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  1. I'm curious to know what kind of market research is done to determine what figures are re-released (rehashed) Myself, I would ask them to re-release the Gungan pack-in figure from the Episode-I Fambaa beast pack. It is probably the only Gungan figure that there is a noticeable demand for (A simple eBay search would show you how much interest there is, just from the difference between boxed and loose/WITHOUT figure prices. You CAN'T HARDLY SELL the Fambaa without the figure, and then only for very little, comparably). Want to prevent a re-release from being passed off as the original? Give it the bendable legs from the Captain Tarpals figure from the Naboo Final Combat set. A Battle Back with the figure on a Kaaduu would be welcome, too. (I don't expect much descent because no-one will admit to actually wanting gungan figures ) The molds for the parts already exist so there little-to-no production costs in that area, at least. Trust me, the figure would sell, and VERY well
  2. Crap! I had to think about it for a minute! Just because of armybuilders, I think my numbers are about 4 for 5 thousand at least! I know that it has to be under 7,000, though. I hope! those numbers should fall way off once I sell off my excess stuff.
  3. Myself, I would definitely re-release some of the HTF figures, to include figures from other lines that would mesh well, like the Super-Skrull, or others I would prefer to mix-n-match, like a Phasing Ghost Rider with a regular release-version head (just an example, but this is the figure I would've wanted here. I liked everything except the 'half-Johnny' head) (on a sidenote, it's rather selfish to not want others to have what variants you have based solely on rarity/your 'investment'. A person would still have the first release/first edition of the figures, so their collection would only be devalued if their figures were all open/loose) Second, larger BAF's, to be sure. Some of the smaller ones are definitely nice to have (Annihilus kicks some major ass, and we probably wouldn't have gotten him otherwise, best example I can offer here), but I can't understand why the 'full-size' humanoid Onslaught wasn't made in leiu of the BAF we got instead. I think there should be more genuine effort put in to making these type of decisions for sure. Concerning sculpts: Judging from the differences between the first Hasbro wave and, say, the M.O.D.O.K. wave from ToyBiz. I just don't think these are all the same people. Just an opinion. I would definitely go with the TB scupltors here (it does look like their work on YelowJacket, Quicksilver, and She-Hulk, though. Very nice figures) As far as POA, I prefer TB's style over Hasbro's, but then again, not all figures need individual fingers or 'kung-fu grip'. (IMO, YellowJacket, Quicksilver, and perhaps Hercules are the best figures that Hasbro has yet offered in Marvel Legends) Swivel wrists or forearms should be on each figure, though. Just IMO. I would also consider 'skipping' the BAF in favor of including 'accessory' figures or even a 'dual figure' wave concept, using the scale from Marvel's first wave (so that we're still in the single carded price range, and not in the 'Face-Offs' area.). Examples could be a Subterrenian (sp?) included with Mole Man, a 'Chessman' figure with a member of the Hellfire Club, or a '1st appearance' Ultron with some Hank Pym figure (AntMan with a labcoat, something like that). Taking a tangent from that, I would consider doing a switchable heads version of figures, too. (For some reason, the 'labcoat Antman' is staying in my head. A Henry Pym Antman with an alternate unmasked Hank head, and a labcoat ) That's my take. It does seem simple enough to us, doesn't it? Somewhere between the boardrooms and the pegs, something gets lost, I think. Opinions?
  4. He's HTF? Funny, I've found about 4 or 5 of that one, but left it, along with all the R2's and Obi-Wan's. I haven't found clone 1 since the TAC's release, though. The Han and Yavin Ceremony Luke are starting to look like pegwarmers, too.
  5. Just thought I'd report this to you guys: Found a couple more 'switchouts' at the Sears Essentials in Rio Vista (down QualCommWay, same one where I found the Jedi Assault with the 501st clones switched out with POTF2 Stormies last year @grumpy@ ), Saw 2 Commemorative sets with the Sandtroopers switched out with a Jabba's barge R2 and a VSTC Greedo (oddly, a $10 figure switched out in a $25.00 set? #WTF#). Pointed it out to the clerks and they removed them. Same day, not 15 minutes later, found the 'last' 2 Order 66 sets at Mission Valley Target, Palpatine/Thire and Mace/Galactic Marine, only the Marine was switched out with an Utapau warrior. Bought the Thire one since it was the only one I'd ever seen. I hate thieving loser cheapasses! @l@ I'd wish ill things on people like that @pow@ @Jason1@ #hang@ , but it would only diminish my own karma. But, if you catch these people, please report them. @soap@ rant complete, carry on. (Sorry to be smiley-heavy, but I haven't been on here in a while.)
