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  1. Wank. A good idea, conceptually, having one of those stray IG troop types in proper IG colors, but the garish gold should've been more subdued. Black and red, while being very similar to the Cobra Eel, are decent water-ops colors. Gold? Not so much at all.
  2. I'll actually be in the market for a munitia figure, if only to transplant the few usable parts into a 25th Plague Custom. But yeah, besides my far-superior list @smilepunch@ , there's nothing much I can find to say about these aborted ##$%$#ed fetal figures.
  3. I know.. I'm just anal and OCD. Really the only thing I took exception to was your opinions on the New Sculpt stuff. Granted, you're right, but I prefer to let each fan decide these things for themselves. @hmmm@
  4. The only rumor we've heard thus fas is that Tripwire may be repainted for Wave 8 2008 (Wave 12 overall), including one of the other two elements. Seeing as how both Waves 7 and 8 of 2008 have been revealed, and none of those figures come with a MASS Device piece, both will probably be included with Wave 8. There's also rumors of a Falcon repaint coming in that wave (every fourth wave of this line is a Filler wave consisting mostly of repaints or re-releases).
  5. Just to fix up the mistakes and clarification: Vintage Sculpts 1982-1994 A Real American Hero (RAH) - The original Joes and the original Joe molds (aka "Vintage" sculpts). 1997-2002 The Real American Hero Collection (RAHC) - Repaints of ARAH figures - Initially Toys R Us exclusives in 97 and 98, they went mass-retail in 2000-20001, and had a single Internet-exclusive wave released in early 2002. * Repaints of Vintage Sculpt figures were also released throughout the New Sculpt era, most notably in Special Team multi-packs, Comic-based 3-packs, and with Exclusive Vehicles. New Scul
  6. Second page, last panel, there's buildings in the distance as HD fires at Cobra. Otherwise, I don't see a lot of room for backgrounds in these panels. The entire first page is low-level shots, looking up at the characters. The only thing you'd see out the windows would be the sky.
  7. That was in GIJoe. I was talking about Transformers. Spiderman guested in Transformers #3, and Circuit Breaker (a character Bob Budiansky created for Transformers) was drawn into an issue of Secret Wars a month before Transformers #9, so she's technically a non-TF character as far as legal concerns go. It should be noted that both these characters have a *huge* presence in the issues mentioned. The Hulk impersonator in G.I.Joe #10 not only *isn't* the actual character, but his appearance is all of two panel, and may be covered by normal satire/parody laws.
  8. Marvel's obnoxious $25 price tag for the collections probably had a lot to do with it. Also, their claims they didn't see the returns they expected, which seems disingenuous when the books sold out almost immediately and are hard to find and expensive on the aftermarket.
  9. In a sense that they collect the Marvel Series, starting from the beginning, yes. But they're said to be new, better scan of the old comics, and most likely will collect more than 10 issues at a time. The Classic Transformers TPB series is collecting Marvel Transformers at 14 issues per release. IDW's Classic TPB collection has only had a single release, collecting Marvel #1-16 (excluding 3 and 9 for the inclusion of Marvel-owned characters in the story). The second book is coming soon. You're thinking of Titan's reprint series, which was imported from the UK back in 2001-20
  10. The biggest tip-off that this was a rip-off should be the necks not matching the face mask. The PP Officer ha a flesh-colored neck, meaning any head can be swapped onto it... red, black, or gray. So that services the thief who made this monstrosity. But for the figures left in this box, it means they have gray necks, and red masks... which look aweful, even moreso with the yellow gloves. The fact that there are clearly parts missing all around... I doubt even a first-timer would not be suspicious.
  11. I don't really have much faith in Hasbro at the moment to do anything *but* a Night Force repaint for poor ol' Falcon. But rest assured that NF repaint will have short sleeves, a proper shotgun, and probably a new head. Like Flint and Duke before him, I won't be surprised if Hasbro get's Falcon's mold perfectly perfect, then goes with a much less iconic, and wholely unnecessary color scheme. Unless you're giving me figures of Lifeline, Recondo, Tunnel Rat, Outback, Sneak Peak, etc, I don't need one or two members of a special team, when I'd rather have the better figure in the character'
  12. ..... Says the guy with the O 13 signature..... Touche`, sir. I have no comeback for that! LOL!
  13. Nice thinking, but with both Short-Fuze and Zap sharing unique web gear, and neither figure actually being released with it, it's sort of impossible to really get a good kitbash going of one or the other. Which is why I'm really glad I don't care for the O13 as a rule.
