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  1. Those are just errors and they're likely "worth" less than a correct figure. A true variant is something done intentionally by the manufacturer to drum up interest in a line/series or a mass production error that is found in several states and or there are multiple toys made the same way. (EX. wrong accessory or paint apps that appear in several cases)

  2. did I not say the "Clearance Bird of Pray" was gonna blow these figs off the peggs lol @smilepunch@ .


    don't hate.


    Kids were never going to latch on to this line like they have with other movie/TV tie-ins, it just wasn't kid friendly enough. There's a reason Kevin Smith makes action figures aimed at adults only, Playmates should have done the same.

  3. These aren't on clearance


    Wal-Mart doesn't have "sale" prices, they're on clearance, brick and mortar Wal-Mart's operate mostly by commission on items like toys. Wal-Mart's "sale" price is their "everyday low price"...they may roll back prices but that indicates a clearance. Now it doesn't mean the end of a line of toys but it does indicate that a given product has sat on the shelves too long and must be moved.

  4. Because we may know about this doesn't make us dorks


    I feel the true dorks are people who go through life without any imagination at all


    No, Geof7609 pretty much hit the nail on the head. There's nothing wrong with being a dork or more properly a GEEK, people are fans of all kinds of different things/places and someone may view them as a _____ dork/GEEK. (Pick your phrase) Unfortunately, Star Trek ended up with a stigma not because of the show or the movies but because of the fans, Star Wars has their share of over the top fans but Star Trek fans were always more visible and vocal about their fandom and as such they were labeled decades ago. It is fair to say that more people know who Spider-Man, Superman or even Darth Vader is over what the Enterprise looks like or even what Spock looks like outside of the trademark pointy ears and hand gesture. But trust me, anyone that posts on a message board about on any topic is a dork/geek or nerd about some subject. It's nothing to be ashamed of and it doesn't mean others don't have an imagination, they just prefer other subjects in life.


    By the very definition everyone that posts here and on other message boards could be defined as a geek.



    A person intensely interested in a particular field or hobby, generally at the expense of broader social interaction.


    Anyone that posts on a message board fits that description to a T.


    You may not like it, but it's the truth.. and you'll notice I lump everyone into this category and didn't exclude myself.

  5. When Star Trek is concerned I go with TV ratings not Box Office receipts


    That's great, if you're a fan, it doesn't mean squat if you're part of Paramount or an investor associated with Paramount. More can be made with one successful movie than an entire series run if the movie made correctly/a movie that draws in a huge repeat crowd.



    In fact, JJ is a HUGE Star Wars fan:



    R2-D2 in New Star Trek Film

    By Chief Robot. Filed in Entertainment |

    Tags: easter egg, R2-D2, star trek, star wars



    Stark Trek movie maker JJ Abrams likes Star Wars so much he has hidden R2-D2 in certain scenes in the new movie. Can you spot R2-D2 in the new Star Trek movie?


    If so you could win big. By big I mean you could win an official prop from the movie.


    To test if you have the chops for this, first go to the Cadet Training Facility and test your skills. Then go see the actual movie and look for R2-D2.


    To enter the, send an email with the subject line Star Trek Easter Egg Sweepstakes, to facebook@paramount.com. For all the details, check out the official Star Trek Facebook page.




    There's nothing to be ashamed of as a Star Trek fan that those in the creative leads are taking notes from one of the most successful movie franchises of all time.

  6. Wow I thought the Wrath of Khan did better but I remembered E.T also came out in the summer of 82


    Look at the number of theaters showing Star Trek compared to Khan as well.. ~4,000 to ~1,000 times have changed a lot since the 1980's. The number of theaters that showed Star Wars compared to Episode III were also vastly different.



    Something else that's interesting:


    Star Wars Lifetime Gross Total (7 films): $2,217,773,316


    Lifetime Gross Total (11 films): $950,424,102



    Star Trek done is a more Star Wars fashion: Star Trek Par. $194,828,380


    Last Traditional Star Trek movie: Star Trek: Nemesis Par. $43,254,409


    Paramount and JJ are on to something..

  7. Another minor quibble I had is, isn't Bones supposed to be a good deal older than Kirk? I suppose we never had his age officially established, but Deforest Kelly was about 10 years older than Shatner, and Urban is about 10 years older than Pine... so why did we see Urban as McCoy dressed in his cadet's uniform at one point, which to me put him close to Kirk in age? Maybe McCoy just entered the service at an older age than Kirk? Or did I miss something?



