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  1. Announcing an indefinite hiatus for the 3.75" line certainly didn't help SS chances. If Hasbro had said something to indicate a definite return date for the small joes, people would probably have been more forgiving. Even if they had just said the other sizes were cancelled. But this "SS is gonna be the only Joes until we feel like bringing something else out" line just made everyone mad. +-MWG-+
  2. I had quite a bit of stuff mapped out in my head, mainly for more single pack waves. -Stalker, VvV: At the very least they should've changed the yellow stuff on the single pack release. I like the black jacket, but a green one would be great also. Maybe he could've been the pack-in with a Skyhawk update. -Gen. Abernathy: At least make his hair brown or black, maybe make the belts and boots black also. -Hard Drive: Just about anything would be an improvement. Same goes for Red Spot, High Tech, etc.. -Destro: The cancelled Mission Disc version (ST, red shirt) would've been great. Or just black shirt/red necklace would be alright also. -Mindbender: Purple labcoat -Firefly VvV: Grey camo, black vest. -Razor Trooper: In blue/grey with w6 Razor Claw's claws/hands. -Ninja Trooper: In "Cobra" blue with full sleeves/gloves. -Snow Wolf/Serpent: VvV w6 in white like the Polar Blast driver. Also a blue repaint of the Venom Striker with a matching CLAWs (same as JvC w4 CLAWS but without the yellow arm dots). Later a Python Patrol version of the vehicle and CLAWs. Also a Python Patrol version of the Sting Raider and E. Eel. +-MWG-+
  3. Heres a little note on the Tele-Vipers. Visually check the shoulder pads before you buy. I got one (first one I picked up actually) whose shoulder pad had very short pegs and the thing wouldn't stay on his shoulder. I haven't ever bothered to take the pads of my other Tele-Vipers until then, but the other wave 3 TVs I got had normal pegs. +-MWG-+
  4. Picked up one SE, Tele-Viper, Sand-Viper, and Nightcreeper at a Dollar General store today. Meant to grab a Baronness also, but somehow got out of the store without her (also had 1 of each of the Transformers Universe "G1" Spychanger figures in hand). Around here most of the Family Dollar stores still have some wave 2 and might not restock, while Dollar General didn't seem to get hardly any wave 2. It would be nice if they'd continue the single packs/re-issues, since Family Dollar/Dollar General market is almost totally different from the Wal-Mart market. But it probably won't happen. +-MWG-+
  5. No, I won't be buying the 8" stuff. Truth be told, I don't care either way about them, haven't even looked at the pictures. But like almost everyone else, I'm pissed about them putting the 3.75" line on "furlough" when it could possibly flourish with a cartoon supporting it. I'm sick of Hasbro always trying to replace 3.75 o-ring figures with something "better". I MIGHT try to watch some of the cartoon tho. +-MWG-+
  6. NO. Just simply, unmistakably, NO. If you want to train a puppy not to behave in a certain way, you do not reward the "bad" behavior. That isn't to say that the puppy has to be punished, but the "bad" behavior shouldn't be rewarded. If Hasbro's position is that I have to buy this "six sigma" garbage to get back 3.75" figures, NO. I won't be blackmailed or coerced into supporting this tactic. WHEN Hasbro decides to make more 3.75" product, I will consider buying the product. +-MWG-+
  7. IMO, its the height of stupidity to launch a cartoon using RAH characters, and not have 3.75" figures and vehicles and whatnot alongside it. Thats not to say the 8" figures shouldn't happen, but what would really be so bad about having multiple scales? For the last few years, several RAH characters appeared in both 3.75" and 12" formats. The Transformers line has what, about a dozen different size classes, but keep the bulk of the line at the deluxe ($10) size. I think Hasbro will wind up waffling and we'll see some 3.75" product alongside the cartoon. If the stall too long, it'll be too little to late and the scale will be in the same spot it is now. +-MWG-+
  8. It just seems like someone at Hasbro is always undercutting the 3.75" line. How many different people have headed up their Joe line in the past few years? DePriest and Stahl both got sent to the Star Wars dept. Seems like ever since 94, the line has only been kept active for easy money. Just a temporary fix, while they try find something "better". The Savage and Extreme lines were huge failures (and Extreme even had a cartoon and comic). So we got some junky looking repaints in 97 and passable stuff in 98-2002. But fans were demanding new stuff, so they offered us non-o-ring figures in 2002 and 2004. And some wildly out of proportion stuff in between. Towards the end of "Spy Troops" there was some decent stuff, and good stuff coming in the latter half of VvV. But I guess we'll see what happens. Hasbro knows they're gonna catch major flak, and we'll see what they wind up doing. I wouldn't be surprised if they back off this tact sooner than later. +-MWG-+
  9. Snow Wolf would need at least the its mask and cape, and prefferably the pistol. The snowshoes are completely optional as is another gun, but its nice to get the stuff that is unique to the figure. Then again they left off just about all Swamp Rats unique gear in the initial single version. For a figure like the Eels, weapons really wouldn't matter. I don't really care for them carrying Sonic Bludd's rifle or Undertows trident and the gloves are completely optional. Give it the harpoon gun Depth Charge came with and a knife and its fine. FWIW, I wouldn't mind if Snow Wolf and Eels were offered in a "troop builder" pack either. The Viper would also be easy to equip, at least one rifle and one knife or pistol. So it would be easy to compensate for one figure having a lot of gear if others are fairly lightly equipped. +-MWG-+
  10. Knowing my luck, I'll finally run onto them in about a month and the next day every FD in the area will have them. I am glad they offered another Snake-Eyes, since my wave 4 SE's hands are screwed to the point they'll barely hold anything. Maybe for the next round of these things they'll offer the Snow Wolf and Eel from wave 6 and the wave 7 Viper all unchanged. +-MWG-+
  11. At least the turret gun on the HISS looks like it can be aimed up and down now, so that is an improvement. But for the $15 this thing is gonna cost I can pick up two more of the Sand Viper/Glider sets. And will probably rename the Sand Vipers into Shock Viper or something. And the Sting Raider repaint would be good if it didn't have the yellow, tho I would prefer it just be in the blue-grey color like the 87 Sea Ray. Might pick up one for a "command" vehicle for the two grey ones I have. +-MWG-+
  12. I think I'd go for things like independant buildings and stuff. Something like the recent Ninja Battles playset and the upcoming "Venomization chamber" are steps in the right direction. But they could sell small buildings that would function as barracks or outposts or whatever, not main headquarters. You know Hasbro would love to sell something called "Cobra Garrison" or "G.I.Joe Outpost" or somesuch. +-MWG-+
  13. MWG

