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  1. I was originally only going to get Aqualad and Manta, but that Ocean Master has grown on me too. I think I'll pre-order those 3 and skip Arthur. Edit: I was very pleasantly surprised to see BBTS has these priced the same as everyone else this time. I entered my pre-order with them for everybody but Arthur.
  2. Sonya is really the only want here for me.
  3. I really like that Andre figure! The rest are an easy pass for me, with perhaps maybe the exception of Becky.
  4. Great choice! I loved him on The Walking Dead. I'm not a big fan of characters being recast, but Cudlitz shold be fantastic as Lex!
  5. Pretty much the same for me. Supergirl is the only must have. I've already seen the Batman and Green Arrow a couple of times and passed on them. I might pick up the Dr. Fate if I find him somewhat reduced. I've got the other Injustice version, but like this one too. It's not impossible that I'd do the same with Green Arrow.
  6. I'm looking forward to adding Sorceress to my collection! Liking the soft goods on the cape.
  7. I haven't ever watched any of this show. What's the draw? I mean I enjoyed the Karate Kid movies when I was a kid, but I just can't imagine this being all that interesting - especially to last six seasons? Anyone who has watched want to offer why it has been so successful?
  8. It feels like forever since Season 1 was released. I'm looking forward to watching it, but late 2023 still seems like a very long ways off!
  9. I'm super excited for this Recondo figure. It will be the last to complete my collection. I got notification that Python Patrol Officer has shipped, so I'm just waiting on Recondo now. He will be the last of the windowed figures for me. He'll be my 45th Joe and once I have him and the Python Patrol Officer in hand they will perfectly fill one bookcase in my house (packaged looking forward, not sideways). I'm not collecting any windowless figures because I don't plan on every opening any of these. That has caused me to miss out on some good figures like Serpentor, Dr. Mindbender, Sgt. Slaughter, etc but there's not point in me buying a windowless figure that I'll never open to even confirm what is inside. My only regret is that I'll miss out on Shipwreck. He was my first Joe as a kid.
  10. I think that I actually already saw these at Target this past weekend. I didn't pay a ton of attention because I don't actively collect Turtles. The only turtles stuff I have are the four 2-packs from Playmates that I got each for more than 50% off sometime last year. I think I also have the four turtles and a Master Splinter from Playmates from a decade ago or so somewhere packed away. That's it, though. They've always been an afterthought for me so I've never bought the nicer more expensive versions. The NECA stuff looks nice, but are out of my price range.
  11. SSSShhhhhh.... the price increase on those is coming too, I promise. Let's not rush it. Also FYI only, Gamestop.com has Kalibak for $24.99. I'm not saying they'll honor that price, but that's what they have their preorders for him at right now.
  12. I'm looking forward to adding Man-E-Faces, Pig-Head and Shadow Weaver all to my collection! My most recent addition was Two-Bad and I love him. I've picked up at least one of every character in the Masterverse line so far with the exception of Sun-Man. I've got him preordered at Target from a sale for $11.99 and free shipping and they've been slow to get him in. BBTS has had him for at least a couple of months now and I've had to really hold myself back from ordering him from there for full price. I actually preferred the Masters of the Universe Classics that were sculpted by the Four Horsemen and were available exclusively on MattyCollector.com back a decade or so, but I received an offer that I couldn't refuse for my whole collection so I started over with this line. I don't collect the Origins line. I tried to collect the Eternia Minis but they proved pretty much impossible to find. This is my fourth line that I collect (behind Marvel Legends, DC Multiverse and Spawn) and I always get at least one of every character in each line so I hope this line doesn't go as deep as the Origins line has gone, I can't afford it! I am quitting G.I. Joe Classified though soon after the last two windowed packaging exclusives come out for Target (Recondo and Python Patrol Officer). I don't open these figures so buying that line in windowless packaging just makes no sense for me. That will free up some cash.
  13. Thanks, Jay. I appreciate your insight and you make really good points. Prior to reading this post I ended up pre-ordering the bundle of all four figures from the McFarlane store with shipping for $111.44 total after the 10% coupon ($107.06 bundle price - $10.71 coupon + $15.09 shipping). I certainly wouldn't want the smaller places to go out of business (I'm still in mourning over Dorkside). I've used BBTS for the majority of my pre-orders for over a decade but their pricing on DC Multiverse figures specifically has become completely noncompetitive recently for the standard size figures ($24.99 vs $19.99 for recent figures). I do still have over 20 Marvel Legends pre-orders currently pending with them however (including the new Franklin & VaIeria 2-pack) because I like them and they're usually only a $1 or $2 above everyone else on those. I really enjoy their Pile of Loot and $4 flat rate shipping. I currently have 7 of the DC Multiverse figures announced a couple of weeks ago pre-ordered through Entertainment Earth, but that will be my first ever pre-order experience with them and I'm considering it just a trial run and don't want to go any deeper with them just yet. If all goes smoothly, they'll likely earn more of my business especially if they continue to more price competitive than BBTS, especially on the DC Multiverse stuff. I only buy directly from Pulse, Amazon, Target or Walmart for exclusives or sales even though I always have free shipping from Amazon and Target. I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I've ordered from McFarlane directly and it's almost always been a bundle and usually to also take advantage of free figures being offered for spending over a certain $ amount. I think that I did pre-order just the exclusive Kid Flash Wallace West figure by itself though. I do believe in supporting the little guy. My first choice would be to give all of my business to my local comic book shop owner who is a great friend of mine, but the honest truth is that he just can't compete on figures. He usually gets them months after release (if he gets them at all) and pays nearly full retail for them himself so he he has to charge above retail to have any margin on them. Thanks again for providing food for thought. I'll be sure to consider this when making future purchasing decisions.
