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  1. I was skeptical at first. Seemed like Entertainment Earth had oversold its pre-orders. But yeah, it looks like the cancellation *is* coming from Hasbro, probably due to the sluggish sales of Wave 1. I can still find Steeler/Serpentor 2-packs in most stores around the City, and Vamps don't move much quicker. I think Hasbro also snafu'ed its vehicle choices, putting out the AWE-Striker and SHARC molds twice already. The Firebat, the Fang/Claw set, the Mocassin and the Sky Hawk are all great vehicles. I've also never seen any of them in stores. Knowing Hasbro, they'll find a way t
  2. The "Duke Arms" complaint wasn't about the elbow joint. That was a shortcoming, yes, but it was never the main reason. If you play with your Duke enough, really work the elbow joint, you can get it to a resonable position. That's not the problem. When Hasbro first addressed the problem with Duke's arms at the 2007 JoeCon, they explained the wrist-swivel was supposed to be at the cuff, not in the middle of the forearm. It was a molding error that was made at the factory, and they were going to fix it at the first available window. So I think most fans who heard that news were aware tha
  3. Well, the homing beacon was just a way for Cobra to send their troops, so if they werent going to steal it, she didn't need to do that. Honestly, you're right. It was a superfluous plot-point. Don't even try to understand Cobra's plans in "Pyramid of Darkness". When Cobra stops a shuttle launch by throwing a net over the shuttle, logic has been slain, pissed on, and burned.
  4. Then I'd rather nothing... the Dominator was a piece of crap. Destro's Despoiler, the DEMON and the AGP were great vehicles at the time. But in hindsight, the IGs were a great concept with awful designs. Their status as a counterpart to Battleforce 2000 was never truly realized, and after the first year, the designs and colors went off the mark (serious, the Annihilator sucks!) The AGP *was* released as a Con exclusive in 2005, so it's likely the mold is still out there. If Hasbro released that with a Nullifier (in proper IG colors, I'd prefer) and the Annihilator (also in IG deco),
  5. Fearmongering at its worst. One site seems like it over-sold it's pre-orders. Then when there wasn't enough product to fill them all, they canceled the ones they couldn't fill. It should have been obvious that this wasn't a widespread problem when no other site reported the cancelation. And the fact that BBTS is shipping now means whatever site made that claim had already received their shipment when they cried "cancelation!".
  6. Thanks! It's been a break-neck pace, this past year of collecting, and I've maxed out two cards making this happen! Now Hasbro needs to get off their haunches, and release 25th Ripcord and Cover Girl, so I can call it a day.
  7. Those overrated do-gooders? Bah! Cobra's where it's at! . . . . . . . . . Yeah, I have some, but I like my Joe team small. I have a FOV Abrams, a BBI Apache, and a Hasbro Hummer in my Motor Pool... that's it. My entire Joe team is 25 characters.
  8. OUT OF ROOM! Thankfully, I'm only 6 Stingers away from having the Army I always wanted... not going to build too much more.
  9. The mask Storm Shadow's wearing in that last picture is *totally* based on Dice. Guess we know where repaints might be headed. I'm a little let down that Shockwave won't have his trademark cap... Maybe in the next 5-pack Looks like some new body part molds in here. Hasbro's stepping up!
  10. It's a repaint of Doc's head. Better than nothing, but not great. It' the Trubble Bubbles I'm crying about in this pack. Those look so much better than the off-white originals (even if their vintage accurate, it's a bad color). Seeing these bad boys in Blue, and the CLAWs being rereleased in maroon/red next year, it reminds me how cool the SNAKE armor repaint was back in the day!
  11. Dear God, I hope this isn't coming till early 09. With the recent release of Waves 11, 12, Comic Packs 6, DVDs Packs 3, 4 & 5, the Extreme Conditions 7-packs, Vehicle Wave 3, and the Target Ultimate $65 boxed set, I'm broke, in debt and looking forward to a wallet-castrating Christmas! Let Wave 13 (the Blowtorch wave with Torch, Firefly, Resolute Duke, Cc, and Trooper), Vehicle Wave 6 (Sky Hawk and Mocassin) Wave 7 (Arctic HISS, Stinger, and Claw/Flak), and these boxed sets wait till next year. We need a break!
  12. Actually, it glowed at different times, sometimes when he was mad... it was weird. His skin turned blue in sunlight. Definitely "interesting", but this might work for a "Zartan in disguise" custom (just remove the glowing chestplate, the rest of the figure is a keeper) The arms are killer for their toy accuracy... but the gray belt/wraps aren't. Weird. Also... nunchucks! I don't know how they'd vac-metalize only the front of the helmet... so I'm calling it now! Hasbro's tooled up a new "wrap-around" helmet to fit over the new DVD Cobra Commander headsculpt. That, plus t
  13. Actually, aside from lighting differences, the design on those covers is *highly* accurate to the 1991 Snake-Eyes figure.
