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  1. [quote name='Viper Hunter' date='Apr 16 2009, 02:32 PM' post='16555002' I've read the press release at leat 4 times now, and even CLAM made the comment about it sucking that only the FIRST episode will be on TV, so apparently I wasn't the only one confused? I'm pretty sure the press release has been edited, because it's CLEARLY stating it will be aired on ADULTSWIM.COM now...whereas it didn't have the .com previously. I generally can read writing if it's written right! The 25th it is then! Well, if they edited the statement, then of course I'm sorry. As long as we're on the sa
  2. Resolute is only airing on Cartoon Network on the 25th. If you want to watch it early, you have to go to AdultSwim.com, the website.
  3. No. All the 5-minute clips are being released on the website. AdultSwim.com The only Tv airing will be on the 25th, which will be the entire series. You're not reading the press release, or my first post. Adter the finale is aired on the 25th, it'll be added to AdultSwim.com, so by the end of the month, all the episodes will be online for people to watch, and anyone who wants can catch the whole thing on Tv on the 25th.
  4. No part of this figure uses any single part of any 25th Baroness mold. Forget "custom" and repaint... the reason I believe this might be legit is because of how *weird* the new tooling is. Lots of buckles and just weirdness for weirdness's sake. The kneepads really remind me of the Resolute designs. It's just random and weird enough to be authentic.
  5. No, the clips are all running on AdultSwim.com. The first one goes up tomorrow, the 17th. The ten 5-minute episodes will be added, daily it seems, until Saturday, April 25th, at which time Adult Swim (the channel) will air the entire series, including the finale. After the TV airing, the finale will be added to the Internet downloads, so the whole thing can be watched on-line. So there's no back and forth. If you want, you can watch them all online as they're added. Or you can skip them online, and watch them as one big movie on the 25th on TV. Or you can watch the 5-minute clips onl
  6. Ace is a pretty good approximation of the 1993 Ghoststriker version. I'd say that counts. Now give me a Joe Colton, Hasbro, and we'll consider 1964 *and* 1994 covered!
  7. But then you could call Kid Flash Bart Allen, from the start of the current Teen Titans series. I'd rather have Impulse, of course, but there are ways. Still, Wally would be wearing Barry's outfit, and there's really no way to look past that one.
  8. DCUC Flash is Barry, no argument. It's his costume, not Wally's. For my money, tho, I'd absolutely double-dip for a Wally Flash with the correct belt, for my "Modern" JLA display, which would include Kyle Raynor GL and Peter David's Aquaman revamp. Yes, to me "Modern" means the 90s. Today's "modern" is just the 1960s again.
  9. Can't blame anyone but short-sighted fans for *Voting* for these characters, based on their rarity last year. Hasbro should've seen that the results were going to skew toward figures they were already cycling into newer waves, and warned fans accordingly. Probably wouldnt have worked anyway... "fans" and scalpers would've voted the way they wanted anyway. The BAT, Firefly, and Viper seem to be the biggest winners, by far. The BAT is pimped out with comic-accurate creeper bombs and delivery pack, plus battle damaged parts. Makes Issue #44 come to life and kick your aft! Firefly answers
  10. Impulse, Supergirl (Linda Danvers), Robin (Tim Drake), Spoiler, Oracle, Steel, Stargirl and STRIPE, Captain Marvel (Billy Batson), Plastic Man, The Question, Lobo, Cyborg, Catwoman, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy. I like a lot of characters.. not many of the big 8. I mean, I love Batman, but really, who doesn't?
  11. With Resolute getting back-burnered for the movie figures, I have a feeling/fear these comic packs, which were supposedly all repaints, have been cancelled outright. Night Creeper got shunted into the Cobra Island 7-pack, and the rest of them are, sadly, forgettable frankensteins. I would've loved an official-ish Quarrel figure to go with my Glenda, but if it doesn't happen, I've already customized one.
  12. The Marvel/DDP continuity is over. It's not somehow illegitimate. Just because IDW is current doesn't mean it's the only one that counts. Regardless, the legitimacy of one continuity or the other had nothing to do with my point, which was that regardless of who created/fleshed out a certain character, every Joe that ever existed is part of the franchise as it exists today, and thus any one of them is fair game for a new figure, or inclusion in the IDW comic, Resolute, or any new media that comes up in the future.
