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  1. 4 hours ago, BagmanBegins said:

    No the big three have been well covered.  Batman and Superman especially.  Arkham Asylum Batman is pretty much definitive Batman.  Maybe apart from the trunks for me personally but everything else is iconic costume accurate just with more real world plausible details like visible body armor, armored knuckles on the fist.  Three Jokers Batman is also pretty definitive of a universal design.  It’s essentially a meaner version of BTAS.  With elements of Affleck, and both Keaton suits mixed in.  And then there is the upcoming Hush black and grey Batman in the two pack, which is also about as iconic as it gets.  And I’m sure we will get a non teeth variant of that one as well.  The first Superman released is about as definitive and iconic as it gets.  Adds some nice plausible touches like the fabric seams on the suit.  And even though a tad bit of laziness and not being a big fan of the blue boots, Superman Rebirth is pretty definitive too.  Fanboys always complaining about DC’s offerings.  Mattel or otherwise.  McFarlane, especially for the price point, scale, and density of plastic on their figs?  No company comes close to their offerings in the mass retail adult collectors market.  Marvel Legends don’t come close to their quality.

    Anthony Custom reviewed Three Jokers Batman and I agree with his review as usual, when I saw the first promo shots of the figure, I thought to myself, why did they do the head like this but after seeing the review I think it's even worse than I noticed. I agree with you that Arkham Asylum looks good, maybe I'll pick him up and will try to make the same custom Brad The DCU Geek did with Thomas Wayne headsculpt but I'm sure New 52 Batman will be released with the same mold used on Batman Rebirth and then I'll have my defintive Batman. The first Superman is a nice figure but the legs are too thin and as the line progressed Superman is kinda short, Superman Rebirth is great, but the boots is a bummer.

    Maybe I wasn't clear but DC Multiverse is my favorite line, I buy multiple of these figures but I think they can improve on the Big Three,you stated the big three have been covered and you didn't mention Wonder Woman, there's no classic version of her, you can't kitbash a classic Wonder Woman using only McFarlane pieces, maybe, if you use Batgirl Beyond unmasked you would be able to get somewhere, but my point is that you can't buy any figure that's a definitive classic representation of any of the big three besides Superman Action Comics 1000 that has an inferior body sculpt than Superman Rebirth, that's just my opinion.

  2. On 3/29/2022 at 7:21 PM, SpiderS said:

    Saying his arms are look long and hands are small would be understatement, or to be precise they are set super low. McFarlane really needs to get it together.

    I thought the same thing when I saw pictures and reviews but I think the problem is his armor, that makes his shoulder seems higher than they are, maybe if the head was sitting a little bit lower would look better, if you look at him without the shoulder pads and the cape, at least to me the arms looks fine, the overall look seems wrong I must agree

  3. I think this figure looks great, the two lanterns. Martian Manhunter and Aquaman are covered in my opinion, oddly enough I don't think what I consider classic Batman is covered yet, I don't like the oval yellow thing in the chest and I don't like Three Jokers Batman, Rebirth Batman is great, I wish it was New 52 without the yellow line, Superman I wish they rerelease the Infected Superman body with classic color scheme or Rebirth Superman with the right boots, which probably not gonna happen, ironically the big 3 are not really well covered if you don't want to customize the previous releases

  4. That Wonder Woman head sculpt breaks the illusion for me, they could make a better version in a second wave with some highly in demand figures like Knightmare Batman or regular Batman, Martian Manhunter, maybe Mera or civilian characters or the heroes as civilians, would be a killer wave

  5. 1 hour ago, InspectorZartan said:

    Sure the tooling has been already paid for but they still have to pay for the additional production run extra plastic, extra storage, distribution, transportation cost, and I assume Walmart only deals with large quantities so it’s not like this is a production run of only a hundred or so figures.  I know tooling is expensive but even if your tooling cost is covered there’s still other equally large expenses and the fact that Walmart orders things by the thousands or tens of thousands someone has to believe that there are enough people that want this to justify that minimum order quantity.  So if that customer base exists in large enough number for this (which again has me asking who is that customer) how can he argue that while arguing the customer willing to include a normal female figure in their collection is too small.  If the story he is telling is all about how a kid will be disappointed and traumatized to receive a female figure over a male as a gift because the kids parents didn’t know any better how would that same kid feel about receiving one of these bowling trophy figures over a normal figure make or female? These two arguments and thesis statement contradict with the fact that he actively releases these gold statue figures that I think few might actually want for reasons beyond “collect them all”, no one is actually asking for, and no kid would want vs getting any regular figure of any gender.  That’s the part that just makes the already baffling fact that he is mass producing these figures even more baffling to me

