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  1. Which is fine, it's really a matter of those who don't know. The arguement "they charge to much" can mean "it's too expensive for my budget" or "Its more than they should dare ask for this toy." Obviously, if you meant the former, you're perfectly within your rights. It sucks, and I wish we could all afford everything we wanted. Personally, even I can't afford this stuff, but I'm happily going into credit card debt to amass the collection *I* want, because after the 25th well runs dry, I'll never collect another Joe line the same way. And these guys are *top* of my list for teams I
  2. Really...? They charge HALF of what the majority of customizers charge... And let's not forget they are a company that needs to turn a profit to keep providing toys that we WANT but Hasbro WILL NOT produce. (Yes, I said we. It's we as soon as more than one person wants it, so technically it's also a toy we don't want?) It still amazes me that some fans who've been collecting for years never remember the key principle behind the price of a toy: more made = lower price. The production run on a typical Collector's Club item is *always* going to be a small fraction (perhaps 1 or 2%)
  3. There was a huge bit of news from the Con that you missed apparently. The Collector's Club was told by Hasbro that the larger part of the vintage molds were rotting in a warehouse in Asia, and they were opting to have them all destroyed. Most of them, however, have already succumbed to rot, and would need to be retooled anyway. They sent the Club a list of salvagable molds which the Club could opt to save. The Club asked to save them all, and Hasbro declined, making them choose a few that would get the most use, and are destroying the rest. If at any point Hasbro wants to re-release a
  4. Personally, I'm enamored with the set, and am willing to shake hands with the Devil to get it. Dr Venom looks awful, but I'm hoping it's just a mock-up. Either way, I'll be using the Rex labcoat instead of the one issued, which will definitely hide most of the flaws. Since he's the only official release we'll likely ever get, I'm not passing on him for anything. Getting an Adventurer Colton is also a great thing... he's a character I really see Hasbro passing over, despite the anniversarial appeal, and if I'm proven right, at least I have this one. Now if these sets sell well, and I
  5. They're all trained for martial arts and close-quarters combat by Snake-Eyes, so they all get swords. Nothing anime about it.
  6. Reports from the Con made it sound like things pretty much sold out before Saturday was over. Might not be anything to put up.
  7. I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure in the latest Hasbro Q&A, it was confirmed that Resolute would come in 2010 as an exclusive set. By thrown out, I meant offered us the possibility, not threw away the possibility. The Boxed set is likely coming next year. But that's not how Hasbro initially meant to release those molds. They were supposed to be single-carded, released thru the first 6 months of this year. Now, they're getting used for parts in the ROC line, and we're getting thrown a bone with the boxed set, mostly to shut us up about Resolute.
  8. I read somewhere they confirmed it was just a custom there are no plans for a terrordrome or Flag next year. There was a custom 2-story Terrordrome on display (just a double stack of lower-level drome, really) but Hasbro also had a photo-real Terrordrome picture in their slideshow presentation, which would seem to hint at a new version coming in the future. However, Hasbro *did* do pre-emptive damage control, announcing in no uncertain terms that they had no plans for a Flagg, Terrodrome, or Big Lob (my guess is to head off any questions in regards to those three, as they get asked
  9. It's a custom. No one from Hasbro ever said that. In fact, a lot of fans, myself included, saw the writing on the walls when Hasbro got shut out of stores for the first half of 2009, and Resolute got dumped onto the Net over a week's time with practically no build-up. Resolute was supposed to bolster the 25th line for the first half of this year, with the movie taking over in the summer. WalMart and Target seem to have refused this plan, and Hasbro was left with a lot of brand new molds and nowhere to produce them. So first we're getting a lot of them, re-purposed as ROC figures (
  10. There's an auction on e-bay right now offering the 3-pack for 100 bucks... pretty low mark-up all things considered. I took a chance on it, here's to hoping I dont get stiffed.
  11. Crap inna hat that's on my head. I'd give organs and certain firstborn males for the 4 Argentina figures. I just finished my custom team of Action Force figures (Gaucho, Quarrel, Blades, Hunter and Lt Stone), and I've got Glenda/Scarlett and my custom Claymore waiting for these 4 guys. I'd rather official releases than customs, tho... To e-bay!
  12. It's just an extra tray at the bottom of the second "digi-pack".
  13. Makes sense to me. Alley Vipers might be intended to be used to control crowds in communities that COBRA has taken over. Keeping a subjugated population under control and alive ( so they can be of further use) would necessitate non-lethal weapons in some circumstances. Otherwise, the alternative is to shoot them, and that could put a crimp into a workforce over time. A good point, and with others pointing out that it does, indeed, fit into the slot under his shield, I rescind my first comment.
