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  1. Well, yeah. Hasbro is the one *licensing* the cartoons. They'll have to find a licensee who has interest, if one doesn't already exist (Last I heard, Sony still had the rights even tho they had no intention of releasing any sets). All this means is that Hasbro, not TV-Loonland will receive a cut of the profits if/when DVDs *are* released by another company. Never gonna happen. Whatever DVDs are released in the future will start over and release their own sets. The Rhino releases will forever remain unfinished.
  2. The fundamental principle behind Transformers animation is selling toys. If there's no toyline to support, Hasbro won't pony up the dough to make a cartoon. And no animation house is going to develop a cartoon based on a Hasbro licensed product without Hasbro's asking them... So yeah, I'm gonna say this'll never happen. Considering the comic itself couldn't sustain interest and sales long enough for Furman to finish the current plotlines as he originally intended, and the series is getting a wrap-up and a slight revamping, I have t question the popularity of the comic with the Fandom at
  3. Killjoys we may be, but how much does it suck seeing the headline, and reading the first few lines by an annoying braggart... only to realize he's found nothing of interest... That's a pretty big kill joy right there... for anyone thinking *newer* toys were out.
  4. Well, according to Hasbro's initial concept, the Battle Packs were all supposed to come with one of the 5-part cartoon miniseries. That would include "Pyramid of Darkness" "Arise, Serpentor, Arise" "The Movie" and "Operation: Dragonfire" (who wouldn't want a blue Lady Jaye repaint and Slaughter's Marauders with an Alley Viper?) Since we know we're getting 5 entertainment packs, and that the Movie pack was dropped in favor of a "Best of" Pack, it should be a no-brainer that the other two Sunbow miniseries will be the focus of packs 3 and 4.
  5. You looking for it on card, or do you just want the figure. Cuz I have a few leftover from my Army Building if you just want him loose for your collection. PM me if you're interested. No charge, you'd be doing me a favor.
  6. Click Here Hawk, Duke, Ripcord, Baroness, and Storm Shadow. Not a lot of color... but Storm Shadow looks appropriately "Reloaded". I don't hate, but I would've rather them gone with something more military-looking.
  7. Personally, I;m doubtful he'll make the cut. So far, of the "Golden Age" of RAH, 1986 has gotten the least love. Looking back, it seems that the 1986 cartoon series and toyline was the height of GIJoe's popularity in spite of itself. Cobra was represented by Serpentor, Mindbender and a bunch of Dreadnoks. GIJoe was populated by redundant soldiers like Beachhed (another Ranger), Leatherneck (another Marine), Dial-Tone (another Communications Officer), Sci-Fi (another Laser Trooper, in NEON green), Lifeline (another Medic, in blaze red), and featured the return of two older characters wi
  8. Well, you guys have nailed all the pertinent classic characters. For me, the Must-have characters from the early years are limited to: - Cover Girl - Ripcord - Dusty - Tunnel Rat - Falcon - Law & Order - Shockwave I hold out hope, however, that among these, Hasbro will also release figures that celebrate the entire 25 year span, and allow collectors who embrace newer characters to get a shot at owning them all in this new format. Hasbro redesigns: - Rock N Roll v2 - Ace v3/4 - Duke v3 New characters: - Dodger - Barrel Roll - Blackout - General "G.I.Joe" Colton!
  9. August 16th, about 4:37 a.m. According to my source, they'll only be leaked for three minutes. Oh, and if anyone looks at the leaked pics, they won't ever be released. Ever.
  10. Looks like another round of "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions", without the humor... Asking about a timeframe for a press release for the new comic licensee? When it happens, it happens. That's a wasted question, and Hasbro's answer, while seemingly positive, is the same corporate spin: "We hope" doesnt mean "We Will"... so they could announce it next week, or next month! There seemed to be redundant questions (or at least answers) concerning the movie figures, and the duration of the current toyline. I dunno how many times we need to be told that this line will continue into the
  11. Actually, DDP never played it up, but Zartan running the Dreadnoks and returning to Cobra in their series was directly related to the Brain Implant activated in Marvel 145. Devil's Due neglected that Destro and Zartan's mind control was not created by the Brainwave Scanner, and when they collaborated with Larry Hama on Frontline #1-4, they never exlained why crashing the Scanner with a virus would have any effect on those two. So, in effect, nothing *did* happen to them. Destro only left Cobra to be with the Baroness after she got un-zombified, possibly shaking the implant's hold the sam
  12. Looks to be an all-around popular wave, but Hasbro's definitely losing me on the Joe picks (have been since Wave 5). Hawk will replace the comic pack version, and rightfully so. But Bazooka and Barbeque will go with my MOC collection, not loose on my display shelf. On the other hand, I'll have 6 Snow Serpents, and as many BATS as I can clasp to my tender bossom! They both look phenomenal, and will be happy additions! Now we *really* need Eels, tho... since Snow Job has his troops to fight, and Torpedo deserves the same.
