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  1. Hmmm, I just noticed that Remy's doesn't have the rubsign that is shown in the promotional images of all the Classics. The promotional image of COP ("Classics Optimus Prime" ) Had it on the left side of the cab in altmode. Remy, is that a prototype of some sort or the final release of the toy? I'd be bummed if they dropped the rubsigns at the last minute
  2. Even after 21 years, I'm still bummed that Roy Fokker had to die This is lovely btw. I'm not into Macross/Robotech as a toyline, but I think the detail on this is very sweet. Is there a similar detailed model of Rick Hunter's Veritech? Because that would make an excellent Masterpiece Jetfire
  3. There's already a thread on this here.
  4. 1- They will be releasing more teaser posters in the coming months. YaY! We'll finally get to see the robots and their altmodes....no wait...hang on... nevermind. 5.- The average transformation time from normal mode to alt mode and vice versa is about 3 to 4 seconds. Just a fraction of how long it will take the average kid to transform one of the movie-toys i bet 9.- Part 1 will be about why the transformers came to earth. To annoy fans and scare kids! Sorry, I'm just in a really sarcastic mood tonight
  5. Your last name isn't "Bay" by any chance, is it? :D Sorry, cheap shot, I apologise in advance
  6. I feel a need to throw money around, so here's my two cents... Ofcourse we can't and shouldn't expect G1-styled robots in the movie for the various reasons mentioned by the posters above. However, in my humble opinion, Bay has taken the designs a notch too far up the alien scale. The various commercials with transforming objects that have been around for the past four years (think Citroën's) have proved that Alternator-style designs work very well in CGI. Bay could've taken that route. But we should also consider Hasbro. Alternators wasn't the success they'd hoped it to be, and they surely wouldn't miss a chance to pump another TF toyline out onto the market. In that train of thought, simply using the movie as a vessel for existing Alternator toys would be a no-no. So new designs HAD to be made, prefferably different enough from Alternators to get us lot to buy the main characters all over again. Personally, I'd have merged Classics and the movie... in the sense that I'd have dumped the movie designs altogether and animated the Classics-designs instead that is.
  7. I love it! This is a very cool mold, and for the first time i really get a sense of scale to it (since I don't collect Energon/Cybertron I had no idea how big a Voyager-class toy is... but I do now that I've seen it next to G1 Prime and RM Prime). And ooooh... weapons fit in G1 Prime's hands. This could mean that G1 Prime's gun will fit Classics Prime's hands too That's TF Junior Prime:
  8. But now we know WHY Bay didn't want us to see the bots before the movie premiered @loll@ I for one will chop off Blackout's head and replace it with something better. Perhaps someone could mold a to-scale Vortex head? Come to think of it, maybe that person should mold new heads and perhaps even body armor for the toys Or maybe Hasbro will release factory-made kitbash...errrr...kits to mod your own Bumblebee into something loveable instead
  9. Horrible... The robotmodes truely...suck...
  10. Maybe Jazz IS in the pic, but we're too conservative thinking to notice him Maybe Bay has "done something wild" and given him a completely effective alt-mode, absolutely in place on a battlefield where no Decepticon would notice him. Yes...Jazz transforms into the pile of rubble in front of Prime's fender On topic, I love the idea of a 4WD Ratchet. Makes much more sense than making an ambulance out of a Nissan Vannette Those things are cramped! I should know: I once travelled to mid-germany in one of them (for 8 long hours!)
  11. wh00t! Divebomb resembles Whirl! For most of the characters though, I don't get why they're in Classics.
  12. A G2-style tank Megatron. But is this 2-pack part of Classics? Everybody assumes it is as the Megatron-pics showed up around the same time as Classics Mirage's pics did, but is it confirmed? To me it seems a bit strange that they'd launch the line with two different Primes and Megatrons. On topic: I like it. I already have RM Prime but its altmode doesn't look convincing (large gaps all around). This one however, is much better. I especially like the way the cab's front wheels fold inwards on transformation. Like Mike says though, the original G1 Prime has the best looking altmode (even better than MP-01/MP-04 IMHO). My only gripe is, like the RM-version, this one just needs a dab of red paint to the backside of the head
  13. In the G1 cartoon, there is no "Primus". There is, however, Primacon who is a sort of inventor and created Unicron. He was not involved in the creation of the Transformers. The Quints are the creators of Cybertron. The planet was built as a factory for consumer goods (Autobots) and military equipment (Decepticons) until the bots became selfconcious. They rebelled against the Quints who then fled from Cybertron. This was before the Great War. Vector Sigma is basically the factory's (Cybertron's) main computer. It was used by the Quints to program the consumer goods. Because of that, it is the only entity that can grant TFs life. The comics followed a different continuity. Primus and Unicron are both Gods -- each other's opposites so to say. Primus crashed into an asteroid after batteling Unicron and transformed the asteroid into a planet -- Cybertron. It then created the Transformers on the planet to battle Unicron upon his return. Also, the Matrix is a computer program inside the Autobot Leader's head and not a physical object. Unlike its cartoon counterpart, it can be used to instill life into robot bodies. I haven't read the comics recently and can't remember how the Matrix relates to Primus, or how the Quints fit into this continuity.
  14. Starring Richard Dean Anderson as Spike!
  15. heroicnonsense


    Not in the UK, but near it. Does that count?
  16. Because I bought a $150 -TOY-. If I wanted something to just look at, I'd have bought a nice painting instead
  17. So, to make a long story short, you want all of G1. Wishful thinking aside, so do I. Realistically though, that wont happen. The line would be way too large for a filler and most people won't buy all the toys. Personally, I'd love: - Skylynx, Shockwave (it's rumoured he's in Wave 2 though) and Omega Supreme. Those toys will never be re-issued in G1, so really cool Classics versions of these are on the top of my list. - Wheeljack, Sunstreaker and Reflector. Similar reason as above. - Ratchet & Ironhide. Frankly, the G1 toys suck. I'd love more G1 cartoon accurate versions of those two. - Classics Devastator would be brilliant too. - Arcee. I don't think I have to explain why. I have a feeling that Wheeljack, Ratchet, Ironhide, Arcee and especially Devastator are serious contenders. Afterall, Classics seems to feature the serie's primary and most loved characters. Ofcourse all others are welcome too I'll buy them all anyway. Except for Wheelie. I loathe Wheelie. I will remain Wheelie-less.
  18. I agree. I own two Snarls and they both have loose hind legs. Re-issue Predaking seems to have a sturdier system though. I hope it won't wear out like Snarl does. (ofcourse both my Snarls are over 20 years old now).
  19. The re-issue seems to be improved in that it now has little "pegs" in Razorclaw's shouldersockets that allow you to position the arms in any way without the joints becoming "loose". Kinda like Snarl's legs and Galvatron's arms.
  20. Ooooh... is that Scavenger? :D I wonder if he brought along his brothers...
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