  14. Only drawback of the Alley-Viper is that is seems to have been designed for the gun to clip into the backpack (as the backpack has grooves to fit the form of the gun), but no pains were taken to make sure it *stayed* clipped. The grooves in the backpack are too shallow, it doesn't actually "clip" anywhere. So yeah, little rubberbands are the way to go. Also, the club doesnt go anywhere, it's just an added accessory because someone thought Cobra terrorists in riot gear needed non-lethal weaponry. ??
  15. I expect, by 2014, to see a 50th Anniversary set of 1960s Joes in the modern design style, but sooner than that, I want a 25th Joe Colton. Other than that, I would still like to see - A proper Marvel designed Cobra Commander - Dr. Venom - Kwinn the Eskimo - Billy 'Kessler' - Oktober Guard - Sunbow Cover Girl - Thrasher (and a Thunder Machine, if possible) - Lowlight - Muskrat - Roadpig (Quick-Kick torso and "DDP" Zartan lower legs would be a boss start to this one) - Dodger (a personal favorite) - Metalhead (an easy body repaint with Zap's webgear, just need to develop the acce
  16. Close, but nothing beats Takara's awful translation for their Mega PVC figures: The Go, Joe! slogan is legitimate, even if it's from the wrong decade. This is just plain wrong!
  17. The 60s G.I.Joe line used the slogan "Go, Joe!" in it's advertising campaign. That's most likely where it comes from.
  18. Just the Sunbow series, no DIC. Also, I think Shout! is saying now that they won't release the complete series set to retail until the smaller sets have been released. So many bot until next year, at this rate. For the meantime, if you want it, you gotta go thru their website. Or SDCC. It's the same discs as Season 1.1, but the packaging is completely different. When Season 1.2 is released, the discs will likely be numbered 1-5 again, instead (for instance) 6-10, as in the boxed set. So there will be differences. Also, you get them all *now* instead of piecemeal.
  19. I doubt he's talking about the "look" of the movie. But it's obvious that the tone and the relationships are more cartoon-inspired than comic based.
  20. Shout! is selling the complete series thru this website: http://www.gijoecollectorsset.com/
  21. They have no plans at the moment, but then they always say that before they're ready to announce a new release. I got my box today, and it's *huge*, even compared to the Matrix set. almost unnecessarily so for the size of the discs inside. But who cares, this thing is fricken frackin awesome!!! I haven't seen most of these episodes since USA's Cartoon Express in the early 90s. Same with Transformers and the SciFi Channel's "Cartoon Quest"... a lot of fond memories with both these sets. There won't be another day this satisfying until Shout! releases every episode of Mystery Scienc
  22. Corey Stinson, also known as one of the founders of YoJoe.com, hasn't let me down yet. I can recommend other sites for deals and sales, but smalljoes is always the best place to order Joes from, simply because Corey is the man!
  23. Final tally on this initial release: - Destro - Acellerator Wayans - Baroness (all three bought months ago from ebay ) - The Doctor - Hawk - Flash (all three from BBTS on release day) - Armored Heavy Duty - Armored Scarlett - Paris Pursuit Snakes - Sgt Stone - Zartan - Scarlett (fug-face) - Cover Girl More than I ever expected to buy, mostly they're going toward future customs. Armored Scarlett will drive the Steel Crusher as a 25th version of Vypra. Baroness was going to be my Munitia base, but the Paris version (or even better, Resolute Baroness) ousted her ugly aft).
  24. What's left? What's Left??? Cover Girl, Billy, Kwinn, Dr. Venom, Low-Light, Law & Order, Nullifier, Night-Vipers, or Metalhead... all essentials in my book. We've also not gotten our "apology" Duke, 88 Storm Shadow, or a decent black/silver hooded Cobra Commander repaint (preferrably the CG remold). Still a few cool vehicles left, like the STUN, a proper 80s Ferret, and it wouldn't kill them to attempt the Thunder Machine with a ne wThrasher figure. Maybe, MAYBE, then I'll consider the line "complete". These two 7-packs are filling in a lot of holes, tho.
  25. See, that was ridiculous. Why take pre-orders a week before the stuff actually *arrives*? On top of that, I thought they weren't coming till the 16th, which would've been after my next paycheck... now, I'll have to hold off on the IDW trades that are coming out tomorrow, and hope they aren't sold out before the weekend. Buying things on a budget sucks.
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