  6. I like a lot of your choices, Bizza: TOS - Mirror, Mirror (MAN, what I wouldn't do to go back in time and meet a young Barbara Luna! ) TNG - Yesterdays Enterprise DS9 - There were many good ones here, but I think my favorite here is "Once more unto the Breach", featuring John Colicos' last turn as Kor, before his death (The very first actor to portray a Klingon). VOY - Wasn't as much a fanatic of this show, but of which ones I HAVE seen, I think I will go with either "Distant Origin" or "The 37's" (I need to watch more reruns on SPIKE). ENT - Only really liked the Season 4 stuff. I'd have to go with "In a Mirror, Darkly" as well. (I love the Mirror universe! )
  7. Gah, you're killing me, man! I'm trying to get a squad of Headhunters and Stormtroopers as well. Guess there's a lot of competition now. Oh, well, I need to cut back anyway...
  8. I'm definitely picking these up when I can. I'm also glad that they made the first version of Alpha, too (doesn't clash with a custom I made ). I may pick up more than one pack, as I can see some possibilities with that Obi-Wan. Would've liked to seen a Jedi version of Vos, though.
  9. Excellent choice! Here's some more I did: IG Nullifiers = Convention Destro uppers on Dragon trooper legs and waist, w/ SpyTroops Heavy Duty helmets IG Annihilators = Headhunter Stormtrooper heads on Convention MetalHead torso/arms with PP Lampreys waists and Convention Destro legs and accs IG General 'Ocelot' = General Mayhem with Comic Pack Duke head and BBI red beret (not exactly an LBC, did have to work with the neckpeg a bit) My Scrap-Iron = Urban Division version with arms and waist from DTC SAW Viper My SAW Viper = V1 with Effects head and DTC SAW Viper accs (head is a little loose, though, so its not perfect) My Chameleon = Comic Pack Baroness head on '00 Chameleon body Cleanshaven Breaker = TF Duke head on V1 Breaker 'Euro'-Terrorist = Kamakura V3 head on General Abernathy body (made 2 of these) 'Russian mobster' = TF Big Brawler (black hair) head on 6-pack Tomax/Xamot body (I do a few background characters/'extras')
  10. I actually found one at Target last summer on clearance for about $7, I think. Nice little chopper for my Oktober Guard(and you guys's, too. )
  11. Well, the actual theme version IS a different guy, but I was just surprised it was performed/released before "Enterprise".
  12. I'm flipping through the channels on TV, and some of the music channels are in my favorites selection. I'm watching the soft rock channel right now, and Rod Stewart is singing "Faith of the Heart"! According to the tickertape, it was on the 'Patch Adams' soundtrack back in '99! Has this already been mentioned? Because it's certainly news to me!
  13. Thanks, man. I would love to, but I honestly don't have the time. It took me months just to get around to finishing these three! Appreciate the thought/props, though.
  14. Something like this for me, too. Probably closer to 90% or more for me.
  15. Nope, but the left one was a little stubborn to get on there. I ended up just pulling the hand out and sliding it on.
