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  1. It's Wednesday and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're looking at a third party one sixth scale figure, the SSR "Hush" figure, which has nothing to do with the Batman comic book of the same name, or the characters in it (*wink wink*). It's always a gamble with 'third party' figures, since we don't know if the final product will look anything like the promo pics. This figure? It blew everything away. That is a GORGEOUS figure. The head sculpts are fantastic, the body has great articulations and details (you can feel veins on the thigh muscles!), and the tailoring? Wow. I own over a dozen 1/6 Batman figures (Hot Toys, Sideshow, DC Direct), and this one is superior to all of them. The cape is made of a nice fabric that flows nicely and is easy to handle (no wires, though). This figure looks like high end head sculpts and suits that could be find only through customizers, for a fraction of the price. It comes with an additional head sculpt and neck piece with Hush's bandages, 4 extra hands, 3 batarangs, bat-logo brass knuckles and a grappling hook, complete with string. The headsculpts are held by a weird round blank part (nightmare fuel!), which can be removed to change the neck piece, depending on which sculpt you want to use. The headsculpt with the bandana looks equally awesome, and both head sculpts managed to capture the style of the comic book. I'd even say it looks closer to the book than the MAFEX version of it. More news at 11:00... Same "hush" time, same "hush" channel!
  2. Collection Room Tour videos. If you follow any channels related to toys on Youtube, you'll certainly come across a Collection Room tour video at some point. Those are videos that you would usually skip through, just to see the good stuff, but would probably not watch the entire 25, 30 or 40 minutes of it, where your favorite toy youtuber would go to great length to give you the backstory behind every shelf from their display. But who started that whole thing? ToyFarce investigated... It turns out it was a follower, Nicolas G., who was the first one to ask to one of his favorite Youtubers, back in the early days of Youtube, if we could see what the entire collection looks like: "I've always been a fan of MTV Cribs. I would marathon entire seasons of the show, and I just love to see the inside of other people's houses. Not even for inspiration, just pure curiosity. So I asked if we could see the collection room in the comments of one of the early videos of a toy reviewer, and now, it's gone completely out of hand. There are now several thousands of videos on Youtube. People are posting videos called " MY INCREDIBLE, WONDERFUL COLLECTION ROOM TOUR", they'd switch around 3 figures, or buy 1 new toy, and post another video a week later called "UPDATE ON MY UNBELIEVABLE, MAGNIFICENT COLLECTION ROOM TOUR"... I'm so sorry I started this." More news at 11:00... Do you guys wanna see our Collection Room? :D
  3. A few days ago, it was announced that Hasbro applied for a new anti-theft, anti-tamper packaging patent for their toys and figures. It shouldn't be a surprise to anybody, since we've just spent a year seeing idiots steal the Space Jam Lebron James action figure heads (and selling them on ebay, literally 'scalping' them) to blindly follow a tiktok trend. Full article about the new patent here: https://toynewsi.com/278-40927 A source that is working undercover in several groups, such as the S.C.A.L.P., the Thieves' Guild, the Figure Swap Organization, and other nefarious groups, told ToyFarce that the Thieves' Guild were already working on their own patent to counter that one: "The Guild said that if toy companies are going to make it more difficult for them to steal the toys inside the packaging, they will just start by stealing the whole thing instead, packaging and all. Meanwhile, they are going to be working on their own counter-patent to fight it. Such is the way of the Guild." More news at 11:00... How about a new patent to counter the counter-patent? *ToyFarce News is parody news for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously! ** ToyFarce and Toy News International do not condone stealing toys. Please, don't do that.
  4. That is true. They redeemed themselves with the Superman and all the following ones, though. Those figures look like they were taken right out of the comic book!
