shows. :)

  4. As a Navy guy, here's my opinions:


    For Janeway, I'll defer to Admiral Arex and Doc Evil's responses. Both of these are completely plausible. Not everyone is promoted because they deserve it, but Janeway did quite a bit for her crew AND the Federation with basically no support FROM the Federation, being as they were pretty much isolated in the Delta Quadrant (And, Hordak Alpha, remember: nobody but Picard remembers the "Anti-time" incident)



    Where rank structure is concerned, Commodore used to refer to RADM lower half, but no longer. Commodore is nowadays mostly reserved to address the most senior Captains.

  5. There's actually only 2 things I'm really jonesing for:


    Galoob ST:TNG Romulan prototype figure, loose or carded (loose prefered)



    And if anyone can tell me who it is in Italy that actually has possesion of the Black Hole "Palomino" ship prototype, and whether or not they would negotiate to sell it. If anyone knows.



    Try not to fall out of your chairs too hard while laughing your asses off at me! ;)

  6. I have a few of them (I also have just the Thundercats themselves, as well as Grune, since he used to be one) I collect the minis too, but I don't know if I'm done. Does anyone know if they actually made the Snowman/Snow-Meow minis set? I have never seen it anywhere other than the back of the minis packaging. I know they released the Snowman on a card by himself, but does anyone know if they really made the Snow-Meow mini?


  7. How about a Trek series set in a far future time where a mysterious enemy race more powerful than even the Borg   sets it's sights to destroy the United Federation of Planets.      World by world, starbase by starbase the dark enemy strikes until it is all brought to Earth.       Earth becomes one of the casualties by being blown to smithereens.           The Federation is completely shattered.           The show could focus on one lone remaining Federation starship and it's crew as they search for the few remaining remenants of the Federation in hope to band together and  find a way to defeat this dark enemy race before they make conquest of the galaxy and the entire universe.




             I just like the idea of a Starfleet vessel and it's crew out by themselves not knowing if the Federation truly still exists or not and they would only have themselves to depend on.              By this future time Starfleet could have established star fighter squadrons  much more efficent than shuttle craft in battle .            For some reason I have always wanted to see star fighter battles in a Trek show.     Those battles are way better than seeing slow moving shuttles  take on enemy ships.    I guess I've seen too much Star Wars and classic Battle Star Galactica.

    Hey Hordak! That is a great idea!


    It can be an enemy that no other species knew or ever heard about!


    Cool Show that would make! :)

    Not to crap in anyone's cornflakes, but isn't that pretty much the premise of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda? 1 lone ship trying to rebuild the great alliance or something?

  8. LOL @loll@


    I was going to say the same thing to BTB! But I spelled mine Cugaro.


    He was brown and tan, and had an eyepatch(NOT inspired by Pum-Ra, but actor Stephen Nichols). My power was stealth (more predator than Tygra) and my weapom was called a Thunderclaw, which was basically a ninja kama that magically folded (compacting the same way Tygra and Cheetara's weapons did)



    I'm willing to bet I still have the sketch I drew way back then. I'll post a scan if I ever find it.


    Does anyone else have pics or drawings of theirs?

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