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  1. The backpack looks to be the original>> Go to YoJoe.com, and actually *look* at the original BAT pack... this one looks *absolutely* nothing like it. In fact, having run through various sources on the figures, I dont see a single backpack that looks *anything* like that. It might very well be brand new. Child Safety Laws prohibited the removable hand feature from being added to a Joe toy these days. The BATS will have standard arms.
  2. Piping in with two comments here: #1: The packaging for a toy is always designed and printed *before* the figure goes into production. That stuff would be getting worked on right now for a Jan release. If this art *is* for the 3 3/4" figure (which I believe it is), there's really no chance of changing it now, unless Hasbro's already had the idea to do so. #2: Dart is as much a knock-off of Spirit and Nunchuk is of Quick Kick. IE: Not at all. Nunchuk is a pre-established character redesigned to fit the need of a Quick Kick-like character for the new line, because Quick Kick is dea
  3. I got my Wave 2 figures from the TRu in Times Square... haven't seen hide nor hair of them since... and they were already sold outta Stalker/Neos too!
  4. Picked up all three from Forbidden Planet near Union Square in NYC. 25 bucks a pop... they're definitely not for throwing around, IMO. I keep em nice and sealed with my autographed "Marvel Reference Set" that I bought off of Larry Hama himself. My personal collection are my reading copies right now.
  5. Because in the months prior to his release, and with Wave 5 of the RAHC repaints arriving to on-line stores, the big topic of custom conversation was "Business Suit Tomax and Xamot". Derryl, always with his ear to the grinstone, and his fingers firmly on the pulse, saw an opportunity to provide us with the bodies to build those customs we all spoke of with such fevor before. Of course, he, and we, failed to realize that many customizers are all talk... they like the conept, but have no intentions of doing it themselves... And with the severe lack of Wave 5 available to anyone, most o
  6. Devil's Due's Cobra Commander is not based on *either* the 12" or the 3 3/4".. blue or black versions. It is inspired by the 3 3/4" version in some ways, but the chest is totally unlike either, and the blue is a darker color than the toys as well. "Loosely Based" is how I would define it.
  7. I believe it was through the Devil's Due borads that we learned the option for a Sgt Slaughter figure or apearence in the new comic is out of the question. He's moved on to other things, and unlike regular figures, its not merely a copyright issue.
  8. >>The overabundance of repaints and just straight up re-releasing the same figure way too soon is one concern. Now I enjoy repaints usually but it looks like its going in a negative direction with this.>> First thing you *need* to understad here is that Wave 1 was spurned by the GIJoe Collectors Community, and voices were raised about as high as we can get them these days, telling Hasbro the O-Ring *had to* return. While Wave 1 was released in December of 2001, Wave 2 was supposed to be released in April. When Hasbro saw a change was needed, they held off Wave 2 until August,
  9. LOL! I *had* a site, for a few years, on just this subject. Angelfire deleted it all on me, and I'm getting it back together through SgtSavage.com probably by the beginning of the year.
  10. LOL... the *other* can of worms. The story with Savage is that he was once a WWII soldier who was betrayed by a member of his platoon, and cryongenically frozen after he'd been used as a guniea pig for genetic experiments by the Nazis. He was found by the Joes in 1994, and put in charge of a group of six washouts, the Screaming Eagles. At the same time, Savage discovers that Dr. Garret Stromm, world renowned scientist looks and act exactly like the traitor that ruined his life: Garrison Krieger. When the enemy is revealed, and General Blitz shows his true colors, the IRON Army becomes S
  11. I'll admit, I had a good chunk of it written already, when another fan asked me the same question via e-mail. Took me about an hour to write up... a couple of drafts... quick re-researching of info to make sue I wasn't BSing anyone. The character breakdowns I did just now, and they took me only like ten minutes. I was fifteen, awkward, and geeked out when Extreme came around... I had my first job, lots of cash, and I totally bought into it when it was here. I also have one of the only remaining copies of Hasbro/Kenner's 1996 Toy Fair catalogue, with pictures of all the stuff that never cam
  12. Its an Alternate Universe type of thing. While Hasbro's last Joe line, Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles (the 1995 Joe toyline), was part of the larger RAH continuity, and at least kept the the military realism that made originally RAH (and GIJoe as a whole) so successful, Extreme was designed and marketed by Kenner, who are better known for action features than any sort of realistic sculpting or mindblowing concepts. They did well with Batman, a preestablished concept, but their own stuff never really caught on. Extreme, therefore, held no connections to the RAH mythos, all the char
  13. In the comics, Mindbender used the Brainwave Scanner to introduce the knowledge he had, plus a plethora of standard facts and histories into the brain that was used for Serpentor. The cartoon was silly.. Serpy atually had a ##$%$#ed older brother who died shortly after birth.. he was just trying to live up to the expectations his parents held for his sibling (like JFK)... Oddly, while JFK was shot and mourned, Serpy, in the cartoon, became an iguana, and was presumably barbequed.
  14. The differences between Commtech and Sound Attack are as night and day. Commtech was a superfluous accessory.. an addition, which did not work well at all. It was a figure stand that said a limited number of *phrases* from the movie... it was a novelty, and it had no play value. At least, for those that will like them, the Sound Attack gear is *integrated*! And they're generic firearms sound effects.. not as limiting as the vocal recordings of the Commtech stuff. Only so many times you can play up "Queen Amidala is young and naive" before you just dont want to hear it anymore. But
  15. I was going to reply to this on the now embattled "Flesh Tones" thread, but I figured it might be unwelcome there now. >>Dont even get me started about the lameoid sound effects tabs that RUIN the weapons.>> At least there is a reason for them. Hasbro knew, as we all do, that a GIJoe line cannot exist without vehicles. However, the major stores that order the line, like WalMart and Target, wouldn't order the vehicles unless there was some electronic feature to them... its a simple as that. Without the buyer support of the larger chains, the new GvC line wouldn't have mad
  16. >>this was only an impersonation of another member. >> Well, I can certainly see why he left. Even in his wake, he's being ridiculed. As for this topic, I love the GvC range of figures, and think Hasbro's doing a bang-up job getting the line back on its feet. However, I do agree with the original poster on this thread that Hasbro's bungling on the painting/casting portion of production. For instance, Zartan's chest, who's vest is black, and chest is done in a flesh tone, is molded in *red* plastic! It seems that Hasbro is now casting the entire body in one or two col
  17. Actually, if you'll note, Doc was the pacifist in the toyline. But that really didn't get brought up much in the comic. In fact, he threw a snowball at Destro in his first appearance because the Geneva Convention wouldn't allow him to carry a weapon, not because he'd personally chosen not to I believe Lifeline's pacifist personality was rooted in the cartoon (which had some of he dumbest characterization ever. Bazooka was a moron, Roadblock had to rhyme every time he spoke.. and dont even start me on Mr. "This I Command"...) Before the second season of the cartoon, Lifeline had no disc
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