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  1. I love the Ninja Force characters too, and would be up for Slice and Dice even on their own. My Red Ninjas need someone to lead them, and it ain't Firefly. But the Ninja Force Joes present a few problems, number one of which is their uniforms. Nunchuck is fine... a new head and a repaint Storm Shadow body with new web gear would suit the character just fine. The other two... not so easy. Not only were Dojo and Tj'Bang rejected from the X-Men despite their matching colors, but there is almost nothing uniform about their outfits. I just don't see anything about them saying "ninja" *or*
  2. Which means 1982 is done, doesn't it? I dunno if Tan Grunt really counts, and I'm guessing the OP meant Hasbro just made a Cover Girl figure in VvV (via the Comic Pack), but since that was not only a completely different line, but *many* characters had figures in Vvv that have also had 25th figures... that shouldn't have even been a consideration. So I'd keep Cover Girl on the list, but Tan Grunt? Not really that big a deal. Again, assuming the OP meant Recondo from SpyTroops and VvV, yeah, these guys are undone. And as Ripcord and Recondo, at least, are big names, '8
  3. All but confirmed at this point, even tho Hisstank won't post a retraction. These guys are *not* the upcoming Resolute figures (aka Omega Force). It's just Hasbro trying to be a little more creative with their repaints, either for comic packs (like the other pre-prod figures that were shown in the same bulk news article), or for some other release. But at this point, I'm thoroughly convinces by fan-chatter at more reputable sites (than HT.C) that these were grossly innaccurately reported as Resolute.
  4. The guy in the top row, with the gray shirt and blonde hair, I've always assumed, was Torpedo. Yeah, wrong hair color, but this does seem to be a line-up of all Larry's favorites, and Torpedo featured heavily in Special Missions and Yearbook stories, and kept getting shot in big battles in the last 50 issues. Makes sense he'd be on the list for cover appearances. Duke is the one next to Rock n' Roll, appearing in his Star Brigade get-up since that was the outfit Gosier drew him wearing. Mainframe is most likely the guy next to Spirit at the bottom. The guy on the bottom with the
  5. The figure selection has already been confirmed via Wal-Mart lists. So yeah, no Colton. Cobra Commander is most likely the one we saw at HissTank.com, among the "Resolute" figures: IE, Battle Armor CC with the Fred head. Sadly, It's such an easy L.B. custom, there's really no reason Hasbro had to do this one officially.
  6. I think the most common thoughts on this would be "Superman's Teenaged Clone" or just Kon-el/Connor Kent. Why would he not be called Superboy? Because the Estates of Siegel and Shuster is either contesting DC's right to the name, or has already won the rights to Superboy away from them.
  7. For the reasons that were excellently stated above, I doubt this would happen. But if Hasbro would do something like this for HTS.com, I'd certainly like to see something less "nostalgic" and more appropriate. I'd personally like to see all guns molded in a gun-metal color, with painted bits where necessary. Black works too, but tends to make it look like a toy moreso than the Spy Troops era weapons that got gun-metal releases. This is the one I'd buy 50 of, just to arm my troopers right. Cobra Trooper Battle Pack: Scarred Officer AK-47 (Comic Pack mold with painted stock, to repla
  8. Actually, Gung-Ho is an assembly problem. When you rotate the shoulder as you described, his shoulder ball sticks out way too far, and the musculature sculpted is off. The shoulders can only be "correct" one way, and Gun-Ho's have been shipping backwards since the 5-pack. This is *absolutely* a problem Hasbro should've dealt with for a rerelease like this. The new Duke and Flint arms should've also been thrown in here. This is basically a reship of Wave 4 2007, on new cards. It does not impress.
  9. Bane is from the DC Superheroes line, back when it was alternating Batman Superman waves. All of these figures are the 4 Horsemen sculpts produced by Mattel since the Batman 6" line debuted in 2003. You can't see it in this shot, but the Bane I have came with his little stuffed bear, Osito... one of th saddest, cutest, least expected accessories I think Mattel could've included.
  10. He's a great placeholder. Not too short at all. I believe we have a new Joker on the way, so this one's good for the time being.