    Bones is older than Kirk, if you go back and look at the scene where they meet, Bones is clearly upset about having to join the service but he doesn't seem to have a choice after his divorce. This isn't uncommon in the real world for the service or for college students. I had a fellow classmate in college that was in his 50's.. he went back to school after being laid off and going through a divorce. So essentially Bones in the newer film reflects a more realistic view on life which is nice.

  8. does anyone know what the toys for this week are? I'm dying to get a Bones


    Just a tip, that may or may not work, quite a few BK's have the entire set of toys already and if you find a helpful employee you might be able to find the toy you're looking for. If not most BK's get shipments in over the weekend so it wouldn't hurt to stop by on a Sunday afternoon and ask. Some of the bigger BK's and those in bigger cities typically have the entire set of toys. I was able to buy the entire Star Wars collection a few years ago in one visit, they even gave me a discount since I was buying the whole set.. it set me back $20 but it was worth it not to deal with the hassle.

  9. yeah i dont think i would sell anyways now that its been hanging on the wall...love it too much....the family friend is a photographer and he does a lot of premieres and events in cali...said he got the ledger sig in september 07 when it was impossible to find a dark knight script so he came up with the begins script idea and got bale and ledger at the same event in red ink...heaths sig just says heath...it looks real, it looks like an actor wrote it...i couldnt image heath had good hand writing...brian also said he has a few other heath sigs from knights tale so him giving the one on a begins script to a uber joker/batman/heath fan was not a big deal for him...thanks for the interest...he didnt say where he got the goyer/nolan...probably comic con



    That sounds about right, do you have time to take a picture of the item? It would be great to see. Ledger did just sing Heath later in his career, I'd imagine the Knights Tale items probably have his full name.

  10. Yep, for me the autograph and note I got ( in a copy of the Lucasfilm Archives book) was a reward for a job I slaved away on years ago ( Wing Commander Academy). The producers at UNIVERSAL were so pleased with the work we had done at our small studio, they ask Mark if he'd autograph some stuff for us. I grabbed the only relevant thing on my office bookcase and had it sent down to LA. Mark wasn't sure what to write so he called me to ask. Had a very pleasant conversation with the man, and he told me he'd " think of something special" to write down.

    Had similar experiences with Michael Dorn, Todd McFarlane and a couple of other lesser-known folks.

    Its nice because the associations I have now to Star Wars, Mark Hamill and the work that I do are just a bit more personal and precious. IMO, that is the real value of owning a celebrity autograph.



    That's a great story, Mark seems like a really great guy and look at it this way.. you got a free autograph that he now sells for ~$150 a pop. The combo of the story and the autograph is something you should make a note of for any future generations to appreciate. Very cool story.

  11. I know what you mean, I did a nightly marathon of each of the 80-90's Batman movies a few months ago and besides the obvious camp in the later films, even the Burton films don't hold up that well. Batman and Batman Returns do have their own charm and they do have some really great moments but they just don't compare to the Nolan films. I'm sure in 20 years the Nolan films won't be able to touch ____'s films about Batman though.. the only DC films to hold up are Superman I and II and even though they LOOK dated they're still the best representation of the character out there.

  12. Yea, I have some stuff signed for me by Mark Hamill, while on a storyboard job I did with him. Its impossible to authenticate the autograph ( aside from my word), but its personalized to me (and I know he signed it because I got to speak on the phone with him) and I have no intention to ever sell it.


    The thing about autographs is that its more a directly personal link between the celebrity and the recipient, so it'll always mean more to that person than to anyone else.




    I wouldn't say it's impossible to authenticate the autograph there are enough experts in the Star Wars field of autographs that they have examples from every year/decade of some actor signing style. But that is an awesome story and personal touch. I think autographs are more of a collectible that you can pass down from generation to generation, especially if they're personalized. I have a Samuel Jackson personalized picture and I wouldn't trade it for any other collectible.

  13. Hate to harsh your mellow, but it's a fake.


    Ask yourself: Why would Ledger's signature be on a "Batman Begins" script?? He wasn't in "Batman Begins". Neither was the character of the Joker, who was only mentioned in passing at the end of the movie.


    Seems fishy to me.


