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  1. I'm really excited about the B.Gordon two pack.. she looks great! I'd be interested to see what Clark Kent looks like as well.. I hope they can pull him off.
  2. Well Hoffman is still in "talks" so that may mean they are still floating the idea of the Peguin around and Phillipe is listed at Harvey Dent first and then Two Face which may be a good hint as to the character development. It may mess with continuity but it would be cool for Dent and Batman to drag in the Joker and during the trial the Joker f's up Dent turning him into Two Face towards the end of the movie. Two Face/Dent goes missing.. Batman ends 2 searching for his friend. The Peguin could just be a side character.. an arms dealer for the Joker maybe.
  3. Seems like DC pushed back a few issues as well... how hard is it to get 10-12 issues out a year? Civil War #4 being late not only sucks for the fans but it really puts a wet blanket on how well Marvel was doing with this story line. @grumpy@
  4. Modern toys will never be worth much when it's all said and done unless they are under a limited release. We have no idea how many variants are released with each wave.. OPEN IT! The unmasked looks great!
  5. Smart business decisions aren't always made due to profit analysis. There are many other factors in a decision of cutting a department - such as the effects of customer satisfaction. Walmart has a goal to get you what you want/need at the cheapest prices around - so they're catering to a specific market. Lay A Way has been a key strategy used to target that demographic. I'm not sure how big the staff is at a LAW counter, but if customers do indeed default, Walmart still has the product in its possession so I assume they don't have to worry about wrestling the product away. Now I'm not for or against LAW. If WM wants to keep it, great for those that use it. If WM gets rid of it, no skin off my back. And to those that think that using layaway to "support" the toy collecting hobby: I believe that you really can't say that they can't afford it. I know many responsible people that create monthly budgets. These people might say hey, I can spend $75 on toys this month. Or they might just use it because they don't have the cash on them at that particular moment. Or maybe they're 10yrs old and they're waiting for their allowance In any case, I agree that people should go into deep deep debt to collect these things, but even if they do, let them do what they want. Sure stores make SOME decisions based off of customer satisfaction but those tend to be smaller chains.. Wal-Mart and Target look at the numbers.. which is why Wal-Mart is getting rid of Lay A Way.. it only makes sense. The expenses of restocking, storage, employees, payment tracking software, etc. outweight customer satisfaction any day. Like I said before.. all of what I said was my personal opinion.. I wasn't judging anyone here.. I just observe the folks that collect toys in my area and most of the time they can't afford the hobby and it's sad to see. I'm all for collecting toys.. it's a fun, safe hobby.. but I still believe that if you don't have the money on hand you shouldn't use lay a way.. afterall we're collecting TOYS.. with enough effort you will more than likely see the toy again. Also the 10 year old example is a little weird... what kid is wandering around a store by themselves? Where is the parent to tell the kid that they don't have the money and to put the toy back? Seems a little weird that the parent would let the kid use lay a way.. maybe it happens but it just sounds weird. My point is lay a way was started way back in the day to allow people to live a normal life by putting essentials on credit with stores... we've gotten to the point where people put items they collect on lay a way in an attempt to prevent others from finding that item and buying it first.. that sounds a little sad.. it may not to everyone but it really is somewhat sad that we've gotten to this point.
  6. Good for you for not going into debt.. but don't make yourself feel better about collecting toys because you keep them MOC.. you're still collecting toys! @loll@
  7. I will try to find the contract and get back to you on that.. it would be GREAT if that were the truth! As nice as DCD stuff is I prefer the prices of DCSH.
  8. It's amazing stores still carry lay away sections in their stores.. with the combination of the expense of keeping a staff at the lay away section potential for default on items and storage space it just doesn't make much business sense. I guess "tradition" is finally winning out to common business sense.
  9. That can't happen with this contract.. ONLY Supes and Batman characters! @smilepunch@
  10. Personally I think if you have to use Layway to support a hobby, you need to find a hobby you can afford. I understand layaway for expensive items and even for presents for their kids for those that are not as well off but if you're using layaway to support a hobby there is something wrong with that. Not to judge anyone here but collecting plastic toys is not a very smart thing to do if money is tight. Also, the whole "well I found it first so it's MINE!" attitude is just the tip of the iceberg of what's wrong with toy collecting.
  11. I'd also add to those Superman and Batman with Green Lantern suits. From what I know of the contract that came with this line ONLY Superman and Batman characters can be used.. the GL stuff would violate the contract. Sucks.. but the line can't dip into many characters right now.
  12. aerosmith6703


    She could be bi-sexual.. it's easier to say she's a lesbian to make headlines rather than "Batwoman is a Bi-sexual" ...a lesbian character makes for a better story for DC as a bi-sexual theme may bring unwanted concerned "groups" to their doorsteps.
