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  1. Most of those green shirts are good if you want to build a deck that concentrates on firefighting. Here in the Bronx, I went to my card shop over and over asking about these cards. I ended up getting them from a friend out of state, because my Comic shop said that the guy that distributes these things warned them that this game would not be hot at all. And so my shop never ordered them. Much to their disappointment though, they mentioned that at least four other people (besides me) have asked for them.
  2. Awesome. Those Mechs are great. The colors look fantastic. I like the backgrounds to. Where did you get all of those backdrops?
  3. Good question. They might try to make you out to be some kind of freak for collecting GI Joe. We've all seen it before. Hopefully they really want to do a good article just to raise awareness.
  4. Roadblock followed by Barricade. In my opinion this was one of the best Roadblock sculpts from the entire line and it's finally getting some use. I also like Mutt, but Charbroil, Lifeline and Duke are not very interesting.
  5. That does look good. I'm intrigued. We're all going through Diostory withdrawl with Generals Joes, Tims corner and Violentfix. It's a good time to stake you claim.
  6. I have but one thing to add. Everything that everyone has said about being pro TRU is true, and here's my little addition. Both Wal-Mart and Target have far less stock than the TRU's in NYC. In fact, I'll go into Target and buy every card 3 3/4 Joe pack on their pegs and it will take them a week if not more to open a new case and restock the shelf. At TRU, they are helpful and they restock more often. Not to mention that I grew up with this company and it sickens me that these giant conglomerates are taking over the world.
  7. I think wee have to wait and see. Hasbro doesn't even know if fans will like this character yet. I'll save judgement for the time when he's been a major character in a full issue. Until now, all we've seen are cameo's.
  8. I don't really agree with much of this review. I think the Urban set is fantastic. You just have to get past Storm Shadow and the rest is great. The Comic three pack might not be the most usable figures in my Joe room, but I love them all the same. In fact they still hold the place of honor on my dresser until something better comes along to take their place.
  9. Hey man, how bout some pictures? I'd love to travel some day. I have not left the state of New York, except for Jersey and that doesn't count, for practically my whole life. Your Dio updates are missed around here. You are the only site that's been regularly updating Dio's for a long time. Everyone else seems to be moving on with their lives. If you are missing out on the green tag sale then send me a list and money through Paypal, I can pick up whatever you need. Send me a PM to let me know if you want to.
  10. Very cool review. I like this figure a lot myself. Mutt... I thought they did a really good job with Mutt's paint apps in this set. His uniform looks really good. I think they should have also included a leash for Junkyard. Duke... Blah Roadblock... I like a lot because of the mold they used. It's about time they figured it out. Charbroil... Good figure. I don't know about the helmet for him though. Also, was the hose for you flamethrower always so tough to bend? Lifeline... I could take him of leave him. I want his original mold to be redone.
  11. I don't think a Cartoon would happen. Not to meantion that they'd have more luck and better response to a well done video game. That's what kids do now-a-days. They don't run home to see what's on the telivison, they run home to play their video games. If Hasbro made a top of the linem kick @ss video game. Kids would come running for their product. Would I like to see a cartoon. Certainly. But I feel it would only waste thir time and money and make GI Joe look like it's not as popular as it really is.
  12. I was wondering if they didn't make the second part of season two, if David from QK Theatre would come out of retirement and start doing the daily news again. finally getting the cartoon on DVD was his main excuse for backing out of the site, saying that it was his intention in the first place. However I'm really happy that they'll make it. I only recently decided to buy the first three sets, only to hear that they might not make the last was a real let down.
  13. Many of us refused to fill it out because it was extremely biased and the rest didn't fill it out because it was several hundred questions long, if I remember correctly. I don't know if it's necessarily Biased. They give you the choice to disagree with all the perspectives that they seem to favor. It would be funny if everyone that thought it was biased, filled it out and disagreed with everything. Their report my have ended up swinging the other way and Hasbro would actually know how everyone feels, not just the guys that dislike the new line. I would think if you felt it was biased that you'd fill it out just to defend how you really feel about the product. That's like not voting for a president because you don't like either of the candidates. At least figure out who you hate the least and go for it. By not voting you just leave everything up to chance.
  14. Wow, that really was a long read. Very cool. I just hope that Hasbro really pays attention. I also think it's sad that only 560 something people actually filled it out. I'd have to think that the collecting community is bigger than that. Too bad.
  15. I still live with my parents, and I only have my room to store my joes. Let's just say that you can't even sit in my room. They are all displayed very nicly, but there's only a small path from my door to my bed and my bed to my closet. The rest is all Joe.
  16. I went out to get an MCC last night, but the TRU by me had only badly banged up boxes. I'll try again this weekend when I go upstate. Someone must have a good one.
  17. I feel like these issues are so short now-a-days. It seems like I start reading them and 5 minutes later I'm done. Whenever I pick up a back issue from the eighties, it's at least a 15 minute read. I feel like we're getting gipped. The Wraith ending was kinda cool, but the rest of the book was a waste for me. It was way to obvious that the whole thing was some kind of dream and the only surprise was if Hawk would live or not. This book was filler and that's all. Let's get on with the story.
  18. I didn't even know about this set. I like the snakeeyes figure. I've been wishing that all of snake-eyes's ninja history could be erased and just leave him as a highly trained commando. THis mold with the desert camo kinda does that for me. It makes him look more like a soldier again.
  19. They are great figures, I just wish we didn't have to buy the whole set just to get them. I like the night creepers also, but the rest of the set is a throw away after that.
  20. Looks a lot better than what we've seen so far. Will this be what the set looks like? I like these colors a lot better than the beige we've been seeing.
  21. I don't know if he'd be cool with it, but wouldn't it be awesome if we hooked up at one of VF's shows. I was just checking out his site and his stuff ain't bad at all. I think it would be cool if he was OK with it. I sent him a PM, but I don't think he's checking them. Does anyone know if VF is playing around here on his tour? If you havn't checked out his band, take a gander and download the song lauras world, it's awesome. www.violentfix.com Just an idea. If not, maybe we should just get some drinks one night soon at a bar or something. I can normally hang out in the city after 8pm. I feel so dumb for not making it out to the BBQ, but I had to work.
  22. Wow, it looks like you guys had a blast. I love the doughnuts and grape soda. The Cats are pretty cute too.
  23. That avatars not yours,you didn't design it. So he can't steal it. Besides, weren't you using the Storm Shadow avatar like a week ago?? I love these PS Announcements, every one of them's a classic!! Sorry Spike, but my Avatar was decommissioned. That Doc one is great. I also love the rather explicit Blowtorch one.
  24. I don't remember ever seeing this website talked about on any Joe forums in the past. A friend brought it to my attention. All I can say is hillarious. Check it out and be prepared to laugh. Much better with a high speed connection though. Public service message
  25. Sorry guys, I can't make it, I can't get off from work. But there's always next time. Thanks for the intel VF, I'll cruise down to the city tomorrow.
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