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  1. I brought this up before. Yeah, they wouldn't tell me anything either, just told me what books to read when all I wanted was the cliffnotes!
  2. I collect mainly 4-inch figures from the 80's, including the D&D figures. I don't game/RPG, but I've read a few of the books withh Drizzt so I'm a little familiar with some of the different beasts and races, which brings me to my question. I just got one of the MettaFlame figures and I'm a little confused. The D&D figures are all in scale to each other, and I thought MettaFlame was something like a Duergar/dark dwarf, But he is one of the tallest figures, the same size as the Titan figure. Is he supposed to be something like a Frost giant, then? Does anyone know what he's supposed to be?
  3. Thanks for the link, dude. It's in my favorites now! I've never EVER been able to find any of the WOW girls figures. Does anyone know a good place to go looking. I've never seen them even on Ebay!
  4. That would be a major injustice if they didn't include Gunn's signature weapon. 5 a piece of Angel and Fred? Are there going to be that many variants, or do you just mass collect? (open/carded/ & grab a couple for friends and trading) Just curious.
  5. When/where is it this time?
  6. Already am, Bro, but at $25 shipped, unfortunately. Still woulda been nice to see it while I was home, though.
  7. This blows! I never saw even ONE of the Kitik Keed'Kak set the whole time I was home during the holidays (I'm stationed in Japan). I grabbed a couple of the blue Zutton set on clearance there at $16 then, but no "big bug" set. (Not knocking your luck, Draven, just dissappointed for myself is all )
  8. Oh yeah, but are they compatible? Or would it be like using SW figures with Joes. i think have LESSS articulation than sw lol. but for the zombies it wouldn't matter as much. Actually, dude, some of the deadites have articulation close to Marvel Legend level (but only a couple), but the joints are so seamless you have to actually try bending them where joints normally are to see them. I raved about these last week in the "T.I.G." column after receiving/opening my set.
  9. Favorites: ---------------- Defiant Klingon B.O.P. Klingon K'T'Inga/D-7 Romulan Warbird (TNG) Enterprise-C "All Good Things" Enterprise-D Klingon Vor'Cha Klingon Negh'Var (like the DS9 version over the "All Good Things" one) Prometheus Kinda like: ----------------- Reman Scimitar (I know I'm in the minority here) Akira Equinox Steamrunner Ferengi Ship, for completely selfish reasons (it resembles a spaceship I drew when I was a kid, except that it was purple. I called it a Cyglot ship! LOL ) Least favorites: ----------------- Sabre class Cardassian Galor (but kinda like the Keldon, go fig) Excelsior (don't know why, it just looks like a big tub to me) Breen Enterprise NX-01 (never really disliked it, but if you look at it, it's just a rehash of the Akira, design-wise)
  10. OMFG!!! LOL @lol@ This is too funny! I actually started working on a couple of these guys around a year and a half ago (and Yes I had Mercer 2 and Salvo heads salvaged for use) I also used a EcoWarriors Deep Six as the base for Dr. Bright. For the other 2, I was mulling over using some Star Brigade bodies. That decision unfortunately led to my scrapping the idea altogether (plus being a little burned out on all the other Marvel customs I'd just done beforehand {about 18 of them within a month!} ), but it's just funny to me that someone else had the same ideas for the Earth Corps crew!
  11. I always thought the Cobra "S.E.A.-Legs" from #8 would be cool (that was also my first Joe comic )
  12. Does anyone know him or know if he posts here? I want to give him a chance to make things right. Just got screwed on some Joe auctions from him and I'm gonna need some strong convincing to not leave this guy the worst feedback I've ever left anyone! @grumpy@
  13. I guess I'd be in the minority here. I don't collect these, but after seeing the pics for this wave, I'm going to want that Kor figure! That one looks awesome to me! @peace@
  14. Are these really going for these prices now!?!: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...5952856503&rd=1 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...5952856988&rd=1 Man, I wish I would've bought a few more and sat on them for a while. I remember my KB's being overflowed with these!
  15. Mr Nobody

    Wave 7 On Ebay

    The new ones here are some of the best VvV figs I've yet seen. Can't wait to get these.
  16. I just received my set today and opened them right on the spot. Holy Hell, these things are amazingly articulated!, and I'm talking the skeleton figures. I was worried that these would on the flimsy/brittle side, but these things are great! Just my opinion, but these are well worth the buy! Get them!
  17. Marvel Legends Thundercats (pretty much complete now) Silverhawks (still got a few to track down) SciFi Micro-Machines (and similar-sized pieces: Konami, Romando) GI Joe Star Wars Chap Mei (depends) and assorted other vintage 3-3/4 stuff that catches my attention: Micronauts, AD&D, SuperPowers, Steel Monsters, etc.
  18. Cool! Thanks for that info, Dude! Any chances you know where some pics are? I'd love to see what these figures look like!
  19. Yeah, you're probably right, but this one still looks a little smaller compared to those big figures, and mine's silver to boot. Just holding out hope. Thanks for all the info, Man
  20. Hmm, I don't think this piece is the right size for the 6 inch scale. Here's the pic(it's the one right above the Jawa gun): Compared to the Jawa gun, you can tell this thing is a little on the dinky side. The other pieces pictured were included too, I was just hoping someone could I.D. these as well. Can anyone help?
  21. I recieved an old "StarWorld" figure case and some figures today I won off of Ebay, and included in the accessories was a little gun that looks a lot like the gun Martin Landau shoots in the opening credits of the old show. Does anyone know if they actually made figures in the 3-3/4 inch scale? I will try to post some pics when I get home. Any info is appreciated as always.
  22. Just the original name for DS9, Brad. I'm hoping that they (Futura) make a Negh'Var. If they keep the scale about the same, it would awesome at my electronic DS9 (or Terok Nor, whatever you prefer )
  23. This would make it somewhat palatable for me. I didn't see on EE's site where you could order a case. Am I looking in the wrong places?
  24. .........And Eeth Koth shoulda been a sit-down figure!! @soap@ @bH@ ...... O.K, time to edit myself. After rummaging through the photo archives at Rebelscum, turns out Eeth Koth IS a sit-down figure (in a set that I didn't see, else I'd have bought it). Unfortunately I have the same issue with the figure that I have with Adi/Stassie! @grumpy@ Agen Kolar is way darker complected than Eeth Koth, and they couldn't be bothered to tweak the paint here either, just as with the other two Agen didn't have a brown cloak, either! @cussing@
  25. Same here. I was SOOO dissappointed in the choices Hasbro made: They should've used the POTJ Saesee Tiin upper body instead of that craptastic Saga one, the same goes for Plo Koon (though it's not as bad). Not to mention they didn't even bother to change the paint scheme between Adi Gallia and 'Stassie Ali'. Lame, Hasbro. @l@ And Eeth Koth shoulda been a sit-down figure!! @soap@ @bH@ I'll probably wait until these go on clearance as well.
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