  5. It's Wednesday and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're looking at the brand new Joker figure from the Batman: Hush line from MAFEX. This is the 5th figure in that line (6th if you count the Batman black repaint). As usual, MAFEX did an excellent work in bringing the character from the comic book in figure form. This figure blew away my expectations, actually. As much as I love Jim Lee's art (and I have tattoos from his work on my body), his Joker has never been my favorite representation of him. Add to that the DC Direct Batman: Hush figure of Joker looked really bad, so I expected this figure to be the one I would like the least. Well, it turns out it's an awesome figure! It comes with 2 stellar headsculpts, 5 extra sets of hands and a knife. As expected, no guns, since MAFEX had warned long ago about it not coming with guns due to the Warner decision to keep away from guns in their products. The shade of purple of his suit was also rectified to be darker than in the initial promo shots, which looks great. Articulation-wise, it's the usual MAFEX product, unfortunately no thigh or biceps swivel, which hinders it a little, but since it's not a Spider-man figure and doesn't need to do any gymnast posts, that will do. Of course, it would have been nice to have the prop gun with the flag to recreate "that" scene from the comic book, but we can always use guns from other figures, any third-party ones or even 3D print them if you know what you're doing - "What are you doing? - I'm printing a gun, mum!". Those are weird times, indeed. The next ones in this line should be Harley Quinn in April 2022, Batman with the Stealth Jumper suit in June and Huntress in August, unless there are any (more) delays from MAFEX. More news at 11:00... "Stop me if you've heard this one before, Batsy..."
  6. Over the past few weeks, there's been a disturbance in the Force that we have all felt: The Haslab Rancor campaign tier reveals have been quite a letdown, and many loyal fans ended up cancelling their backing, as a response. Indeed, the Haslab Rancor will come with a repackaged Gamorrean guard, plastic bones, a cardboard back drop, a repackaged Salacious Crumb, and yet another version of Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker. Many collectors took to social media to express their discontent, and tried to make the message clear about what they wanted, like the obvious choice of having Malakili, the Rancor keeper figure come with it, or Jabba's exotic dancer Oola, with the hashtag #NoOolaNoMoolah trending for a bit. Well, we know that Disney decided a few years ago to not ever produce any merchandise again depicting what was then known as "the Slave Leia" (now called the "Hutt-slayer Leia"), because of the outrageous, objectifying outfit that the Alderaan princess was wearing in the Return of the Jedi. We also know that the movie had to be edited to remove Oola's wardrobe malfunction from the original versions of the film. But why would the Rancor Keeper not be included, you ask? ToyFarce asked an anonymous source that worked for Disney and Star Wars for years. "Well, the Rancor Keeper, or Malakili, is also a subject of great controversy at Disney. When you watch the movie, you'll see that he is TOPLESS in every one of his scenes! He is exposing himself all the time! It's a miracle that Disney hasn't edited a t-shirt over him yet! So no, there won't be any Rancor Keeper figure. First 'Slave Leia', then Oola and now Malakili..." More news at 11:00... "He got his titties out!"
  7. Last week, Toy News International reported about some upcoming DC Multiverse figures variants, that are neither repaints, gold label, silver label, bronze label, platinum edition, "chase" or any of the other made-up names we've come to accept in that line. Indeed, those figures do not come with different paint colors, a silver or a gold paint job, they come with no paint at all! "Artist Proof" seems to be the name for those. We've now seen pictures of Lobo, Rebirth Superman and Gotham Knights Red Hood (with pew pew hands!) in their most natural grey plastic look. It is a pretty bold move during a time when people are starting to grow frustrated with the never-ending repaints from other brands, or more recently the repacks on 'vintage card' for the figures that come with the Haslab Rancor (Not even repaints: repacks!). We will see how those 'Artist Proof' figures will be received by the community. As McFarlane Toys is no stranger to not painting figures at all. The most recent was the addition of an 'Artist Proof' Classic Spawn in their Kickstarter Spawn sets, but one could go even further, back to 1997, when McFarlane Toys was actually giving away (for free!) what is now known as the "Cannes Festival Spawn figure", an unpainted action figure of Spawn from the movie, given to moviegoers in Cannes, France during the International movie festival. At least now, we got a proper packaging... More news at 11:00... No-paint is the new repaint!
