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  1. I'd actually just started working on this since starting the 'packaging' thread, and now she's done.: Made obviously from the 2 Jedi Council figures. I think I might trim the undertunic some so it looks less like a skirt.
  2. LOL @loll@ The picture on the package I got looks more like the 'middle sister' than either of the two pics there(I guess it's the glare in the print on mine), Here's what I mean: http://www.rebelscum.com/photo.asp?image=R...alliecardfr.jpg You gotta admit, the pic here does look like the 'Jan' of the bunch, but you can see where I got confused.
  3. Hmm, I thought the chick that played Stass had a darker complexion and smaller eyes. I'm still thinking it's Adi Gallia.
  4. Is it just me, or is that actually Adi Gallia's picture on the front?
  5. Weeeell, I could substitute or do customs myself (Curt and a few others have seen some of my work at Yojoe, and actually, the owner of the carded 'Hoshi' on yojoe hosts some of my customs on his site, too), but I would kinda like originals when I try to complete loose figs. Thanks for the suggestions, though, Man.
  6. Man, Hindsight's a mother, isn't it? LOL
  7. Same one referenced above (this one actually belongs to a guy I know on Yojoe): http://www.yojoe.com/archive/actfig/sf/hoshicarded.jpg
  8. Just do what I did, replace the arm! I used a Quick-Kick bicep with a Guile forearm to match the right arm as much as possible. I had to fatten up the shoulder swivel peg so the arm wouldn't dangle loose and could be poseable. Still need to find some claws, though. P.S.: Hey, Tarman13, still waiting for those links.
  9. not very much dude, most of these hasbro Street fighter have popping up all over ebay for about a couble of bucks, @hmmm@ Yeah but I'm talking about the MOVIE EDITION Chung Li maybe it's me but I've had trouble finding her loose before nevermind MOC. I problaby should check Ebay lately on these guys and see how they are flowing. I'm talking about the MOVIE editions I just saw a set go for around $15.00 and that includes Chun li, the 3 guiles, Ken, Dhalsim, Honda, Bison and Sagat and they were MOC You got a link to that auction? I would've liked to have gotten them for that price. Without seeing the link, I still believe you're refering to the regular ones. My carded M.E. Chun Li set me back about $70 shipped. At least I lucked out on my M.E. Vega. Got him loose for about $10 and just got his mask a few months ago for about a buck.
  10. I posed a possible answer to this on Rebelscum way back after AOTC opened, before we knew what we now know from Yoda's 'dialogue' with Qui-Gon's spirit in ROTS. I think when Anakin 'passed', with his return to the good side, he was headed to the 'good place', vice whatever the equivalent of 'Sith hell' might be, and Qui-Gon & Company are there to guide him through the 'tunnel of light', or whatever. Here's a link to the page where I offered up my 2 cents (I post there as Sithblade.): http://threads.rebelscum.com/showflat.php?...o=&fpart=3&vc=1 Again, just my take on things.
  11. Same here, I also try to reuse packaging and packing materials, too, but this was blatantly negligent! I also use plastic grocery bags, but they are usually a 'layering' between the zipbagged figures and the packing material (styro-peanuts, bubblewrap, and yes, also newspaper at times, but I'm not so lazy I can't put ENOUGH in to properly pad items). I can't even leaving feedback on these because I don't want the retalitory negs! And YES, Adamantium, it IS that big of a problem! If you'd shelled out a lot of money for an item you really wanted and the seller pulled this kind of stunt on you, you'd be crying foul as well. For the stuff I usually buy, amateurs don't deal in these, ONLY people who know what they're selling, and they should act accordingly if they want to stay in business, IMO!
