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  1. Here's my convention Zanzibar alteration. Just a minor tweak, but a necessary one, IMO (Sorry for the glare): Extras: ponytail = MK Goro gun = Pirates Of The Carribean Pintel spear/hammer = Zanzibar V1 Why they still used the fake hair for this one I don't know, it just sucked to me. Dug out that crap, dremeled the hole out a bit more, and glued in the Goro ponyhair. I think it's a vast improvement. Used original V1 accessories instead of screwing with the convention ones (as they'd probably make good trade fodder , plus I just prefer the spear being brown). Painted the barb/hook on the spearhead and added a double-barreled percussion pistol from the POTC Pintel figure (the fat bald ugly guy from the Black Pearl's 'Laurel & Hardy' couple) Semi-OT: In retrospect, I kinda wish I'd done a headswitch on the companion piece Thrasher with a head from the Comic Pack version, instead of selling it. (sold it at a loss, too @cry@ )
  2. Interesting. Reminds me of the old He-man/Blackstar 'yin-yang' deal (if anyone knows what I mean) I wish Lanard hadn't deviated from RAH-style molds, though. Their post-'01 stuff sucks $#!+, to be quite honest.
  3. Thanks, TM Figured you'd like the AF stuff, Jamar . Here's another: Z-Force GrandSlam Was going to wait until I had an extra set of arms, but then realized the GrandSlam I cannibalized wasn't complete anyway (had a Flash backpiece, so no guilt breaking this one apart) Rest of the recipe's as follows: head/body/legs = Flash waist = Breaker (any '83 swivel waist) arms = GrandSlam (Flash/Steel Steel Brigades works too) helmet = Ripcord visor = S&S (any '82/83/AP visor, all the same) Finally mixed a green that I was happy with. Gaucho was a mix of green/yellow/dk grey, this was a green/tan mix with a touch of black. Actually finished a AF Meltdown custom first(someone else's concept, but I loved the design. 334th fighting collectibles has a custom cardback if you want an idea of the character. Basically a black/green Blowtorch, vice red/yellow), but when the green dried, it was waaay too bright, ended up sea-green actually, so I added a bit more black and got a lot closer this time. Couldn't decide if I wanted pads or 'Z' 's on the biceps, so I left those blank for now. Originally used a SM Mutt helmet but it looked too 'skinny' so switched it out with a Ripcord helmet (Mainly had to do with the choice of using Flash's head, but that was a personal choice. Thought about using a Deep Six head like an older GS custom I did before, but stuck with this since AF switched it up a bit as well {their Steeler's head looking like Starduster, Quarrel like Glenda, etc. Again, just a personal choice.}) This wasn't an overly difficult custom, but it was hard to finish yesterday. Finished up the green mixture, and everything that could distract me or annoy the living hell outta me just kept happening at that point. Getting up and walking away from the table became a requirement, not just for the paint to dry, but for me to cool down. I almost thought this one wasn't meant to be, since unseen forces seemed to be conspiring against me, but finally got it finished (let out a big *WHEW!*, had some cocoa, and to bed! ). Anywhooo, I'm very happy with the end product, but I'm taking a sabbatical before I even TOUCH the Clutch custom I want to do, or correct Meltdown's color scheme. For the hell of it, here's the GS custom I did with Deep Six's head a few years ago: recipe is: ----------------- head = Deep Six body = Tripwire arms = Lift-Ticket waist = Double Blast/Roadblock V1 legs = Blizzard feet = Rock Viper V1/Metal-Head V2 helmet/visor = accessory pack Thanks again, folks!
  4. Tamiya brand, golf leaf color (it's an enamel, though, but it works fine on the hard RAH plastic. Just give it time to dry before fiddlin' around with it ) Of course they can move! All my customs are poseable! Thanks for all the comments too, guys.
  5. Meh.. I have drills this weekend... Maybe I should've stayed active duty so I could take leave for this one!
  6. My turn to chime in on this one. joenubb's issue is one I have had, too. Though I've had nothing but positive experiences with Night_Vipers_Joes, I once tried to bid on some stuff from another guy who went by ufo_flyer (now goes by smiley_cyrus), just to be shown the 'blocked bidder' notice. Now, note that, as far back as I've been able to check, I've never bought from or sold anything to this guy before. The only connection I had (if you could call it that) is that we had both bid against against each other on other people's auctions before. That's a pretty petty reason to ban someone from YOUR auctions. That's the only thing I can think of as to why he'd block me, to somehow 'punish' me just because I had bid against him on something else. Meh, I don't know. I'm not losing any sleep over it...