  8. It's Wednesday and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're looking at the latest TMNT Loot Crate from NECA, the one that came with the exclusive Danny Pennington action figure! As is tradition with Loot Crate, the box is filled with useless stuff that will end up in a drawer, but this time, they overdid themselves with the inclusion of the BRIGHTEST FREAKING NEON YELLOW long sleeve t-shirt ever. This box included the Exclusive Danny Pennington figure (more on him later), a set of 2 pins representing Casey Jones and Raphael, if someone drew them from memory (I assume), 2 great coasters with art from the original Mirage comics, and a long sleeve t-shirt that is as bright as the sun. I cannot see anybody wearing this unironically. ("Great! I was missing something to wear to go take out the trash!"). 4 different items, which feels a bit low for a Loot Crate. I remember them packing their boxes a bit more. Anyway, I think most people ordered it for the figure rather than the extra swag (except for that one guy that only wears neon yellow and was super happy with his crate), so let's check out Danny. First impression is that he is a tiny figure. He seems to have the body of a nine year old compared to the other figures, while the actor (Michael Turney) was 16 when he played that character in 1990. The figure is as tall as the Splinter figure from that second wave of TMNT 1990 line. It's weird! Otherwise, the sculpt is pretty good, we can recognize the actor easily. They did some great detail on the Sex Pistols t-shirt to have it movie accurate. Danny comes with 2 heads (bandana, and no bandana) and a walkman (it's that thing we used to carry around before iPods/smartphones existed). The walkman has a cable made of very thin rubber, similar to the one that came with the Tales from Space Marty McFly from their Back to the Future line, and I feel that this will definitely break down if you play with it too much. The figure itself is fine, but as usual with NECA, you have to be super careful with the articulations, and the arms tend to be very fragile and tiny (sorry about the elbow on yours, @JayC). It's a great addition to the 1990 TMNT movie line, but if you don't collect those, that is an easy pass (unless you picked all the crates to get the extra bonus figure). Surprisingly, BigBadToyStore actually has that LootCrate in stock (for a higher price) if you're still looking for it: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/179267 More news at 11:00... "Danny, are you ok? - Dad... it's just Dan now."
  9. BREAKING NEWS: ToyFarce turns 2 years old today! Year 2 has been pretty wild! We've continued to have a lot of fun bringing you fresh and exclusive news, we started #ToyMemesTuesday, we had a wonderful romantic escapade with Kickstarter Spawn, we ended up on Toy News International,... and now it's time to sit back and think about all the great stuff that happened in year 2... If we were a TV series, this would be the clip show, aka the "flashback episode", the one that didn't cost much to do. But if you're discovering ToyFarce only now, it's a great way to see what you missed out on! Here is a selection of articles that are still being shared around to this day! TARGET REVEALED AS PART OF COBRA! HUNT FOR G.I.JOE CLASSIFIED SERIES FIGURES DIFFICULT ON PURPOSE! "Knowing that (and knowing is half the battle, right?), it all makes sense now why the G.I.Joe Classified Series figures are so hard to find! Cobra told Target to hide the Classified Series figures from their customers, so that collectors would become frustrated and start to resent, and hate G.I.Joe, while at the same time turning a profit, by selling the figures at unreasonable prices, in order to fund the organization’s activities!" Article can be found here: https://www.toyfarce.com/news/target-revealed-as-part-of-cobra JULY 2021, THE WORST MONTH EVER FOR SCALPERS! "The S.C.A.L.P. industry held an emergency meeting this week after suffering devastating blows the entire month. They had an international conference call to try to figure out what their next move should be. 