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  1. Without going into too much detail, I'm having to make some life changes that require me to sell my collection. I'm part of a group of other 'toy enthusiasts' that sell their stuff at the one of the local flea markets. James is the guy I used to work with before I had all the home drama that requires me to 'grow up' for the time being (I kept a few gems to keep myself sane, but I pretty much gave/sold the rest to him). He knows about my troubles and offered to buy my stuff. We have another friend named Rich that just got kicked out of the store-space he was renting that effectively put him out of business, so he offered his stuff to James first. James was considering buying us both out, but decided to only get my stuff. I asked for $7000, and he said that Rich was only asking for $6,000 (Rich's store was a comic shop; he had more comics than anything, but I have/had a buttload more toys than he does, vintage and otherwise). I came down to Rich's price thinking I would get paid soon, since James is aware of my situation and knows I need the money just for the next 2 or 3 months. After we get it all loaded away into his custody (which required filling up his truck twice), he gives me a down payment of only $100, saying he'll get more money tome when he can. I joked with him, saying I hope it's not going to be just a hundred bucks a week, to which he then says, "it might be." I was stymied to say the least. He knows I'm not trying to linger here any longer than I have to, and not only does he squirrel me down in price, but it seems he now wants to make me wait more than a year to be paid off, when he has the means to pay up if not in one lump sum, then at least 2 or 3 at the least. In retrospect, I'm livid that he did things this way. I already plan to talk to him about this, and possibly cancel the deal, with the distinct possibility of ending the friendship as well if he isn't receptive to my concerns. I'm not someone whose quick to anger, so when something like this happens, I'm stunned because I don't expect it to happen when dealing with friends. Does anyone think I let him take advantage of my situation, or did I do it to myself by not speaking up earlier?
  2. Anyone know what's up with this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/White-Black-Star-Wars-Trooper-action-FIGURE-/111003533413?pt=US_Action_Figures&hash=item19d8538065 ?
  3. Picked up 2 more Republic Troopers over the holidays, as well as the same 8-pack jedicrippler picked up along with the Vader/Chewie/Clones/BD's one. On my own, also found a loose/complete "Lucky Lekku" Republic Gunship (Awesome find) for $40(!!!), as well as a boxed ROTS version for $100 to boot.
  4. Finally got a Kithaba, too!
  5. JMC, I am so jealous of your 6 republic troopers. I`d like to eventually get a squad of them myself. Bagged a third one from a friend this weekend along with a Phase 1 Darktrooper (Finally got the left leg to that BG-J38 BAD and now he's complete!)
  6. Got Shae Vizla, vintage Ahsoka, Weequay, Lumat, and Republic Troopers off Amazon, thanks to some early holiday gift credit. Awesome figures all! (but I can't bring myself to open all of them just yet! )
  7. UPDATE!: Malgus has arrived! This figure and the card look awesome!
  8. Found Wedge and the MonCal pilot at a Tuesday Morning of all places. Cards were crap but they were going to be opened anyway. Also worked a trade to where next week, I should have a Malgus in hand!
  9. Got ahold of the Nikto at last, as well as a Tarkin, which I still can`t bring myself to open. Also got the CW #44 Ahsoka online, because I really wanted this one. Excellent CW style figure. Got the hookup from a friend for TRU`s podracer set, so now I have ALL those little flags now (until they make them for Rats Terrel, Ody Mandrell, and Ben Quadrinaros).
  10. Picked up a MIB Sound Attack Conquest from 2003 and both the Flight Pod and Duke w/ Mirage cycle sets from the `98 TRU series for $52. Very happy with this one.
  11. Hilarious!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yRNXFhboBI
  12. Stopped in at K-Mart the other day and got the exclusive 2-packs. Love having more (different) ewoks! One minor problem; one of the AT-ST pilots had a bad waist (had to fix the ball-joint myself) but still very nice, reusing the mold from the Attack on Hoth set, which I never got, so I'm glad these are available loose from the AT-ST.
  13. Nice pic, yojoe. (I'm jealous that I haven't found that Nikto yet.) Took advantage of the "Buy 1, get 1 1/2 off" deal that TRU has going on right now. Got the Yavin Pilots and Ewoks sets. Also picked up 2 of the Coronet/Spider Assassin Droid set just because I like this one. Also stopped by Target and grabbed the Snaggletooth 3 pack. Like the detail of the sculpt, but hating the gimpy shoulder thing. But, he'll be sitting with his head cocked toward the bar, anyway. Another Tusken for the army is nice, but already got duplicates of this Fett that I haven't repainted yet (I'm running out of ideas for Mandos! )
  14. Got the hookup from a couple of my buds. One picked me up a Dr Evazan. Another guy got me both Starkiller and the Gammorean I missed when it came out, both at cost. Also got Aayla Secura and Blu-Ray Jedi Luke from someone else as part of a trade. Also came across the Walmart Evolution Gunship pilot (white w/ green/red trim) on my own for $5
  15. I got an old Saga/AOTC gunship from a friend who was liquidating his stuff, but it doesn't have any missiles that go with it. I could care less about the others, but the noseguns are kinda necessary for the right 'look' to it. I've been looking at some of the 90's era G.I. Joe missiles for ones that would look right, but nothing really does. Has anyone else had a need to cobble together something to make their gunship look presentable? If so, what did YOU use?