  7. Very nice, dude. Happy B-Day, btw!
  8. A different mix of combinations from my Testors 9185 set. Rob was happy with the Gaucho I made him, but the Clutch and GrandSlam I want to do are for me and I want them to look spot on when finished. Any suggestions there?
  9. Here's my Nullifier in Convention IG colors: The paintjob is a lot nicer than the picture shows, since the gloss black I used picks up EVERY DAMN BIT OF LIGHT! Those little details were more than a pain in the butt to do and all the glare kinda takes away from them, unfortunately. With the visor down I have 2 complete/loose ones, but I refuse to repaint the visors so I used a FastDraw one instead. I had to use the boil&reshape method to get it to stay on w/o popping off. Shaved off the hose port as well. Painted it in a matching red and put it on upside-down. I'm particularly proud of getting those runes or whatever they are on the chest painted in red so they stand out. And here's the back view. Nothing crucial, just want to show off the detail. Thanks for looking!
  10. Here's some pics of customs I just finished the past week.: Gaucho, by commission (A buddy of mine requested this one since I wouldn't sell him my original): The colors are not exact, but they're not supposed to be. Red Shadow Muton trooper/robot/whatever: Love Action Force, but don't really like Palitoys SW-style construction. Just a repaint of Deep Six. Here's MY Convention Overlord: I really didn't care for the convention version, since I really hate the Despoiler Destro and Barricade molds. The DTC Bludd helmet and Ninja Force claws didn't do anything for me either. I really think the BC Firefly mold here works better. Repainted all the gold with Tamiya gold leaf, as well as the belt, and all the black parts with Testors gloss. Overlord's original accessories and Black Dragon uzi completes it. Kinda an LBC, but I'm very happy with the results. And my oddball custom, Taarna from Heavy Metal: I had the parts for this one sitting in a baggie for about 3 years and finally finished it. Used a Baroness head and Zarana boots/right arm on a Buck Rogers Princess Ardala figure. Some elements in the body mold keep it from being completely accurate, but I think it still turned out decent. I'm happy enough.
  11. I'm wanting to do Z-Force versions of Clutch and GrandSlam, but can't seem to mix the right kind of green together. Does anyone have a good recipe or good suggestions?
  12. And here he is, finally (finished them both months ago, first chance to post since this merger) Don't know his name, and not sure if he's the same species as Lak Sivrak or not: Parts are obvious: Lak head, Pondo arms/vest, '95 Luke Dagobah body/legs, Cantina cup. Made the jacket tan, and painted the head and hands to match. Pretty much left the Dago-Luke parts as is since no pics of the character are real tight on details in this area. I'm happy with the result. Finished painting Hrchek Kel Fas (sp?), too. Bossk head on a '95 Ponda fig. Since there are actually 2 different Trandohans at the bar in the Cantina, my references got mixed up a bit, eventually into 1 figure (plus, who really cares about LBC'ing a couple of innocuous background Trandoshans anyway, really. Too similar for my tastes, anyway). So, the deco on the jacket turned out as a mixture of the 2 characters. Happy with this one, too. More to come.
  13. Yeah, I know, I was just used to the SW section having its own customs forum and that's actually the one I was refering to. I just prefer putting SW stuff with SW stuff is all.
  14. Since there's no longer a customs forum anymore, I'll post here: My definitive ESB Han Solo: Figure is the VSTC Endor Han with arms and vest from the TAS version and an Endor Raid Han head dremeled out to fit the peg. I tried dremeling it out in such a way to somewhat correct the 'Gumby-ishness' of the mold, which I think I suceeded a little bit. Respirator mask is from the Mynock Hunt Cinema-Scene. The legs are still kinda boney-looking but that's in the mold and can't really be helped unless they ever come out with a more robust-looking version (of course the broadness of the mold's shoulders don't help either). With respirator on: Also added a couple of Cantina Alien updates, but since they moved my original threads to J.I. (and I wanted to keep them all together), please take a look here: http://forums.jediinsider.com/index.php?sh...;#entry16456422 Thanks for looking.