'I hereby declare July 2021 was “Anti-Scalper month” for the history books. Companies have been decimating our ebay prices! Between NECA releasing their exclusive sets on their own website, Target re-issueing all the G.I.Joe Classified Series figures for everyone to order, and now people are making fun of us by LITTERALY scalping Space Jam 2 Lebron James figures, and selling their heads on ebay… we are a joke, now!'" Article can be found here: https://www.toyfarce.com/news/july-2021-the-worst-month-ever-for-scalpers MORE DC MULTIVERSE LEAKS?! "After the leaks about the Snyder’s Justice League movie figures a few days ago, a collectibles store in Malaysia (Have you noticed that it’s always some stores in Malaysia that leak those?) sent ToyFarce the scoop about the upcoming waves, and it is surprising, to say the least! As usual, no pictures yet, but you can bet that the Toddfather will make a live video about it very soon! (What’s up with the toothbrush?)" Article can be found here: https://www.toyfarce.com/news/breaking-more-dc-multiverse-leaks To this day, we still get the occasional DM asking if we heard any update on those. It seems collectors never really bothered to check the source or verify if it was real, so we had to double down the following week... EVEN MORE DC MULTIVERSE LEAKS?! "Once again, ToyFarce got the scoop before anyone else! Another store in Malaysia (it’s always Malaysia) sent us the ultimate proof (a photography of a computer screen!) about the line-up of the future waves of McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse action figures, and it’s even more surprising than the “Batman Forever”/”Batman & Robin”-Schumacher-verse waves!" Article can be found here: https://www.toyfarce.com/news/update-even-more-mcfarlane-toys-dc-multiverse-leaks AND FINALLY... “STOP PUTTING TOYS IN THEM!”: AN INTERVIEW WITH SVEN IVAR DETOLF, THE INVENTOR OF THE DETOLF GLASS CABINET! "'With a glass-door cabinet, you can show off as well as protect your glassware or your favorite collection.' This is the official description of the Detolf glass cabinet on IKEA’s website. If you’re a toy collector, you’re most certainly familiar with those, as we’ve seen thousands of pictures of toy collection displayed in one or more Detolfs (Detolves?)" Article can be found here: https://www.toyfarce.com/news/interview-with-sven-ivar-detolf-inventor-of-glass-cabinet We have a few things in the work for year 3 that we're very excited about, so keep your eyes peeled! Also, check out our social media for a 2 year anniversary giveaway! More news at 11:00... Happy 2 year anniversary, us!
  10. Last week, ToyFarce sent a request to Haslab to try to get an exclusive interview (since we're on Toy News International and we can do things like that now). To our biggest surprise, they granted us that interview and were actually pretty excited about it! We were expecting a great sit down interview with members of all the different great teams, to talk everything about Haslab: Marvel Legends Galactus, the G.I. Joe Skystriker, the Ghostbusters Proton pack, and the Star Wars the Black Series Rancor... Well, it turns our there is another company called Haslab, a homeopathy company in India. Here's what we salvaged from the interview... ToyFarce: Hello, Haslab, and thank you so much for accepting this interview with us. We couldn't believe that you'd accept an interview after we've been teasing you for so long, so we really appreciate it! Haslab: You're welcome, we're very excited to have a chat with you and get more awareness on the fantastic world of homeopathy! ToyFarce: Wait, what?... Anyway, so how is the development going on Galactus? Haslab: You must be talking about our Gastrolus drops... those are great if you have stomach issues! It helps with heartburn, flatulence,... ToyFarce: I... am very confused right now. Moving on, how happy are you with the response to the G.I. Joe Skystriker? People are very happy about the long-awaited comeback of the O-ring figures! Haslab: "O-ring"? Do you mean...the b**thole? We have a very wide range of products to ease digestion and relieve you of any pain in the colon! ToyFarce: Okay, I see what's going on... If I say Proton Pack? Haslab: Yes, we have lots of tonics too! ToyFarce: This interview is over. Well that was a waste of time... More news at 11:00... Haslab, live life without side effects!