  14. Target already has pre-orders up for Riddler $22.99, Arkham Earth 2 Batman $22.99, Kalibak $39.99 and Fulcum Abominus $39.99. I'm waiting to see what the other retailers have as prices. Target is not my preferred vendor for pre-orders because they seem to get everything in late and constantly are running placeholder charges every week. BBTS has historically been my favorite for pre-orders but they've been about $5 higher per figure for McFarlane stuff recently. My other DC Multiverse pre-orders are with Entertainment Earth and those are my first ever pre-orders with them. McFarlane Store is a very real possibility for me on these if they do a bundle deal, since I want them all this time - although all the bundle pricing does is offset their shipping.
  15. I absolutely love all of the figures that I've seen by Loose Collector, but I just can't bring myself to pay $75+ per figure.
  16. I remember when figures came with things like this and you didn't have to pay the cost of a new figure to get them. I love some of the dioramas that are out there but despite being a huge a 6"-7" action figure collector I just can't make myself pull the trigger on things like this. The figures are too expensive on their own.
  17. I'm really liking these 6" Indy figures, primarily to be used as generic figures in my Marvel Legends displays - but I'll likely wait to see if I can snag any on clearance.
  18. I was going to pre-order these from BBTS, but just like the last wave they have the DC Multiverse figures at $24.99 while everyone else still has them priced at $19.99. BBTS has been my preferred vendor for pre-orders for well over a decade, but I felt like I was forced to pre-order these at Entertainment Earth (who I've only used sparingly in the past) due to the $5 difference PER FIGURE. I also considered the McFarlane Store site directly but consider their shipping costs to be far too high. If this type of price discrepancy continues, EE will be earning a lot more of my business at the expense of BBTS. I went ahead and pre-ordered Jay Garrick, Signal, Superboy, Kingdom Come Batman, Blue Hush Batman, Knightfall Catwoman and Mr. Freeze from EE. FYI, the McFarlane store site also has a new Gold Label Blue Lantern Kyle Rayner available for pre-order as well (site exclusive). I wasn't interested in this, but I thought I'd at least mention it.
  19. I went ahead and picked up the Flashpoint Aquaman for the Cyborg BAF part but the head sculpt is absolutely hideous. The body is fine as a repaint of the Endless Winter Aquaman, but that head sculpt just isn't suitable. I'll likely put it aside to be used on a generic villain figure at some point. I really want the Deadman figure whose pre-order is sold out. I'm hoping that it won't be too hard to find after the release date later this week.
  20. These are always interesting designs. I'll be picking up the father/son combo of Jackson Hyde and Black Manta but will be passing on both Arthur and Orm. I prefer the Endless Winter Aquaman and Gold Label Ocean Master that I already have to these designs.
  21. Mr. Freeze is definitely my favorite of these 3 figures. I'll be buying him and Knightfall Catwoman (who I like better than either the video game or movie version), but Gladiator Batman is an easy pass. I have no interest in him or the Gladiator Superman which is already peg-warming.
  22. Why?!? As a general rule, if a movie has been out for more than 10 years it probably doesn't need a direct sequel. Why not just do an original film with no tie to the first? Of course I've vowed to never watch another Ridley Scott, James Cameron, Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese project ever again due to their commentary on comic book movies and the MCU in particular, so I guess that it doesn't really impact me anyway.
  23. Of these 4 figures I'm going to pre-order Mr. Freeze and Knightfall Catwoman. Going to skip Hush Batman and Infinite Frontier Joker. I went to pre-order these at BBTS and saw they were $24.99 there as opposed to $19.99 everywhere else. BBTS has long been my standard pre-order vendor, but not at that price. I'm used to them being about $1 more than everywhere else (due to their $4 flat rate shipping), but $5 per figure is just too much of a difference.
  24. Ugggh, I hate Walmart Gold Label exclusives. They're such a pain. Eradicator is a must get for me, and although I'd like the Vampire Batman I'm definitely not going to the effort it will likely take to track it down, because Walmart... I also don't like that they call it a DC vs Vampires Batman because this look never appeared in that comic (Batman was never a vampire in that recent comic run, and he barely appeared in it at all), but he has been a vampire in other Elseworlds stories so I wish they would have labeled it as such (minor quibble). I wish McFarlane would do with their store exclusives what Hasbro does with Target exclusives and put them on their website concurrently. No other retailer still gets them (at least until much later) but then everyone who wants it can still get it. As a collector it is very defeating to want to buy something and just never be able to find it or order it online either one.
  25. I'm glad that you love this Grimey!! I bought both this and the Batwing when they first came out but am embarrassed to say that I still haven't ever opened them. I have no particular love for the Animated line (although I have most of the figures), but these seemed once in a lifetime purchases so I didn't pass them up.
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