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  1. I was thinking more of a young Valdore (Brian Thompson/Romulan admiral from ENT) Think some of the bangs gotta go.
  2. Memory's fuzzy, but it was either a Mego Spidey or an Evel Knievel. Second was a second-hand Johnny West with a big box of accessories from a goodwill. (That thing dissappeared the same week I got it! I'm pretty sure one of my cousins stole it! )
  3. First Off, nothing I say in this post is meant to offend anyone who's a NASCAR enthusiast. It's just not someting I get, that's all. That being said, I've seen this set go for anywhere from $200.00 and up. I ran across it in an old ERTL catalog (that I found while doing an Ebay search for the Fall Guy truck set): http://cgi.ebay.com/Ertl-Dale-Earnhardt-Wr...5.c63.m20.l1116 As someone who collects mainly 3-3/4" stuff, the only real appeal for me in this set would be the accessories (that figure is a little too 'Fisher-Price' for my tastes, though), but obviously I won't justify a $200.00+ purchase JUST for those as I'm not a NASCAR fan by any means. Yet, I've seen this set go for around this each time I've seen it up for auction, though I keep hoping to find one 'under the radar' or a loose set with the accessories I want. Is this just a NASCAR thing, or is it a Dale Earnhardt thing specifically (since his demise)? Any ideas/opinions on its appeal?
  4. Didn't Curt sell out to someone else a while back? At least I know he had put the site up for sale or something, don't recall exactly when, though (but it WAS around the same timeline). Just got a Headhunter off of him privately, though, so I guess he's still around, but probably not on the same scale as the site. Not that I know anymore than anyone else.
  5. Yep. They certainly are. I've even used a couple of them for Joe customs.
  6. Not to be a tool, but I have a TF Shipwreck ('Marujo') on ebay right now if anyone else needs one. Check my sig. BTW, anyone have or know where I can get a TF Blizzard helmet? (Mine is complete except for that) I've pretty much accepted that I'll never have the TF Hit-n-Run. Soemone always beats me to that one.
  7. Thank You, Hasbro, for the upcoming Fen Shysa/Tobbi Dala comic pack pieces! These figures are a dream come true! Now how about Sharad Hett (Dark Horse), Jaxxon (Marvel), and Keral Longknife (Marvel)?
  8. Yeah, I'll get the wookie pack, but only one and nothing else. Big pass on these.
  9. I'm liking that new Pilots set, but I'm dissappointed about no red suit, too. Would've liked to see the grey Y-wing pilot, too.
  10. I'm with you here! I loved these characters the first time they appeared! I have to cancel my Fenn custom now (Not sure about the Jango guns, though. I don't remember him having those, unless it came later{toward the end of the Marvel series}) Might get 2 Leia/Tobi packs to fix that.
  11. Same here! I'm just glad I don't have to customize Tsui Choi now!
  12. "Richard B. Riddick. Escaped convict, Murderer." (His self-introduction from 'Pitch Black' ): Been wanting to do this one for a while, and just realized that they finally came out with the perfect parts. Recipe is a Major Barrage with a Comic Pack Dragonsky head dremeled out to fit the neckpeg (Pic is at a bad angle, the chin is not as 'jowly' as it appears there). Still need to tweak the paintjob and either strip or repaint the hands, but it's pretty much 99% finished. The Necromonger knife is actually from a Microman Predator Elder. Had a set of Depth Charge goggles for him as well, but lost them after taking this pic to show the paintjob on the eyes (Thanks to the glare, the effect is spoiled, though). Haven't shared anything in the Joe columns in a while, so I thought I'd throw this out there.
  13. Back in San Diego now. Here's last Friday's haul for me: Got the new Y-Wing at Morena Vista TRU (Already customized the R5 head and have a R4-I9 head in its place ). Also picked up 9 AOTC mold clones and 8 ROTS clones, as well as a Moisture Farmer Luke for customizing purposes and 3 Stormies (my squad's complete now). They also had the 181st TIE Interceptor but I can't believe that I forgot to grab one! @doh@ @bH@ Also grabbed a Jedi vs Sith battle pack they had (last one, apparently). and an Impulse Buy: Dr. Seusse's Green Eggs and Ham. Also picked up a Stormie and 1 AOTC clone at Sports Arena Target a little before that.
  14. Meant to report this yesterday. I bought my first HTTE Comic Pack about 2 weeks ago, and that one had a green blade for Mara's saber. The one I bought last night has the purple saber blade, but I didn't notice this until I had already opened the package. Since the reviews from other members here state the purple blade being the standard/regular one, has anyone else seen these green ones? Was this an early change, or was mine a mispack?
  15. LOL I can't believe someone else mentioned Jaxxon! I'd like to see them update my version: What I'd like to see: ------------------------- Sharad Hett, A'sharad Hett as Ki-Adi-Mundi's Padawan 'Twin Engines of Destruction' Comic Pack with a comic repaint of Boba Fett and a Jodo Kast. As far as Marvel stuff, Rik Duel, Dani, Chihdo, and Kiro would be pretty cool. I'd like to see Keral Longknife, Kligson and ZX-3 myself, though.