  13. I picked up Batman and the Mr. Freeze because I didn't get him the first time around.. the four Azrael's I saw had horrible paint jobs so I passed.
  14. Nah they tend to keep family and girlfriends/boyfriends dead.. the only reason Gwen Stacey is alive is because it is an Ultimate story line.... main characters and cool villians tend to come back because they can be used again. As for the Rhino.. does it really matter WHO is in the Rhino suit? I don't think so.. the same goes for Carnage, Hobgoblin, Mysterio.. they can all be replaced or updated with new characters behind the masks.
  15. I agree the art is fantastic.. Rhino sucks he can die.. it's better if the Punisher does it over Spidey. On the Gwen Stacey subject.. she is dead, the new story line leading up to issue 100 is a CLONE story.. so you can draw an obvious Ultimate conclusion from there.
  16. Well, Adrian Brody has the Joker nose. The real reason why I don't think Heath Ledger would make a good joker is because he is a bad actor. A Knight's Tale was awful from the parts of it I saw plus he is too much of a pouty, pretty boy to do the role of the Joker any justice. So you are going to base your knowledge of Ledger on a movie from 2001 that was intended to be a teen movie? I suggest you watch some of his films from the past 3 years. All actors develop over the course of their career, Ledger has and he's great. Also as far as the Joker being a pretty boy.. before he became the Joker the guy wasn't gross or sickley looking. A transformation from a good looking, struggling criminal into a twisted pale character is one Ledger can pull off. For Ledgers body type, remember Bale was VERY thin before he filmed Begins and he managed to bulk up.. there is no reason Ledger couldn't slim down for the role.
  17. Finally someone that can rub more than two brain cells together and write WHY they don't like Ledger other than "ha Brokeback Batman" ha.." . I agree that Cassinova isn't a great movie.. but with some actors I do think that they're acting is a product of the movie they are given. I think with Nolan and a good script (which Begins had a decent script) Ledger will be a great new Joker. Ledgers acting in Brokeback Mountain in conjunction with a great director (yeah he made a stinker with the Hulk but look what he was working with) produced a character SO convincing that there are people (in particular here) that think the guy is actually gay! Considering how many comic book movies have casted wooden actors/actresses I think we got a pretty good actor for the Joker roll.
  18. So the Batcave is in Mississippi?
  19. So you judge an actor based on one movie? A movie that won several awards? I think some you are hung up on the fact that the guy made a movie that had a homosexual theme. Did any of you that are slamming Ledger even watch Brokeback Mountain? The guy is a great actor, he has a wonderful wife a kid and is not REALLY gay. I'm starting to wonder if some of you understand that movies are not REAL.
  20. Even though we've known about Ledger for a few weeks now I still feel that he is the best choice for the Joker roll. Ledger really hasn't played too many villians so it's something fresh for him which means he may be more into the character. I'm actually glad they are going with the Joker since the last movie left off with a slight cliff hanger.. it shows they are taking this franchise serious unlike the previous movies! I also hope that Ledger doesn't do a J.N. Joker impression because as unpopular as this may be to say I never thought J.N. was THAT great as the Joker. @hmmm@ Great title. Great potential. Stinks we have to wait! @smilepunch@
  21. Week 12 was pretty interesting... Captain Marvel has gone over the edge and is insane! Black Adam.. is he using ISSIS? Is he turning over a new leaf? The history on Wonder Woman was short but well done. Overall I like where the story line is going but it's getting there pretty slow! (I know it's a 52 part series but still!)
  22. Willem Dafoe is a great choice, but it would be odd to see him as Joker when he has already played another mad villain. It would have been interesting to watch his performance. About Ledger. I´m really hoping he can pull the roll off: The face doesn´t look to joker at all and his voice is kinda deep. We all know how Joker´s voice is, and it doesn´t sound Ledger at all. Dafoe is too old. He would have been good 10 years ago. Ledger does have a great Joker smile and lets put some things in perspective, why does the Joker voice have to sound the same in every movie/tv show? The 89 Joker was totally different from the 60's Joker.. this series is a new start to the Batman series.. the Joker could be VERY different if Nolan wants him to be.
  23. I think the storyline was a little weak but it did manage to catch up new fans on the big 3 and shows how in the past they've always been there for each other. #1 should be great as the big 3 argue over who they want in.. the fight over Nightwing should be good.
  24. I agree Brokeback is a good film, but college football, now that is gay. A bunch of sweaty men who love to play with balls and tackle eachother. No, no, wrestling is the GAY sport.. two men grabbing at each other in spandex while trying to perform moves like the "butt drag!"
  25. Well damn.. I already have one of those.. I just don't know where he is!
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