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  1. http://tvshowsondvd.com/news/GI-Joe-Season-1-Part-1/11518 An actual news source with actual credibility. Probably the source of the Septic Tank's news item anyway.
  2. Wave 4 Duke comes with a backpack (a repaint of Gung-Ho's), and thus has a backpack hole. The original 2007 Joe Team 5-pack Duke did not have a backpack hole. You probably want to get the Wave 4 version, as backpack holes became standardized after the 5-packs were released. 5-pack GH and Roadblock both have backpack holes, but only because they actually *had* backpacks. They were also both rereleased in Wave 4, and are easy to come by. Sadly, both original Dukes have the infamous bad wrist cuts, and Hasbro has not rereleased him with the fixed articulation yet. The closest they've com
  3. They probably won't "do" Lex, Brainiac, Mr. Freeze or Scarecrow... if "do" means making a brand new figure. There is always the possibility of them being rereleased, but the quality of those figures is up to DCUC standards... there's no reason to redo them. Nightwing was released in the Mattel Batman line, but he and Robin were *NOT* 4 Horsemen sculpts. They were made by Mattel's in-house staff for a couple of cheap 2-packs. Because Nightwing was poorly sculpted and articulated compared to the DCUC standards, Mattel bowed to fan demands, and gave him a proper new sculpt in Wave 3. They
  4. A geat looking Destro, but my 25th Interrogator he shall be! Now, to dremel me a "Viper Lockdown" Interrogator head...
  5. Not really because of Final Crisis... the origins of most of DC's characters have been in flux for years. It was actually Infinite Crisis, the 2005 crossover event, that established a "new" status quo for most characters, and undid a lot of the changes made in the 1986 Crisis on infinite Earths. Lex in Smallville was initially brought into modern continuity by the 2004 miniseries "Birthright", which was only one among many attempts to tweak and change Byrne's "Man of Steel" origin from 1987. The problem is, after Infinite Crisis, DC apparently shot all its editors and gave every writer
  6. From what I'm reading, it doesn't look like a 6-pack. First, it's a Trilogy... meaning three movies. Second, it only specifically refers to "Wrath of Khan", "The Search for Spock" and "The Voyage Home" which are, to a large extent, a three-part series in the larger Star Trek film franchise. I really think this release is limited to Movies 2, 3, and 4...
  7. Like you said, the sky's the limit. International Repaints would be no-brainers. Argentina and Brazil Joes like Manleh, Topsin, Redmack, Shimik, Sokerk and TNT would compliment Pilot Scarlett (Glenda), and Cobra Mortal and Cobra De Aco would compliment Red Ninja (Satan) and Ninja Ku Storm Shadow. Action Force repaints like Quarrel, Gaucho, Blades, Hunter, Moondancer, Jammer and Dolphin are all feasible with the parts available right now. These would be my first desires. I'm customizing them all myself right now, but if official versions were available, I'd happily throw mine away
  8. I think the right word is drought, not glut. There's going to be a *lack* of G.I.Joe on store shelves. "New" product hasn't shipped since November, and anything Hasbro had planned has been cancelled or fast-tracked to Internet-only. Tiger Rat and Python Conquest - Target Exclusives Futher Resolute figures- On Hold indefinitely. Probably won't continue until after the movie. Resolute Comic Packs Wave 2 - only unfinished comic pages seen thus far. Combat Heroes Wave 3 - Cancelled Vehicle Wave 6 - Cancelled Wave 14 - "cancelled" (never actually solicited, but cardbacks show Night Forc
  9. Historically, as a hard and fast rule, manufacturers do not give out comparable figures or production amounts for their lines. The most you're gonna get is that the 25th figures are selling "better" than the previous lines of this decade.
  10. Having Skullbuster be the Range-Viper representative in the Plague would've been a smart move. It wouldn't have worked with the story as it was told, but it wouldn't have required much tweaking. I felt the same way about the Night Creeper selection. It seemed like there was a chance to consolidate Aleph (the "leader" of the 1991 Night Creepers, in the comics at least), and the 1993 Night Creeper Leader (who has origins in the DIC episode "Revenge of the Pharoahs). Instead, they were made into two seperate people, definitively, further watering down and expanding an already over-stocked
  11. Look at what the Bridge playset is made of. Likely a cardboard floor, and a few tables and chairs. Repeat parts being the key to lower costs, the same chair 6 or 8 times really goes a long way to cutting costs! The big monitor and the command chair being the biggest parts, neither of which looks to be more than plastic and stickers. The Transporter is all plastic, and seems to have a "disappearing figure" gimmick built in. That instantly knocks the price up. The only thing I'm weary about is if these are are rough 1:18 scale, or more like Mattel's Infinite Heroes 3 3/4" scale, whic
  12. People are really into boiling, but I'm obliged to keep offering my own alternative: A light bulb. Seriously. A 60 watt or better incandescent bulb will heat up your figure sufficiently to pull off anything glues down. No boiling water, no chance of scarring, and if you're lucky, enough of the glue heats up with the figure that when you make the swap, it'll dry right into the new hole... meaning no glue necessary for you to finish your custom! I stand by the lightbulb method. It's a much less involved version of the "boil and pop" road... it softens the plastic, makes it easy to pu
  13. WOW! How much of my money will it take for you to give me him!? High praise, if only half-serious. This is the kind of figure I'd want in my collection. 100% accurate to the bad-ass that was Darklon! Damn... That's just... perfect!
