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  1. I don't know, I'm leaning toward 'convinced', myself. They may have had the same person/people who did the Charbroil/Knockdown heads back in the day (also VERY similar to each other). And as far as Serpy's dome being smaller, remember: they're making molds of old parts nowadays, so the finished pieces come out of the molds a bit smaller than the originals (take a look at the comic pack '83 swivelarm pieces if you don't believe me). I think it's possible.
  2. I finally thought of one I would like but know they'd probably never make: A Movie Maniacs-styled Ghost Dogg. Either a 'rooftop kata' styled one, or a hooded, two-gun one. Those would be awesome! @peace@
  3. Here's a pic of the Ralph figure (beside my Wesley Crusher proto): I've been looking for the buggy and Bill figure for years!
  4. Nobody else has any ideas? I'd still like to 'CSI' this one, just for myself
  5. MAN, I'm gonna have to dig out all of mine and count! Off the top of my head: SS V1 Red Satan SE V1 SE V2 SE V3 SE 97 SE 98 SE 00 SE BJ's SE 03 (the one with ankle and wrist joints) 2 Anaconda Black Dragons 4 Black Dragons 7 Red Ninjas 5 Subzero 2 Subzero ME 7 Scorpion 3 Scorpion ME 4 Smoke 4 Reptile 1 green VvV Night Creeper 3 blue Spy Troops Night Creepers 5 from Ninja Battles set 57 so far (holy crap! I didn't think I had that many! ) Would Zartan and Firefly count? What about duplicates? I have a few non Army-builder dupes as well.
  6. Mr Nobody

    Sorta Ot

    Bumping this in the hope that someone out there can still help. No-ONE has any info on this?
  7. I think that's what most of us chalked it up to, since us fans seem to like going for the 'Marvel No-Prize' to explain away such incongruities.
  8. Why do some people who work in communications technology go camping or even have a cabin retreat, or like some of my Japanese friends, who live and work in the Tokyo area, but whose parents and grandparents still live in some of the villages in the mountains? Geonosian thought: "Man, I built a lotta battle droids today! I think I'm gonna kick back at the mountain retreat and have a nice spa-style mudbath in my mudcabin."
  9. And Ravage, I'm JUST like you! LOL I think I need a 12-step!
  10. I think Cyber Bishop and Gambit's Ace have answered this pretty well. At least I share their opinions on this.
  11. Actually they used that tactic quite a bit. Check out "The Sacrifice of Angels" episode, where the Klingons entered the battle late. They repeated some of the same footage in a later episode where they destroyed the original Defiant. I do doubt that Kor survived that day, but it would've been cool to actually see what it takes to be a Da'Har Master. 8speed: Why do you say they were trying to capture them? I don't remember that part ever being mentioned. They were in pursuit of Martok's squad most likely to destroy them. Since when do the Jem Hadar dig on taking prisoners? Do you think maybe there were Founders onboard those ships (an order from them being the only reason I can think the Jem Hadar would take hostages) Come to think of it, maybe there were Vorta on those ships as well, and with them giving commands, maybe it's not so hard to understand how Kor could hold them off for so long. Wow, the more we discuss, the more I think I might be getting it!
  12. I'm sure most remember the last episode Kor appeared in, "Once more Unto the Breach", where he commandeered the Klingpn B.O.P. 'Ning' Tao' from Worf and took on 10 Jem'Hadar warships for at least long enough for Martok's fleet to escape. And I'm sure you all remember how, usually, Jem'Hadar warships would simply crash into other vessels Kamikaze-style to destroy them. Given that tactic, and also that only Kor's ship had warp capability for the first few minutes(so he may have been pullng his own variation of the 'Picard Manuever'), how do you think he pulled it off? Opinions?
  13. Mr Nobody

    Sorta Ot

    I've been checking their site every so often to see if they've added it to their inventory, but to no avail. Jeez! at this point, I'd settle for finding a damned iron-on symbol!
  14. Doesn't look BD'ed to me. I think it's just glare on the blister. Me, I'm still wanting that Kor figure!
  15. Mr Nobody

    Sorta Ot

    First of all, Don't laugh! Ever since I saw a guy wear one on TV (don't remember who he was other than an actor and a big comics fan), I've looking for this T-shirt: The 'Electro-Superman/SuperMan-Blue' logo t-shirt. I know, not a great time/era in Superman comics according to most, but I loved that shirt, and in the past 4+ years (on and off) I haven't found ANYONE who sells it! Can anyone here point me in the right direction?
  16. Thanks for the responses, guys. Does the Total Justice figure have those 2 plugs that go into the back? I have a loose Martian Manhunter, and his cape doesn't have those. Also, his cape is a little stiffer, whereas this red cape is really rubbery. Anyone have a loose one(Supes, that is)?
  17. I already know the Joe and Chap Mei stuff. I'm mainly interested in the red cape and katana (katana's just about dead center in both pics). My camera's not working at the moment, so these pics are from the auction I won for them, so sorry in advance since they're kinda small pics.: The cape has 2 'pegs' (plugs, really) that goes into the figure's back, and is probably in the 6-to-8 inch scale (guesstimating here). The katana looks to be in the 12 inch scale (seems to be a perfect fit for my Oscar Goldman.) Can anybody identify these?
  18. Yeah, that one rocks, too. I remember that one actually merited a Ric Flair "WHOOO" out of me at the theatre! LOL
  19. HEY! @eyerise@ I have the Ralph figure, and I like it! And I wish I had the whole set, too!
  20. @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ Thanks!! @loll@ That was the best laugh I've had all month
  21. There were 2 I liked for Jon Stewart on Justice League: 1. When the lead Manhunter absorbed the Great Battery on OA, and Jon spoke the Green Lantern's vow to reabsorb the power and defeat him. That was great. 2. When Despero "broke" Jon's ability to use his power ring. It took Despero trying to convert Hawkgirl to snap Jon out of it. It was great when he finally summons the ring, busts out, and yells "YEEAH!". Right at that moment, you knew it was ON! @peace@ Another great one (if movies count) was when Optimus Prime tore through the entire Decepticon invasion force like they weren't even there when "You Got The Touch" starting playing. Tell me that one didn't friggin' RAWK!! @peace@ And just to add to that (Man, this list is starting to get long! ), the scene where Hot Rod is taking on the giant robo-squid to save Kup and made it turn back. That also OWNED! @peace@ (Spectre General playing in the background didn't hurt it either )
  22. The He-Man sword is included as a size reference: Does anyone know what these go to?
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