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  1. I've done other weapon mash-ups, too. I'll post those later elsewhere.
  2. Thanks! All have removable blades except for the third one from the top.
  3. Just got these two in the mail today: Commander Wolffe phase 3 and Commander Doom (from China, "midnight run" pieces , I guess. Pretty sweet!)
  4. Just like to have a larger variety of different sabre hilts. These are just a few I've done. Opinions, please?
  5. Thanks for all the responses, everyone. I realized he actually was being a prick about it. In the last couple of weeks, we were both over at a friends house, and I talked with him again and the conversation steered back to that time. He actually had the gall to say it was a good thing for him that I was going through so much then since I was in a bad relationship and including that my father had gotten sick then or he wouldn't be able to have pulled that over on me! I couldn't believe how blatantly blunt he was being! I cursed him out and told him what I thought of him and that we were no longer friends, not that we probably even were in the first place since this is his attitude towards things. Admittedly it made things uncomfortable for everyone else unfortunately, but he said it right in front of them , so now they all know how he really is. It's great when someone is this honest about how they are. I can't take the last few years back and undo it all, but at least I've got a nice taste of truth for once. A phrase that a friend of mine from the Navy once told me turns out to be very true: the truth is like a tiger; it doesn't have to be defended. Set it free and it will defend itself!
  6. Found Chopper, Jedi Temple Guard and AP-DP driver at my Walmart. They had the Inquisitor too, but I already overpaid online thinking he was gonna be rare.
  7. Holy crap! That's a damn nice find! Not only SW but those Six Million Dollar Man and Lone Ranger pieces were nice, too!
  8. Would he gloat before? I would say no. If he did well back then, he would say something like "this was a good day". But when it came to the stuff I had sold him afterwards, it was always "Hey I made this much off of that Fin Fang Foom I got from you!", or "This guy gave me a nice coin for that Shogun Warrior jumbo Mazinga!" That alone isn't what bugged me as much as the smirk he was wearing when he said it. That's what actually stuck in my craw. Like I said before, I kept waiting for him to break face and say, "Hey, just messing with you", but that never happened. He always seem to be waiting for some kind of reaction from me, which I never gave him.
  9. A couple of years ago, dire necessity required me to sell most of my collection. Some stuff went to a collectibles store, the rest went to a friend of mine, who also had his own shoppe. I had originally asked for his help in selling the rest, but he would only offer to buy it all from me himself. My situation being what it was at the time, I gave in to that. My life was in a huge upheaval then, and the only choices I had were either sell to him, or basically lose it all and get nothing. So I had to settle for that, and I moved on. Here's my issue. Every time he made a huge profit off of selling one of my old pieces, he went out of his way to tell me about it, like he wanted me to be proud of him. At first, I thought he was just being matter-of-fact, but every time, it became more pronounced. I thought he was kidding and I just kept waiting for him to break face. He never did....as far as I could tell, he WAS gloating. I no longer feel comfortable going there, amd I haven't been back for about a year. Just want some opinions on these interactions I've had with him. Am I being overly sensitive, or am I right in perceiving this as kind of a douche bag move?
  10. Yep, I guess that "open back" business is standard for this one. Thanks. I keep forgetting to check the Rebelscum archives. :-)
  11. I got it new in the package, but it just seems kinda off. What keeps an astromech from just falling out? Does anyone else have this piece? Is mine missing something?
  12. Picked up a clone wars Y-Wing scout bomber. Kinda weird, but neat little piece.
  13. Got a small lot of stuff including the Exar Kun/Ulic Quel Droma comic pack. Within the lot they averaged out to about $15 a figure. Sweet!
  14. Saw these at Walmart a few days ago and looking at them right now. Just like the Xevos figures, you can swap parts to make different figures. The first wave appears to be Spiderman, Dr. Doom, Captain America, and a movie/"Ultimates" version of Hawkeye. The back of the package also shows the Hulk and Iron Man which I guess are in a later wave. Has anyone else come across these yet?
  15. Last drill weekend, l splurged on Kwinn, Budo, and Ultimate Storm Shadow when l saw them at the NEX. Great figures all, no regrets.
  16. I didn't vote since l have a mixed opinion on these. On the whole, l personally think most of these look like crap, with 2 exceptions. I shelled out for the Jango/red BD 2 pack and the single card Yoda. The Jango is a nice mold, if a little thick (can't really say 'steroided'), but l'm a Mando whore, so l got it. The BD is a rehash, but a decent one. The Yoda figure really shines, IMHO. You don't necessarily need a super articulated version of Yoda (wrist and ankle movement would have been nice, but aren't really needed), but what really makes it work for me is how the head post is done. You can get a lot of expression and subtle movement since the neck conceals the post. With the head and neck being one piece, that subtle design difference offers an effect that l think really makes it great. Yes, it's a prequel version, but this is actually my favorite Yoda figure that had ever been made right now. If all the '5 POA' figures were done this well, l'd be a convert, but as yet, Yoda is the only gem so far. Just my 2 cents.
  17. I pretty much agree with everything that's been posted here right now. Duck Dynasty, Beyblade, and pre-80's production values (5 POA?! This is my biggest WTF?!) are all things I just personally don't get. Kinda dig that little Megabloks T-800 figure, though.
  18. This is sad news indeed. I can't believe I didn't learn about this earlier. Michael Ansara will be missed.
  19. Does this mean Michael Shanks will play Ultron on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D? @loll@lol good one but technically isn't he Hawkman? That shouldn't matter. We had Hal Jordan play both Hannibal King and Deadpool. Not to mention Johnny Storm trading in his fire powers for Super Soldier serum. Don't know if anyone thought of this, but Spader could make for a passable Hank Pym. Any chance that could be an added plot wrinkle? Kind of a way for Ultron to still "come from the mind" of Hank Pym, having an AI take over his mind and body?
  20. I saw these at Walmart yesterday for the first time. The Luke and Anakin both look great. So does the Padme. The only appeal of the Vader are the extra hands and accessories. The rest are basically rehashes, but are still good molds. The Biggs upgrade was long overdue, but I made my own version long ago that looks better than this one, so I will probably pass. ( though honestly, I'm passing on all of them for right now due to financial reasons) My only real concern is how cheap the cards look. It makes the series appear like a line of budget toys with the bootleg-quality packaging, which I would think would be more appropriate for the '5 POA' figures if those were single carded, or even now with the two packs. Just my 2 cents.
  21. Joes = CrankBlast - Medical expert Makes me sound like the Joes' meth-dealer! Cobra = SkyBlast - Spy Cobra, here I come! The other 2: Red Nickel Shiz Tzu - No Golden Falcon - Much better
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