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  1. Actually, it looks like a fair bit of it is from the Serpentor mold. The new chest armor just obscures the really identifiable parts. It already looks like it is. Hard to get something to fit snugly around a collar unless you mold the inside to compliment the contours of the collar. Considering its a repaint of the Battle Armor Cobra Commander, there's likelihood it's either. Could be just a new helmet, or could be a new headsculpt. It's very close to the original Marvel comic uniform... but it takes a *lot* of shortcuts. The new chest strap is kinda awkward, but
  2. If the line was able to support it, I'd totally be calling for a Demming figure. The idea that CG Cadets are decked out in Cobra blue... that they have to earn the Crimson Color... it really, *really* works for me. Kinda how I'm a bigger fan of Rip-It (or the Mass Release 25th HISS' blue HISS Driver) than the original 1983 version (why were they red, honestly?) But the idea of a male cadet... brilliance! That's a custom I'd like to see!
  3. Prof. Appel seems like he'd be a hard one. Short, pudgy, and with a head that'd take a brand new sculpt (IMO) to get right. Wade Collins should be easy. Sculpt a little beard on the Fred Series head, and paint it a reddish brown. Scoop shouldn't be much more difficult. At this point, I don't think Cadet Demming is viable, with only three females, none of which seem appropriate. Scarlett, with *major* mods, maybe. Odd, I never thought of the Alley-Viper as a black man. Just based on the voice, I could see the assumption, but after learning Destro was Scottish, I threw voice
  4. Added some numbers so there's no confusion (really, this should've been done first and foremost... it's only sense!) 1- Star Brigade Astro Viper 2 - Looks like Pilot Spawn (not 100%) 3 - Also looks like a McFarlane weapon 4- I got nothing 5- Carnage (already ID'ed) 6 - Star Brigade Cobra Pogo (if it's the same gold plastic as #43, otherwise, not sure) 7 - 2001 Robots in Disguise Spychangers 8 - dunno 9 - Another Spychangers weapon 10 - no clue 11 - Star Brigade Roadblock (V1) 12 - no clue 13 - Ambush's rifle, one of the many re-packs 14 - Beast Wars Dinobot's beast head (left
  5. Perfect, thanks! I can always mod the head or hair a bit to get a good fit, as long as the pieces come apart. Nothing a 5-minute visit under the heat lamp shouldn't accomplish... now I need to get over to e-bay and snag a loose 5-pack Baroness for my little project!
  6. I'm guessing this means the hair on the new Baroness is part of the head sculpt, and not a separate piece like the 5-pack version.. because I really like the glasses on the original, and I was hoping to just do a wig swap... doesn't seem like that'll be possible, tho.
  7. Metrodome's European release is the only official Takara DVD set. This is definitely a bootleg. BTB, if you can get your hands on a region free player, or use a Windows based computer that allows you a limited number of region resets, the Metrodome releases are *Phenomenal* and I highly recommend them to any G1 fans interested in "what came next". You get more episodes per season than any modern cartoon, and the 3 audio commentaries per series really run the gammut of info and fun fan factoids. And Zone... probably the most alien of Transformers cartoons, is included for the ~$70 pri
  8. I'd kill 6 Joe fans if it'd get Jim to do even a pin-up in an issue!
  9. The Drawer? Tony Salmons, who is the *artist* on this particular issue, sucked. I guess you could call him the "Drawer"... his stuff shouldn't be called art. But in the future, the guys who to the artwork in comics are proffessionally known as artists. To call them Drawers would probably get you smacked.
  10. The only thing Larry absolutely drew the line on was Cobra-La. Everything else he was happy to incorporate, epsecially when Hasbro wanted it pushed... it was the nature of the license. But like I said, Tiger Force was a subtle inclusion at worst... exactly the way Larry liked to play off the goofy stuff. Either just throw it out there, get it done, and forget it, or (like Star Brigade) find the most sane and logical approach to a dumb concept, and make it work *for you*. If possible, make it so farcical (Python Patrol) that you *don't* take it seriously, instead of complaining that you
  11. The Tiger Force characters, uniforms, and vehicles were used in an issue of Special Missions (#23 or thereabouts). Although the team isn't directly called Tiger Force, the vehicles are reffered to as Tiger___ when mentioned. They also appeared around Issue #93 (I'm rusty on numbers these days) chasing Zarana through the New York area, eventually capturing her and rescuing Clutch and Rock'n Roll after Baroness detonated the van she was driving. Python Patrol were the titular characters in Issue #88, where Mindbender created the process (just a coat of paint) to help Darklon sell surplus C
  12. I only own STs 2, 3, 4 and 6... the first and fifth movies weren't worth watching again, let alone buying and owning... Gah... bald headed chicks suck!