  13. Joe Colton, for me, should head up a multi-pack for the 50th Anniversary of the brand, in 2014. If I had my druthers, two 5-packs would represent the 12" glory days quite well. Original Action Team: Colton (1967 Green Beret uniform), a solider, sailor, pilot, and marine. Adventure Team: Colton (older headsculpt and officer's uniform), Jane the field medic, Eagle Eye Joe (with beard and hunting rifle), Bulletman, and Mike "Atomic" Power. As for modern interpretations of the RAH characters, we're more-or-less getting that with the Movie line and Resolute. The Desert Gear Duke is, a
  14. oh yes we need her. But now she's been wiped away along with everything else DDP did, so what's the point. Says who? Sparks already got a cameo in IDW #2. DDp may be a dead continuity, but every character they added to the mythos (and thus the franchise) is as alive and well. I say go for it! A repaint of the new Lady Jaye body with Pilot Scarlett (Glenda)'s head might make a pretty handy Shooter. For my money, though, I'd rather they split it into two 8-packs. Use the new Zap body as a base (has the throwback boots and proper trouser pouches (no knife/gun holsters). S
  15. No problem. Now explain what that thing above Chuckle's knife is, and we'll be even. My thoughts: Duke's arms are one of Hasbro's biggest screw-ups in this line. First, the alleged "Factory Mistake" of putting the articulation in the wrong part of the forearm, secondly for their insistence upon using them for every character that had short sleeves originally. Duke, Doc, Leatherneck, Storm Shadow '88, Hit & Run, and Red Star are among the very few who could've used the Duke arms. Leatherneck and Reddie got the bad wrists, Storm Shadow got replaced by the Ninja Viper, and now H&am
  16. It's there. Just below his backpack, at an odd angle.
  17. My Justice League of America: Superman Batman Wonder Woman Green Lantern Flash Aquaman Green Arrow Martian Manhunter Steel, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Atom, Plastic Man, Zatanna, Zan and Jayna would comprise my personal "JLI", a lighter group of fun heroes who battle evil without the gloom and doom. mainstays like Hawkman/Girl, Black Canary, and the 4th World guys (Miracle, Barda, Lightray, etc) have roots in other teams, and I'd rather keep them in those categories.
  18. Well then, I say "Bring on King Tut!" Someone at Dc needs to write the rest of the Superfriends into a JLA story or something, quickfast!
  19. Real life, huh? My Joe team has been Rebooted since half-way thru SpyTroops, *way* back when I became convinced Hasbro had no clue what to do with the gigantic roster. Command: General Colton (Commander-in-Chief), Col Hawk (Field Commander), Doc (Chief Medical Officer), Dial-Tone (Communications Officer), Law & Order (Security Director) Alpha Team: Duke, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Roadblock, Gung-Ho, Shipwreck, Stalker Bravo Team: Flint, Lady Jaye, Beachhead, Spirit, Mutt & Junkyard, Tunnel Rat, Mercer Support Team: Ace, Ripcord (Skystriker crew), Wild Bill, Airborne (Dragon
  20. That'd make sense is Hasbro hadn't originally pitched it (to fans) as a web series. It was not, originally, meant to air on TV at all. So I can't see how this is Cartoon Network's way of quietly meeting a contractual obligation for a show that doesn't meet their approval. Hasbro was consistent on their stance that it was a mature web series, mainly for older fans. Any agreement to air it on TV came later, and is probably the reason Hasbro's been mum since the new year about Resolute's future. And if Cn came into the game that late, the knew full-well it was a more adult series. So
  21. Cult status is probably a bigger factor here. Might have a lot of crossover appeal with Con-goers who aren't collecting the line. I vote Samurai and Apache Chief, 2010!
  22. He-Ro is Mattel's MOTUC exclusive. He-Ro was the main character of a proposed but never produced He-Man spin-off series. Supposedly He-Ro was to be He-Man and Teela's son and sent to the past to fight King Hiss in the days before He-Man and Skeletor. There are pictures of him on the main page and at the Org. It's freakin sweet. Wrong He-Ro, actually. The original He-Ro, which is the SDCC exclusive, was the main character in an aborted sub-line of the original MOTU toyline called "The Powers of Grayskull". The Eternia Playset, released in 1986, was a relic from "Preternia", the
  23. I don't find it insulting. That's kinda taking it personally. IDW's added a few new characters, between Brainstorm, Labrat and Bankshot... and they've also included Sparks. So they *could've* utilized Firewall, but I don't think that was their intention. It seems, however, that Hasbro took umbrage with her because she's an actual Joe, and not part of the support team (Bankshot also seems to be part of the team, but as he dies in 5 panels of his intro, I'm guessing he skated). IDW could've just said the new Dial-Tone gal was a support person, and been able to keep her original code-name
  24. A rumor is a rumor. This sounds like a baseless one, at that. In the new IDW comic series, Dial-Tone is a woman. IDW wanted to make a new character, but Hasbro told them they had to use RAH names, so they called her Dial-Tone. Beyond that, there's no proof that Hasbro even has intentions of continuing the 25th-style line, let alone has a Dial-Tone figure in the works, let alone that they're forsaking the "Classic" designs they've been going with thus far in favor of IDW's revamp.
  25. Argh! They need to start doing new X-people... Rogue, Nightcrawler, Angel, Phoenix, Storm and Kitty Pryde, at least! I'm still happy with my Superhero Showdown figures, and I customized an Iceman years ago.
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