    Btr 2....sigh

    Eh, as long as most of the new figures get ported over to the main line, it doesn't bother me. And seeing how Hasbro shouldn't have lost any of these molds, all they'd need is minor resculpting, easier and cheaper than completely new figures. +-MWG-+
  14. Cobra gets at least one new sculpt vehichle in the Bravos-and-up size each line. From the HISS IV in JVC, the Ringneck in ST, and the Night Adder for VvV. And if the new HISS is designed by the people that did the Ice Sabre, it should be awesome. The Ice Sabre seemed to borrow some good from the various HISS models, especially the HISS II. Just make sure theres a ton of barrels on the top turret gun, and that gun can pivot up and down and rotate like the HISS 1-3. Maybe put pivoting rocket launchers on the side and an optional "armored" (Septic Tank style) cover for the cockpit. +-MWG-+
  15. Yeah, all the Cobras look really good. Seems like each wave, they're giving one figure a "classic" repaint (CLAWS in wave 1, first time the oring fig had original colors, Scarlett in wave 2, and now Baroness). Would it really kill them to give the Joes even minor paintjob tweaks? Get rid of the yellow on Stalker and Ace (I wouldn't mind the "desert" Ace since I didn't get the repaint of the Tigerhawk), swap Kamakura's silver wraps for some gold (making him more movie accurate). Don't know what to do for Dusty besides maybe add some camo. +-MWG-+
  16. MWG

    Vvv Destro

    I'd prefer to see the cancelled "Mission Disc" repaint of Spy Troops Destro come out at some point (preferably using the same color shades the ST Destro did, just inverted). Or a repaint of that figure with a black shirt & red necklace. VvV Destro is ok, but the grey coat and recycled head didn't work. I wouldn't mind the figure getting a newer headsculpt, black jacket w/ red belts and new hands with molded on rockets. Wrist rockets are the thing Destro needs back IMO. +-MWG-+
  17. MWG

