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  1. Those are just errors and they're likely "worth" less than a correct figure. A true variant is something done intentionally by the manufacturer to drum up interest in a line/series or a mass production error that is found in several states and or there are multiple toys made the same way. (EX. wrong accessory or paint apps that appear in several cases)
  2. Kids were never going to latch on to this line like they have with other movie/TV tie-ins, it just wasn't kid friendly enough. There's a reason Kevin Smith makes action figures aimed at adults only, Playmates should have done the same.
  3. Wal-Mart doesn't have "sale" prices, they're on clearance, brick and mortar Wal-Mart's operate mostly by commission on items like toys. Wal-Mart's "sale" price is their "everyday low price"...they may roll back prices but that indicates a clearance. Now it doesn't mean the end of a line of toys but it does indicate that a given product has sat on the shelves too long and must be moved.
  4. No, Geof7609 pretty much hit the nail on the head. There's nothing wrong with being a dork or more properly a GEEK, people are fans of all kinds of different things/places and someone may view them as a _____ dork/GEEK. (Pick your phrase) Unfortunately, Star Trek ended up with a stigma not because of the show or the movies but because of the fans, Star Wars has their share of over the top fans but Star Trek fans were always more visible and vocal about their fandom and as such they were labeled decades ago. It is fair to say that more people know who Spider-Man, Superman or even Darth Vader is over what the Enterprise looks like or even what Spock looks like outside of the trademark pointy ears and hand gesture. But trust me, anyone that posts on a message board about on any topic is a dork/geek or nerd about some subject. It's nothing to be ashamed of and it doesn't mean others don't have an imagination, they just prefer other subjects in life. By the very definition everyone that posts here and on other message boards could be defined as a geek. Anyone that posts on a message board fits that description to a T. You may not like it, but it's the truth.. and you'll notice I lump everyone into this category and didn't exclude myself.
  5. That's great, if you're a fan, it doesn't mean squat if you're part of Paramount or an investor associated with Paramount. More can be made with one successful movie than an entire series run if the movie made correctly/a movie that draws in a huge repeat crowd. In fact, JJ is a HUGE Star Wars fan: http://www.robotliving.com/2009/05/19/r2-d...star-trek-film/ There's nothing to be ashamed of as a Star Trek fan that those in the creative leads are taking notes from one of the most successful movie franchises of all time.
  6. Look at the number of theaters showing Star Trek compared to Khan as well.. ~4,000 to ~1,000 times have changed a lot since the 1980's. The number of theaters that showed Star Wars compared to Episode III were also vastly different. Something else that's interesting: Star Wars Lifetime Gross Total (7 films): $2,217,773,316 Lifetime Gross Total (11 films): $950,424,102 Star Trek done is a more Star Wars fashion: Star Trek Par. $194,828,380 Last Traditional Star Trek movie: Star Trek: Nemesis Par. $43,254,409 Paramount and JJ are on to something..
  7. Bones is older than Kirk, if you go back and look at the scene where they meet, Bones is clearly upset about having to join the service but he doesn't seem to have a choice after his divorce. This isn't uncommon in the real world for the service or for college students. I had a fellow classmate in college that was in his 50's.. he went back to school after being laid off and going through a divorce. So essentially Bones in the newer film reflects a more realistic view on life which is nice.
  8. Just a tip, that may or may not work, quite a few BK's have the entire set of toys already and if you find a helpful employee you might be able to find the toy you're looking for. If not most BK's get shipments in over the weekend so it wouldn't hurt to stop by on a Sunday afternoon and ask. Some of the bigger BK's and those in bigger cities typically have the entire set of toys. I was able to buy the entire Star Wars collection a few years ago in one visit, they even gave me a discount since I was buying the whole set.. it set me back $20 but it was worth it not to deal with the hassle.
  9. That sounds about right, do you have time to take a picture of the item? It would be great to see. Ledger did just sing Heath later in his career, I'd imagine the Knights Tale items probably have his full name.
  10. That's a great story, Mark seems like a really great guy and look at it this way.. you got a free autograph that he now sells for ~$150 a pop. The combo of the story and the autograph is something you should make a note of for any future generations to appreciate. Very cool story.
  11. I know what you mean, I did a nightly marathon of each of the 80-90's Batman movies a few months ago and besides the obvious camp in the later films, even the Burton films don't hold up that well. Batman and Batman Returns do have their own charm and they do have some really great moments but they just don't compare to the Nolan films. I'm sure in 20 years the Nolan films won't be able to touch ____'s films about Batman though.. the only DC films to hold up are Superman I and II and even though they LOOK dated they're still the best representation of the character out there.
  12. I wouldn't say it's impossible to authenticate the autograph there are enough experts in the Star Wars field of autographs that they have examples from every year/decade of some actor signing style. But that is an awesome story and personal touch. I think autographs are more of a collectible that you can pass down from generation to generation, especially if they're personalized. I have a Samuel Jackson personalized picture and I wouldn't trade it for any other collectible.
  13. But that was an item related to the films that was available while Ledger was alive. I'd buy that story without seeing the autograph well before I'd buy a story of a Joker image signed by Ledger. The Joker IS mentioned at the end of Begins so it works and if that's all you have while having the opportunity to get a Ledger autograph would you pass merely because of a technicality? If real why would anyone ever give it away, especially with Ledger's death increasing the value?? Sorry, but unless that person is a REALLY good friend, it's just not believable. People give away weird stuff all the time, just in this very thread that don't appreciate autographs as collectibles.. the same way toys were given away in the early 1980's when people didn't have an appreciation for the collectible nature of the toy. I'm not willing to call BS on this one until I see a scan of the autograph.. Ledger signed two very distinct ways while he was famous.. it would be easy to spot a fake.
  14. But the main character always sells more than the other figures...
  15. In the end autographs will eventually be worth more than most toys if you're looking at it from merely a financial point when comparing the hobbies. Toys are made by the 10,000's autographs are usually fairly limited in nature. Even the biggest signers like Mark Hamill or a Kevin Smith/Jason Mewes will only be able to sign a limited number of items in their lives and each can be a memory of meeting the person or unique to the individual. Autographs are a fun hobby, now mind you I collect some toys as well but my autographs mean more to me personally than any toy ever will.
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