  11. It's Wednesday and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're looking at the brand new Batman figure from the New Adventures of Batman animated series, by MAFEX. Batman the Animated Series holds a special place in my heart, and I have loved all the Kenner figures that we got in the 90's, all the DC Collectibles/Direct figures that we had in the last decade, so when MAFEX announced that they would be tacking the Animated Series, I was overjoyed. Well, that is until I saw that they decided to kickstart the line with the New Adventures design, which are not as iconic than the original Animated Series, but still very Bruce Timm-esque. The DC Collectibles line did start with that one too, and we saw how far they went, so there is hope! The box is the usual MAFEX box type, with a window at the front showing the figure and all the accessories, and using a blue color, which is often used with promo art for the New Adventures series. I've read many comments about collectors being disappointed they didn't use the iconic red color, but that is for the Animated Series, and not the New Adventures. Even Kenner and DC Collectibles had blue cards for those. The figure is another very decent, brilliantly articulated offering like only MAFEX and other 'imports' brands can offer, but without being too much in order not to ruin the general aesthetic of the figure. A thigh swivel for example, would have kinda ruined the legs with a straight line right in the middle, even if it seems to be everything a collector asks for in a figure these days. Batman comes with 2 capes (one in rigid rubbery plastic that covers his shoulders, for those nice static poses, and a soft goods cape which allows for more posing), an unmasked Bruce Wayne headsculpt (wait... Bruce Wayne is Batman??), 4 extra pairs of hands, a batarang and a grapnel launcher, in action, with a metal rod to keep it always straight. Unfortunately, the rod cannot be removed to have the grapnel launcher 'not in action', but we'll get over that. Overall, this figure is far superior to the DC Collectibles one. Better articulations, more possibilities... The legs might be a bit too thin and I've seen some collectors have already broken a foot, but that is (unfortunately?) how Bruce Timm designed those characters, so we can expect more figures looking like that. We'll just have to be gentle with them! Not looking forward to the female characters, which were already very tiny and brittle on the DC Collectibles line... The New Adventures Joker is expected to join the Bat in July next year (or later, as delays are a tradition at MAFEX), and we're hoping for more announcement in between. More news at 11:00... I am vengance, I am the night... I am Batman!
  12. Bill Burr, Kumail Nanjiani, Patton Oswalt... No, this is not the line-up of an upcoming show at a great comedy club, this is actually a list of stand-up comedians that have been turned into action figures by Hasbro recently! The Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars universe both have used talented stand-up comedians in their movies/shows in the past few years, and since Hasbro has the rights for both, those comedians have now ended up on our shelves in figure form, via the Marvel Legends or the Star Wars: The Black Series figure lines. Comedy fans can now buy those figures and use their head scuplts on casual clothed bodies, and recreate their favorite stand-up comedy moments if they have a comedy club or bar stage diorama. Another stand-up comedian turned actor that got an action figure made of himself is none other than Michael Keaton, who played the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming (Yep, he used to do stand-up comedy. For real!). Other stand-up comedians used in those universes that deserve an action figure include Donald Glover, Brian Posehn, Hannibal Buress, and many more. Seriously, please give us figures of those! More news at 11:00... And now, ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to ToyFarce!
  13. A few days ago, the Toy Association revealed the nominees for the Toy of the Year Awards 2022. The Action Figure of the Year category saw nominees like the Avengers Hasbro Marvel Mech Strike by Hasbro, the Jurassic World Ocean Protector Mosasaurus by Mattel, Star Wars Galactic Snackin' Grogu by Hasbro or the first wave of Master of the Universe: Revelation figures, the Masters of the Universe: Masterverse by Mattel. One participant, which would have been the clear winner of that category seemed to be missing, though. We first thought that it was just an error, and contacted the Toy Association to make sure they knew about it, but it turns out the announcement was real: The Marvel Legends The Hood figure by Hasbro is NOT one of the nominees this year. The entire toy community is now in shambles after hearing the news. Several members accused the Toy of the Year Awards of being rigged, saying that it is a travesty and that the Marvel Legends The Hood figure by Hasbro was robbed of its well-deserved award. Marvel Legends Hasbro team member Dan Yun posted on Twitter that it was disappointing and gave a shout out to Sonny from The Sonny Channel, who was leading a campaign to nominate the Marvel Legends The Hood figure by Hasbro to the Awards (see below). ToyFarce reached out to Sonny for a statement: "I just feel like The Hood was snubbed due to the fact that I do not work for Hasbro. I don't feel like he should be punished due to my failure to gain employment or my familial ties. I hope that one day, The Hood will be given the recognition he deserves, whether it be based on the fact that he is a solid figure, or that I pick up a temp custodial job at Hasbro. Is he just a screaming head? No, he also has a sad heart and two questionable gun accessories." More news at 11:00... "AAAAAAAH!" - The Hood, 2021.