  16. I have a piece that looks like the bomb that goes to the Y-Wing, but it is missing the "wings" where the drop-claw grasps it, and instead has a round circle "slot" (possibly for a peg) inbetween the rear fins. I'm guessing this might have been remolded for use with another toy. Does anyone know what the deal is with this piece?
  17. Did anyone notice that this guy was the same actor that played the C.O. of the MACOS on "Enterprise"? Just curious.
  18. I like the look of these (the little Soundwave set is just icing {or gravy, whatever}) I'll be looking for these.
  19. Wow, $15 for a Slaughter baton? That's sucks. I mean, I know it's probably worth that, but I've gotten more frugal (read 'tight-assed'/'cheap', or however you want to put it) since the whole economic downturn. I know what you mean about Snow-Serps. I've cobbled together about 8 or 9 of them, but only 1 is complete. Snowshoes are the HTF bits with those, as well as unbroken parachutes. (I'll keep you guys in mind, though ) Man, I'm in need of the Python Patrol Dragonuv riffle if you don't need it Sorry, Bro. Dragonuvs are something I can never find enough of. Still have 23 Blueshirts and 3 PP Officers that need them. Snow-Serps I'm gonna quit when I can complete 10 (not as easy as it sounds. I have trouble find any that are worth a damn, condition-wise {loose, yellowed, broken thumbs/crotches, etc.}) Might just surrender my one good one and donate it to Aire's display! (J/K. Honestly, none of us will ever catch up to this dear lady! {unless Trump ever decides he wants to collect G.I. Joes...})
  20. Grabbed the Royal Astromechs (battle pack and single-carded) at Walmart. Saw the Pod Racer packs and passed. Not buying figures I already have just for little flags (Might grab those cheaper on the secondary-market eventually) Lucked out at the flea market again: Got a carded Black stormtrooper (with black coin, too!) and a carded Eps. I "Battle Padme" for $4 each. Not too shabby, I'm really stoked about the Padme, though. The same lady also had loose General Weir, Darth Talon, and the Bogie Squad duo from the Comic Packs mixed in her loose/bagged bin for $3ea or $5 for 2, and all of these were complete! 6 great figures for less than $20. Days like this give me hope!
  21. Wow, $15 for a Slaughter baton? That's sucks. I mean, I know it's probably worth that, but I've gotten more frugal (read 'tight-assed'/'cheap', or however you want to put it) since the whole economic downturn. I know what you mean about Snow-Serps. I've cobbled together about 8 or 9 of them, but only 1 is complete. Snowshoes are the HTF bits with those, as well as unbroken parachutes. (I'll keep you guys in mind, though )
  22. My buddy James knows a guy who owns a comic shop. He let me look through his loose vintage Joe stuff and this is what I found: 3 CG rifles 2 EELS V1 spearguns Hydro-Viper speargun Shipwreck pistol and hook thing 2 Zartan V1 pistols Storm Shadow V1 shortsword and UNBROKEN bow! Snake-Eyes V2 sword! Heavy Metal pistol, completely unbroken (strap is perfect!) Sky Patrol Airwave rifle, completely unbroken Cobra Dragonuv rifle Python Officer/Dragonuv rifle Python Soldier rifle Serpentor dagger Ice-Viper dagger Sgt Slaughter baton Silver Interrogator rifle (Street Fighter) Quick-Kick nunchucks and 2 swords Grey Ripcord rifle from Tactical Battle Platform Cobra Rifle Range blue Grunt and Airborne rifles Mutt V1 MAC-11 Outback rifle, unbroken strap/perfect! Snake-Eyes V3 blowgun Frostbite rifle Fridge football stick/mace/club thing Silver Sgt Savage .30 cal Browning (perfect Kwinn weapon) Cutter V3 rifle (black Barricade gun) Also found a vintage SW Han Solo gun, a vintage Indiana Jones Cairo Swordsman scimitar, and 4 swords from Dragonriders of the Styx (2 scimitars, 2 Kris blades) All this cost me a grand total of: 12 bucks. I was stoked to say the least. (Some of us still like vintage stuff! )
  23. I got lucky as hell a couple of weeks ago at the Sanford Flea-World. A guy there had loose ARAH mold Joes for $2 a piece, and found a couple of real gems: a mint Aero-Viper WITH the helmet, and a frikking near-mint NIGHT FORCE SHOCKWAVE! No accs for the Shockwave except the machine gun, but I could care less! Stoked to finally have one after 15 years!
  24. Stoked to have finally ran across a couple of vintage Fleet Troopers and a Ponda Baba. Found Bastila Shan and CW Even Piell, too. Figures they'd be at the Wally-World I don't normally frequent. No sign of Fordo, Evazan, or Echo trooper, though. Still looking.
  25. Found dupes of the vintage Endor soldier and Senate Guard at K-mart again (and an exclusive Iron Man 2 set I didn't know existed) At Walmart I found a Nikto Jedi. Not too shabby. Thnaks again, Georgia!
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