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  1. It was released on September 12th. September 11th, 2001 was a Tuesday. Please tell me people that were alive on this day at least remember that much! @grumpy@
  2. That's the basic conflict of comics. They only come out once a month, and rarely does one issue cover a month worth of a character's life. Typically four or six issues only cover a few hours or a few days. So many years of a comic's publication only account for a year or so of the character's fictional life. That's the unavoidable truth of comics. And that's a responsibility which falls on the writers. If the objective is a sustained, on-going series that can run indefinitely, writers should shy away from concrete dates, easily dated references, and other things that denote the passag
  3. I didn't say that. What I said was that the cynical nature of the Marvel book was drawn from the resentment of Vietnam (from the POV of a veteran). Since a reboot wouldn't have the same cynical tone (nor should it), the Vietnam connection can be tossed out to. I'm *agreeing* with you on that. This *was* my point. Tying the Joes into any real-world conflict the way Hama did with vietnam will inevitably come back to bite aft if the continuity is successful and runs ten or fifteen years. The iconic, trademarked, big-name Joes that Hasbro turns to time and again will *never* be allow
  4. Except that by putting them in another real-world, real time event, you're just going to wind up with the same problem in ten years. Also, Vietnam wasn't just a war for them to be veterans of, it was a catastrophe of events that cost too many soldiers in it's time, and the survivors were *blamed* for it's failure, by and large. The Marvel comic was a product of this complex and highly negative portryal of the dychotemy between a warrior and his country. It was Larry Hama's personal experience that made the whole thing resonate. Without that context, without the cynical, bitter protryal
  5. Ugh! Trimpe? That explains it, then. Man, DDP only lately realized you need Larry Hama in the mix, but that's because he was the best of the Marvel writers. Herb Trimpe? He's like the Judd Winnick of GIJoe... *horrible* writing, barely passable art... and that was 20 years ago. Today, even as homage... this is atrocious artwork. The other two are golden. Covers don't need to make sense if they look cool, and the Destro/Baroness cover delivers that much in spades! The collage cover is just awesome tho! Hopefully all three are included in the TPB when it's released!
  6. I thought this continuity was an extension of the Marvel storyline? Some people still hold onto hope that a new company would use the Marvel Era as backstory, and disregard the Devil's Due stuff. It's so incredibly unlikely that it makes me laugh. All or nothing are the only options for IDW. Once you start picking and choosing continuity, you've already lost the battle. look what happened with Superman Returns. most fans can't tell you flat out if it was a sequel to the Christopher Reeve movies, or a retelling/reenvisioning of the property. And don't forget the reader, who will
  7. Oh, well that'd be Super Trooper. Yeah, i'd be down with a 25th Super Trooper. Even give him the code-name Rapid Fire, and kill two with one! Most of these would just require toned down colors, not necessarily *different* colors. Scoop and Lightfoot, the exceptions, would be better served with muted, khaki BDUs instead of a navy blue that would totally change the look of the figure. Althought I'd be all for Lightfoot just getting Night Force colors instead of the originals.
  8. The 25th line is a scalper's dream in general. Initially, Flint was the hard to get figure in Wave 1. But then he showed up in refresh cases of Wave 3 (I think) and is widely available for the most part. But scalpers, as they will, found a "hot figure" and set a high price (despite his availability), and they won't back down from it until idiot buyers stop paying the higher price. Which is hard to do when the entire concept of collecting is blowing disposable income. If a collector wants it bad enough, he'll pay. maybe not you. maybe not me. But some poor bastard will throw down
  9. For one thing, Master Collector announced they would be offering the Wave 4 figures this year... they never anounced a date. Between the likely small run, and other things being more important (getting the JoeCon exclusives that were backordered into the hands of fans who already paid for them), I think it's a bit early to speculate on when they will be released, let alone rumor-monger about them being cancelled outright. Personally, I only had interest in Munitia, and that was passing-level at best. Owning 12 Cobra Troopers myself, I can't say I'd need or want any officers, and the Joes
  10. It's funny the way news keeps bouncing back and forth. First (like, two years ago), the Joes are based on the comics, and Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Roadblock are all accounted for. Then the script is leaked, and it's all about Duke and Cool Dude, a buddy comedy/ betrayal-revenge action movie. Then we heard it was a team thing again, focusing on Duke and Action Man. Then is was comic-based, but with an International team headquartered in Brussels. Then it was the US. Then it was Destro in charge, then J.G. Levitt gets cast as Cobra Commander. Finally, at Toy Fair we heard it was going to
  11. Well, at least we can say, for SURE!, that wherever the comic goes, the numbering will be reset. That's just a given, seeing how #1s are Universal best-sellers, and call out to new readers the way #37 never will. What would be nice, if they continued the continuity, would be a little #235 on the inside cover. But since I expect, and desire, a reboot in continuity (at least at first), that's just a happy dream via pipe.
