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  1. My parents used to give me MISB G1 TFs for free....those were the best deals
  2. Wait... Is the previous news that we're getting a second minibot-collection false? Or does this mean they're going to re-issue Wheelie outside the second Minibots-collection? As i already have a Kup this means I won't be forced to get Wheelie! YaY! :D
  3. purple parts are still purple, its just the lighting and camera makes it look blue. Like how g1 ultra magnus, looks dark blue with some cameras, and light green with others Magic paint! Actually that sounds like something from Amsterdam Cool As a kid i had a friend who painted all his 'cons eyes red and all his 'bots eyes blue. Yours actually looks good though
  4. *Feels ashamed* You're all absolutely right... Prowl has never been released by eHobby (although a few minutes ago i could've sworn remembering him being released back then). Good ol' Remy's list brings salvation in this time of crisis http://tfkenkon.com/tf/reissue.php First Prowl re-issue is TF Collection #2...
  5. Sometime before Takara started doing the bookstyle re-issues... i believe in 2000/2001. Prowl was released simultaniously with Bluestreak.
  6. I had the oversized Topspin as a kid... I'll have a look if it's still there next time i'm at my parents.
  7. Ummm..... yes he was. #WTF# Nope, he wasn't. Soundwave was a microcassette recorder/memorecorder. The tapes are actually life-size and thus of the kind you'd find in 80s answering machines. Soundwave is misrepresented in the Hasbro version as to having stereospeakers to the sides of the cassettedoor, but those labels are actually meant to go on the batteries/rocketlauncher and gun. In fact, all of the TF's that were originally Microman-molds are life-sized in altmode. Think Megatron/Reflector/Perceptor and they all change into life-sized objects (altough Perceptor is a little small for a microscope). Even the minobots (like Gears, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper) are life-sized as they're meant to represent toy-cars, not real cars. Hence the super-deformed quality to their altmodes. EDIT: just looked at my Soundwave and it actually SAYS on him what he changes into "Stereo Microcassette Recorder"
  8. Well you wanted 80s (G1): 1. Blitzwing. Not hard technically, but hard to transform him without breaking off the turret. How many Blitzwings have you seen with the turret broken off for that reason? Glad i have my re-issue nowadays and i'm very careful with his turret. 2. Seekers. When i was a kid i didn't own a seeker, but my friend had Starscream. I tried to figure out the transform myself when he was away for a minute but couldn't figure it out until he got back and showed me. 3. Devastator. Kept falling apart. 4. Sludge. Actually broke a nail once trying to pry his little fists from the Dino's legs. 5. Omega Supreme. Like a jigsaw! 6. Megatron. Fold bit A to position B by passing over joint C and making sure bits D & E aren't caught between it. 7. Powermaster Prime (God Ginrai as i have the japanese version). Keep getting my indexfinger stuck when i fold out the smaller Prime's feet. And it hurts too. But special mention goes to RiD Prime. Bloody hell, it takes me more than five minutes to transform him into a firetruck.
  9. Hmmm... The seller cancelled all the bids just before the auction ended, claiming the item isn't for sale anymore. Again I say: hmmm...
  10. I'd say Pipes instead of Wheelie Don't underestimate that misshaped-egg-on-wheels' popularity though... He was quite popular in Japan I believe. Ofcourse he didn't have the annoying voice there... and Japanese kids love "child like characters"... Pipes, Tailgate, Swerve etc. are more likely to be in a seperate release or maybe even an eHobby release as they're repaints. Perhaps an homage to the goof-ups of the past and sell off "Bumblejumper" as Bumblebee in this set
  11. Starscream's petrified legs cut off at the knees and a crushed Starscream crown Or maybe a see-through Megatron with matrix-style green lines inside... But the best one would be cartoon accurate colouring.
  12. Maybe they received their items late... you never know. Some countries are behind the #US1# In a patriotic mood are we? No, the characters that were released in the gold-packaging were all released back in the 80s in normal red/black or purple/black packaging. The gold packaging-versions are simply re-issues that were released here during G2. So they were the first re-issues you might say. Either that or Targetmaster Kup, Hotrod, Blur, Scourge and Cyclonus
  13. Ooh doubles... let's see: 2x Thundercracker (both re-issue, someone on eBay sent me a Thundercracker instead of Skywarp but didnt want it back so i kept it. Since i already had a Thundercracker i now have two . One of them is MISB) 2x Seaspray (one loose, one MISC) 2x Soundwave (one original with Buzzsaw and the TAK re-issue) 2x Red Alert (one original and the HAS re-issue) 2x Blitzwing (one original and the TAK re-issue) 2x Bombshell (one original and the TAK re-issue) 2x Bonecrusher (one loose and one as Devastator's arm) 2x Cosmos (one original and the TAK re-issue) 2x Bumblebee (one original and the TAK re-issue) 2x PowerGlide (one original and the TAK re-issue) 2x Warpath (one original and the TAK re-issue. The original was my first ever TF!) Cheers, HN.
  14. Wheeljackslab only accepts PayPal from US-bidders. Non-US-bidders apparently aren't trustworthy enough to be allowed to pay using PayPal (we're all out to scam US-sellers you see) and have to pay using Bidpay/Western Union or cash in an envelope. I once asked him a question on eBay wether he could make an exception to this rule and he answered with 'CANT YOU READ? NO PAYPAL FOR NON-US BUYERS!!!!!" Yes i can read, and it's why i asked the question in the first place. I don't trust Bidpay as it's just a way to send a moneyorder without going to the postoffice. I prefer PayPal as it has a protectionplan and keeps records of payments. If a person thinks he can talk to me like that, he's not worthy to recieve my custom.
  15. And there's no rubsign on the turret... Maybe they moved it somewhere else? Can somebody confirm?
  16. Well GI Joe was marketed as 'GI Joe' over here awell, not just as Action Force. The Joe-cartoon was on TV in Europe, even in Britain, but on a satellite channel (Sky Channel). It aired in the same saturday morning block that had Transformers, He-man and lots of others. The block was called Fun Factory.
  17. TFTM is in dutch shops for about $7 On DVD with dutch subtitles that is. Region 2 and in PAL.
  18. I lost interest in Transformers around G2. Mainly because i was growing up i guess, but also because the figures in G2 didn't appeal to me. For me, TF went the wrong direction at the time toy- and cartoon wise. I didn't like the Beastwars-, RiD and Armada toys. I only liked the Beast Wars-episodes revolving around G1. But the love for G1 never left me really. I got some videotapes with G1 eps from a Canadian website and that got me hooked again. Shortly after, Takara started to re-issue stuff. That really got me into collecting again. I still have most of the G1-toys from my childhood, although back then i traded some of them for M.A.S.K.-toys (i know! i know!) and sold some off. But my fav characters i kept
  19. The dino's weren't that popular in Japan, but you never know. Personally i think Takara will use the fact that it's 2005 as a reason to re-issue Kup, Blurr, Galavatron, Cyclonus and Scourge. Also, wouldn't it be nice to have a Unicron in G1 packaging? ('86 style logo ofcourse)?
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