  14. It's Wednesday and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! This week, we're taking a look at Goliath, from the new Gargoyles line by NECA. That one came from out of nowhere, and we couldn't be more happier about it. Remember, NECA just kinda dropped the announcement of Goliath in the middle of the night (or middle of the day for people in other timezones), and broke the internet. No fanfare, no teases before that. Basically, it was: "Here, we're doing Gargoyles now." Exciting! The first impression is when you see the box, which is a third bigger than the usual boxes (TMNT, Back to the Future, Horror figures, etc). So when you see said box, you already know that Goliath is going to be a BIG BOY! The art on the front is gorgeous, an old classic promo picture from the 1994 series. Then, when you open it (unless you're an in-box collector, and then you can stop reading here), all you can say is "Wow." Goliath is a beast of a figure. He comes with a couple of interchangeable hands, a book, a hot pepper and a second headsculpt which represents the face he does on the toilet the next day, after eating too much hot pepper (at least that is what we assume). The wing span is gigantic, and people were complaining about the lack of 'closed wings', or 'draped wings', and were already assuming that we'll get a re-release with the draped wings, but NECA has already put that all to sleep with the announcement of Bronx, which will come with Goliath's closed wings, and then, everyone rejoiced. The articulations are what you usually get with NECA, and your figure might have to take a hot bath, but I personally didn't have any issue with them. The tail has a bendy metal wire inside so you can put it however you like, but the tail does kinda help keeping him standing up, since he is a bit top-heavy with the wings and has 'chicken legs', with the reversed articulation. For any person who grew up in the 90's and watched the show when it first aired, this is pure nostalgia and it a no-brainer, you definitely will need it on your shelf. Looking forward to Demona, Bronx and all the others, along with the inevitable stone versions! More news at 11:00... Stone by day, warriors by night, we are GARGOYLES!
  15. Paul Rudd is People's Sexiest Man Alive for 2021. The 52-year-old actor was bestowed the title on Tuesday's episode of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert." Admire him on that beautiful picture, courtesy of ToyFarce after an idea from Jay C!
  16. Last Friday, Hasbro held a short but sweet "Star Wars: Fan First Friday" livestream, where they gave us more information about the current Haslab Star Wars project, the Black Series Rancor. We were shown pictures of the first prototype in all its greyness, and the first unlockable tier was revealed: It will be a retro-carded Gamorrean Guard... (and the crowd went mild for that one!). ToyFarce went above and beyond to try to uncover more unlockable tiers for all collectors who were disappointed by that first one, which is basically a re-packaging of an already released figure (still available on our sponsor BigBadToyStore!). #RepacksAreTheNewRepaints Obviously, we can imagine that one of the next tiers will be the Rancor Keeper. All that we can hope is that he comes with a second head sculpt, a crying one, so that we can recreate that heartbreaking scene when the Keeper cries next to his baby Rancor that just met its demise. So touching... Another great unlockable tier would be 'The Door', that unforgiving weapon that Luke uses to defeat the Rancor (spoilers!). The following reveals have been sent to ToyFarce by a trusted source, so we can say with 97,3% certainty that those will be the ones revealed by Hasbro very soon: What other unlockable tiers would you want to see with your Haslab Star Wars The Black Series Rancor? Let us know in the comments! More news at 11:00... *ROAAAAR!* (actual Rancor quote)