    Some Ideas

    What gets me is some of the match-ups are stale. I mean, we saw Duke/CC in wave of JvC. Wave 1 VvV, Duke/CC again; Wave 3 VvV saw the w1 VvV Duke/CC repacked. Wave 5, saw it again - Duke figure was identical to his wave 4 figure with wave 1 guns, but CC got a totally new color scheme. Storm Shadow/Snake-Eyes has also had this going on, tho not quite as bad, saw them in JvC wave 1, VvV wave 1 and repacked in VvV wave 2. Then we get both figures in the Ninja Battles set. Would it kill Hasbro to do a Duke vs Destro, Hawk vs CC, etc... ever so often? Then in VvV wave 7 we see Duke, CC, and Snake-Eyes again. But none of them are in wave 6. Why crowd them all into the same wave most of the time? +-MWG-+
  18. Yeah, the big gate frame thing is like five different pieces, each pillar splits into two pieces, and only one "bottom" piece hooks into the floor even semi-firmly. I'll probably glue the lower pillar pieces into the frame and the upper pieces into the beam. The instructions mainly talk about it falling apart. +-MWG-+
  19. I'd like a Devil's Due Serpentor and Overlord, but Serpentor needs an updated version of his air-chariot included. Spirit has only had two unique molds, each repainted once, but its time for him to get a new figure, and Covergirl as well (just about every other female has had an update since 2002). +-MWG-+
  20. I grabbed the Ninja Battles set at a Wal-Mart in Witchita Falls, TX on wednesday. Oddly, they only charged me $11 for it (shows up on the ticket as "G.I.Joe Veh", maybe they scanned a filecard barcode?). Had picked up the blue Night Adder at Target before Christmas, but it was the only big vehicle they had. Haven't seen the Desert Humvee or Quickstrike yet. Shadow Strike is a really good figure, and I like the idea behind the character (in my Joeverse, he's an ex-Nightcreeper). The Ninja Trooper from VvV wave 5 might've been better if he had long sleeves or no green skin. But Shadow Strike can own the mold from now on IMO. I still think the Storm Shadow from the Ninja Lightning bike is the best colors that figure has had. Snake-Eyes from this set is my favorite recolor of the mold, but I just don't like this SE. I've gotta get some superglue and glue that base together (the staves are staying as figure weapons tho). Haven't gotten to view the DVD yet, comic is ok. +-MWG-+
  21. I buy it, and it's pretty good (not quite as good as the main book). Seems like the plot is moving a bit slow, tho. I enjoyed most of Chuck Dixon's DC work (Guy Gardner, Robin, Birds of Prey, Green Arrow), and think this book will really pick up with him writing it. +-MWG-+
  22. Sounds kinda like an "eh" pack to me. The big Megatron is nowhere near as good as either the smaller one or the Galvatron repaint, but the Prime is decent since he combines with Wing Saber and Omega Supreme. I guess someone could get it for the Optimus and sell the Megatron at a garage sale. Are these in the red "Powerlinx" boxes, or the old-style boxes? +-MWG-+
  23. At least the head can look up and down. Most figures from JvC onwards have no room on their torsos for the head to move despite still using the ball-joint necks. +-MWG-+
  24. Here's a few things I'd like to see: -Overkill: Just make his hand attachments cross-compatible with the BAT v3.2 and v4. -BAT v.5: See above on the hand attachments. -Scrap Iron: Imagine a self-moving version of that rocket launcher the original had (either spider legs or tank tracks). -One or two more Alpha Cobra Mechs. One might just be an oversized BAT, the other a new design that is a strong homage to the old SNAKE armor. -HISS v5: Streamlined, almost realistic (not the organic-looking mess like the HISS 4). +-MWG-+
  25. I'd expect a Firefly vs. Stalker repaint set and a Duke (VvV w/ green pants) vs Destro (either ST or VvV since neither has had a repaint released). Personally, for a troop builder set I'd like to see Toxo Viper (Heavy Water in green/purple) and Swamp Rat (almost identical to single pack version but with full gear). We'll probably also see VvV Kamakura in gold kneepads and whatnot, repaints of Ghost Bear and Leatherneck at some point, and a new version of Flint within the year. +-MWG-+
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