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  1. Time has made the profiles about a monthly thing these days. But, if I'm only going to showcase one figure per month, it better be a good one. So, this month's profile is the Unproduced Wal Mart Hiss Driver from 2003. I've never cared for the Hiss Driver mold but after I got one of these, I had to get a few more. The figure is that good and is easily the best version of the Hiss Driver out there. It's just too bad he's not more widely available. Enjoy!
  2. Please. That paragraph is so filled with overly broad and untrue comments it's not even funny. You'd think after 4 years of this, people would have educated themselves a little better about the Asian market and what kinds of things Hasbro cares about.
  3. I really don't get why so many people thought they'd go out today and find these figures at retail. It's not like these are a book, movie or video game release. They are a minor toy line at best. As such, retailers aren't going to do a launch of any kind. They'll stock them when they get them. And, in the case of some stores, that is likely going to be weeks if not months from now. Besides, it's not like there's going to be a shortage of these figs. Truth be told, the boxed sets have the makings of clearance fodder from the get go.
  4. That's a great figure to find, but not as rare as people think. Rumours have abounded for years that these figures saw a full production and are sitting in an Asian warehouse just waiting for someone to buy them. As such, you can get loose specimens and some of the numbers that uninformed dealers bandy about are just plain wrong. It's a great piece of Joe history, though and still probably worth a little bit of scratch.
  5. Just like the VvV figs did? Just like the comic packs did? Just like DTC stuff did? My point is that you're not going to see a massive influx of new collectors to the hobby. There might be some, but not much. New fans who are attracted to these Joes will largely be what I call retail collectors. They are guys who buy toys at retail: regardless of what the line is. They like to buy stuff that's out and once it's gone from retail, they move on to the next retail toy wave. Currently, vintage Joes are up a bit from the beginning of the year. Not much and deals still about, but there has been some movement. However, this can be attributed to the fact that there is NOTHING to buy at retail right now. No new retail product has dropped since last October. So, people with money are spending it a bit more freely on vintage stuff. However, bottom has completely dropped out of new sculpt figures and there is pretty much no market at all for them right now. Once the 25th stuff hits retail, a lot of collectors will start spending their money there. When that happens, you're going to see vintage prices drop a bit. But, the vintage Joe market is pretty mature at this point so you're not going to see a wholesale drop. One thing to note, though. This only relates to loose figure prices. The price for high end carded items is completely separate from the loose figure market as the players in each are largely different. You're going to see a steady appreciation of high end carded items for some time, but that's not due to anything other than the fact that they are truely rare.
  6. This week's profile is the Funskool Toxo-Viper. This is a rare figure where the international version is superior to the American release in terms of colors. (Well, not the backpack....) While Toxo-Vipers aren't really all that exciting, I do think they harken a chilling reality as to the potential danger of Cobra. Enjoy!
  7. I'd agree with this. Version A is surprisingly hard to find, especially MIB. Prices will vary, though, as he's a figure not too many people care about. Actually, I think D is the most common. Huge supplies of overstock bagged Version D figures were released to the collector world in 1994. In fact, there was a dealer who sold MIB Version D figures for the then whopping sum of $5 each through 1999 before he finally sold out. The bagged versions you find are almost always D, though even those have climbed to ~$25 for a MIB version. B and C are less common. Again, they are much tougher to find MIB than D, but they don't fetch a premium since most collectors can't discern them without a visual reference guilde.
  8. Most of those Indian gift companies will not ship to the US and they make that clear in their terms and conditions. Years ago, when I tried to order some stuff like this (back before any American dealers stocked Funskool) my credit card wouldn't even let me place the order since I was in the US. So, be sure to read the fine print. A select few will ship outside India, but most will not.
  9. Man, it's been a while...again. At any rate, this week's profile is of the high quality 1988 Night Force Psyche Out figure. As a character, Psyche Out could be somewhat boring. But, he has taken a prominent position in my collection...even if the figure doesn't get much use these days. Enjoy!
  10. I considered that. But, they're not easy to find, either. I found one on a ~C-6 card and it still sold for over $70. (Though, I've seen more than one almost mint Spirit fetch over $60 on Ebay in recent months. Even they weren't mint all the way.) I think it's the way most hard core collectors will end up going, but neither really appears enough to warrant taking the figure off the list.
  11. Those pics are pretty spot on. The colors on the currently available Funskool Airtight won't match well with an American figure. The yellows are rather distinct. (If you can find an earlier Funskool Airtight, the colors might match better, but you will likely pay several times more for that than you would a brand new, American figure. ) As such, you really won't be able to mix and match them well. Though, if you have all the accessories for an American Airtight, buying a second loose, incomplete figure is probably a very affordable option. (I'd bet you would find one for the same price as the Funskool figure.) You could just do that and keep your current figure put away and that way if you break a thumb on the spare, you've still got a reserve.
  12. It was. Best looking arms and wrist gauntlets I've found in 6 months of searching, spanning hundreds of figures. I'll be expanding upon that in a another couple of weeks, though, when I profile the figure and spotlight it's rarity.
  13. Right now, I don't have one...mainly because I've had good luck this year getting the figs I've wanted. So far, I've tracked down the mint V1 Spirit, Demolisher, AVAC, Argentine Coyote, Sub Viper and Night Force Psyche Out that I wanted. I have a feeling that I'm going to get another bug here soon, but I filled my 1st half of the year wants with some decent luck. I guess it's time to look at the wholes in my collection and get my goals for the 2nd half of the year ready.
  14. I do not think the black/blue Payload on a '93 card exists. I've been looking for 8 years and have never seen one. Several other high end collectors were looking too and no one has even heard a whisper of one. Personally, I think it was just an error in the early days of the YoJoe archive (like Version B Starduster) and isn't an actual variant that exists. On topic, my rarest are the 1995 Battle Rangers Flint and 1995 Battle Rangers Dr. Mindbender. Both are about 1 of 6 that are known. They are the jewels of my collection. I have a large contingent of other "rare" foreign and alternate asian figures, but none of those come close to the unproduced '95 stuff.
  15. This is really a difficult question as what do you mean by the hardest to find? Do you mean the hardest to find overall? The hardest to find in mint condition? The hardest to find complete? Going by the mint, complete idea of only fully released figures, I'd say: 1a. '97 AA Rock and Roll 1b. '97 bright green Breaker 2. Viper Pilot 3. '94 Convention Action Pilot 4. Gold Headed Steel Brigade 5. Hardtop 6. Payload V1 7. Rumbler 8. Heavy Metal 9. '84 Spirit (Don't think so, try to find one with perfect wrist gauntlets) 10. '02 Convention Paratrooper Dusty Of course, if you want these figures off condition or incomplete, then the list changes quite a bit. If you add in foreign releases, it changes again. And, if you include unproduced, yet full full production figures, you have yet another list. Mileage may vary and I think after the first 3 slots, the figures are pretty much interchangeable as there really aren't any rare, domestic Joes.
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