  14. Dear God, I hope this is a running change, and not the entire US production run... I just ordered 12 of those Troopers on the qualified assumption that they were *different* from the 12 Boxed Set Troopers I already have! I really can't afford that purchase, *and* another 12 from Canada if that's where the red mask variant winds up. I'm gonna go pray. As long as my order is the red mask versions, I hope the running change allows everyone else to get those highly elusive original Troopers.
  15. Oh, I knew the 7th son thing... it's something I fell in love with as a kid, when Cee Bee was Zartan's father, and Zanzibar was the unfortunate "8th son" that got gyped of powers... I had issues. But HAVOC... I have to concede defeat there. Vehicle acronyms that werent in the comic are just out of my league.
  16. Back in my day, they called me the Joe Encyclopedia! Compared to most fans these days, I'm better described as a dullard. Still, nice to know I can still answer a round one question: HISS - HIgh Speed Sentry Tank
  17. There have been, over the years, many short-lived stores that specialized in customizing... not "materials", per se, but definitely in custom cast parts and replacement parts... most recently goodtogocustoms.com, which I believe got hit with a cease and desist that's left them as little more than a customizer's forum. Materials, like brushes and paints, *should* be offered by any decent on-line joe store (surprised smalljoes never delved into this), but casting materials... that's *really* niche, IMO. I remember when that stuff first caught on, ten years ago, and the casts all sucked... a
  18. I want Zartan *now*, not cheap! Hence, the 'bay. The rest I can grab when/if I see them. But Zartan's doppleganger has been on my shelves since last fall, and his green-skinned awfulness must be replaced!
  19. Found an in-hand Zartan on ebay today, and sold another piece of my soul. We just don't get new Joes in New York City... and if they're here, they're gone or marked up to hell. Diamond's release of Wave 11, which probably won't be till December, will likely be the first I'll see of these in store, and at my LCS, that'll be a 10 figure. So it makes more sense to ebay the one figure I *need*, stat, and wait on the rest. So Zartan's on his way... Yay?
  20. I joined a while back to be able to view news articles (probably during Toy Fair, I guess). In the spring, I tried posting there, seeing as it's "so popular". The atmosphere was openly hostile, the level of knowledge about Joe seems limited to the 25th line and the Sunbow cartoons. When I tried to answer people's questions, the only replies I got were snide, rude, and unhelpful. They may tout themselves as HISS Tank, but to me they'll always be that other version of the toy ...y'know, The Spetic Tank.
  21. Sand Vipers filled a niche that Cobra never really had covered before. Sure, Desert Scorpions were around, but as a punishment assignment for ne'er-do-well Vipers, and a step above Toxo-Vipers, they didn't feel like *the* desert troops. The Sand Vipers' outfits were a bit over the top, but that helmet would be a pretty effective tool in the night. Just a pair of beedy red eyes in the distance... then as they get closer... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! I guess I like the name more as the basic Cobra desert trooper. Scorpions, like Range-Vipers, should be more specialists in that environment.
  22. It's just a matter of creating heat. I still say boiling or near boiling water is dangerous. It spills, someone's getting a nasty burn. Hair drier too hot? Just shut it off. Granted, a ##$%$#ed monkey could keep it safe... but even ##$%$#ed monkeys sneeze.
  23. I know most people swear by the boil-'n-pop method, but me and hot water don't mix... My solution to softening up glues and plastics is a hundred watt bulb, and about ten minutes. The best set-up is one of those small, bendable desk lamps so you can position it close to the desk/table/surface. Just lay the figure on the table, and fix the lamp about 2" away from it. Leave the light on for about ten minutes, and the glue should be heated up enough that you'll be able to simply pull it out. Works wonders for joints, too, like I said. I just switched out 24 Cobra Trooper hands (the ba
  24. While that's true, there are gems and cult following figures among them all. Especially Sigma 6. The Mega Marines Subset may have been dross, with the full-on fluorescent body suits, and the Play-Dough armor... but Mirage and the Cyber Viper have both had better things beyond their inception. Cyber-Viper got a few key scenes in the last days of the Marvel Comic, and Mirgae went to Repaint Valhalla in 2002. Eco Warrior may be a laugh-at-me brigade, but Cesspool and the Toxo/Sludge/Sub-Viper molds were all winners, and work well as a Cobra subgroup even without garishly outfitted Joe
  25. Don't judge it by realistic standards, Snake-Eyes is meant to be cartoon-accurate, that being in order to approximate his black outfit without having him blend into the shadows, the animators frequently colored him gray or purple, depending on the lighting. So yeah, we got a better V2 Snake-Eyes mold, but in cartoon colors. He joins Tiger Force Duke and Flint in the ever-rowing list of figures who got shafted initially, then when the mold was fixed were released in repaint color schemes instead of the original. Personally, I'm hoping the Flint, Snake-Eyes, and Lady jaye in the upcomin
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