  15. Agreed! Man, I need to get into DJ'ing! Then I could afford this many ewoks! LOL
  16. HA! I did that with my ARAH Hawk, Stalker (using Doc's arms) and Breaker. I think it'd be sweet, but I prefer ARAH molds. I can't really get into the 25TH stuff, for some reason. (except for some of the accessories)
  17. I never got the Wampa before, so this is good, but I'd really like to see a retooled Hoth Luke. The BD set isn't bad, but the STAP's never really appealed to anyone much, I don't think. It'd be better as an Army-builder set w/ 4 or 5 of the TPM mold BD's.
  18. Figures, every link you gave didn't have the one that springs to MY mind! LOL http://www.rebelscum.com/sagahanendor.asp The headsculpt in my mind is the most accurate to Ford, but this mold also suffers from some 'Gumby-ish' mis-shaping too, unfortunately. For your Indy redo, I'd suggest the 25th Anniversary one. It's a static unposeable figure and would be the best one to use for a custom. If I had one, I'd redo my VSTC/TAS custom (mine obviously has the 'Endor raid' head, as I never got the '25th' version).
  19. $100.00 for any of these?! If someone tried to make me pay that, I'm pretty sure I'd end up being charged with assault! @smilepunch@ That is a RIDICULOUSLY high mark-up! I can't see why anyone would pay that. I'm all for capitalism, but gah-damn! There's something to be said for decency and fair trade still, right? Sorry, I don't really have anything to contribute here, but that really seems ##$%$#ed to charge that much for something new that's NOT rare and is still on the shelf, secondary market or not. I only bought the HISS because I liked the blue deco. The Target I bought mine at still has another one and 2 each of the NS and the AS, they've been there for about a week, and this is downtown Orlando. I think the 'demand' is a regional thing more than a real lack of product. I could be wrong, but it's just what I think.
  20. Firecrackers. wow.... I agree with what pesatyel says about grouping your army-builders, but be careful as the market can be fickle. I myself took a mild raping last week selling some AB's (type of AB matters, too, I guess. I ending up selling lots of 2-4 AB's (12 figures total) to a guy for about $50 shipped), so be mindful, 'young padawan', er, 'recruit'.
  21. Is this a redeco, or is it the same one released before? (The trooper, not the commander) If I army-build these, I would like them to kinda match.
  22. What about this one? (brick building behind/beside the MOBAT) : Is this also an Elite Forces set? I'm going to take a wild guess and say that TRU doesn't offer these anymore, do they? I would love to have both of these. (I also wish I had the room to show off some of my stuff like some of you guys ) SHIZZ-ZOT!, blackdragon! Where do you have the room for all those vehicles?! I only (well, mostly) do figures and I don't have that kind of room, dude!! Very nice stuff, everybody.
  23. Who knows. I think it's a bad idea just because it makes shill bidding harder to catch. Just my own opinion.
  24. Hey, Folks, Please watch out for this if you see it on your computer. If you open up your browser and your homepage says you need to load an update from 'puresafetyhere.com', turn your computer off and take to a professional, or unplug your RJ45 (or if you're running a WiFi, disable it). It means your computer has the 'ViralHeat' trojan. I tried disabling this myself, and screwed up royally. I Googled the 'puresafetyhere' thing and the first few sites recommended loading an AV program from a company called Kaspersky. DON'T ORDER OR DOWNLOAD ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE!! IT ONLY MAKES THINGS WORSE! I believe Kaspersky developed the ViralHeat virus themselves. I even went to Wikipedia to find a fix, and they gave a list of '.exe's' to disable and delete. The Kaspersky program didn't alow me to do it. I removed (so I thought) kaspersky through the Add/remove. It was still on my system though I couldn't find every nook and cranny where it was hidden. Searched for the '.exe' list again, and still couldn't remove anything. So I quit, exited out of every program running, and restarted. From that point on, everytime the computer was powered on, nothing would work. The cursor would float to the corner until you unplug and replug the mouse. IE stopped working, Windows stopped working, and kaspersky was back and started running automatically from bootup! It would then go into 'required reboot' and kept going, giving a logged-in version of a 'F1/F2' error. I couldn't do anything! I unplugged it and took to Rob, my Firedog guy. That was last Thursday. I just plugged this thing back up about an hour ago. Sorry to post something so long, but I wanted to make sure no-one else was going to be suffering through this if possible. Rant over.
  25. Yeah, I saw that happening a lot at a Sears Essentials in San Diego. I pointed stuff out to them on 3 different occasions. They couldn't even fake giving a $h!t.
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