  13. My personal opinion is that Storm Shadow needs to be allied with Cobra, because he's an iconic character that way. It just doesn't work as well when he changes sides. However, like the other Cobra Hierarchy, Storm Shadow has his own motivations and loyalties. For my money, Storm Shadow's over-arcing storyline would be one of revenge against the assassin who killed his Uncle. Originally, he believed it to be Snake-Eyes and joined Cobra to oppose him. But after years of hatred, Snake-Eyes gives Stormy a message from the Soft Master, explaining they'd always blamed *him*, leading Storm Sh
  14. Yeah, awesome job making him *not* look like storm Shadow... but it does look like you painted him with hot tar. Comparison pics with the Dullcoat version would be cool.
  15. Not really... where is it stated that only Deep Six could pilot a sub? And just for technicality's sake, Grand Slam is coming with the Night Spectre, not the SHARC... since it's a different vehicle with a different name, Deep Six has no connection to it, whatsoever.
  16. I was gonna pick this set up solely for the black Ma-deuce, but then Hasbro went and included it with the Hulkbuster figures... so I'll just grab that one... I want those figures way more anyways.
  17. About fricken time! LOL. I've just this week gotten a mad-on for Star Trek again, and pulled my collection out of the closet. Getting to finish my First Contact crew (they can call them Nemesis, but when I've got them on the same shelf as the Borg figures, and the someday-to-be released Queen, they're FC figures to me!) will be a wonderful accomplishement having been the first set I started collecting (back with the Nemesis-proper figures). I'll be getting Ogawa, O'Brien and Ro to keep Barclay company in the back row... really wish a Tasha Yar and Guinan had come along to fill out the r
  18. I am appauled! All those shots, and not one showing off Spirit's unique ability to do the Three Stooges' eye-gouge. Moe Howard is rolling over in his grave!
  19. While it's true the Con set warmed shelves, I blame that mostly on the awful Dreadhead figures which comprised half the damned set! 6 exact figures that were supposed to be 3 sets of identical twins, all cousins with one another, who all hate Beachhead for some personal affront? First off, shouldnt it have been Cross Country, the self-identified red-neck, who managed to get on the bad side of six country bumpkin Patty Dukes? Secondly, did anyone give figs (flying or not) about the Dreadheads to begin with? Even the most popular 'nok, Zartan, was a seperate exclusive, making the box-set
  20. God no! I want to get rid of the MOBAT I have now (the 1998 repaint)! And while a Mauler would kick aft, we know for a fact the mold is lost because the fan club attempted to use it for their Con-exclusive set this past fall. The molds were said to be unuseable... so we're never seeing the Mauler again. Personally, I'm happy with the BBI Abrams tanks as a modern Mauler. If Hasbro makes one, it'd better be cool looking and have minimal action features. Motorized treads and spring-fired missiles are about all I'd tolerate!
  21. Sorry, but that's just flat-out wrong. Whoever's message board you were reading, whatever memory you have, it's incorrect. G.I.Joe Vol 2 #1 came out on September 12, 2001. They day after. And I don't sort of remember, I know for a fact that I went to my comic shop, and the guy was flat out shocked that I bothered to come in. I actually just wandered in because I had nothing else to do. Classes were cancelled here in NY, the bank I worked at didn't open. I half expected the new books wouldn't be delivered anyway. But they were. I bought 3 copies. It was the only good thing to ha
  22. In what Universe? I've been buying comics on Wednesdays since 1997.
  23. People will always have different opinions than you. You can't go nuts over it. just accept that you have one opinion, and someone else doesn't agree. It'll hurt a lot less. Arguing/discussing on a message board, I've learned to present my opinions, back them up with facts, and leave it at that. Trying to bend someone to your way of thinking is militant and self-serving. I know Arrow and I don't agree on most things. I just hope that he understands my stance, and disagrees with what I actually think, and not some misunderstood variation of things. That said, I support a reboot be
  24. Personally, I find the Carwash of Doom to be a moment that defined how bad many of the Marvel Transformer comics were. Even when Furman took over, there was a level of lameness to the book, probably because the later-day characters were the focus of many issues, while the standard characters like Prime and Megatron were involved in these hopeless convoluted storylines based on their mutal demises early on via Hasbro mandate. The IDW G1 continuity seems to be very popular with those who read it. I'm one of them. It sidesteps a lot of the blatantly bad stuff from G1 while incorporating a
  25. Actually, Brandon really *fixed* a poorly written part of the Marvel book. When Larry Hama gave Cobra Commanderan origin in #84, he did so posthumously. It didn't particularly matter, because the origin was never meant to provide motivation after it was revealed - because the character was dead! Once the Commander came back, he suddenly had this relationship with Snake-Eyes he never had before. We had to accept that his junkie brother, Dan, killed Snake-Eyes' whole family and Cobra Commander was just so unstable that he blamed Snake-Eyes for it! That's a big leap. Brandon added a much
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