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  1. I was surprised they made two different Destros a just a few waves between each other. Really, the wave 7/8 Destro and CC pretty well satisfied me as far as need for updated versions goes. Ghost Bear was a decent addition, and Claws Commander would've been if the hands were normal. Bludd, Tomax/Xamot, Copperhead and Metal-Head all need updates IMO. Wouldn't say no to a new Overlord either. +-MWG-+
  2. Seems to be very random in Oklahoma. In Lawton, one WM got in VvV wave 2, and at the other, they say they aren't carrying the line at the moment. In Chikisha , they didn't get any of VvV wave 1, but suddenly a case of wave 2 just popped up a couple weeks ago. Took me a couple weeks to find the Baroness pack. Most of the WMs in OKC don't seem to have wave 2 yet. +-MWG-+
  3. Yeah, I ran onto them today also. Unfortunately, the Baronness and Destro packs were GONE when I got to Wal-Mart. Did pick up Beachhead/BAT4 and Alpine/Swamp Rat tho. Beachhead is pretty nice, but all his gear is one rifle, one knife one wrist thing? On the BAT, the torso, arms and head are good but from the waist down it sucks. They did seem to try to make the figure backwards-compatible with the 3.2 BAT, but should've included that backpack and put rings on the hands so the hands could be stored. Alpine isn't as bad as I thought, the mustard yellow shirt is ok. The red pants/cap w/ grey highlights gotta go tho (hopefully he'll get a mission disc repaint). And his hands don't like to hold either gun he comes with. Swamp Rat is pretty nice, I actually prefer the helmet on.
  4. For the Joes, Duke, Snake-Eyes, and Scarlett would be the centrals. With Gung-ho, Shipwreck, Roadblock, and Flint (Duke's competition) in support. For Cobra, I'd say Cobra Commander, Destro (would play the hard-line military guy to CC's insane schemes) and Baroness as the centrals. Firefly would be the counter to Snake-eyes IMO rather than Storm Shadow. Firefly can somewhat match SE's combo of ninja/ saboteur, while Storm Shadow imo is straight ninja. Major Bludd would be basic muscle, the guy that gets handed the dirty jobs that CC and Destro are to important to bother with. Mindbender would be around, but mainly in the scientist role. +-MWG-+
  5. The plane/sub combo thing looks alright, and actually seems to be in sync with the upcoming "Electric Eels" figure color-wise. The Ice Sabre looks awesome. The tank looks like some kind of troop transport, but so far doesn't impress me. +-MWG-+
  6. All these figures look pretty sharp. Destro in colors like his wave 7 card-art (not that theres anything WRONG about mauve jeans; now if they'd just do the black shirt version with a red necklace...), wonder if Destro will have those big revolvers that his belt holster was designed for? FINALLY an o-ring Storm Shadow that might be available in single-pack first. Grunt, Gung-ho, Double Clutch look alright, I never wanted to see 2002 Flint again (hopefully there's a new sculpt of him in VvV sometime soon). I'd assume the Wild Weasel listing was a misprint. +-MWG-+
  7. The Pulverizer mech could use some improvement, like elbow joints, and lock-in tabs for the leg guard plates (which the Defense mech does have). But the Ghost Bear figure is great, one of my favorites so far. The Defense Mech does look better, and Leatherneck is nice, but I think he and wave 8 Gung-Ho should trade heads (Leatherneck's outfit looks, to me at least, like an update of the original Gung-Ho). +-MWG-+
  8. I've never been a LEGO person, but I really hope that Hasbro removes the pegs from the o-ring BTR figures and releases them in the regular Joe line at some point. Especially that Firefly, I don't understand why they're making a totally different sculpt for the next Firefly figure (especially when early rumors said the figure was BTR Firefly without the pegs), but I'll see when it hits the shelves. I'll probably never find the BTR Firefly. Other BTR figures like Hollow Point and Duke looked alright also. +-MWG-+
  9. Some people are saying these choices are really dumb. I don't know about the rest of you, but around me, the DST and Ree-Yees were guys I only saw once, and never saw the R2 w/Holo Leia (but heard of a lot of people finding it in Toys R Us clearance bins, never my luck). Needless to say, IMO, these guys were ridiculously rare. That said, the DST could use resculpted arms and legs so he isn't all crouched up. The recent R2 from the "Jabba's Palace" wave kinda fills the void for a "perfect" R2, but I'd like a version without the hole on the top of his head. +-MWG-+
  10. First TF I got was Soundwave & Buzzsaw, via a trade with my cousin in middle school. Traded a Gobot (Leader-1 I think) for it. Didn't get any of the weapons tho. Really hard to say which the first I got from a store was, I believe Windcharger w/minispy might've been it, or maybe Megatron. I got several as birthday or Christmas presents: Thundercracker, Devastator giftset, Galvatron, Ultra Magnus. I didn't really stop collecting, so G2 Optimus Prime would be the first "new" figure I bout. Collected sparsely during Beast Wars, a bit more during Beast Machines, most of RID, some of Armada, and a good chunk of Energon. +-MWG-+
  11. I could see a HISS that mixes some elements of the versions. A one-driver cockpit, with optional "armored" canopy ala the Septic tank. Weapon-wise, it would borrow mostly from the HISS 2, with a proper version of the turret cannon (not those silly half-guns that pivoted behind the driver like the actual HISS 2) maybe 4-5 barrels on the gun. Two side guns on the cockpit supplemented by two missile launchers under the cockpit like the HISS 4. And a place for Cobra troops to ride on the back, and a tow-hitch. The general shape of the vehicle would stay as close to the original as possible tho. +-MWG-+
  12. For the Joes, I'm really liking Switch-Gears and High-Tech. As far as Cobra, Ghost Bear is looking really interesting, and Burnout has his place. +-MWG-+
  13. The idea I got from it is that VM takes the "Venom Troops" and a few other characters, and splits off from Cobra. Then its more a three-way war, with each side wanting to destroy the other two. +-MWG-+
  14. Joes: -Stalker: Really does look good, hopefully a repaint w/ dark green jacket comes soon, or another artic deco Stalker. -Dusty: Also, pretty nice. Don't care as much for the lighter tans on the figure tho. -Tunnel Rat: If the whole figure was black/white like the pants, he could be decent. Hopefully, they aren't serious about the neons from the waist up. -Jinx: Looks a bit bulky, but I wouldn't mess with her. Would be cool if the bandana actually can be put over the eyes to simulate a blindfold. Cobra: -Eels: Yellow I could kinda tolerate, if the figure has the "electric" motif going. Translucent green doesn't work so well, but translucent blue or solid blue would be great. -Zartan: Decent colors could still save him (no purple, same color "mauve" that was on wave 8 Zartan). Only thing that really bugs me is the huge belt. -"Slash"/Firefly: I'm surprised they didn't use more of the BTR Firefly (maybe the same head?) which I also haven't seen in stores around me yet. If the colors are darker, it could be a "night-attack" Firefly. Hasbro does need to do regular (de-pegged) versions of the o-ring BTR figures at some point, maybe as a store exclusive. -"Slice?": Has a decent outfit that I'd like to see an o-ring version of, but with a head wearing the "fencing mask" like the previous versions have/ -Snow Serpent: Looks alright, but I'll probably just pick up one. This figure was best served as the driver of the Polar Blast imo, and thats where the bulk of my JVC SS army is involved.
  15. I bought three of the VvV Alley Viper/Viper packs, but thats it. The Alley Viper II is just bland. But the new Viper is a great mold, correcting the one thing I didn't like about the ARAH Viper (short sleeves, I hate Cobra troops showing that much flesh). I do hate how much red the VvV Viper has (only Crimson Guards should wear that much red IMO). But I'd like to see the figure done up like the 1998 Cobra trooper and officer. +-MWG-+
  16. I think Vipers do outrank Infantry. Infantry/Basic troopers are basically "in training" and act as reserves until they complete training to graduate to Viper or maybe get the chance to get Officer training. Main thing to indicate Vipers are higher ranking (IMO) are all the specialized types of Vipers, while all basic troopeds are linked to is officers and Python Patrol variants of themselves. +-MWG-+
  17. MWG


