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  1. Not too shabby. The Overkill story is great and even fits in with my own "Joe-verse" ideas for him (pretty much like 'Robot Rebellion' before they came up with/trashed the idea). Great work, Man (if it's yours, that is )
  2. Never really thought the original Mortal was practical (for my tastes, anyway), but I love the CAT CGI figure, he fits in that capacity for me. He is the Cobra Mortal in my "Joe-verse", so I wanted a RAH filecard for him. Here it is: How'd I do? (be kind )
  3. Interesting. Very cool idea, whether it's true or not.
  4. I know I'm not alone here (because some of us still do this), but who else mixed up their different toylines when they were younger? Here's a couple of things I did: Archangel (X-men) was a Silverhawk Mon*Star led the Sharkticons (in kind of a CrocMaster way) Third Earth, Hawk Haven, Eternia, and Etheria were all in the same solar system, and Plundarr was a rogue planet in the Horde Empire Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow were transported to Etheria and joined the rebellion. (I know, I'm mental @loll@ ) I still do this to an extent. For one, I use my CAT driver CGI as MY Cobra Mortal Who else did/does this?
  5. Already knew about Deviss. That was covered in a Bly query a while back. Thanks for the replies, guys, but still don't have the answer to the Fordo/Thire question. Can anyone clear that one up?
  6. My experiences seem to mirror Synch's and Devil Bat's. I started out only getting SW and Joes. Then it branched out into other 'areas'. I think my 'moment of clarity' came about two months ago when I spent my tax return on both army builders (about 250!) and on having found my umpteenth 'holy grail' (I've had about 5 or so), a carded Galoob Romulan prototype figure. I realized after getting this that 'the hunt' (for ME, at least) had come to an end. Adding to that that I've never displayed more than about 5% of my total collection, if even THAT much, due to lack of space, and there's no real joy in not being able to have everything set up nicely in sight. I'm now focusing on displaying what I have, and anything I pick up now is just incidental. I am content with what I have now if I were to never buy another piece.
  7. Now that we have the 501st Commander coming out, who we all know is Appo, then who is the blue Bacara guy from the 'Assault on Coruscant' set, who was previously identified as Appo? Likewise, Captain Fordo is the leader of the ARC trooper squad from Clone Wars, but was he previously I.D.'ed as Commander Thire, or did our own Commander Thire make the name up? (I presumed he took his forum name after the character, but am I wrong?) Signed, Confused.
  8. These are SW's answer to the Joes 'Heavy Assault' multi-packs
  9. Very disappointing. All rehashed figures with ratty cloth cloaks. I actually see more demand for the couch that any of the figures.
  10. Sorry to hear about your baby, Man.
  11. Agreed but v2 and v3 both plain sucked I don't know if I'd say V2 sucks. I kinda like it (and still kinda want one). But the ARAHC '00 Sidetrack gets my vote.
  12. My vote goes to version 2, but I don't like the accessories, save the helmet.
  13. I don't know, I think 'Blood Oath' might be a good one. That's the one where Jadzia joins Kor, Kang, and Koloth to take revenge on the Albino. Though, I'd prefer Kor more resemble his appearances in 'Sword of Kahless' or 'Once More Unto The Breach'.
  14. Shame on you Norrin Radd and Shalla Bal Joe Fixit and Marlo Dumb Hulk and Jarella Thing and Alicia Masters Wiccan and Hulkling
  15. I know all that stuff, I just can't believe the guy seriously thinks he's going to get a buyer at that price. Then again, I've seen dumber actual purchases on Ebay. (I still remember that $600 'PS2 photo' auction a couple of years ago. That poor bastard.)
  16. http://cgi.ebay.com/GIJOE-MORTAL-KOMBAT-NI...1QQcmdZViewItem I got mine for $20 last year. Have these all of the sudden gotten popular?
  17. Nice 'Bat-Alley-Viper', Buckero0 Nice use of the other legs too I like how the V1 was used in the DIC cartoon as a main character instead of an average army-builder, so that's how I used mine, with V4/5/7 as his squad. I use my 2 red ones as his bodyguards. The Urban Strike AV I don't use at all. Too plain. I don't care for the VvV mold either. The only thing I remotely like is the trench knife it came with. The only reason I have any is that they came in lots I bought for other figures. But for overall, I gave my vote to V5, even though I have more of V7
  18. Yeah, the guy was a hack, but Nah, it was pretty much an 'as-is' deal, and like I said, I more than made out, in my mind, particularly since I kinda army-build the MK ninjas, and I needed the big Sonja Blade figure as a base for a future custom Galadria figure from 'Visionaries' (Actually, I'll need another one if I do the Darkling Lords chick) It's all good, though.
  19. I was taking my Dad to the optometrist today, and while waiting for them to finish up with him, I walked around the strip where the eye-shoppe was. There were some boxes sitting outside this QuikDrop place (a place they Ebay your stuff for you, interestingly enough. I didn't know you could make a viable business for this, doing it for OTHER people) Anyway, the boxes sat under a sign that said '$5 a box, inquire inside'. So, I did that, as one of the boxes ad a lot of toys in it, mainly Dragon Ball stuff that would've made good trade fodder. The guy behind the counter immediately started his sales schpeal , but I asked about the boxes out front. He said was correct. I offered him $5 for the lot (and he stuck me for another $5 for the bin they were in ) At any rate, my luck paid off. Among everything (which included the afore-mentioned DBZ stuff, X-Men, Spider-Man, Warriors of Virtue, and about 60% TMNT stuff) were these litle gems (IMHO): 3 Movie Edition Mortal Kombat figures (Scorpion, Subzero, and Raiden) 3 '2-up' Mortal Kombat figures (the 5-6 inch figures made from the Hasbro molds) Subzero, Sonja Blade, and Raiden old 10 inch ToyBiz Scarlett Spider (pretty sweet looking) and, dig this: a loose/no accs Target Clonetrooper! I think I more than broke even for $10
  20. $125 tie between a bagged Heavy Metal complete and a loose/complete Gold Head Steel Brigade. Actually, I may have went higher on the Heavy Metal, maybe $137.50 shipped, but I'm not sure. It's been a while.
  21. Yo, nov316, Hey, Bro, sorry for not answering up earlier. I'm been (still) busy trying to get moved into my place before I fly home and drive my ride back here. (THAT'S gonna be fun... ) Sorry I missed out , woulda liked to seen Sticky Fingas' take on Blade. I'll hook up with y'all eventually!
  22. Crap! I was about to ask what the set retails for, since I couldn't find any here in SoCal. I just shelled out $40 per a set! Should I be upset, or just happy that I have it without wasting any more gas money looking for it? I think I'll pretend the extra $15 is taxes/shipping/gas money to the P.O.
  23. You would need something good and really 'signature' (for lack of a better term) for a 25th anniversary set. I honestly can't really think of anything that would be appropriate. Maybe something that included a bunch of Cobra Infantry, as that would be the only appropriate army-builder for the set, but you'd want to take care not to include primary figures that have been done to death. A dozen Infantry with 2 Officers and a CC using the CG body instead of the BC one (a lot of folks have no problem with it, but I really don't like that body mold) That's the best I can come up with.
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