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  1. I'd love one, but I'd have to actually officially BE a 'Nok first, wouldn't I? I'm back in San Diego now. How would I go about getting 'quoted in'?
  2. I was only speaking to my experience, Tom-1, which is strictly 'shipboard/pierside' watchstanding procedures. I'm sure the other branches do things way different. (and I'm sure the guys are probably just using M-16 as a general term for their service rifles, whatever specific model they may actually have)
  3. I forsee that the Hoth Stormtrooper will be the HTF one in this grouping (if it's articulated the same as the Biker Scout, I'll pick up a few to paint up as Galactic Marines) As far as the rest: Jawa - I'm guess soft goods similar to the Tusken here. It will be interesting to se what articulation they squeeze into something this small (unless they're making that one tall Jawa! ) Bespin Luke and Han - I'm hoping that they'll beef these two up, as the earlier VOTC/VSC versions look a little anemic. Put some poseability into the POTJ Bespin Capture Han, and you got the perfect Bespin version. Again, here's to hope (or a New Hope ) Bossk - This one better be good enough to make me lose my saga version) Leia Endor Gear - This has the potential to be a very good figure, but I fear it will be the pegwarmer for this wave. Regardless of what we get, can't wait to see them.
  4. Have to say, that does look nice. I may have to pick this up when it comes out (hopefully that one in the auction is a proto/preproduction model and we get some articulation in the Zev figure. Here's to hoping ).
  5. No bad looking at all. (Actually similar to something I'm mulling over ) Still not digging the legs from that mold, though. Thanks for the review!
  6. My travel plans have fallen through, so I won't be making it to New Orleans unfortunately. But I will be at the Comicon after a 3 year absence @peace@
  7. Like drveovru said, if the mission calls for all for it, then every member assigned will receive a side arm. and taking OPSEC into consideration, that's all I can say on the Navy's part (I'm not forward-deployed like drveovru, so I can't discuss particulars like that)
  8. What nullifier is this? (?) Anyone got pics?
  9. Actually, the figure doesn't look that bad. I like the color scheme more than I had expected to, but the GH body is too small for that V4 head they put on it, but at least it's the removable hat mold. Hopefully, they didn't glue it down like they did for General Mayhem last year The body's perfect for a Kwinn custom, though.
  10. I know the articulation sucked scrote but I would still like to find one. Which series/wave was this in and what was its 'title' (i.e.: Artic Gear, Spider-sense, anti-goblin, Spider-slayer...whatever) Can anyone tell me?
  11. My list would have: She-Hulk (FF uniform, of course) Malice Ms Marvel V2 Crystal (in her FF uniform version) Lyja (What, FF has a well-rounded great female cast! ) Annihilus, without a doubt! Diablo Dragon Man (NOT the one pictured in Toyfare, though. That thing sucked Fin Fang Foom wang) Cyborg Thing (might be cool) Frightful Four (Wizard, Titania, whoever) Red Ghost's Super-Apes (I know, I'm in the minority here) Actually, I've run out of ideas...
  12. Have to agree with you here, Dude. Something like this would be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, Hasbro and 'no-brain' are kinda synonymous nowadays...
  13. O-M-G! I can't believe they actually added the 'pop-up bad motivator' that I dreamed about! I actually suggested this a long time ago on Rebelscum! Now, where my local neighborhood scalper? (J/K. Never!)
  14. Nobody throw tomatoes my way: 12 '83 Cobra Officers 64 '83 Cobra Troopers 65 Cobra Infantry (a few head-switches) 12 Cobra Infantry squad leaders (a few head-switches) 8 Cobra Infantry (Scarfaces) (a few head-switches) 8 Cobra-La Royal Guards 35 Night Watch red officers *(I use these as MY Skull Troopers for Major Bludd) 1 Night Watch purple Officer (Bludd's 2nd. I call him Ajax) 3 '86 Vipers 1 Python Viper V1 7 Red/Blue Vipers 3 Flight Pod Vipers 10 Venom Cycle Vipers 23 Red Venom Cycle Vipers * 13 Neo Viper Commanders * 2 Rage Alley Vipers 2 Red Alley Vipers 7 Blue/black Alley Vipers 2 yellow Alley Vipers 3 V3 (orange/blue) Alley Vipers 4 '86 BATs 3 '91 BATs 91 Internet black BATs (Thanks, Blaylockzuess) 6 blue 4.0 BATs 4 red 4.0 BATs 2 purple 4.0 BATs 1 rust 4.0 BAT 1 BLACK 4.0 BAT (custom) 1 Star Brigade BAT 1 Rock/Range Viper ('00) 4 Range Vipers 5 DTC Range Vipers 15 Single pack Sand Vipers 1 Heli-Viper 2 Strato-Vipers 2 Aero-Vipers 3 Decimators 3 Vapors 2 Rip-It drivers 2 Secto-Vipers 4 AVACs 2 '85 EELS 3 Ninja Vipers 1 Red Satan 8 Red dragon ninjas (6-pack) 5 Black dragon ninjas(6-pack) 4 red ninjas (comic pack) 2 Blue Night Creepers 9 Navy/Gold Night Creepers 2 Black Dragon IG ninjas 3 "arctic 4-pack" Snow Serpents 1 polar pack Snow Serpent 1 Red/Black Sand Viper 10 '85 CG's 22 6 pack CGs * 18 OCS CGs 15 Convention IG's * 6 Iron Anvils 2 '87 IGs 1 Wild Boar 3 Annihilators 2 Nullifiers 4 Night Vipers 1 Nitro-Viper 1 Track Viper 6 Crimson Shadow Guards 2 Ice-Vipers 1 Star-Viper 1 Sonic Viper 1 Laser-Viper ('00) 1 Sub-Viper 1 blue Undertow 1 V1 Night Creeper 1 Interrogator Lockdown Interrogator CGI CAT CGI Urban FLAK Viper 1 Incinerator 3 Night Vultures 1 Fast-Blast Viper (has a PP HEAT viper head) * = Thanks, Cobrarmy! (Yes, I cleaned him out on a few) I'd like to eventually streamline this down, and just have Troopers, Vipers, BATs, IG's, and ninjas. Dream on. I don't have the self-control
  15. Don't laugh, but because it was kinda oval, at first (way back then) I always thought it was one of those little metal mess-kits, even though I knew even then that they probably wouldn't have been kept/carried it there, but the shape always made me think that for some reason.