    Yes, Todd does things that's beyond comprehension, the side eyes is one of those things, I think he's not an action figure guy and tries to produce what he'd buy, my niece loves Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and basically all female action figures, I gave her Teela from Motu with some other male characters, did the same with Marvel and DC and she's always playing with the female characters, there's definitely a lot of potential to these characters, also a lot of guys would buy Supergirl, Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, I still think they didn't put enough effort in the majority of the female figures, at least they should go through an approval process that seems to me it just doesn't happen, some figures turn out so bad that it seems like people were afraid to tell wasn't good enough for release and that's the reason some female figures fail, I still consider getting the movie figures of Harley Quinn

  6. 2 hours ago, InspectorZartan said:

    So I’ve always looked at these all gold or all silver figures and wondered—who is this for?  Like what’s the audience for this? I can understand to a degree a true one off rare and extremely limited example like the SDCC bronze King Grayskull but these are at a major retail and a new one comes out every couple of months and I’m just not sure who the audience is that is asking for or wanting these.  It’s always baffled me.  But for the most part I’ve not harped on this and just been like “whatever, not for me” and moved on but given Todd’s recent comments I think it’s time to dig in on this….  

    So Todd argues that he can’t put a bunch of female figures in the line because the demand isn’t big enough for them to sell well at retail…. Yet…. There’s enough demand for this to sell at retail?!?!  If Todd says Hero figures out sell Villains, and Villains out sell Female figures (and that’s why he can’t justify trying to sell more female figures) then where do all solid gold/silver figures that just look like award show statues fit in this tiered hierarchy system cause he seems to be okay with selling more of them at retail.  Are you telling me bronze statue figure audience rank higher? 

    And to borrow Todd’s hyperbolic story of the kid who gets straight As thus his parents promise a figure as a reward but then he’s crest fallen when they go to retail and pick out for him a female figure—how does that same hypothetical kid react if he was given this?  “Um…. Yeah mom and dad so forget about rather or not they had creatures and aliens when you were in the toy isle I just want to know if they had any options at all that weren’t just one solid color and doesn’t looks like it belongs on top of a bowling trophy”.  If in Todd’s scenario the disappointment of a boy receiving a female figure is the turning point in creating a serial killer then the disappointment of receiving an all gold bowling trophy figure surely equates to the origin of a genocidal maniac.  

    I’m not trying to pick on Todd.  I grew up with him, but beyond that I’ve met him either via my work or via cons at least two or three dozen times and he’s always been friendly, kind, and personable.  But given his recent over the top statements regarding female figures it just needs to be called out how extra absurd it is to say the audience is too small and female figures don’t sell enough for retail or appeal enough to kids while at the same time releasing things like this at retail.  

    And for those of you that want these solid gold/silver figures that’s great.  I’m not picking on you.  Like what you like, but that has to be a pretty small niche particularly when compared to the audience Todd is arguing is too small for retail.  

    I think what  you're missing is that his golden/bronze/silver figures are not first released like this, they are rereleases, but the main figure has normal colors, they probably don't sell but hopefully the first release paid the cost of production, according to Todd the female figures won't sell well when first released, maybe BatGirl from Three Jokers will make him change his mind, for the most part I think the female figures released in this line were versions of Wonder Woman nobody wants or that tall Batgirl with the cartoony face, if they didn't sell well the main reason was the way the figures turned out, there's no female figure McFarlane released in the DC Multiverse line that I think looks good, Harley Quinn, Catwoman from The Batman move, and the list goes on, maybe Wonder Woman 1984 could've been a great release if the head sculpt was better, I'm ok with the sausage legs but that face doesn't look like Gal Gadot from any angle you tryt to loo at it. Last Knight On Earth Wonder Woman has a very peculiar look to the character, I've seen people praising that figure but I don't know, DC Multiverse figures with the exception of the two DCEU Harley Quinn are total fails because of the way they were produced or the character design.

