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  1. My main issue with V. Max is that Serpentor should've been tied into his story somehow, or Serpentor should've come back in VvV. My version of that is that Cobra did kidnap Hawk, copied his memories got some DNA, but the Joes rescued Hawk before anything else happened. Mindbender then mixed Hawk's DNA and memories with whatever was left of Serpentor plus some other venom stuff to make Venomous Maximus. I was pretty fond of Ghost Bear & Cross Hair. The Stall family was also fun.. The ones that didn't do much for me were the 'clones' like Chameleon, Double Blast, & Sure Fire. +-MWG-+
  2. I'm probably the only person in the world that likes the V4 1991 CC. The only flaws with it, IMO, are the fleshy neck and translucent red faceplate. The uniform was good, but not fantastic, and the helmet design with the snake-head right above CC's nose was great. But the Talking/Battle Corps Commander had the best uniform IMO. That would be the design to remake, in colors like the v2 (mail-in) CC, with interchangable hood/helmet and masked heads. +-MWG-+
  3. Storm Shadow looks nice. Not sure how the lack of the o-ring will affect him, but I won't know that for myself until I actually fiddle with the figures. I'm also not really thrilled about the double knee joint, but then again the only 'new' addition to Joe leg construction I've liked has been the rotating joint at the ankle (like Spy Troops Recondo has). More articulation is nice, but IMO you CAN have too much of a good thing. It will be nice to have 3.75" Joes on store shelves everywhere again, especially if it hits againts the Transformers movie product (which doesn't look that great IMO, but I would love more of their Classics line). +-MWG-+
  4. I'll sum up my feelings by saying I'm cautiously optimistic about this announcement. Twemty-five figures, if they're all unique sculpts, could cover a lot. Some figures need to be slightly modernized versions of their 'definitive' look: Duke, Hawk, Storm Shadow. Some, like Destro, could use an amalgam of two or more designs. I'd like to see Cobra Commander in an outfit very similar to what he wore in the first Devil's Due run, same for Shipwreck (long sleeves and a full beard this time around!). And I'd still like to see the "Reloaded" version of Doc in figure form. +-MWG-+
  5. I haven't posted in over six months, but this thread looks interesting. Here's how I would do it: Basic figures: EVERY figure gets the same articulation, nobody figure is better or worse than any other (I'd follow the wave 7 VvV Snake Eyes: articulated wrist, pivot ball head). Single packs would be $4.99, four waves per year (plus maybe two repaint waves) three Joes, three Cobra/Enemy 'stars'. Duke, Snake-Eyes, & Cobra Commander would never be in the same wave, spread the 'super-stars' out a bit. Army builder figures would not be present in single-packs, at least in the first year. For the $9.99 bracket, there would be a lot of stuff. First would be a couple waves of army-builder 3-packs. These would follow the 98 Cobra Infantry theme: two figures in a 'trooper' color scheme, one in a 'officer' color scheme. Less popular army builders would be in two-packs with a different army builder. Tomax & Xamot would also be in one of these packs. This would also be the pricepoint for the smallest vehicles. Vehicle drivers could eventually be repainted for single-packs, but not for at least two waves (about six months). Matter of fact, all figure repaints would need to wait about 6 months from intial release to repaint release. The $20 bracket would be the old Bravo class vehicles. Not much of a size/feature increase tho. Two waves per year, one Joe/one Cobra vehicle per wave. Bigger items could have bigger pricepoints, but keep the Joe and Cobra sides equal. +-MWG-+
  6. I've had my DS since launch, and am happy with it. Currently have seventeen games. Personally, I haven't seen any real reason to get a PSP, but the various emulators and other homebrew stuff people have made for it seem kinda interesting. Basically, it seems like a glorified PDA to me. And I just enjoy Nintendo games a lot more. But, if you are going to get a DS, I would second the notion of waiting for the DS Lite. The screen is better (supposedly same level as GBA Pocket/backlit SP), battery lasts longer before needing a recharge, and it recharges about an hour quicker. I don't think the North America launch date has been announced yet, but it should be before June. +-MWG-+
  7. I'd assume wave 4 pics will pop up right after the last item from wave 3 (Viper Lockdown) has started shipping, and that HTS will have Viper Lockdown available first (right alongside the other wave 3 stuff). Then wave 4 will be available in April/May, wave 5 in late July/early August, and wave 6 around Christmas time. +-MWG-+