    My best Wal-Mart score would have to be yesterday, picked up on exclusive CLAWs/Roadblock pack and two Gung-Ho/Neo-Viper packs (the Duke/IG packs were gone). Now, these were all tagged $3.00, but when I checked out, the CLAWs pack rang up $3, and the Neo-Viper packs rang up $7.76, and Wal-marts policy is if its mispriced in the computer, they'll knock off $3 off the price, if the item is $3 or less, you get it free! Total cost was $3.26 for three figure packs. Also have picked up one of the "bonus" packs that has Kamakura/Nightcreeper for $5 I think, and the BTR set that includes Hollow-point for $5. I mixed wave 5 Recondo's arms, waist, legs, feet w/Hollow Point's torso/head to create my own Rock & Roll. +-MWG-+
  18. I like the idea that Cobra Commander does indeed have some military experience. It always bothered me just a bit that Cobra is so military in organization, but the people running that were CC's underlings. I liked Destro's old origin better tho. The idea that his ancestor was caught selling weapons to both sides works better than "the government just took it away". +-MWG-+
  19. One of the things Hasbro got fond of with Transformers is adding subtitles to their lines. IE: First there was "Beast Machines", then for the next year it became "Beast Machines: Battle for the Spark"; Later there was "Armada" which morphed into "Armada: The Unicoron Battles". Basically adding another gimmick on top of a (storyline) gimmick. I could see VvV evolving with a "Return of Serpentor" type story growing out of it. And the thing about continuity, like I mentioned elsewhere, is things can be tossed without a second thought. Like in the Joe movie turning CC into a snake via a stupid story, and fixing it via another stupid story in "Operation: Dragonfire", and basically never mentioning it again. +-MWG-+
  20. Here'd be mine: Joe: -Rock N Roll -Mutt w/ Junkyard #whatever -Spirit -Lifeline or new medic character -Dialtone or new communications guy Cobra -Major Bludd -Metalhead -Decent Tomax and Xamot figures (one set in battle uniforms, one set in buisness suits which could be reused for "Agent Hauser" Duke) -Overlord -Techno-Viper (Cobra needs more support personel characters) +-MWG-+
  21. MWG