  11. Firefly's origin comes straight from Marvel #126, and issue entitled and totally devoted to "Firefly". Storm Shadow was shot by the Baroness in #47, and ressurected in #50. He recants his vow of vengeance in #52, and retreats to the remains of Snake-Eyes' cabin in the High Sierras (destroyed in #31) to heal his soul. Zartan refuses to believe Storm Shadow's change of heart in #84, and attacks Tommy's San Francisco dojo in #85 (the third silent issue). Zartan and Billy bond over the course of issues #98-116, and Storm Shadow fight alongside both of them in #118. So, footnotes aple
  12. A very concise summary, but probably better labeled his "backstory", the things he did before Marvel #1. Firefly's origin, as pertains to this story, is his childhood... the stuff that happened *before* he became a sabotuer. That being, he lived on a plantation in French Indochina (Vietnam, Pre-Independance) during WWII. His father spared the life of an invading Japanese soldier, and the Viet-Minh (Vietnamese Liberation Army) killed him for it (the retcon in Backstabbed is that the Viet-Minh killed his whole family, probably destroyed his farm too). Firefly was somehow spared, and the f
  13. EDIT: Actually, going back and checking, it really does look like a musket, not a bazooka. You can see he's holding the handle, and the stock is on the inside of his arm... wrong position for a bazooka. The arguement could be made that the director was trying to acheive a forced perspective shot, with an oversized gun barrel that then retracted and shrank for the close-up on Duke, and that was misinterpreted by the animators as a wide-mouthed gun, like an old-style musket. Yeah, like all the other vehicles, this is the exact same mold as the 80s, except while other vehicles have had
  14. This was probably the most useless story of the bunch, I admit. It *could've* been a story about Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow really getting into it. It could've really expanded on the 5-page "Silent Prelude" he wrote for DDP's Snake-Eyes Declassified TPB. Instead, it was like "Here's what Camera 2 was shooting, and this stuff was deservedly cutting-room floor fodder, but If it'll get you to buy the director's cut DVD, well hell, we can splice it together to make an alternate version... sorta." It was more about the kid, really. He also shows up, years later (in a book published on
  15. It's a retronym, like calling the 1984 Transformers "Generation One", based on the 1993 relaunch being "Generation 2". If the original 1964 Joes were called "Action Soldier", "Action Sailor," et al, and the 1970 Joes called "Sea Adventurer", and "Land Adventurer" (while the clean shaven military-man was a "Man of Action"), it's a short leap to consider the 1964 Joes the Action Team, and the 1970s Joes the Adventue Team. Hasbro themselves coined the term in 1994, calling the 30th Anniversary 3 3/4" boxed set the "Original Action Team", which featured RAH versions of the original 1964 Jo
  16. Just need to put that trademark scar on his cheek, and he's exactly what the Action Team leader needs to be! I'll take one. Where do I send money, please?
  17. More than likely as a full set. I'm hoping to grab a Munitia from someone, somewhere... and break down her parts to make a 25th custom. Otherwise, as has been said before, this is a set come far too late to be highly desired, and the price will be exorbitant. If it is indeed sold as a set... I doubt there will be much interest in it.
  18. Hasbro's biggest missteps in this line have been the redesigning of figures (Serpentor and Zartan from last year), the slavish to certain poor colors and concepts from the 80s (the apple green parts on the BAT, Major Bludd's arm) and straying from the original design when they could've been more faithful (Tele-Viper having Viper arms and Legs when they could've used Snow Job's lower legs to get the puffy pant look, and Flint arms would've been just as "off-model" without suffering those awful wrists again. Also, Major Bludd using the Zartan redesign to approximate his *original* uniform which
  19. I'd concur, it does seem awful shady. Worse that there isn't even a store website or anything. Just an e-mail address. This should definitely have been sent thru PM. It's a strictly B/S/T post in a discussion forum. That said, I'd be *very* cautious even contacting someone via a blind e-mail. Even if it's a legitmate store, what are the chances he has the late-90s era Corps figures the initial poster is looking for? Likely its the Same non O-Ring crap none of us are buying from the stores.
  20. The Red Shadows member you're thinking of was Artur Kulik, who was Russian and had tattoos all over his face. He bore no resemblance to Taurus, and as a bad guy, he was not meant to evoke anything except being absolutely evil. The reason, I think, no one puts Corps figures on e-bay and the like is *because* they're bootleg, one-off wannabe Joes. in the 80s, no one collected them. Your mom might've bought you some, thinking it was a cheap alternative. But no one really ever thought "Hey, these'll be worth money!" The fact that most of them were probably bought by low-income families wh
  21. If this is Wave 12, overall, and it's happening every four waves, how could it have happened 4 times *before* this one? Waves 4 and 8, overall, were fillers. It's happened twice so far. Some people may not have noticed the pattern. I have, you have, but it's not been going on so long that it should be obvious yet. When people start whinging that the "Hall of Heroes" set is just a bunch of repaints, then I'd agree with you that people look to complain.
  22. I'm happy that Hasbro's cutting the repaints both ways. By reusing the same molds over and over, they get more mileage out of costly tools, and their profits stay up so we get more characters. All plusses for all of us. But then comes to repaints of the Scarlett mold that are Scarlett. Not a new character (like Diver Baroness). We have two choices. We're getting the repaint no matter what, so it can be some random color pallete, or it can be an approximation of some foreign repaint of the original Scarlett mold. Why *wouldn't* they go that route? If we have to see another Scarlet
  23. Oh, I get the "why", it's just a classic rifle can be understood, even excused. There's no way that thing at Dataframe's hip would be compatable with any modern computer. It's not that I'd expect Hasbro to give him updated accessories, it's just that he, above all others, stands out as an anachronism 25 years later.
  24. Loving Scrap Iron... that's about it. Wild Bill is ass. Much, much ass. The Flight suit worked in the greens and browns, cuz it looked military-correct. In blue and orange... he looks like a goofball. Hard Master is awesome in spite of himself. A new head sculpt, which would've been better utilized/more appreciated on Cutter in the upcoming 3-pack. He also has an amazing sword rack, with what looks like candles, scrolls, and a wooden training sword. Lots of things that'd work nicely in a Storm Shadow diorama. He's also got a scroll of some kind on his leg. The blindfold, the mask.
  25. Yes, the Wave 4 '08 Cobra Commander is the only way to get the red crystals. The other elements (Meteor Fragments and Heavy Water), as stated above, will be released with other figures later on.
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