  17. A few days ago, Super7 teased a few new upcoming figures, by only posting their silhouette, and letting our imagination run wild! Who could those be? It's really hard to tell! ToyFarce hired the best toy investigators around (we're on Toy News International now, it's not amateur time anymore!) and we managed to get the scoop for all of you. The first picture shows a shadow of what looks to be a dinosaur. We can see the strangely-shaped dorsal plates, which lead us to think that it could be none other than Reptar, the popular fictional dinosaur from the hit Nickelodeon TV series "Rugrats". This can only mean one thing: Super 7 ULTIMAAAATES! Rugrats figures are coming! ToyFarce speculates that the first wave should have Tommy Pickes, Chuckie Finster, one of the DeVille twins (in usual Super7 fashion, with the second twin released in another wave), and the evil Angelica! The second pic was trickier, but it took ToyFarce's trained eyes only a few minutes to realize that it was a tease for the third wave of Super7 Disney Ultimates! figures, and that that wave will most likely have a Peter Pan theme, with a Peter Pan figure which will come with Tinkerbell as an accessory! The first 2 waves have yet to come out, but we are really looking forward for those. Other possibles figures from that wave would be a dope Captain Hook, Wendy, her 2 brothers coming as a two-pack and why not a Mr. Smee! The third picture was pretty obvious for everyone, but we'll go ahead and say it: It is clearly teasing a (very nice, very evil) Danhausen figure. The pose with 'wings' wide open was in fact a tease of Danhausen signature pose, with his arms holding his cape open wide. Super7 is already making wrestling action figures, with the New Japan Pro Wrestling figures, along with the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast duo of Matt Cardona and Bryan Myers, as well as the Good Brothers, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows. It is not too farfetched to think that Super7 could do a nice figurehausen of Danhausen to go with the others. What did you think that Super7 was teasing in those pictures? Let us know in the comments! (the funnier, the better!) More news at 11:00-hausen!
  18. It's Wednesday and you know what that means... ToyFarce review! (This is my first review on Toy News International, so bear with me, as I'll have to figure out a way to adapt to the usual "pictures with jokes under" format. We'll get there!). This week, we're having a look at the 1/6 scale figure of Catwoman from the Batman Ninja animated movie, by Star Ace Toys. First things first: Yes, Batman Ninja, the "anime" movie…was not great. It was wacky and pretty bad, but at the same time, so much fun! There’s samurai battles, and even giant mechas made of monkeys and bats fighting! I'm not kidding! I already had the Batman and Joker from that line, so I picked up Catwoman to complete the set (for now!). The box looks really nice, with a shadow silhouette of Catwoman in front of a moon. On the back, we can see all the characters in the same style. The weird thing is that the 'Deluxe version' bonus parts come in a separate blank box. For Batman and Joker, the extra pieces were inside the same box, but for some reason, Catwoman gets an extra blank box with those. I can only imagine people tossing the extra blank box thinking it was just padding inside the shipping box... The figures looks pretty great, like the 2 previous offerings from Star Ace, with a very nice headsculpt, nice tailoring on the suit, and comes with extra hands (fists and open fists to hold the whip), claws add-ons for her hands, her mask and her trusted whip. The bonus parts from the Deluxe version are extra cat paws covers for her hands, and Isis, her cat (who comes with a mismatching wired tail). The figure uses a seamless body, which is not to everyone's liking. Those feel squishy and weird, and since she has an outfit that covers her entire body, it doesn't really matter if there are articulations or not. Oh well... At least it poses nicely. The hands are a severe pain in the butt to change, though: The seamless body has a metal skeleton and the hands fit on tiny metal balls and you have to really force them while pushing the arm forward, and the squishy skin moves forward and covers the metal balls... it's a headache. Also, the figure was supposed to have moveable eyes but I have yet to figure how we are supposed to do that (it might have been skipped...). Star Ace has already announced a few more figures from that movie, such as a Harley Quinn, a modern Batman, and a 2.0 version of the Ninja Batman that even comes with a 1/6 scale horse figure! Exciting!