  8. Joes: -Flint -Lady Jaye -Rock & Roll -Doc (based on the female G.I. Joe Reloaded comic Doc character) Cobra/Enemy -Destro (similar to the America's Elite outfit, with wrist rockets) -Buzzer -Tomax & Xamot (need to be "mirror images" at least in upper body, arms, heads) -Techno-Viper -Toxo-Vipers (Heavy Water repaint would be fine). +-MWG-+
  9. A new Cobra aircraft would definitely be at the top of my list. I'd prefer something more in the scale of the Firebat, but a new Rattler would be sweet also. Otherwise, a new Cobra boat, not much bigger than the Water Moccasin. Give it a Lampreys driver that could be easily recolored into Copperhead (but save him for a single packs, I don't need an army of Copperheads). As for the Joes, they need a new underwater vehicle, a SHARC update. But with seats this time, and another oring Joe diver (not a Depth Charge repaint). +-MWG-+
  10. Ordered two more HISS tanks (for four total), one more BAT Attack and one Night Watch. The ddcomics code didn't do much for me (since my total was just over $50, it would've nullified the free shipping), but heres hoping Hasbro has Wave 3, the next comic packs and Viper Lockdown available before the code expires. +-MWG-+
  11. Wouldn't mind the CG and Range-Vipers in Python Patrol colors (toss in a CLAWS, Neo-Viper w/new left hand, maybe a Pit-Viper or a couple others to make a 6-pack). "Woodland-camo" Range-Vipers. Spirit, Mutt, Footloose (but please give him decent hands, VvV Alpine couldn't hold anything), Lowlight, Mercer (wouldn't be terribly difficult to cook something up based on the Viper chest) for a Marauders/Renegades set. +-MWG-+
  12. Nice looking set, even if it does have two non-Cobras <g>. The Interrogator figure is a surprise (love the RAH Interrogator, and its nice to see the CLAWS Commander/CG figure in colors other than red). The Vipers also look really sharp, are they Viper "Officers", "Security" Vipers, or just regular Vipers? The male Joe looks pretty good, as does the female (but if she isn't Bombstrike, why does she have the same hair color). +-MWG-+
  13. Another three waves for six total. One for mid-Spring, one for mid-Summer, and one for Christmas. But we will see at least one small item (vehicle, 6-pack, comic pack) per month. +-MWG-+
  14. Buzzer needs to be next, to complete the original trio. A VvV Torch repaint will probably with a motorcycle, and JvC Ripper with a new head (he does not need Torch's classic beard). We do need a decent Zartan still, maybe the VvV figure with a decent paintjob and new hooded head. +-MWG-+
  15. I wouldn't mind the v7, 8 or 10 (especially 10) in oring for Shadow Strike. Or the Ninja Trooper with covered forearms & hands, preferably in "Cobra" blue. +-MWG-+
  16. Saw-Viper looks decent, colors could be more "Cobra" tho. They make the wave 2 Range Viper (a survivalist figure) in grey/blue, but a heavy weapons troop gets more "field" colors? But it looks decent. Cobra Trooper: Well, it aint gonna replace the wave 7 Viper as the backbone of the Cobra infantry. BUT, if it had a different head, it would be a good Frag-Viper. I'll use these guys as Frag-Viper trainees. Monkeywrench: Definitely looks like a white Burnout. Red or brown hair would've helped the repaints credibility. He should've gotten Grand-Slams grenade bandolier. Lowlight: Actually looks good, really hope he didn't get VvV wave 7 Snake-Eyes hands. GrandSlam: Again, looks good, a few more silver highlights would help. But why are the grenades the only yellow thing in this package? Med-Alert: Still waiting for a JvC era figure that began life as a medic. Putting a note in Hardrives filecard did not make him a medic IMO, and does not justify the figure as a medic. A handheld medkit or backpack would help. I think this lineup is being rushed out for the holidays. People wondering where the new figures are, well the BAT v5 and new Covergirl are pretty much it for this year. I do think DTC Joes will continue through 2006, tho maybe only a couple figure waves and filling it out with things like repaint 6-packs (a pack of the VvV Vipers with removable helmets is probably coming) and DTC HISS repaints/retools (I could see a red repaint, a blue version with cannons on the turrets and a Python Patrol repaint of the previous) pretty much filling being it. They're probably saving resources to make the 2007 anniversary line really special. +-MWG-+
  17. MWG

    Wave 3 Dtc