    But that was an item related to the films that was available while Ledger was alive. I'd buy that story without seeing the autograph well before I'd buy a story of a Joker image signed by Ledger.


    The Joker IS mentioned at the end of Begins so it works and if that's all you have while having the opportunity to get a Ledger autograph would you pass merely because of a technicality?


    If real why would anyone ever give it away, especially with Ledger's death increasing the value?? Sorry, but unless that person is a REALLY good friend, it's just not believable.


    People give away weird stuff all the time, just in this very thread that don't appreciate autographs as collectibles.. the same way toys were given away in the early 1980's when people didn't have an appreciation for the collectible nature of the toy.


    I'm not willing to call BS on this one until I see a scan of the autograph.. Ledger signed two very distinct ways while he was famous.. it would be easy to spot a fake.

  14. I have never liked full cases b/c you always end up with crazy case assortments I just try to buy what I can for a decent price but yeah 3 proto-batmans are strange. And I know we have discussed this before but who is Mattel targeting with this wave? Can't be kids b/c there is no TDK-esque thing is sight so it has to be collectors and like I said in an earlier post will there be enough merch and shelf space to go around to keep this wave plentiful, since its going to be just the collectors making purchases?



    But the main character always sells more than the other figures... :rolleyes:

  15. Nothing wrong with autographs. If it's not your thing, OK, but some people dig it.


    For example, my autographed copy of Ann Coulter's book "GUILTY" is one of my most prized possessions.





    In the end autographs will eventually be worth more than most toys if you're looking at it from merely a financial point when comparing the hobbies. Toys are made by the 10,000's autographs are usually fairly limited in nature. Even the biggest signers like Mark Hamill or a Kevin Smith/Jason Mewes will only be able to sign a limited number of items in their lives and each can be a memory of meeting the person or unique to the individual. Autographs are a fun hobby, now mind you I collect some toys as well but my autographs mean more to me personally than any toy ever will.

  16. Hate to harsh your mellow, but it's a fake.


    Ask yourself: Why would Ledger's signature be on a "Batman Begins" script?? He wasn't in "Batman Begins". Neither was the character of the Joker, who was only mentioned in passing at the end of the movie.


    Seems fishy to me.


    But that was an item related to the films that was available while Ledger was alive. I'd buy that story without seeing the autograph well before I'd buy a story of a Joker image signed by Ledger.


    The Joker IS mentioned at the end of Begins so it works and if that's all you have while having the opportunity to get a Ledger autograph would you pass merely because of a technicality?

  17. I'll take it for 5 bucks.



    also, why would Ledger sign BB script? he wasn't in it


    I think its fake


    dude stop and think about it for a second, stars have all maner of crap shoved in their faces all day long by their adoring public. its crazy to think they stop and read what their autographing. that plus the fact if some one were trying to pull off a fake, would it not make more scence to get a TDK script to pull off such a hoaks. so in hind sight, the fact that its on BB script IMO only lends to its crediability.


    oh yeah MMM, even if it is real i would'nt pay $20 for it, and NO ONE is in love with Heath more than me. I just don't feel that a persons autograph actualy leaves me with a part of their "persona" so to speak. Thats why i'd NEVER want any of my DCD figs signed by any one. to me its only messing up my bevloved MOC packaging.



    you know what? true that.


    I don't give a flying crap about having anybody's autograph... it just doesn't do anything for me.


    Like if I had any chance with a superstar hottie chick, I would love to take her out and whatnot.. but to ask her for her signature, just makes me feel like I am saying "I worship you, and I need this to make myself feel close to you"




    the only autographs I ever sought out were from the Disney characters when I was like 5... there is just something about having a guy in a bigass Goofy costume gimme his autograph in my little plastic book, using his ginormous mitts.



    Meh, collecting autographs is more of a long standing hobby than collecting toys or even comic books. Just like any hobby it's not for everyone, some think it's creepy to have a 3" version of a real or imaginary person on their desk/shelf.

  18. all I'm saying is, I would trust 99.9% of all secondhand autographs to be 100% fake. If you didn't see it get signed, or it didn't arrive from their publicist/agency/label, then I'd be skeptical.


    the only ones that I know for sure are real are the ones I bothered to acquire from official channels. Which isn't many, and usually I don't really care much for Actor's autographs, opting more for artists and musicians.