  7. 9 minutes ago, ChrisMOTUFAN said:

    When I saw how the upper torso on revelations heman was so thin and had no V shape I felt it was done purposely to make a sale for a better looking heman down the line. Plus, the revelations chest harness straps were so thin lol. I'm scrambling now to return all my extras to target. GOTTA GET MY MONEY BACK AND USE IT FOR ALL THE NEW IMPROVED VERSIONS THAT SHOULDVE BEEN RELEASED IN THE FIRST PLACE! 😆 

    I see what you mean, I told myself I wouldn't buy Revelations He-Man but after seeing Viking He-Man official images, which I had already pre ordered, there was a huge discount on Revelations He-man, I ended up getting him for half of the retail price for the shield and I kinda regret now, getting him and Skeletor, even if it was half the price each

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  8. 5 hours ago, Admiral_Brockbar said:

    Do a normal Wonder Woman already...no story line costumes, etc.

    I know Todd has a general aversion to female characters in general for whatever reason...I'm assuming his excuse is sales or something. Sure, many of his wonder woman figures tend to be discounted quick (quite a few of his figures get discounted quickly I have noticed), but I believe it is because it is not a CLASSIC F&%*ing WONDER WOMAN.

    There are a lot of things I love about McFarlane toys, but there are some trends that I absolutely hate. To me he is, somehow, one of the best and worst toy producers. I'm not sure how that paradox works in my mind, but it is what it is.

    McFarlane is probably the best in some areas, body sculpt improved a lot in DC Multiverse line if you consider Batman Detective Comics 1000 and is very good in some figures, some have layers of armor/suit in different pieces, price is another area that are better than most companies. They're releasing more and more figures in a shorter span of time.

    They are the worst in character selection in my opinion, but that's the current source material for DC comic books, which I think is a good thing after all, imagine if you felt tempted to buy every single release from DC Multiverse, I would run out of space and money

  9. 23 minutes ago, K9K1N6 said:

    Ok ok ok, i can understand that joker fishes appeared in Batman the animated series, but where on earth did the Joker dragon come from?! x'D geez and i don't even read new comics at all.

    If you google Joker Dragon Dark Knights Metal you'll see some panels for the character, I don't like the Dark Knights theme, I only picked up Wonder Woman when McFarlane Store offered a good discount during holidays, I considered getting Superman and Batman, but even when I saw them for a lower price, I didn't buy them, I guess they might sell well enough because they keep releasing figures from Dark Knights Metal

    The Rebirth and New 52 figures are quite hard to find, I guess they sell much more, it seem like movie figures sell better as well but maybe they have to help promote figures from more current/modern storylines

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  10. 7 hours ago, MRT said:

    Joker and batman's heads are tiny. The 6" versions heads are even bigger than mcfarlane's. Still want that horse though.

    I think the proportions for Batman are a little bit off but I think that's a good wave, I'm tempted to get them for the horse.

    I don't like this specific design, nothing to do with the figures, it's the same thing for Dark Knights Metal, I think the figures are cool, I'm just not into the design from the source material.

  11. 3 hours ago, Reno said:

    What he is putting out now seems more directed towards kids than the adult collector, and there's nothing wrong with that - I just won't buy them.

    I think you have an image based on a single experience that doesn't reflect the majority of people invested in the line, my first McFarlane figure was Superman Action Comics 1000 and he's not as good as most figures I got after that, they're targeted to people who can't afford expensive figures

    I heard Todd say in an interview that he'd rather sell one million figures for 20 bucks than having the same profit selling less because some people, specially young people can't afford Mafex, Mezco, Hot Toys, he didn't use these exact words but that's what he said

    Look at Anthony Customs review on Uncanny X-Men Cyclops, Wolverine House of X, Cyclops House of X, the last one he actually approved and look his reviews for Azrael, Batman White Knight, Thomas Wayne Flashpoint Batman or even Batman Detective Comics 1000, the last one he disapproves and is the worst figure McFarlane ever put out for DC Multiverse and there were some very bad, you might change your mind, if you don't, then DC Multiverse is not for you but that's subjective, not a demand for quality

  12. It's hard for one person to have a good idea because everybody is a little biased, I'm more a DC guy although I grew up reading both comics, DC and Marvel among others.

