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  1. Asking this is like asking a mum which one's her favourite child But seriously... Character wise I think G1 Grimlock and G1 Starscream share 1st place. But I bet I'm not alone in that. G1 Soundwave's character is also very cool. Toy wise, G1 Soundwave and Predaking are my absolute favourites. They look cool and are actually very poseable (unlike most of G1).
  2. The purple Seaspray I can't remember or find, but there was a metallic green one. That would have been G2 Seaspray. In the early 90s, some G1-characters were re-issued as "Transformers: Generation 2". Until then, "Generation 1" was simply known as "The Transformers". "Generation 2" usually meant removal of all diecast, funky neon-colours, addition of mostly fugly decals, no more rubsigns and sometimes sound/light effects. Most minibots were re-issued in metallic/sparkly colours while the Dinobots went all coloury on us (blue Grimlock, green(?) Slag etc.). G2 also brought some new characters and molds, such as an entirely new Megatron (green tank) and Prime (who's G2-mold was later used in RiD for Scourge). But I'm prolly telling you things now that you already knew
  3. I watched it in 1985 on Sky Channel, it was a saturday morning, almost noon, it was summer. I would have been 7, close to 8 years old. I can't remember what episode it was, but it left such an impression i was hooked immediately and lost almost all interest in MOTU
  4. I only collect G1 and am trying to get as much as possible (some figures are out of reach financial-wise though, like Fortress Maximus). There are exceptions to that rule: for example I don't need Wheelie Other than G1, I sometimes buy toys from other lines. I got Fire Convoy from Carrobots, RM Starscream and i got RM G1 Convoy on the way. I love Galaxy Force, but am weary of buying the toys cuz of lack of shelvespace and funds
  5. Cybertron isn't bad... until you've seen the same episode in Galaxy Force. The kids are less pathetic in GF. Also, the story is more serious, with less goofyness in the dialogue (except for Gasket/Landbullet (Ransack/Crumplezone)). Also... Cybertron's opening credits....*shivers*... There ya go, complaints without mentioning the horrible accents
  6. Ofcourse he could sell half of them for twise that much by now...
  7. Whirl is a weird kind if light blue. That looks about right in that pic though. I wish i didn't trade my Whirl when i was a kid
  8. Hmmm, this is like the 5th GF-mold that i like (i liked none of the RiD and Armada Molds other then Ruination and ofcourse Unicron and only Snowcat from the Energon molds). I might start collecting these next to me G1
  9. I found a pic of the Prime-coloured robot i was talking about in my earlier post. It's on the bottom-left of this pic: http://www.xs4all.nl/~leerent1/kip/raarrobotje.jpg
  10. Prime, Starscream? As i understand it, Season 2 was produced in two "waves", roughly the way they're devided on the DVD boxsets. The combiners and such are all "Season 2 part 2" characters, while the "Seekers 2.0" and Blaster are "Season 2 part 1" characters. Also, on the subject of animation errors, in Dark Awakenings several Aerialbots and Powerglide are blown to bits as background animation in the armada-sequence Ofcourse these are just that: background animations, nothing to worry about
  11. 2005 Seriously though, the original was designed and produced in 1986.
  12. ..since that's the least likely place you'll find diecast?
  13. I dunno what it's called, but i know it's part of a series. I own a red trike, a black truck with a roof like Trailbreaker has, a yellow pick-up truck and a grey plane. All with the same detachable pull-back engine. Pretty cheap stuff, had them since i was a kid. *Edit* i also own a lorry of the same series, which is "accidentally" coloured like Prime. Much smaller though, and again with the same pull-back engine. The pull-back engines are sometimes red, sometimes grey and sometimes have a label on them.
  14. According to some scientists in an article of Britain's Times-website, dinosaurs were covered in feathers. That means that movies like Jurassic Park and documentaries like Walking With Dinosaurs are incorrect, but also that the Dinobots should have been fluffy cute aswell. “The way these creatures are depicted can no longer be considered scientifically accurate,� he said. “All the evidence is that they looked more like birds than reptiles. Tyrannosaurs might have resembled giant chicks.� One section of the article mentions that the British National History Museum in London is looking into changing the appearance of the robotic dino's in it's toys-exhibition. Anyone who's ever been there knows that the actual Hasbro Dinobots are part of that exhibition. <sarcasm mode> Should we collectors follow their example? </sarcasm mode> "The Natural History Museum in London, which has a popular exhibition of robot dinosaurs, conceded this weekend that some of its permanent displays may have to be adapted to reflect the new findings." Here's a link to the full article: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,20...1764136,00.html
  15. I just pull the figures head and it pops off. Make sure the robot is in cab-mode first though, that might help.
  16. Something else sprung to mind just now. Most of G1 was designed in the 70s by Takara. I take it the line was designed by hand (i.e. pencil and paper) and not by CAD/CAM. Also, G1 toys had a lot of diecast parts and tons of accessoiries. Considering the advances in productdesign brought by CAD/CAM, add to that the lack of diecast, and wonder why on Earth we're paying more for the current toylines
  17. Scorponok was about Æ’100 here, which would be around $50 at the time.
  18. Keep in mind that those prices have inflated over time and Transformers 'would be' less in dollars right now. Prices have been artificially kept on the same 'amount', but in reality TF's are more expensive nowadays. For instance, a $15 seeker would probably be $9.95 in current dollar value. If you buy a Cybertron/Energon toy for $15 right now, that's about equal to 1985's $20-25 pricepoint. Then again, if Hasbro were to produce the seekers again, they'd prolly end up at around $35 and a TRU exclusive. Wait...that actually sounds rather familiar But hey, in 1950, $1000 would buy you a brand new car.
  19. Oh dear... Laserbeak was an extremely limited release... i think 750 or 1500 pieces worldwide. I honestly don't think you can get one anymore, atleast not for a low price... Good luck though!
  20. They should have named the concorde Silverbolt tough... not Skydive. But that's me talking, i swear by G1
  21. I have 71 in my house and an unknown number from my childhood somewhere in my parents' attick.
  22. It was mentioned a while back, but the rumours were debunked later. Prolly for the best too...
  23. Indeed, stop whining! Alts are €28 over here... that's about $35. And we're talking Smokescreen, not grimlock. Hes not even out yet here.
  24. Until you ripped them open.... @loll@ I always rip mine open. I don't believe in MISb. I'm a MISB-infidel
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