  19. BREAKING NEWS: ToyFarce has been drafted to Toy News International! ToyFarce is a parody/satire page about the world of toys and collectibles. In an incredible turn of event during the Toy Draft of 2021 (yay, sports!), Jay C and Toy News International decided to join forces with ToyFarce to try to bring some laughter in a world of toy-related sadness, delays and unattainable exclusives. ToyFarce's agent commented on the draft: "We are very excited to join the Toy News International team, and we hope that we'll win the championship next year!". Going forward, all ToyFarce posts will be exclusively on Toy News International. Rest assured, it will still be the same old ToyFarce flavor, we're not going for a "New Coke"/"Crystal Pepsi" deal here! Nothing will change on the social media side, and #ToyMemesTuesday is not canceled. It will still be the same format: Fresh and exclusive (parody/satire) news on mondays and fridays, and honest reviews with a dash of humor on wednesdays. ToyFarce would like to thank everyone who supported, liked, shared and commented throughout the first 2 years, and Jay C for the incredible opportunity. More news at 11:00... ToyFarce for Toy News International. Back to you, Jay C!
  20. Happy Halloween to all toy collectors! ToyFarce hopes you have some fun spooky plans for this Halloween weekend, like watching your favorite horror movies, wearing some scary costume or dusting your collection! If you feel adventurous and want to see things that will terrify you, continue scrolling down in this post. WARNING: The following pictures are not for the faint of heart and may frighten collectors. ToyFarce is not responsible for any nightmares or trauma that will inevitably happen after seeing those. More news at 11:00... and Happy Halloween!
  21. The Hasbro Pulse Con 2021 occurred on Friday and Saturday, and there were many awesome action figures reveals. Mighty Morphing Power Rangers monsters, Ghostbusters proton packs, more G.I.Joe characters, X-Men the animated series figures and Weezer playing songs made us wonder for a second “Wait, what year is this?”, but overall it was a great event! We had a watch-along with some friends in the community and had a good time. Another event is scheduled on 10/27, but only for Pulse premium members. ToyFarce heard from an anonymous source (don’t worry, Robert G., you secret is safe with me!) that Hasbro might reveal a new product during that event: the Hasbro Pulse Monitor! The Hasbro Pulse Monitor will be a wearable device that syncs to your Hasbro Pulse app, with several never-before-seen features, such as: Reminders to not miss any items when they ‘drop’, or to remind you to ‘FOMO’ on Haslab projects. Checking your heartrate/body temperature after you miss a pre-order to evaluate if you need to get help to cope with it. A therapist will be available at all time in the app. Spousal alerts*, to warn your significant other if you spent more than expected. If you heart rate rises up when placing your orders, an automatic notification will be sent. (* This feature can be disabled at any moment). Alexa enabled, to automatically order tissues and play comforting music if you miss out on something. Just say “Alexa, I missed a pre-order” and we’ll take care of the rest. No info on how the device will look like yet. Release date not communicated yet. Special thanks to Robert Gines, ToyFarce Super Fan on Facebook, for the idea and the mock ups! More news at 11:00… Alexa, remind me to order ALL THE PULSE CON EXCLUSIVES!
  22. HASBRO PULSE CON 2021 IS UPON US! HERE IS HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR EXPERIENCE! The 2021 edition of the Hasbro Pulse Con is right around the corner, and we hope that everybody is excited about it (but not too much, apparently… Keep those expectations a bit lower, please!). The whole event will happen on Hasbro Pulse’s Youtube channel and the whole schedule can be found here: https://hasbropulse.com/pages/hasbro-pulse-con-2021 ToyFarce will now give you one simple trick to improve your experience throughout the whole event: Turning off the live chat! As you know, the live chat is usually pure toxic cancer… With this one simple trick, you can make the whole event 100 times better! Just click on ‘Hide chat’, that’s it! You can also just put the video in fullscreen view, so there won’t be any space for the live chat. Just click on that button, and you’re all set! Enjoying Hasbro Pulse Con on your mobile device? We got you covered! The button to turn off the chat can be found there! If you feel masochistic and want to expose yourself to the pathetic comments in the chat, you just have to click on this button to display it again. Have fun, and hoping to see you all in the live chat… not! More news at 11:00… on the pulse!
  23. Hasbro Pulse Con 2021, where everyone is an influencer! Did you get yours?
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