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  1. Our time is not always longer. Just like the new Year One comics, which came out one month after the Crisis. But to say Bats started at 25 is fair. But Bats in most def in his mid 30's
  2. Bruce started training at the age of 10 shortly after his parents where killed. He finished highschool at 15 and started his around the world training. Became Batman at 23. Three years later (one year in our time), Robin joined the team. Bruce is about 37-38 Dick's parents where killed when he was 8 and Bruce trained him for two year b4 he became Robin. At 15 he started The Teen Titans after Batman benched for the 2nd time. At 16 he finished highschool and when straight to Gotham Uni. He left Batman at 19 when Bruce told him that he did not want a Robin anymore because of all the Robin sightings near Gotham Uni. He then became Nightwing. Jason became Robin when that next year at the age of 15 after Batman wanted to train him to keep him of the streets (which piss Dick off due to the fact that Bruce just said he didnt want a Robin anymore). He died 3 years later. Tim joined the team at 17 but his age was later changed to 14. This was 2 years after Jason was killed. he is now a Jr. in highschool which puts him at 16 years old Oracle joined when she was in highschool. About her 2 year in. She went to Gothem Uni 1 year b4 Dick because of how young he was when finished. She was shot 2 years after her college years and became the Oracle 3 years later. These are all comics years ofcourse
  3. I dont think He-Man is use to having a battle with someone who can even punch back. He fights the same people. And none of them have any outstanding powers. And someone who has to turn into somebody else to become powerful will never beat some who is powerful all the time.
  4. I dont mean to come off like that. I also said SE could win but I said NW wouldn't get shot
  5. He-Man had a problem picking up Castle G.S. Superman put planets back in there orbit. And the movies suck. They cant make the heros as strong in the movies as they are in the comics. Hell He-Man's movie was @$$. And in the movie, Superman was on a island made out out of Kryptonite. And the cartoon should never come into play in any convo. And if He-Man had a Kryptonite sword the he couldn't turn into He-Man could he. And why do u guys have to make should wild storys up. Just have them fight how they normaly are. OH YEAH...Cuz Superman would BEAT THE BREAKS off of He-Man huh. And when was the last time that He-Man fought someone his own strenth or stronger like Superman does all the time.
  6. WHAT'S UP HARDROCK. U said u would give the fight to Slade. BUT Nightwing beats Slade. He use to get but up by him now he always wins. Which is why he's a Robin charactor now. Same as when Slade was a Batman charactor. He use to beat Batman at one time and he started losing. Which made him a Nightwing charactor. U won't go to hell he you repent for your sins lol. And I never said SE was slow. I said NW was faster. And for all those weapons you say he carries, I think would make him that much slower. Not to mention the age difference. SE is like in his early 50's and NW is in his mid 20's. Hell NW is faster then Batman. And is the Fastest HUMAN in the DCU. And getting shot in his face. U do know you're voting for someone who got a sword run through his face right. NW fights tons of people shotting at him. He fights tons of Ninjas trying to slice at him with swords and never gets touched. Not saying SE would touch NW, but I see this fight lasting for a while. And at the end SE winning. If it goes long enought. NW is a charactor who is use to getting the fight over with right away. In a longer fight maybe SE could take it. But there is no getting shot in the face or a one sided vitory. This fight goes the distance and it would come down to who people think won. And NW can kill he just doesn't.
  7. Superman throw He-Man into space....... Now what. You might get mad but its just that easy.
  8. DUDE!!!! HE-Man is nowhere near as fast as Superman or Doomsday. And maybe in his universe hes the MOST POWERFUL. Do u really think he is as fast as Superman. He-Man cant fly and he only has strenth. OH YEAH he can jump high. What would He-Man do if Supes wants to fly up and blast the dog $#!t out of him. NOTHING!!! If Supes want to fly He-Man up into space and let him fall back down to earth. Can He-Man survive re-entry plus the landing. If so will he be okay enough to take a haymaker from Superman. Ive seen He-Man strain. Ive never seen Superman strain. If Superman can fly fast enough to turn the world around. Can He-Man get him or even stand up to a flying punch.... I THINK NOT HOMMIE
  9. You cant hit what u cant see. Superman is to fast. And how slow do u think He-Man punches would look to Superman. Heat vision. He-Man cant take all the Superman can takes. And Superman would only loss his powers IF he were around a red sun. HE goes places where there isnt a yellow sun. But he's a battery. He stores power. He doesn't just loss it. And magic doesnt hurt Superman like people think. It hurts him. It doesnt kill him And where would He-Man get a Kryptonite swort from
  10. OK A Batman knock off really. He has become his own character over the years. And people only started saying that after he changed into the Black and Blue suit. Nobody said that when he was in the Blue and Yellow. And Pop a Cap. Wow. Do u read Nightwing comics. The dude dodges bullets from multipal guns and u think just one or two would get him. Knightwing can loss this fight. But he would not get killed. Is SE use to shooting at people he cant shot. I just think for someone who gets shot at everday would not get shoot in this fight. I would give SE the vote as better fighter. But I dont thing he is faster or even has the moves the NW does. This does not mean KW would win but its one of those fights that people would run to the store for. And beat Batman????? Sure ok buddy. sorry for the "shot" "shoot'' misspelling And can anyone say how the fight would go. WHY would SE win. What would he do. Please dont say he would shoot NW. And would SE beat Slade. WHATS UP HARDROCK You SE fans are luck that NW aint a hard @$$ killer. cuz it would be a very different fight
  11. TheOneWhoKnows and I have been going back and forth about this. Im taking NW. And he is more for SE. What do u all think
  12. Who would you like to see DCSH make. Even though they are sticking to Batman and Superman based figs. Who would u like them come out with. I would have liked them to make the YEAR ONE Robin. I like his new look. Maybe we can still get it. because as of now I have to give this Robin a make over. I hope to have pics up soon.
  13. Yeah Man, I just picked up the Bats cuz I only had $15 on me, cuz I really did not think I was going to see it. But this thing is really tight. The best Bat yet IMO. The Robin was cool when he first came out. but to keep the same one is this line was a very bad move. I know that the FOURHORSEMEN didnt make it, so maybe thats why they didnt change it. But I know the same about the Knightwing. Which would really piss me off it they keep him the same way also
  14. I went to the one on Crenshaw and the only had the last Superman line. (A whole lot, but just those) They say they get shipments every night so I'm going in the morning to see again.
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