  14. I'm shooting for 36. I have 3 sets of Cobra Troopers at 12 figures each (The original 5-pack troopers, the Legions 5-pack, and the Senior Officers 3-pack). I may try for a 4th set of 12 with the upcoming Claws/Fang set, I like the red webgear. At the moment I have 18 Vipers, and I was gonna leave it there, but I'll have to step them up to 24, so they'rell be 6 for each dozen Troopers. So Troopers are in sets of 12, Vipers in a set of 24... that means BATs need to be in sets of 36. *If* I can get my hands on that many, I'll be happy. But if I start building up BATS from the DVD-pack
  15. I'm thinking it could go one of two ways on how the overall movie is going to play out. I guess we can be thankful Freddie Prince Jr. didn't get a role in it. Resolute is actually the animated webisode series coming in early 2009. The Live Action Film coming out next summer is called "Rise of Cobra".
  16. Pretty much a glorified Wish List, huh? Ok, Let's play: Wave 12: Ripcord, Tunnel Rat, Law & Order, Dr. Venom, Slice, Monkeywrench. Wave 13: Dodger, Mercer (v2, Viper repaint with new head, hands), Pathfinder, Firewall, Dice, Metalhead. Comic Packs: Shockwave vs Alley-Viper "G.I." Joe Colton vs Wilder Vaughn Sgt. Savage vs General Blitz Dr. Knox and B.A.T. Vehicles: Defense Mech (VvV) w/Sci-Fi vs Cobra S.N.A.K.E. w/Kwinn Bomb Disposal w/Tripwire (Action Force Blades colors) vs A.S.P. w/Trooper (Action Force Hunter colors) Thunder Machine w/Thrasher HISS II w/Viper
  17. Yeah, even the Cobra Trooper Flint has the new arms... no doubt that they wouldn't go back to Duke Arms for the next figure... but considering Hall of Heroes claims to be "new, dynamic, never before seen paintjobs"... that doesn't really bode well for a definitive Flint figure. Unless they opt for the Sunbow cartoon design. That'd be very welcome, and a fitting way to do a new Flint with a basic feel to it.
  18. I've got a conspiracy theory about these "customs", for looking as good as they do... When we first heard about the DVD Entertainment packs last Fall (JoeCon 07), it seemed like we were getting one based on each of the 5-part Sunbow Miniseries. The Movie, subsequently broken up into 5 20 minutes episodes, was the likely 5th set. Then, from the Con itself, I swear I read a report that said Hasbro was *changing their mind* about The Movie, instead opting to do a "Best of" set which we've yet to see or hear more about. Now looking at customs for Guards and Golobulus that just look above
  19. Well, the colors are right, he wore a red gi with white boots in Marvel #27. It was the outfit he died in. But looking at the cover, I'm getting the sneaking suspicion this might be a comic about the Hard Master when he was young, as related to Snake-Eyes by the older man during his training.
  20. Just to clarify the rights issue: A couple months back, Hasbro purchased the rights to a large number of Sunbow shows that were based on their properties, including (we assume) the entire GIJoe series. Until recently, the Sunbow Library was owned by a Licensing company called TV-Loonland, who licensed the shows to Sony (who sub-licensed them to Rhino in the first half of the decade). Hasbro also reacquired that license from Sony, so no company at the moment (that we know of) has the legal right to produce GIJoe cartoons except Hasbro.
  21. And therein lies the problem. In bitching about someone else's criteria for "true fan", you've laid down some of your own. Yes, this may be a more broad and accepting "standard", but it's as futile in it's attempt to be all-encompassing as the original was in it's attempt to be exclusive. If you like G.I.Joe, you are a fan. If you love GIJoe, popular, unpopular, misremembered, completely self-fabricated... you're still just a fan. There is no such thing as a "True/Real Fan" and there are no imaginary criteria for who makes the cut. It's all of us, all the time, being fans 100%. Qu
  22. DDP-created character, Wraith. Hasbro's taken some liberties, making him more realistic, since the comic design really didn't allow for anything except the skin tight suit (even with three layers of armor). Hasbro's made him a bit thicker, a little klunky, but infinitely more interesting to look at. They probably could've done a better job of translating the skull-mask design, but I'm liking it. Wish they had any plans to do the DDP females...
  23. Just as a matter of courtesy, could you be a little more specific in your thread titles in the future. Second or third time i've clicked on a thread like this, where a "Custom Marvel Legends Destro" would've given me a better idea of what it was about. That said, it's a nice job. Destro looks beyond bad assed!
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