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  1. Does anyone know if there was a 1st version Green Ranger figure or PVC or whatever with the head around the same size as the 3-3/4-to-4 inch scale? I'm looking to custom-make a Green Ranger to go with my McDonalds Movie set. I thought about just repainting an extra Red Ranger head, but the head is different enough that it would bother me, and I'm not a sculptor by any means. Does anyone have a good idea what specific piece I should use for the head? (Wasn't sure if this went in anime, so I figured Toys In General would be appropriate.)
  2. It's not AA, but add this one to my collection (and a little "Whoo-Hoo!" to myself for finally getting this one): http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...Item=6052621718 I now have all the Galoob ST:TNG figures!
  3. RogueDeathAngel, Next to your Black cat and Punisher...They made a Ben Reilly Spider-Man?!?! How did I not find that one? What's the deal, is that a custom?
  4. Nice touch with the cloth hood. Thumbs up! Very nice!
  5. Mr Nobody

    Nth Man

    LOL @loll@ I actually DID make an Nth Man custom a while back It was pretty much an LBC, just a MK Liu Kang head/body/arms on a NF Recondo waist/legs with the hair painted blonde, but I thought it looked pretty good. I was happy enough with it. God, I miss all my stuff.
  6. Check out John Byrne's "Namor" series for the answers to those confusing issues,... but, in a nutshell...(SPOILER ALERT!!!) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bobby Wright/Captain Hero turned out to be the Super-Skrull(?!?) The 'Danny Rand' killed by Captain Hero was actually a 'plant-clone'(I SWEAR! that's pretty much the truth)(actually, he/it was a spy for the Hylthri (sp?)(they were these evil plant beings from K'un L'un), while the real Danny/Iron Fist was still being eaten by a Hylthri incubator-pod-thingie, which he escaped by redirecting his chi and coming alive again) Really, this is how it happened, more or less. Check it out for yourselves.
  7. yeah tell us what happened... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=6030863968 is that the auction? If so, then how can this guy justify that being a 'custom'??? Unless he is just using the term loosely, which I dont think he is because he says he welcomes 'constructive criticism' on his customs. But all it looks like is the sentinel straight from the ML 10 packs. WTF? Firetongue, The auction in that link is the one where I think he resold it on me. Here's my auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...13639%26fvi%3D1 Pics look familiar? I've had too much going on the past few weeks to keep tabs on a thieving schmuck like this guy. That's on his karma, not mine. Still don't like being ripped off, though. I just messaged the bidder on that other auction and asked for his help. Here's to hope. I'll keep you guys posted.
  8. I thought they couldn't do that past 60 days (yes, that much time has just elapsed) Did they change policy?
  9. I 'won' a completed Sentinel and sent payment the next day. He then says to cancel that payment since he switched ISP's. No problem, cancelled that payment and sent one to his new Paypal addy. So two weeks and no show, sent a courtesy email asking for a status. Got a reply after new years citing a 'delay' (no reason given). I later noticed the first cancelled payment to his 'old' ISP still stuck in limbo, so I asked him to unlock that one to get my funds (but that might have been Paypal's fault, but it's possible he actually got twice that amount from me!). Come to find out he's now unregistered at Paypal, and looking through his recent sold items was ANOTHER Sentinel with a BIN of the same payment I sent him (end price on my auction was $31.00 + $9.50 for shipping, and no, he had no figures customized from anything in the Sentinel wave, so I doubt it was a 'spare'). Big surprise, not responding to my emails anymore, either. Needless to say, I'm beyond steamed at this point. My only recourse is if I can get his mailing address, since I can't do anything with a cancelled Paypal account, and get USPS involved. Avoid this guy if you're mulling it over.
  10. AVOID dealing with an Ebayer caled bigbaldandsexy (he's best known for selling ML customs there). I totally got hosed on a ML Sentinel to the tune of $40.50 shipped. If anyone's dealt successfully with the guy and can provide me an address thru PM, PLMK! I'm gonna let USPS deal with this guy!
  11. Thanks to everyone for their interest, but I have been saved from my current dillema. Thanks again. P.S.: ForceHunter, Lemme dig around a bit, I might have that CP Steeler.
  12. but I need to liquidate some of mine. Please take a look here
  13. Here's another one: http://cgi.ebay.com/Visionaries-6-Figures-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  14. Dude, I thought you did awesome SW customs over at 'Scum, but the JLU is out-frigging-standing!!. I want those Lois and Shayera customs. Absolutely AWESOME! @peace@
  15. Not necessarily in this order: VOTC Chewie VOTC Boba Fett VOTC Stormtrooper ROTS Red Leader Obi-Wan ROTS Cdr Gree, who I don't even have yet
  16. I know there was an auction before some time ago concerning a blue Storm Shadow which has since been debunked as fake, but what are your opinions on this one?: http://cgi.ebay.com/GI-JOE-C-O-P-S-Quick-K...1QQcmdZViewItem Do these actually exist in some decent numbers?
  17. I agree with you, Zanzibar. To me this story plot seems like a rehash of "Goldeneye", with the SS/SE backstory a DIRECT rehash of "The Octagon". I agree here, too. I actually 'daydreamed' this one back in the day. "Lady Doomsday" WAS the G.I. Joe movie!
  18. Wow. Vincent Schiavelli just died over the holidays, My repects to all of those whom we've lost this past year.
  19. I definitely do! It's weird, I've had a few incomplete Visionaries figures for the longest time with no interest in collecting the line at all, but the Visionaries "bug" finally bit a few months ago when I downloaded episodes of the cartoon on a whim (inspired by discussion here, actually. Back in the day, the cartoon came on at 6AM on Sunday morning, which I was NEVER awake for, except to catch the end credits once ) After watching them, I dug around on the web and found the Prysmos.com site and looked at everything and then went pretty much ape$h!+ myself trying to get all the figures conplete! Here's the link to the site: http://www.hannagram.com/visionaries/afigures/index.html I would like to see the proposed figures and vehicles be released. Some were pretty kickass looking, particularly that rhino-looking guy!
  20. Been wanting to get a complete one of these since I started collecting Visionaries, which admittedly was only 2 months ago. But this one's a definite keeper. This is an awesome figure to have, IMO. Any else collect Visionaries?
  21. Anyone have pics of the Undead Archer and Pit Battle Ash? I don't think I have those two (I'm assuming the archer has a bow and the Ash has a chainsaw, which none of my figures have) Carnifexoldoneye, would you be willing to sell/trade one of those Winged Deadites? I could use another.
  22. To hopefully slow the f#$% down on collecting!! I have been buying WAAAY too damn much stuff lately. In the past month and a half, I've added Visionaries, Mego Pocket Heroes, Mego Greatest American Hero Ralph and Bill figures(big chuck of change there!), Harmony Gold Robotech fighter and figures, JLU, and the 3-3/4 Spawn Movie sets, among other things, to my collection. Even with all the Christmas gifts for my family/friends AND 3 different TFT donations, I still think I actually bought more stuff for myself. The fiance's getting pissed! I think I need an intervention or something (And, No, I'm not that 'Dr. Phil' guy, but maybe I should be... )
  23. Those Disney ones look kick-ass! I think I'm going to try to at least get my hands on that Aslan! A super-poseable lion would be great to have! I did buy a couple of the 'army' packs, but only for the weapons since they were in scale to my Joes (always looking for 'props' for my 3-3/4 inch world These will probably go to my Serpentor's 'personal museum' collection.. )
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