  12. The $4.95 is for shipping, so yes, each Doc you ordered costs 4.95, in addition to the stickers and battle points.
  13. I hate the term Neon. None of these figures light up. But the fluorescent colors on the later Joes absolutely should be done with proper colors if Hasbro feels that figure would sell. Almost all the 1990 figures, 1991 Low Light (with correct hair), Mercer, Sci-Fi, 1992 Wild Bill, Roadblock, Battle Corps Duke, Cross Country (Who I think is so much better than V1), Beachhead, Ninja Force Snake-Eyes, NF Stormy, Slice, Dice, DEF Shockwave, Mutt & Junkyard, and Cutter would all be perfect for the 25th treatment with minor, if any, color changes. Even late '94 figures like Flint, Lifel
  14. None confirmed. Gung-Ho, Spirit, and Wild Bill were left in a compromising position (3 of them vs 13 Plague Members), but the story ended with them *willingly* getting backed into a building that the Plague then blew up around them. It was enough to convince the Plague they were dead, and they left to do other things. But we never saw bodies, and (again) the Joes did it willingly, even saying to one another "Isn't it obvious... we're gonna die!" So, it's kinda obvious that they *didnt* die, and pulled the Custer's Last Stand con to get the Plague off their backs. There's also an aer
  15. They werent killed for what they knew. They were killed because Cobra Commander wanted them dead. Again, aside from Monkeywrench, none of these guys were Cobra big-wigs. Cesspool was in a coma before AE#1, and Sei-Tin (if he was in the Coffin, Storm Shadow probably found a way to switch his and Tj'bang's minds back) was paralyzed and dying already. Biggles-Jones and the Paine Brothers were all found by the Joes in a Cobra hospital... meaning they were all sick/dying/wounded... lame ducks as it were. Overkill had a nervous breakdown in Bhadikstan during Volume 2 #35-ish, and begged the Joe
  16. Not exactly the way it went, but I can understand your confusion. Everything is so muddled about the Coffin jail-break because there was supposed to be a one-shot comic dealing solely with that storyline, but Hasbro nixed it as part of the paring down of DDp's license as it nears the end. There's also a (seemingly) strict policy that they cannot show people being killed (the actual showing of it), so everything is left ambiguous or mentioned after the fact. So the few scenes we got just don't convey the story properly. The intention was for Tomax to assault the prison, release those Cob
  17. When the Joes arrived at his "offices", they found his face mutilated, and they said he was near-death. But the *Joes were there*, and they wouldnt just let him die. They obviously got him medical attention, and we know there's a medical ward in the Coffin because Xamot was there as well. When Cobra raided the Coffin and freed Xamot, it's likely Scalpel was nearby and that's why Cobra was able to free him before they were turned away by Storm Shadow.
  18. Where's the head from? I'm thinking about an *actual* Bombstrike custom for it.
  19. The reason you initially got no response is because there's been a massive shift in the comic since the issue you left off on. I don't think anyone's really gotten a chance to digest everything that's happened so far as Issue #21 was the beginning of a storyline that has not resolved itself yet, and won't until the Devil' Due comic run ends in May, with AE #36. Issue #21 began a 4-part story called "Sins of the Mother" which focuses on the Baroness' bloody trail of revenge against the various agents of Cobra in an attempt to retrieve her baby. The result of that storyline leads directly
  20. Like dPrime said, The GIJoe Movie Entertainment Pack was cancelled, and Hasbro is backing off from the cult-favorites in favor of the widely popular characters that better represent the GIJoe brand. That seems to be Corporate Spin for "What were we thinking? Cobra La? Oh My God did that suck! And we were gonna make figures of that? No F***ink way, man. No f***ink way!" And as much as I'm pulling for them, Firewall and Zanya probably won't get a fair shake, especially with Devil's Due falling by the wayside. I'd say Zarana and Jinx are the only ones on this list we have even a remote
  21. Hasbro has been really good about showing us official pics of the upcoming single figure waves for the past month or two. So there isn't much else they could've shown. Innit wonderful when a toy company treats its fans well, and still gets called out for it. And for the record, the 2 Entertainment packs shown included a total of 7 figures, and a new Build-A-Prop concept. We also saw 6 new vehicles, and 4 Driver figures, plus they unveiled the new BAT. That's still a damn sight more than almost any other company showed for their hottest lines. We got spoiled, and some people can't b
  22. According to some reports from Toy Fair, Hasbro realized Cobra La may not have the mass appeal they are looking for. I'd bet good money we never see that Nemesis Enforcer vs Falcon Comic Pack either.
  23. Counting what I have: 10 Box Set Troopers (Call Sign: Snakeoil) 1 Wave 1 Officers 12 Legion Troopers (Call Sign: Snakeskin) 2 Legion officers 6 Wave 2 Troopers (Viper Pilots w/ Legion Jetpacks) 2 Crimson Guards What I want: 2 more Box Set Troopers 1 more Wave 1 Officer 2 more Crimson Guardsmen 2 Fred Series Guardsmen (Comic Pack) 6 more Wave 2 Troopers (to man 6 Trubble Bubbles; 12 if the Cobra CLAWS rumor pans out) 12 3-Pack Troopers (Call Sign: Snakebite) 2 3-Pack Officers 12 Vipers 24 BATs 6 Tele-Vipers 12 HISS Drivers (for my 12 DTC HISSes) 1 Rip-It (as HISS Comman
  24. There *are* people that want them. There's no denying that. But Hasbro may just have realized how marginal and niche those numbers are. An overwhelming number of collectors, and most casual fans look at the movie as a low point (most that don't know better blame it for Sunbow ceasing production of the Joe cartoon). Hasbro might also be realizing it's not a great idea, marketing-wise, to parade the odder elements of GIJoe's history to the public right before a multi-million dollar movie hits. It'd be like doing a line of Beast Pretender Action Masters right before releasing the second T
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