    I just don't get starstruck too often, but when I had the opportunity to meet Tom Savini, I did make an exception. I've met Jason Mewes, and never bothered to get an autograph. Even though he was signing for free. Meeting him was enough.


    I do need to try to acquire Bob Dylan and Tom Petty's autographs.


    I understand why you feel that way but that train of thought is simply not true. There are always going to be forgeries out on the market but there are plenty of legitimate autographs for sale from secondary sources, you just have to do your homework before buying anything. Ebay has taken an initiative to clean up the amount of bad autographs on their website, it won't get them all but it's certainly keeping some of the frequent bad sellers from posting their stuff there.


    I personally won't discredit the OP claim about having a signed script until I see the autographs, Ledger did sign a few Batman related items before passing away, those that managed to hunt him down during filming are very rare but the fact that this is on a Begins script and not a Dark Knight movie poster does help the credibility of this thread.

  19. 99.9% of autographs are fake.


    the .1% that are real are pretty valuable.



    I wouldn't say that, as an autograph collector there are plenty of very good/real autographs to be had on the Ebay's of the world through private collections. Christian Bale for example signs through the mail as do other actors like Aaron Eckhart, their autographs are the real deal through the mail. Then there are online dealers like OfficialPix that offer real autographs from stars like Harrison Ford that are done in person.

  20. So true... Yea if you don't have a HD TV then having a blu-ray is definetly wasted. But its not that its being a fad it is much better quality when you watch a Blu-Ray vs a DVD on a HD TV. Trust me I used to be like some of you refusing to go to Blu Ray but when I got my HD TV and my PS3 came with that Blu Ray Movie I was blown away


    You're right there's no comparison, I wouldn't have bought an HD Dvd player while the war was still going on between HDDVD and Blu-Ray but now that all of the major studios are on board with Blu-Ray it's worth the investment. Not only is the picture quality superior but the sound quality is awesome as well. I always use Iron Man or the The Dark Knight to show off the picture quality it's fantastic.


    Just as a side comment, I usually only buy Blu-Ray discs I know will have a significant impact in HD, there's no sense in buying a comedy on Blu-Ray right now but Iron Man on DVD is vastly different in quality to Blu-Ray.

  21. Yeah, Blu-Ray is just a fad right now. Not in the sense that it will come and go, but in the sense that it's the cool thing to own so therefore it's unnecessarily high in price.


    And people tell themselves it makes a big difference, but no one was complaining about the "poor" picture quality of DVD before BR came along. It's the same with regular TV and HD TV. Is all this stuff really worth spending thousands of extra dollars when it's all said and done? Or do people just worry too much about keeping up with the Joneses?


    Anyway, I'd like to see this on DVD, but based on the limited extras on The Dark Knight SE DVD, it wouldn't surprise me if they don't release this at all other than on Blu-Ray.



    That's the misconception, the devices don't cost thousands of dollars and yes there is a massive difference. If you can't notice the difference the technology isn't for you, but standard def DVD and TV's will eventually be a thing of the past in a few years. You might have had a point about keeping up with the Joneses back in 2003-2005 but HD viewing is now the standard that will continue to gain in standard usage over the next 5-10 years.


    There's very little profit to be had from retailers in selling DVD players, due to patent rights. The Blu-Ray format will become the standard in the next few years, just as the VHS gave way to the DVD, the same will be done to the DVD while the Blu-Ray takes it place in homes. The nice thing is though a good Blu-Ray player will play DVD's and upconvert them to 1080 or as close as it can get to 1080 so your old collection won't go obsolete. Change is always hard when it comes to home entertainment but Blu-Ray and HDTV should be embraced they advancement in technology is astounding. Since all the major studios have embraced Blu-Ray you can safely bet that it isn't a fad, but rather a technology that will eventually replace DVD's once the price of the players gets to the $150 mark.

  22. I picked up the Tin variation from Best Buy.. they were selling pretty well and fast here in ATL. The manager that was checking people out said they got a case of 30 in and when I was checking out I there were only 2 left. The single discs are selling well too according to the manager.


    Buyer beware with the tins though.. I love the tin as it looks great on my shelf BUT the magnetic strip on the back of the tin is cover some of the artwork.. if removed it begins to peel the paint away. I stuck mine back down so it didn't mess up the box. The tin is very nice and I wish the SE OT that came out a while back had come in a tin and not in a carboard box!

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