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  1. Online retailers only, yes. But if HTS didn't stock the environmental 2-packs, I doubt they're gonna sell these. Both the 7-packs and the now sold-out Wave 5 vehicles were produced solely to make money off the tooling Hasbro already spent money on, but couldn't get to retail stores. Because of the Movie, WalMart and Target were unwilling to continue stocking 25th line toys for the first half of this year. A lot of that cancelled product is in these two sets. As far as I know, Entertainment Earth is just behind the curve. Smalljoes and BigBagToyStore got thir Wave 5 vehicles in and
  2. As my wallet gently weeps... Between the Movie stuff (for customs), MOTU Man-At-Arms, SDCC, and the DVD boxed sets, i'm gonna be in dire straits till the end of August. I'm loving it!
  3. They are both removable. Go for it, it's an awesome figure!
  4. Between the awful chromed heads, and the leg-swap (Not to mention the nonsensical-from-the-getgo use of a Viper uniform in the Crimson Guard), I'm happy to pass on this set. I'll probably hunt down the twins, and any con-only offerings (like the rumored Quarrel!), but the Vipers themselves Vac-U-Suk.
  5. The Omega Sanction not only *doesn't* destroy Bruce's body, it doesn't send his spirit on a cycle of lives that get worse and worse. A second version of the Omega Sanction simply sends people randomly through time. It's been hinted that this is the version we're seeing with Bruce. Secondly, there's been interviews with Dan DiDio and others that hint heavily to the idea that Bruce Wayne's body, seen in FC 6 & 7, is not Bruce Wayne at all... but a decoy/clone body, clues to which include the suit not having the proper damage (especially about the temples) that were shown when Batman wa
  6. "The Batman in Batman Confidential and Batman/Superman will be Bruce Wayne since those story taking place "currently"." You mean they're not taking place in current continuity. Batman Confidential is about Bruce's early days, for the most part. As a Flashback series, it has no ties to the current storyline. Superman/Batman is a largely out-of-continuity title, at least since Loeb left the writer's seat after #25.
  7. Why? When were the Rhino DVDs released? 2002? It wasn't that long ago, all told.
  8. Before people really start to slam these packs, exclusives are always, and most always have been, cheap repaints and repacks that require zero design and development budget, to allow the store to keep the price cheap, and maximize profits all around. Just getting remolded pegs and ports is a pretty big deal with a set like this. Really all you can hope for are decent paint jobs, which it looks like these guys have. Grand Slam has the "1982-accurate" boot molds seen on Steeler and Zap, and Snake-Eyes has a camo pants that are, at least, interesting new combos. For me, the New Sculpt era
  9. I think almost every hero in the DCUC line could be squeezed under the JLA banner, at some point. If you consider the JLU cartoon as one of the myriad alternate universe versions of the League, *everyone* is a member. The biggest problems would be the sheer span of time and the number of versions of characters. Not only young and old versions (Kid Flash (I) is a Teen Titan, but Wally West is also The Flash (III) as an adult) but different people as the same hero (Golden Age Dr. Fate & Modern Fate). The only way to stay sane is to limit a "team" to a certain moment in time, in a c
  10. Mr Terrific is one of those characters that I can easily take or leave... he's not a icon, he's not an original JSA character, and his outfit is as ridiculous as it is overwrought. Even the original Terrific was sortof a goofy mis-match. But, on the whole, I don't really love all the legacy characters DC throws out there, the JSA ones specifically. An Hourman Android (how does that work?), a new Dr. Fate (is he really a doctor?), Dr. Mid-Nite (with a superpower as specific and odd as McNider's, how exactly does someone duplicate it?) I don't mind, at all, Silver Age heroes who only inci
  11. One arm swap and an eyepatch mod, and it's Lt. Stone. Even the holster is perfect!
  12. I think that perfectly sums up the situation. Hasbro's not rethinking anything... they're just finally bouncing back from the Retailer pants-pounding that derailed this amazing line at the start of the year.
  13. Funtastic! I love these little guys, and I cried super-deformed tears when we were told they were cancelled... seems like Hasbro's reworked their distribution for figures that were cancelled by the stores in the change-over to Movie stuff back in the winter. Good news for chibi-lovers like me.
  14. Dunno if that really holds. The Destro/Baroness team at the HARRP station which is what blocked communication between ground and satellite systems. The Siberian research facility where Zartan was stationed, housed Cobra's nuclear reactor (built from the nuclear missiles still stockpiled there). Both were necessary locations for Cobra to hold onto, in order for their plan to go forward. The "Stratollites" allowed Cobra to maintain communications (beyond radio signals) while the rest of the world was blacked-out. None of those, to me, seem tenuous. Two Joe teams knock out Cobra's w
  15. Martian Manhunter (w/base) Plastic Man Cheetah Raven Classic Robin (Grayson/Todd outfit) Robin Variant (Tim Drake costume) Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) Superboy (Reign of Supermen) C2C Ultra-Humanite Yes, Teen Titans heavy, but a mix of modern and classic (ish), plus some much-needed JLA front-runners. Plus the Super/Bat/WW Trilogy is well represented. If we could do a few 2-packs with this, I'd go for: JSA: Green Lantern (Scott) and Flash (Garrick) Titans: Chameleon and Impulse Superfriends: Samurai and Apache Chief Legion of Doom: Luthor and Toyman
  16. Awe*f&^%#^*ingtastic! Holy S(*^%ing Moses! I'm in shock and awe. Love it!
  17. Back when Benny Powell was developing the Bench Press Studios G.I.Joe comic (which never took off), he chose Dodger over Dial-Tone as the team's communications guy, simply because DT's beret made him stylistically redundant to Flint and Stalker, and his moustache was just too 80s. Even Hasbro ignored the 'stache on his 2000 repaint. Maybe if his 1994 redesign had been less sci-fi and more commo-oriented, it would've been regarded as a viable alternative uniform. As it is, Dial-Tone is a goofy guy in a sweater vest with a nasal voice-actor that practically screams "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".
  18. The bottom of the cape and the lower half of his calves and feet look transparent, but it also looks like it could be a play of light, shadow, and the reflective nature of the blister packaging. Loose shots should be coming in a day or few from BBTS customers (like me), so I guess we'll know for sure then. Also, is that a miniature Atom next to the Giganta head? Was that announced somewhere that I missed???
  19. Except that there isn't a stitch of green on this figure. It's gray black and yellow. Actually, it's similar to the color scheme on the "Movie" Barbeque repaint.
  20. There's already a thread about this here, posted yesterday by HISSCommander.
  21. The 25th logo was dropped from the packages early in 2008. We call it the 25th line because the new style of articulation started at the 25th Anniversary. It's shorthand, mostly, because any other name for the line is redundant to an older line (RAH, GvC, etc). If Hasbro has put the word "Classics" on any of the packaging or promo material, we'd be calling them that now.
  22. The 25th Anniversary was in 2007. It doesn't really apply anymore.
  23. I know more about you than I am comfortable with.
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