    Quick thoughts: Grand Slam: Updates to the original roster are always welcome, and hes waited longer than any. Low-Light: Again, hes been needed in the new-sculpt line for awhile. Med-Alert: We've waited three years for a medic in the new sculpts, so its overdue. Personally, I hope this character is based on the "Reloaded" version of Doc, she could be written in as a niece/cousin/little sister to the original Doc (I don't care for the idea of Joes having kids/parents on the roster, affects the character age too much). Monkey-Wrench: Should be interesting to see what they come up with. We need at least one Dreadnok in a black leather jacket at some point in time. Cobra Trooper: Anyone else thinking CLAWS torso here? Only real change I'd like to see is an optional visor for the helmet (IMO Cobra troop outfits should be able to cover all flesh). SAW-Viper: Will be interesting, but I don't see needing a huge amount of these guys, or most Cobra heavy-weapons troops. I would like to see more Incinerators/Shock-Vipers flamethrower types tho. Comic pack 26: Could be really interesting, but lets see what they come up with. Comic Pack DD16: Covergirl looks really good, and the Spirit has slightly better colors than the single-pack. The other figure isn't all that interesting tho. +-MWG-+
  18. The DTC HISS is a really good vehicle, IMO. If the turret is pointed forward and all weapons are firing, thats some serious damage coming. Personally, I think Cobra would mainly use smaller vehicles like the HISS and Firebat even if they did control most of the world. Like in Star Wars, where the Empire will let the TIE squadrons do a lot of the work, attacking in swarms. Have several smaller units on the field opposed to a few of the enemies larger units. How much did the Jungle Viper lot run you? I skipped them at first because of the club prices, but might have to hunt some down on ebay. +-MWG-+
  19. I'd definitely get 3.75" versions of s6 figures, especially the Joes. On the Cobra side, I'm not really crazy about the Destro or Baroness designs, Overkill & BATs are coming, and we know the Cobra Commander design exists from Ebay. Torch and Tunnel Rat look to be almost identical to their VvV figures (ignoring Tunnel Rat's hair). And I could see them launching a 3.75" s6 line, possibly as an exclusive to Target or TRU. The ROCC and Rhino could be straight reissues of the DTC items (I'd assume they're nearly identical to the show?), Hasbro loves doing crimson repaints making the DTC HISS very likely, the Ice Sabre could have minor changes and is a good vehicle. Toss in retools of the mechs and you've got a nice sized assortment of stuff. +-MWG-+
  20. MWG


    I'll assign the red VvV Vipers as HISS drivers when the new HISS tanks arrive. The grey and gold VvV Vipers are squad commanders. and the blue Viper is general infantry. +-MWG-+
  21. 1989, since I don't have the 85 figure. Although I like the torso on the 1991 SE better than the 89. If they'd make a new head for the 1991 SE, it might top the list. From the new sculpt SE, it goes to the single pack w3 version. The one with the bike was alright, but the hands were hopelessly disformed from being packed on the bike (I thought about trading arms from a spare single pack SE, but am not sure if I could just switch hands effectively, but I like the Arashikage symbol). The flaws on the w7 SE like the leg problem and the hands drop the figure down a lot, but that is better than the 2002 "super articulated and super buff" version. +-MWG-+
  22. The first ep and the first half of ep. 2 have been pretty good. But when Scott Abernathy & his dog & friends basically hijacked the show, the honeymoon was over. I'm sure Scott and his dog will get toy incarnations, but to push them over the rest of the Joe team seems kinda stupid since Scott will probably be limited to one or two toys. However, they can turn that around. Seeing Hawk, the Dreadnoks, and the general way Cobra is portrayed as a real threat gives me hope, and it is ten times what the last three Transformers cartoons have been (RID was actually good IMO). +-MWG-+
  23. And Dollar General & Family Dollar stores probably still have many of the items from single-pack wave 3. It had items like repaints of the VvV Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, Baroness, Spy Troops Tele-Viper, Sand-Viper, Nightcreeper, and non-repaints (but usually different accessories) figures Kamakura, Dusty, Ace, Stalker. You might even stumble into some stuff from the second wave (all repaints I think) like Alpine, Scarlett, Beachhead. All of these are $2 each at the above stores. One DG store had a Mission Disc wave with Snake-Eyes, Cobra Commander, & Shipwreck reissued from 2002. +-MWG-+
  24. Someone on Joesightings said Hasbro might not be willing to break open more cases only to watch the army builders sell like crazy and Bludd & the Joes just sit unsold. But if the people running understand Joe collectors, they'd have cases that are all one character for the individual sales. +-MWG-+
  25. Did the wave 1 Crimson Guard ever hit "sold-out" status on HTS? I don't recall ever hearing about it, nor have I heard of the w2 Range Viper being sold out, and both of those figures seem a lot more popular around than the Snow Serpent. I'd assume HTS allocates themselves cases of one figure tho. So the Snow Serpent could show back up before Hasbro gets around to shipping out w2 orders. +-MWG-+
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