  13. 1) Binaltech Ironhide 2) Binaltech Ratchet 3) MP Grimlock 4) MP Soundwave 5) World's Smallest Insecticons 6) Universe Bludgeon 7) Universe Nightbeat 8) Universe Shockwave 9) Universe Warpath 10) Encore Star Convoy (missed it last time)
  14. Grabbed Spock and Uhura today... my TOS teams are complete... and my Mirror set is on the way from Ebay... Took a few pics for the moment, waiting for the Mirror stuff to come in, and for the last wave of Next Gen so I can finally finish my Nemesis set:
  15. yeah, I imagine cannibalizing an existing arm joint from someone like Snakes would be an easy enough way to add the needed movement to Bludd's gimp arm...
  16. My formula for a decent custom: Major Bludd head, right arm, and dog tags. HISS Driver chest/waist & belt Cobra Trooper left arm Red Star legs A lotta bit of brown paint, and at least he'll look like Bludd.
  17. The deal is, these aren't just Japanese exclusive, they are *store* exclusive... so even if a place like BBTS gets some in, the price is gonna be a lot more than the usual Japan-to-US import rates. Let's not forget the random chromed parts... I'm still hugging my Botcon Thundercracker every night!
  18. The last answer I saw regarding the Duke arm is that they've intended to fix it since day one, but they can't until it's out of production... but since they've been using the arms for *someone* constantly since the summer, there's been no timeframe between production runs to modify the tools. So technically, they *have* said it's being fixed... at some indeterminate future date when suddenly they stop using Duke's arms for every third figure in the line! As far as Bludd, the no-articulation arm thing has been know since Toy Fair... I'm surprised it's still shocking people. And again I
  19. Wow... this thread got ressurected from the dead-nowhere past... I thought there was actually some info on product... not just more bitching about the price. High-End Collectibles. Like the Arrow says, these're actually pretty reasonable for the type of figure we're gonna see. My 25th buying habits will likely have to cease (no more 12 of each trooper), so I can start bringing these bad boys in.
  20. Are you KIDDNG!!?!?!?!! So Hasbro's big move to "get Bludd right" was to use 85% repainted parts (none of which are particularly suited for the character, the focal point of which is that to recolor the figure [Zartan] to fit Bludd's needs means coloring two completely different parts of the outfit [the undershirt and the chest armor] to seem like one solid piece when clearly they're not), to ruin the arm with zero articulation "to be accurate", and now to have remolded the head so that the helmet *Isnt* removable??? Wow... you know, there's drop the ball, and then there's kick the bal
  21. Yeah, but the figure itself sucks. And Bludd looks like a pale-face zombie with a gigantic helmet... Cute for the time, but compared to 25th or even latter VvV figures... man was Bludd a disapppointment.
  22. Hotwire also had a cameo role in the DDp Transformers Crossover. He was one of the techs wworking on rebuilding the Autobots and Deceticons into Cobra weapons. As far as I remember, he didn't have a speaking role, nor was he identified by name, but his distinctive goggles over spikey brown hair, and his speciality as a robot designer guy make it an obvious nod. Lastly, he was included on the cover to DDP #33, which featured a group shot of G.I.Joe's enemies (from the Identified Threat Matrix... not just Cobra). A lot of fans that never even paid attention to the card game learned abo
  23. And people complain about repaints now like it's something new... I've loved the Battle Rangers offerings since I first saw them in Tomart's AFD years ago... 1995 would've been something to write home about, IMO. Instead we went out with the whimper that was 1994, highlighted mostly by the 30th Anniversary figures and Joe Colton instead of anything released in the main line.
  24. It says on the packaging, "NEW FOR 2009"... so yeah, I'd say the line itself will be released in the new year, like Transformers did last year. A wave or two of classic Joes, then Movie Heroes, then more of both mixed and matched. Snakes and Timby here are the sneak peek set. I'll take two!
  25. What're those stasis-pod looking things on the bottom level, right side?
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