    If you take a look at the presentation of the figures, even though I'm suspect to say because I like DC more, I think McFarlane figures are more detailed, even if they miss paint apps, the characters represents well the image of a person wearing suit and armor, even if they would look weird in real life, Superman Action Comics 1000 for example, has some issues but it looks like a guy with skinny legs wearing a suit, in the other hand, I'll take Cyclops from all waves Habro put in the last years as an example, they all look bad imo apart from the Jim Lee versions

    I'm a big fan of some other characters that had bad figures or didn't have enough offer of the figures I'd like to buy

    I bought multiple Iron Man 80 years including the repaints, Thor and Hulk figures I did the same and I only bought one Captain America from the 80th anniversary series and in that one, the head doesn't look good, I almost regret having that figure now.

    I want a classic SpiderWoman (Jessica Drew) and SpiderMan, a good comic representation from both and I don't have any of those yet.

    McFarlane and DC is a different thing, they release a lot of Batman and Superman figures, I have at least six Batman figures and seven Superman, and some variations of these characters I have already preordered like Batman Rebirh, Solar Suit Superman and Dark Detective, Marvel Legends release more characters and if you miss any of their releases, after some months you probably won't be able to, if a person didn't buy a figure because they didn't have cash, probably this person won't get that figure on eBay, with McFarlane I think it's easier to get previous releases what helps with the sales as well

    To my taste, the variations of popular characters are not well executed from Hasbro, I want a good Cyclops figure and the options they gave I want that are the one from the Warlock wave and the three pack with Jean Grey and Wolverine are hard to find and very expensive, McFarlane in the other hand, they gave us characters I didn't even want or know existd, like Superman Infected and even still I got some of these figures. Although I like heavy metal, I think Dark Knights Metals waves have some characters that go beyond what I think is acceptable because I'm a christian but I've seen famous youtubers that seems to really dislike Mcfarlane DC Multiverse praise the Batman and Batcycle Death Metal combo. Although I don't like the theme I think they are well executed and I got Death Metal Wonder Woman.

    I think it makes sense that McFarlane outsells Marvel Legends because with so many Batmans and Superman, there are a lot of well executed figures and people got multiple of these figures to customize, I want to customize the Zack Snyder's Justice League figures because I think the sculpts are excellent and the paint apps lackluster, which is another thing that I think that end up contributing for the sales, check the channel from Bones and The Necro Zoo to have an idea on how these figures have potential for improvement with customs and kitbashing

    I can't say the same for my Cyclops from House of X and 80 years Captain America, if I take in consideration the Hulk and Iron Man for the 20th anniversary, there's a lot of characters from Marvel that I like and that I won't be picking up this year

  13. 4 hours ago, 80sboy4 said:

    Year Two figure I got came with two broken arms right out of the package, the Demon figure has issues standing and this is just the issues I'm having. 

    Hopefully Todd has heard and will eventually address these issues.

    A quick tip that might help, check if the ankle joints and feets are pegged/plugged in all the way in, I was really disappointed with Steppenwolf for not being able to make him stand and when I was about to throw him in a box I noticed the balls used in the ankles were didn't seem right, I tried to press all the way in and it's standing still with no problem after that

  14. 57 minutes ago, EvilHayato said:

    I dont know if you are familiar but Reverse Flash here is using a different model altogether and is not the regular flash so his face is altered. 

    I realized later that was just the mouth area that looks similar, I really think his head sculpt is well done, looks very realistic to me, the first one looks a lot like the game model imo tbh as well

    If they release SuperGirl, Batman, Aquaman, Black Canary, Harley Quinn or Wonder Woman versions for the game I'll probably pick them up,  maybe Hal Jordan and Brainiac, Green Arrow looks accurate but I don't play the game, I've only seen images on-line, I'm not into fighting games... I liked Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe designs and special attacks but that's an old game

  15. 4 hours ago, 80sboy4 said:

    I'm not really digging these much, the designs are kind of creative but have no familiarity to any of these to be interested. I really wish McFarlane would make a full wave of classic versions of the main characters like Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, etc. 

    Hopefully that will eventually happen. 

    They're game designs and there's nothing they could other than not releasing them, I think they all look very cool but I'm not into the game designs either, this was an opportunity to release a Wonder Woman and a SuperGirl, there's not much characters I would pick from Injustice 2 besides some classic characters, the ones released so far I'm  just not that much into

    I have to admit though, I really like the Flash head sculpt, seems to be the same as the first release but it looks more realistic and even with the side eye going on still seems like a huge improvement to me, maybe is the color scheme

    Edit: Just realized Green Arrow not only has the side eyes but he has no loose arrow, just the bow, that's not ideal, the about to shoot pose would look better with an arrow

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