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  1. I am constantly checking walmarts and nothing. I checked toys r us and found nothing but a guy said they put a few out and were gone really fast. I went to Kmart on a desperate mission to find me some dose and found stormshadow. No pegs for the 25th in walmart, kmart nor target. Toysrus did have one peg for the 25th.
  2. About 40% is worth keeping. The other 40% should have never been bought and 20% is very close to trash. Keep your favorites characters and the best figures; by best figures I mean the ones that can actually stand up by themselves without constantly falling down, I guess the ones you can actually acomplished some great poses with and won't fall because of the cheap plastic or loose joints.
  3. I didn't know takara had done some GI Joes. Anyway, what I meant is that the new microman are in way today what Gi joe meant back then. they are the same size and offer articulation beyond what most of the figures offer. That was one of the reasons why I loved my gi joes and only liked my star wars. To me, articulation was one of the main reason gi joe was so successful. Yes, as customers our most powerful way of complaining is not to buy but we all know it is more complicated than that. How come other companies offer a lot of variety on their figures and we have to get stuck we just half-assed figures made by hasbro. Star wars and Transformers almost offer eveything you might want so how come a license that is not as big as those but near as famous only offers kid's toys and the same figures over and over again since 1982. We do like what they are offering right now, they are near perfect but once you see them in toy fair, it is like " wtf happen here" Why can't they give us what they 1st showed. A good example is marvel legends. Toy biz was great when they started and then they just started to go down in quality little by little until by the end that only a few were worth it. Hasbro took over and managed to bring it down more with their paint selections, new forearm articulation pattern and their child like or anime faces just like road block, scarlett, and baroness resulting on me not buying any more legends and if possible nor those gi joes I just mentioned. Can someone please deny this in a nonbiased manner?
  4. I also think they are suppose to be cheaper. The preorder is not early at all. If it was more than six months until its release then I would consider it early.
  5. Supreme-d is totally right when he says that companies do owe us. We were the customers 25 years ago(more like twenty for me) and still are. We have given Hasbro a lot money and what is wrong with asking for something good we want. We can get almost anything to our likes and needs; Almost every product we buy we can find quality and price as we see fit but how come we can only get toys only half way to our liking. Roadblock at toy fair just looks funny and child oriented and so does Scarlett and Baroness. I had not paid attention but now that I have, I must say I wouldn't buy them as single packs. I decided some time back that I would not buy an ugly half way well done figure anymore just because it was the only figure or because I liked the character. I stopped buying McFarlane statues because they don't have articulation and so now I wil stopped buying $hitty products. And to anyone who says they didn't have to make them, well, we should have stop buying their same figures from 25 years ago about 10 years ago. The revolution of action figures started with SW figure in the 90's and Mcfarlane, why would I want to keep on buying $h*t just because it is the only thing out there. Honestly, they should have just given the license to Takara when they 1st started to do the microman. Now that is new and updated.
  6. simple and ugly version 1 was. Version 3 was best looking although I never played with it. version 4 is also nice and close to version 3 but not better.
  7. version 2 was the best I really liked that outfit.
  8. version one was so great but version 2 was the best one for me especially because he had a cape version 3 is the best looking but since his head doesn't shine, then it a no go.
  9. 1st version was just way too ugly. i never like roadblock but I guess the 2nd version is the best option.
  10. A really, really hard choice for me. Version 1 is so classic and has a nice costume Version 2 was choice, is the one I played with the most. Kind of silly, maybe, but that forearm tatto gave it a lot personality. Version 3 is the best looking but since I was starting to be to old to play with figures, I didn't really enjoyed it.
  11. not much of a choice. they are all ugly including the upcoming. the only reason we like it is because she is a character we know. as ugly as it gets in my opinion.
  12. version 3. that armor gave cobra commander strenght, just what he had always lack.
  13. 1st one was awesome, 2nd one better and 3rd the best.
  14. Mono


    I am so excited yet a little bit dissppointed. I will speak as honestly as I can. Judging by only the pictures, I think we could have easily gotten these type of figures about 5 years ago, on the 20th and not the 25th anniversary. I think once I get them they willl end up with some postures that you will think they should easily give you but they don't; therefore, wanting more articulation that you will know they should have included. I was waiting for something closer to microman but not some cheap plastic attachments like marvel showdown. I also, don't think they will look right next to other 3 3/4 figures. they will be more like a line of their own unable to be mix with others and not look off. I will buy them, but I don't think I will like them for being a great figure but I will like them for being updated versions of a favorite line.
  15. we also got the cartoon chick. Yeah, the list is short. They will probably do about 3 diffent Palpatines. Darth vader, darth maul, darth maul without shirt, Anakin, asajj ventress, and hopefully a couple of other cool looking characters from video games or comic books. Short list , but really awesome.
  16. can you compare them to a Microman or anything 3 3/4? Please. Are there two red and blue spiderman or just one and is the black spidey more articulated than the others? Please respond, I want to get them but I am not sure unless I can see a comparison Thanks in advance
  17. somebody found them at ONE PARTICULAR walmart. Those figures shouldn't have been put on sale. They were meant to be seen by managers or sales officials or something like that but by mistake somebody put them on sale and some people bought them. I think there were only a couple of cases or something small like that. I don't know the month but I can assure you it is not now. So stop looking for them.
  18. I was expecting this figure to come out, well at least to be available for preorder but IT DOESN'T LOOK SAMUEL L JACKSON, I will still get it but I am kind of dissappointed.
  19. Bespin Refugee, you seem to know most about this, How many figures are estimated to be released in a year?
  20. I forgot all about the 5 groups. Thank you for clearing that out. I hope they do reconsider making Grievous. I don't mind paying in advance $100 or $150 for a Grievous figure(as long as done with the same detail as the others) and I think enough people are willing to pay that same amount just to have it produce.
  21. I want to see something with an armor. They are great but Kit Fisto was not really what I was expecting so early. I was thinking of boba or jango could be next. Boba Fett Jango Fett Darth Vader Stormtrooper or Han Solo I hope they do get to release General Grevious. It will probably be very expensive but it don't matter I am willing to pay $100 or more for this figure.
  22. there are two types of model kits. there are two versions for the bronze saints. ONe is statue like just like the gold saints and the other ones is the one where the bronze saints are wearing the 2nd armor. These are more action figure like and they do have some articulation. I think they end up being like 3 3/4 high I am using these to customize the microman after I saw someone doing this. They have some basic articulation and do require some painting; face, hair, hands, and arms. The body already has the color of the clothes the characters wear.
  23. bigbadtoystore has the model kits but they are not that good unless you want to customize the microman but the awesome ones are the myth like mentioned by rodimus. Anyway if you need more information about these ones, I will be happy to answer any but I do must say that they are expensive.
  24. ther is something intriguing about it. i wouldn't consider it an action figure so I wouldn't get it. I would say japanese market for this kind of figure.
  25. CHARLIE If a final series was to be release I would choose the following the mus 1.Dhalsim 2.Charlie 3.Alex 4.E. Honda 5.Yun and Yang oops, that is six. I think we can have at least 3 more strong waves if done the right combinationl
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