  14. Umm yes I do. It's not that hard to switch the heads. @smilepunch@ Still isn't definitive. Unless he's got the proper chest strap, and not the Jetpack harness, he's still a cariant on the classic Duke. Even with the proper gear, he'd still fail my qualifications for being in awful Sunbow colors, and not having his proper gear in matching colors. When Hasbro releases the Tiger Force Duke in his classic 1983 colors... that's when I'll have my definitive Duke. ** As for the Movie killing off the line. Yes and Not So, both at once. GIJoe's popularity peaked in 1986... most
  15. The closest we got was a confusing announcement that the fifth DVD pack was going to be based off the Movie, which was either miscommunicated by the news-sites, or quickly recanted and changed to the Best Of pack that we actually got. If it was the latter, and I personally believe that to be the case, I think Hasbro had a moment of clarity where they realized maybe rehashing Cobra La was not in the brand's best interest, even thought it would be a let down to a small cult following. Either that, or the customs we have seen at the various Cons were really feasbility experiments. Design
  16. So the Borg figures shown last winter at ToyFair were a human male, Seven of Nine (Borgified) and the Borg Queen. Then we got the revision wave, which dropped the Queen, and added Seven of Nine (Starflett Uni) and a Crewman Borg. So where does Locutus fit in? Is the single wave 5 figures, or is this being released into two waves, with Picard and the Borg Queen as part or all of the second wave? BBTS seems to think Wave 1 (the four figures announced last fall) will be followed up.
  17. I can see I'm going to be a critical fan of this series, as every step forward by IDW finds me taking two steps back. Probably just me being overly analytical and a tad cynical at this point. Was this issue a stronger opening volley than DDp's first release? Without a doubt. Reinstated #1 read like poorly scripted fanfiction, and had the distinction of being a book with almost no plot. Talking head exposition made up everything but the first and last scene, and the artwork was both overwrought and badly directed (this has more to do with Josh's desire to age the characters to quais-ger
  18. Not the book coming out today. The main title, Chuck Dixon's "G.I.Joe" deals with the team already fully formed and kicking ass... except there's a new enemy called Cobra, and they have to figure out who or what it is, and how to stop it. It starts in media res, figure maybe about Year Five. Next month IDW starts it's sister title Larry Hama's "G.I.Joe Origins" which tells the story of how the team was formed and their first missions.
  19. After playing Left 4 Dead with my girlfriend the past two weeks (her game, not mine... I don't do video games or zombies), I can totally accept Shockwave busting down doors and bringing the thunder with twin handguns and ample clips. Of course, I'd rather those guns be black than navy blue... no matter how accurate it is to the original.
  20. Tunnel Rat, despite my initial misgivings. As the last of the iconic Joes I include in my core GIJoe team, the prototype looked so good, and the actual pics on GIJCC looked awful. But the figure, as arrived, was just so bad ass, I can forgive what's essentially a perfect head on a slim/shortneck body. A meatier torso would've held his webgear better, and his head just needs to be a bit higher... but compared to my hopes being dashed by those pics... I am happy to say he fills my needs, and makes my Joe team complete!
  21. The Collector's Club has already done a Slaughter figure (two years ago, I believe). There is a big difference between a small company doing a limited run for a dedicated audience, and a rival toy company putting out a competing figure in a similar scale on toy shelves around the country. First off, it may not be profitable for Hasbro to work out the rights with WWE. If Hasbro doesnt want to bother, that's their right. Also, in reality, the WWE can sue Hasbro for millions, because Hasbro has millions to be sued for. Fun Publications, the Collector's Club, master Collector, et al... the
  22. Mark me as one of those fans who doesnt care is a Slaughter figure gets made. He's a stain on the legitimacy of the line, and part of the ridiculous 80s nostalgia that the franchise needs to shake if it's ever going to be taken seriously in any medium outside the toys. That said, if Hasbro needed a character like him for whatever reason, I nominate Sgt. Savage. Similar name, something of a similar uniform (sleeveless shirt, at least). Put a DI's cover on him, and you're 90% the way there. Savage also had a storyline about training a team of washouts, the Screaming Eagles... easy enough
  23. Where do you get the idea that Wave 1 '09 (Wave 13 overall) is the last wave before the Movie figures? It's already out, and 2009 isn't even here yet. Movie figures won't be coming till the third quarter of next year, around June. The Movie doesn't hit till August! Also, Hasbro has confirmed at least a half dozen new RAH characters for the Pre-Movie waves... plus Resolute just started! Where's Roadblock, Snake-Eyes, Zap, etc... There's still a 6 month window for Hasbro to either reschecule or reallocate the three new vehicle packs that were coming in Wave 5. This isn't going to
  24. Funny isn't it? Yeah. Althought now it seems someone over at the SepticTank was informed by his "sources" that Hasbro's just pulling a re-mix, switching up these set with older product, probably because they can't move Waves 2 and 3 into stores, and there's a back-up at the warehouse level. Resoliciting Waves, 3, 4, and 5 together in different case assortments might alleviate the glut that was caused with Wave 1.
  25. Yeah, it looks like this is legit. At first it was just Entertainment Earth, as I noted above, and it looked like a simple pre-order problem. But now, for some reason, BBTS has had it's order cancelled as well. A week after Hasbro released large pics of the wave, and a day after Hasbro released its latest round of Q&As. Sucks, honestly, but stuff gets cancelled all the time. Hasbro will find another way to get these things in stores.
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