  12. Sorry, folks, but I really need to get this out of my system *rant alert!* @soap@ I just bought a vintage MISB 'Magnum P.I.' figure & car set for a pretty substantial 3-digit price, and paid a decent 2-figure amount for shipping/handling. I received it in a extremely weak (read OLD & WORN) cardboard box, with 5 balled-up newpaper pages for 'padding' WITH A 1/3 OF THE ROOM TO SPARE IN THE BOX! Seriously, I'd've had a harder time ripping a paper grocery bag open than I would this box! Just because you don't own the item any longer is NO EXCUSE to pack it like $#!t! to the next guy! @grumpy@ Another one was for about a dozen figures of similar sizes that should've been sent in a package the size of a shoebox. I received these in a box about 1 & 1/2 times the size of a 'Big Mac' container (NO padding at all!), all in the same baggie wrapped/taped solid as though it were a brick of heroin! #WTF# was this guy thinking?! There have been others of late, but these are the 2 that really stick in my craw. I myself have NEVER boxed ANY item this sloppily when selling or trading, and I would think people would ship items the way THEY would want things shipped to them, but I guess that's too much to expect. Honestly, the thing some people do to pocket a few dollars! Is it really worth the karma? @rolleye@ Rant complete. Thanks for your attention.
  13. I can just remember faces and voices. My head just works like that! I don't politics or history much, but I know more about cartoons and toys than I probably should! LOL
  14. I agree with you here (The same actress did the voice for Lady Jaye, probably the sexiest cartoon female voice ever) I also really liked Rava, with her dark hair and cat-like eyes (Go figure, I'm engaged to a Japanese girl! ) Rava had a armband/gauntlet with 3 jewels. One would shoot fire, another would form ice (I think), and the last jewel would summon Ravensclaw, the big winged bear-looking demon thing that was good. Rava ended up giving the armband to Golita. I don't think the armband had a name. (I'm half-tempted to think this is what Marc Silvestri based the Witchblade on, but maybe I'm grasping here ) The bad guy's name was Tormac (voiced by Brock Peters, 'Grampa Sisko' on DS9. He has an awesome villian's voice, and I think that MADE the character) The afore-mentioned Rava was either his daughter or niece, I forget which. Golita's little brother was named Zorn, and his boomeramg was called the Skyscreamer. And the 2 little scheming dwarves were Rak and Tuk. I loved this show and have been trying to find episodes for years. It would be nice if they were released on DVD.
  15. Hey, MLfan, Seems like you got the hookup on the red ones (so I guess it does seem to be a regional thing). If you're interested, I can go 1-for-1 on a red and blue trade if you need the blue and can get me a red one. PLMK.
  16. From what I've gathered the hardest to find figures seem to be the AT-TE gunner, the SA Clonetrooper (I'm not even counting the Target one as that one is just scalper fodder), and the Senate Guards, but the only one I personally haven't seen on the pegs is the red Senate/Royal guard. Am I right in guessing he's the hardest, or is it just a regional thing?
  17. I'm with you here. I like the look of the 'Republic Commandos', if anyone's familiar with the game ads and the comic where they appeared. E2 clones with E3 mouthpieces and colors. Pretty sweet, IMO. As far as my vote: Choice #1, but choice #2 is starting to warm up to me.
  18. We would have the most smartassed Dark Lord of the Sith ever @loll@
  19. Anybody like a particular toyline that is no longer made but you still think is cool? I don’t necessarily mean a vintage line, but you can include those, too. One I kinda like is the ID4 stuff. I still have an alien (the purple/’sparkly’ one) and the alien fighter, which is pretty kick-ass, IMO. Probably the better stuff to come from Trendmasters (most of their stuff tended to suck pretty hard) Also like the big 'Lost In Space' movie version robot, too. Anyone else have a semi-favorite 'dead' line of toys
  20. But back to topic, I don't know why everyone goes 'not that crew/not that era' for future movies or series. People were saying the same thing when EACH of the new shows premiered, including TNG. Personally, I would LIKE to see something set somewhere between 'TOS' and 'Generations'. I'd like to see the Picard/Sisko/Janeway equivalents/counterparts of this period. But again, that's just me, I guess.
  21. More sources have pegged the Titan as being a modified 'MKII' version of the Sovereign class (Ent-E). At least one other hinted at it being a Prometheus class. Here's a fan page model showing it as an 'Excelsior-B'-styled Sovereign MKII: http://www.starshipmodeler.org/gallery8/mp_titan.htm Not too shabby looking, IMO.
  22. Hmm, NO-ONE else is curious or has ideas?
  23. I'd like to see a 3-pack with Billy, the Soft Master, and Candy Appel. (But to divert from the comic, I'd want the Soft Master in his ninja "gi", vice the formal suit he was wearing in the comic) (BTW, anyone remember the issue number for that one? ) Any votes for a figure of the drunk driver guy?
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