  16. Thanks for the comments, folks. xhairs: I posted these before? I posted some SW stuff from that time, but I didn't think I'd put these up. (?) ToiletMonkey: I 'semi'-hollowed out the speartips and whittled tapered points on the poles so they would fit up into them, then dipped the points in glue and stuck them in. I then traced an Exacto blade around the 'hilt' of the speartips to remove any excess glue after it dried. I mainly used AWE Striker antennas for the poles. Some may consider that a waste, but to each his own. (P.S.: Complete parts list is up top ) Sorry that I'm not into the casting thing (Not everybody has Aly's skills), but if I ever learn, you guys could cut them down to your own preffered lengths. (I'm talking to you, AFS and GILTYONE! j/k ) Thanks again, guys.
  17. Hmm,... More than 50 (I think), but definitely less than 100 Mine are also mostly #41's, followed by #6's (?) Rest are: ------------- 2 Shocktroops 8 Utapua's 2 Scorch's 6 Jedi Temple 4 Senate Skirm.
  18. Hey, folks, Here's some pics of my javelins for Lady Jaye from last summer. There was some serious LJ buzz last summer with all those Bombstrike-headed customs and for some reason I didn't feel like 'sharing' at the time. Anywhooo, that bug's outta my butt now, so I hope you like what I did: Parts used: quiver backpack - CORPS Tracker Tom speartips - (L-R) Sound Attack RPG, pictured CORPS weapons(2), Jango Fett firing rocket, pictured CORPS weapon (blk, still needs to be painted), Laser Viper V1, Blaster gun, chopped POTF2 Yakface weapon modded to a semi-point (that last one in this pic is what's left of the Jango rocket, but I thought about adding it to the mix as it almost fit in with the rest) posts - 1st 2 - cords from a TMNT Bebop mace/flail, rest - AWE Striker antennas (chopped/halved) (All lined up w/ quiver on top) (close-up on the speartips w/ the quiver again) (Here, they're lined up beside the weapons used for the different speartips) (This Covert Commando figure was the only Lady Jaye I had handy at the time) I know they're kinda on the long side, but I didn't want to cut them down for some reason (I have issues.. ). I probably will eventually, though, leaving just one javelin 'extended'. Opinions? How'd I do?
  19. Outstanding, dude! I wish they would've caught the guy in the thread I posted a little while ago. Regardless, a big thumbs up, Man! You rock!
  20. Mr Nobody

    Taurus pics

    The heads and arms work (the grenades are pushing it, though), but having 'individuals' like the Renegades in the same outfit doesn't make sense, unless they were to make Red Dog actually red, to show they really are wearing different clothes under the armor stuff. and you're right, C-GDSM 2487, the green doesn't work for the Coil crew. I gotta wonder what they were thinking about here. Overlord should've had a red or rust scheme, and the troopers should've went the dark blue/navy route, IMO. And I could do without that sword they gave Taurus (just a minor complaint; I hate that weapon mold, but it works for Taurus). If I get this one, I'm chopping a piece out of the blade to make it at least LOOK like a scimitar!
  21. Hmm,... I didn't know that's what his name meant (same as Cobra de Hielo, right?) , that it means ice. OT: I bought this figure a few years ago JUST for his silver gear and thought it was weird that he came with 3 short swords and no long sword, and then I bought another because it came with 2 long swords and no short one (?) Weird Just an observation... Carry on. Cool-looking stuff, Aly. Can't wait to see the store, too!
  22. New HEAD molds, I meant, sorry. Since (I believe) the comic pack came out after the convention set, I assume the molds for the rest of the parts were only loaned to MC for the convention set. That's why I think it's concievable that's we COULD get some new mold Marauders down the line (maybe with some better {read: varied} choices for body molds).
  23. The Comic Pack Dreadnoks used new molds, not the old school ones that the con pieces had. jb cdr: I didn't realize the Renegades were never in the comics. Might be kinda tough to do a comic pack w/o a comic ( @smilepunch@ to myself) They could always make an appearance in the DD books , or they could do a poster book like ML did for Blade and Ghost Rider, maybe. Oh, well.
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