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  1. Most excellent. They even got the world snake and did the pistol holster on the back - I love it!

    Hey Hasbro, How about some Battle Gear for all these figures!


    COBRA BATTLE GEAR (could include the following)-

    • A set of alternate heads (could include plain masked with no hat/hair showing, masked with Technician/Snakeling Cap, Techno Viper style - army builders, even those who only get 1 tank would LOVE this)
    • A set of figure armor parts (Slip on chest, shoulder, thigh etc armor - maybe some could be like a Techno or Motor Viper and maybe even special armor for CC)
    • A set of small diorama pieces (safety cones, wrenches, barrel, first aid kit, small clips for the side armor to attach shovel and other accessories, jerry cans, cannon blast effects, alternate interchangeable side armaments/mounting points of some kind, swap out battle damage panels, Czech hedgehog)
  2. Sorry but I really hope they don't do anything like that mockup. I mean, I'm happy with everything regardless and have already backed but that would be a sour note to end on in my opinion. I am not a fan of that design and I think most people don't prefer it. I would rather have classic, or battle armor, or Star Brigade or just about anything besides that. 

    I'm going to guess. And I'm going to cross my fingers hoping for classic Cobra Commander or as a really long shot a small tow-behind like ASP.

  3. They need MORE stretch goals. We can get through all of these. Add a Motor Viper or a Techno-Viper, or a Technician.

    Highlight of stretch goal #3 is the HISS Shovel. (edit to say: this is a joke and I'm happy to get another driver/gunner and some cool accessories)

    They need to update the official Hasbropulse website as quickly as the fan sites. I mean you would think anyone willing to pay $300 for a toy would at least occasionally check one or more fan sites but who knows -I don't doubt that this Haslab could wrangle in non-collectors or former collectors who don't check any of the sites. The original Sail Barge Haslab got me back into collecting Star Wars after a long hiatus even though I couldn't afford to back it (and have since regretted not being able to make it happen at the time).

  4. Someone at Mega really likes MOTU. This isn't the work of just any designer doing their job well - this is beyond that, either the designer really likes MOTU or someone advising them does and it's carried through to the final product because I think of normal playsets and items I see lining the toy aisles and half this level of detail would have been "passable" for a normal toyline where everybody is "just doing their 9-5" and not enthusiastic about the property (not that there's anything wrong with that). This is top notch and I don't even collect the Contrux or any building set stuff but I can tell when something is done well. 

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  5. 20 minutes ago, JayC said:

    So go ahead, review these deco schematics below and think wisely on your choices!







    Easy. The one with the red helmet looks like he would be crew on the HISS so it matches the set. I was hoping we'd get a non-helmeted head with facemask and cap or full mechanic/technician in uniform overalls (like the Super7 Snakeling) but out of these I would pick the one that matches the rest of the set. 

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  6. On 6/25/2022 at 11:52 PM, interoceptive said:

    If they somehow made a combo of the HISS and HISS II I would love it....


    OK they did it. They did everything I was hoping for and more. I never guessed they would do LED details too. I backed for 1 right now. If there are a lot of stretch goals unlocked I may have to get another.

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  7. I think the stretch goals will make or break it. I'm hoping they really knock it out of the park with all sorts of crazy features like real rolling treads, cockpit details, interchangeable cannons, undercarriage detail, blast effects, removeable panels to show fun well sculpted greebles and of course... a HISS Driver. I do have some faith given how cool the Skystriker project was. I hope it's not just an upscaled 1 for 1 HISS with no added details but I'm afraid that's what it will be - just a pure upsize of the retro. 

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  8. 9 hours ago, LoreKeeper said:

    I'm not seeing it, honestly.  It looks to me like the Revelation version has more detailing in almost every regard except the shield.

    Well the Masterverse version has no armband raised details, no gauntlet raised detail and simplified chest and skirt filigree, no straps on boots, fewer and less detailed accessories. The shield of the Masterverse version as you mention has none of the more intricate pattern found on the original - it's just a copy of the Stinkor shield which itself is inferior to the Origins sculpt. To my eye it all just looks less crisp and less appealing - yes that is subjective, but the Masterverse sculpts just look sort of smoother, almost melted or like it's a copy of a mold of a copy of a copy and the crisp detail that would convey depth is lost - but the problem isn't that it's a copy it is that whoever designed it made the details muddier, rounder, duller and in my opinion worse. And to me those don't seem like stylistic choices but instead just seem like inferior work to put it bluntly. On some figures the slightly less impressive sculpt is totally outweighed by how cool the concept is and how appealing it looks regardless of some muddy details like the New Eternia Beast Man. So that's why I say it's a mixed bag. There have been some amazing ideas and so-so execution. But it's always harder to do something new than it is to copy the original and just make it slightly better which is all that Origins has to do.

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  9. 14 hours ago, Dragonfly said:

    ...or add some of the gimmicks and features from later models--twin cockpit, interior troop compartment, elevating turret and or canopy, etc.

    If they somehow made a combo of the HISS and HISS II I would love it. Basic V1 HISS shape but the top turret would not have a bucket for a gunner and instead the back opened up to a small troop transport. Then include the classic HISS Driver AND a Motor Viper as the first stretch goal. Edit to say: and of course there would be subtle upgrades to the detailing all around so that from a distance you get the classic shape but up close there is semi-realistic detailing all over while still keeping the core design entirely intact.

  10. PSA - Try to NOT use an "Incognito" browser. I went to the site on a private browser first and it showed out of stock. But I used a regular browser tab and then it WAS in stock. I don't know if that was the reason or if they restocked but I've had a similar issue with Hasbro Pulse where if I try to check out using an incognito/private tab it gave me problems. I don't guarantee success but it may be one solution for someone.

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  11. Looks like I'll miss the D&D set again. Can't checkout because it keeps telling me "Your cart has been updated and the items you added can’t be shipped to your address. Remove the items to complete your order."

    EDIT: I was a doofus but I did get a set 😀. Be sure you don't have the INTERNATIONAL VERSION in your cart if you are in the US and vice versa. 

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  12. 9 minutes ago, tycondrius24 said:

    did they just tease a Nemesis enforcer ? 😮 I know Sarge has taken on a few characters but that's the one that springs to mind !

    I thought the same thing. That would be amazing since I've been making Pythona and Royal Guard Classified customs.

    It is very odd having Sarge with an AK. 

    It's also off that the rifle packed in with Cobra Commander looks like a Super7 retro sculpt with less detail than the original vintage weapons had

    Stalker set will be amazing. Everything else is looking good.

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