  16. Here's a couple of customs I finally took the time to finish. Alpha: Since the rumours persists that it looks like they're going to make him now, I figured I'd better finish mine up(the flash takes away from the details I painted on his forearms and body): parts: head/neck peg - Tactical Ops clone helmet - Evolutions range-finder(on helmet) - Boba Fett from Ultimate Bounty set gauntlets - Deluxe/Electronic Jango rest - Capt. Fordo Ki-Adi-Mundi: Another one where the parts have been sitting around for months. Hated the details on the ROTS head mold, so I dremeled out an AOTC head (most movie-accurate one made, IMO), clipped the bulb on the end of the neck-peg, and then drilled and beveled the arm pieces until they fit correctly. Best Ki-Adi-Mundi ever! parts: head - AOTC/Saga arms - uses 2 sets of biceps from ROTS figure belt - Evolutions AOTC Anakin undertunic/'skirt' - TPM Ob-Wan #3 (I think) rest - ROTS Saesee Tiin: Probably the worst pic I've taken. After taking the pic, the flash shows that the browns are not quite the same, but after I put a spare jedi cloak on him, who cares. Just got the idea for his upgrade after buying an extra AOTC tin set, but was originally going to do Plo Koon. Still might. parts: head - Jedi Council arms - Evolutions AOTC Anakin (with part of Tiin in right sleeve) rest - ROTS
  17. I think a lot of us did that one! I added that NF Dart waist/legs combo to my Anti-Venom Roadblock uppers to make a NF Roadblock. Also added Chameleon's head to a Comic Pack Baroness to make my definitive version of her (w/ '84 Baroness hair), and switched heads on The CP CC battle armor with the '00 version (that baby blue armor from the comic pack just wasn't working for me ). I won't even name all the head switches I did with my V1 Surefires. I also have others I can't think of right now.
  18. Large BAF's: Living Monolith - Probably too obscure for most but I'd get him. Black Goliath - Would love to see this one. Ronin - Do you guys mean Red Ronin from Shogun Warriors/Godzilla? I wouldn't mind getting this one either. Fin Fang Foom - I'd like this one too, especially if the mold could double as Axonn Karr without the wings (I know, WAAAY obscure). Atlas - Should be from an all or mostly T-bolts wave. Master Mold - Would have to be a little taller than the Sentinel BAF. Smaller BAF's: Titanium Man - Him or Crimson Dynamo would be cool. Nimrod - Would rock! Not sure about size, though. Sauron - Would definitely work in Annihilus scale. Lockjaw - I could see him in the same dimensions as MODOK.
  19. Same here. Never saw the HFG pacck at retail, and only saw 2 of the gunship, 1 of which I bought.
  20. I don't know about 'waste'. Elis Helrot is one of the last 'Cantina patrons' that needs to be released, and I know that a lot of people will be hot to get a Academy Biggs figure! As far as the moisture vaporator, it'll probably only be the control panel/console for it, though including the whole length of it would be workable.
  21. Found the first Hasbro wave of ML today, the entire Annihilus wave. Found 2 different IM's, though. One has the mask in the bubble and showing Tony's head, and the other has the helmet on. Is this supposed to be a packaging variant, or was it a running change?
  22. Hey, folks, Kevin here, AKA Mr. Nobody. I'm in the Navy and stationed here in San Diego right now. Naturally, because of my job I have very little free time @sonar@ . Been here about 7 months and still trying to not get lost when I drive! Here's the most recent I have of me from a Kareoke bar when I was stationed at Yokota Air Base in Fussa, Japan (Yes, I'm about 12 sheets to the wind in this pic, and half-winded from screaming Alice In Chains): Any of you who know me know that I have WAAAY too many action figures! I dabble into just about everything when I have the time: new stuff, vintage, customizing, etc. (I actually post here more than I buy stuff nowadays) I dabble in a few other things as well, mainly computers, comedy and music. I have a special lady (read: patient and understanding) named Monica who knows how to make me smile. @sun@ We just got together recently. We'll see where it goes. That's about it right now.
  23. Shoot! I paid full price, too! And all I wanted was the figure! @bH@ On a sidenote, here's a fun fact: The guy that played Zev/Rogue 2 also played the gay dad on "Absolutely Fabulous". @wink@
  24. Here at home this holiday (Orlando), was nothing but the Emperor and 4 different Vaders at Target. Picked up an AOTC tin while there. Walmart had their Cantina band sets out. I was unimpressed being it was a rehash,. Same pegwarmers except for a black Endor troop and a Veers which I picked up for myself. Here at home this holiday (Orlando), was nothing but the Emperor and 4 different Vaders at Target. Picked up an AOTC tin while there. Walmart had their Cantina band sets out. I was unimpressed being it was a rehash,. Same pegwarmers except for a black Endor troop and a Veers which I picked up for myself.
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