  16. Pic #1 / black numbers: -------------------------------- #7 = Predator spear #22 = also a Predator spear #23 = AD&D Strongheart sword #26 = Captain Power Sauron Sky Sentry head-tail #33 bottom (you have 2 #33's listed) = might be a Sectaurs web-belt/harness #39 = looks like a Mego Conan sword (looks a quite a bit chewed, though) Pic #2 / red numbers: --------------------------------- #10 = Centurions Ace McCloud/Macleod piece, I think #13 = don't actually know, but I have this one, too #15 = Playmobil hammer #16 = A-Team rifle #25 = looks like a harness/web vest for a Remco figure #26 = Dragonheart accessory #30 = Sectaurs pistol #31 = Infaceables sword, I think #34 = SW POTF2 Hammerhead gun #36 = Fantasy World axe, I think #43 = Rambo FOF rocket/RPG round #44 = Fantasy World sword, I think #50 = Lego figure knight lance #54 = Playmobil cowboy rifle #60 = MOTU Horde Trooper staff (if it's for sale, I could use it) #63 = Playmobil pickaxe #67 = SuperNaturals 'Burnheart' sword #71 = Transformers G1 Grimlock sword (looks to be broken/missing pieces) #72 = yellow dagger under 44/45/46 is a AD&D Zarak dagger Pic #3 / yellow numbers: --------------------------------- #7 = Green Ranger dragon-dagger #16 = Sectaurs shield #21 = looks like a ID4 alien's tentacle #39 = looks like a Lego sword #40 = same Predator weapon from the first pic #47's = Shields from the Mighty Crusaders set (green one belongs to the 'Web' figure) #48 = Battle Beast weapon, (not sure which one, though) #58 = G.I. Joe Shockwave knife #62 = ROTLA German Mechanic wrench, maybe #70 = Playmobil spear #74 = Playmobil hatchet #80 = Skeleton warriors weapon/staff, I think #82 = Sectaurs sword #83 = Robin Hood/Prince of Thieves arrow YES, I have no life! LOL
  17. Which figures from the early days (POTF2/'modern') do you still like and think have stood the test of time? For me, it's the A-wing pilot. I don't know why, I just like this figure. If they re-released it on a card, I would buy it without a doubt. I was alway disappointed that it wasn't part of the Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene, since he was the real Arvel Crynyd (didn't really care for the Ten Numb figure either) . That's me, though. I also think the original Mara Jade puts the comic pack one to shame. Seriously. What figure(s) do you guys think stood the test of time?
  18. TPM: articulated/non-angry Eeth Koth Quinlan Vos in disguise Wald/Kitster 2-pack AOTC: Jocasta Nu Dorme (I want a Rose Byrne figure!) Tarados Gon (sp?) Barada/Klaatoonian Jedi Sarissa Jeng (or any of the Jedi that would make decent figures) Dooku's chauffeur droids ROTS: Cin Drallig (I want this one, too) the four-eyed Aqualish Separatist a better-articulated Cody ANH: Tonnica sisters Any leftover Cantina Aliens TESB: Jeremy Bulloch figure (I forget if he was an Imperial or a Bespin Guard)(Sorry, this is the only one I can think of for ESB) ROTJ: I was about to chime in with Sgt. Doallyn too, but someone else mentioned him. The OTHER Weequay skiff guard might be nice, too. (It's weird; when I was little, I would've SWORE that they made him!)
  19. Scored the A'sharad/Dark Woman 2-pack today at Wal-Mart on East Colonial (I'm on leave right now. Figures I had to come to the East Coast to find it!). Found 2 of them as well as an Obi/Alpha 2-pack. Also grabbed (unrelated) a glow-in-the-dark SP movie Spidey.
  20. I'd say just add the VSTC arms to Dutch. That'd just about be your perfect X-wing pilot right there, I think! Re-do the Red Leader this way as well. (C'mon, the POTJ Luke body for that one? WTF?)
  21. If you could piece together your own figures from existing parts and have Hasbro release them, what figures would you have? Here some of what I'd do: 1. Gungan Warrior from Fambaa beast pack with bendable legs from Captain Tarpals from the Naboo Final Combat set. (just because that figure is so hard to find loose WITHOUT the damn Fambaa!) 2. Moisture Vaporator Luke with Comic Pack Stormie Luke head and VOTC Luke legs (I've actually made this one, I just haven't posted it in the customs page yet. THIS is the Luke they shoud've made!) 3. Both the bearded and cleanshaven Saga Endor Soldiers with the superposeable legs of the more recent Black/White versions. (Again, I did these, too.) 4. Rorworr figure from 'Invasion of Theed' game with Mynock Hunt Chewie arms (so he can hold his rifle with both hands) and POTJ Dejarik Chewie's bendable legs. Just a few ideas of mine. Probably none of these will EVER be done, I know. What would everyone else choose to make/release if you could?
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