    Wave 3 And 4

    >Jinx vs Cobra Slice (Action Attack) Could be interesting, long past time for a new Jinx, >Dusty vs Zartan As long as Zartan doesn't have that bare chest like wave 8 Zartan. JVC Dusty was decent (at least the driver version). >Sgt Stalker vs Firefly (BTR mold without pegs) Non-BTR Firefly could be great, hopefully Stalker gets a better, slimmed down mold instead of the super-jacket JVC Stalker. >Wild Bill vs Cobra (rumor is Coils Trooper) Bill better have hair on his head and a moustache. Wave 7 Coils with a fixed left hand could be good. >Link vs Night Creeper (Action Attack) Eh. Not enough known about Link to say. >Shipwreck vs Cobra Eel Its about time Cobra got a water troop post-Morays. Wave 4 + looks to have at least the following: >Duke (o-ring) vs Venomous Maximus Maybe Duke will use parts from BTR Duke >General Hawk vs Overkill Good to hear on a new Hawk, who knows about Overkill. Maybe this version's weapons will be interchangable with the B.A.T. 3.2 or upcoming v.4 BAT? >Snow Wolf vs Snow Serpeant Snow Serpent is probably a repaint of the wave 2 SS, who knows on Snow Wolf? >Snake Eyes (Action Attack) vs Cobra (unknown) Unless the Cobra is interesting, it will be ignorable. >Kamakura (o-ring) vs Storm Shadow (o-ring) Very good chance of Kamakura being a repaint of w7 version, o-ring Storm Shadow is long overdue. +-MWG-+
  22. MWG

    Venomous Maximus

    Yeah, the idea of turning Hawk into a Locutus-type sounds stupid. Maybe they'll hack it up by saying Mindbender just makes a clone of Hawk, and mutates the clone into VM. High-Tech's filecard already has an out created, by saying he's making a gun that can undo the "venomization" process. Thing is, even if they go through with the Hawk-into-VM thing, it can be thrown out later without a second thought. Comics have been good (bad) about doing this for ages, either retconning or just changing things regardless of whether the story makes sense or not. And, as long as I get a good Hawk figure out of the deal, I can ignore the story Hasbro gives. +-MWG-+
  23. MWG

    Venomous Maximus

    They could enhance him by turning his hair into snakes, ala Medusa from greek mythology. A cross between a zombie/vampire and Medusa.... +-MWG-+
  24. MWG

    Alley-viper (repaint)

    That is a serious improvement. The wave 9 Hasbro version looks unfinished by comparison, but the additional camo deco on your figure makes the figure look a lot better. And Hasbro should've at least included that shield, or (prefferably) an enlarged version. +-MWG-+
  25. Yeah, the cockpit in the Night Adder is too small, the handle and action featuers suck, but otherwise it is a nice jet. It could use VTOL engines on the underside, like the Tigerhawk and any other jet that doesn't have landing gears. For the most part it is a decent jet, and the snake motif on it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. It's more an attack jet in my army, not a carrier of any type. +-MWG-+
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